It’s a Hullabaloo of Free Hedgehog Crochet Patterns!

It’s been a little while since I did a roundup here on Moogly – after 3 years or so, it sometimes seems I’ve covered almost everything. But one cute little woodland creature still has escaped.. the cute little hedgehog! So here we have it, a hullabaloo of free crochet hedgehog patterns!

10 Free #Crochet Hedgehog Patterns - a special collection on Moogly!

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10 Free Last Minute Christmas Crochet Patterns!

Only a couple more weeks to go until Christmas 2014! The stockings are hung, the tree is lit, and hooks are flying fast and furious! In the past I’ve created collections of Christmas Trees, Ornaments, Ornaments Again, Stockings, Garlands, and most recently Printables! So this time I’ve simply collected 10 fun free Christmas themed crochet patterns that have never before been featured on Moogly – and all work up nice and quick for last minute gifting and decorating!

10 Free Last Minute Christmas Crochet Patterns! Collection on

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Quick Crochet Gift Ideas: Less Than 100 Yards Each!

You want handmade, you want made with love. But you also might need it to be finished in just a couple evenings – or less. Or maybe you have plenty of time, but are out of yarn! Either way, this collection has the answer! Here are 20 great free holiday crochet gift patterns – all of which use 100 yds or less of yarn!

Quick Crochet Gift Ideas: Less Than 100 Yards Each!  on

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Free Holiday Printables for Crocheters, Crafters… & Everybody!

I love printables. From organizational lists to gift cards, from fun to fashionable, free printables can do everything from decorate your home to organize your life! And there are some really fantastic ones out there for us crocheters, crafters, and knitters. I’ve gathered together 10 of my favorites – including a few even non-crafty types will love! So here are 12 free holiday printables… for crocheters, crafters… and everybody!

12 Free Holiday Printables! For crocheters, crafters, and everybody! On Mooglyblog.comDisclaimer: This post includes affiliate links.

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