What Was That Hooky Sound? It’s Free Crochet Ninja Patterns!

Ninjas are everywhere lately, thanks to four particularly popular pizza eating amphibian youths! A bit less sneaky than your traditional ninjas, but it takes all sorts of course. And you’ll find crochet ninjas as well – those who wield the hook in mysterious and yarn bomby ways… those who can always get gauge no matter who designed the pattern! So this roundup is all about ninjas – the ones we can make with our hooks! And a couple of their finer accessories – because we all love crocheted accessories!

#Crochet Ninja Patterns - all sneaky and FREE! Collection on Mooglyblog.com

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Fiber Football! 10 Free Crochet Football Patterns

Autumn is on the horizon, and for towns all across the USA, that means one thing – Football season! Get a jump on your team pride with these 10 free crochet football patterns! I’ve got everything from football hats to team pride accessories – and a few things to make watching more cozy!

ree #Crochet Patterns for Football Season! A collection on Mooglyblog.com

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Fulled, Felted, and Fabulous! 10 Free Felted Crochet Patterns

Have you ever tried felting a crochet project? Felting, aka fulling, is what happens when you accidentally toss your favorite wool sweater into the washer and dryer… and it comes out a whole heck of a lot smaller. Tragedy! But not when it’s done on purpose! You can felt your wool crochet items to make them more solid, more rebust, and give them a whole new look! Here are 10 free felted crochet patterns to get you started.

10 Free Felted #Crochet Patterns: special collection from Mooglyblog.com

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Marvelous Moss: 10 Free Crochet Moss Stitch Patterns

Moss Stitch, Linen Stitch, Tweed Stitch, Granite Stitch, Seed Stitch… whatever you call it, it’s a fun crochet stitch pattern to make. Plus it has it’s own Moogly Video Tutorial! But what can you make with it? Well, to start, you can make these 1o free crochet moss stitch patterns!

10 Free #Crochet Patterns Featuring the Moss Stitch! From Mooglyblog.com

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