Extending a Row with Foundation Single Crochet

This week’s tutorial is a quick demonstration of a neat little trick to extend a row of crochet. Foundation stitches, in particular foundation single crochet, are a great way to to start a project. But what happens when you’ve made a few (or a bunch of) rows, and want the next row to continue on past the previous row, but don’t want to chain? Extending a row with foundation single crochet! Here’s how it’s done.

Extending a Row with Foundation Single Crochet - a great #crochet tip!

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3 Steps to Pricing Crochet for Profit: Guest Post by Sedruola Maruska

Disclaimer: this post contains an affiliate link.

Sedruola Maruska is the blogger and designer at Yarn Obsession – where the tagline is “Crochet for Financial Freedom” – love that! Sedie designs lovely crochet patterns, but she also focuses on crochet business development. Whether you have a budding etsy business, Facebook fan page, or a part time craft fair gig, Sedie is full of great information to help you out! With prime craft fair and holiday selling season coming up fast, Sedie has put together a fantastic post for Moogly fans to help you get the most for your yarn work!

Pricing Crochet Fairly for Maximum Profit: get the inside scoop on how to price your crochet! Great advice!

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Puff Stitch (Cluster Stitch)

The Puff Stitch is a specific form of the Cluster Stitch – and can be referred to by both names. It’s a simple stitch to make, though it can take a bit of practice to keep all the tension even. It creates a ton of texture and is similar in effect to the bobble. Here’s how it’s done!

Learn the Puff Stitch! #Crochet video and photo tutorial on moogly!

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Slip Stitch and Single Crochet Seaming

Seaming two pieces of crochet together using slip stitches is exactly the same as seaming them together using single crochet – the only difference being, of course, the stitch used. And they’re both super easy once you know how it’s done! So watch and learn!

Learn how to seam your #crochet pieces with both single crochet and the slip stitch - in just minutes! Video and photo tutorial on Moogly!

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