Moogly Pattern Round-Up Extravaganza, by “e” Lee of The Crochet Lounge

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The wonderful “e” Lee of The Crochet Lounge is our guest poster for today – and I’m so thrilled she agreed to write something up so I can take the day off! What I didn’t know was *what* she would write! I’m overwhelmed and so grateful! “e” is one of the funniest and most enthusiastic crochet people I know, and her free crochet patterns are wonderful! Be sure to follow her on all her links below!

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Pay very close attention because when the cat’s away the mice play 😉  Moogly gave me free reign (mostly) guest blogging today and I decided to bring you a few SETS of pattern round-ups.

As a frequenter to her site, and a moogly subscriber, her pattern round-up topics are always a delight to see.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an old timer, a new designer, a one hit wonder or a pattern powerhouse, moogly gives her honest quick review and throws together the best combinations to a topic she picks.

As a crocheter, moogly brings to you patterns with moogly personality and humor.

Today, I bring you multiple sets of moogly patterns in her own pattern round-up.  Yes, I declare today a MOOGLY round-up day.  Fabulous Baby Patterns and Fun Free Kids Pattern round-ups are right here for your enjoyment.  Visit me here you want to see the fantabulous moogly for Women Patterns & moogly for Your Home pattern round-ups!

If you follow me on facebook, twitter, G+, you can see more moogly patterns you may have missed shared All-Day-Long, so don’t miss the fun & games interaction!

Fabulous Baby Patterns

Moogly Pattern Round-Up Extravaganza by "e" Lee of The Crochet Lounge!

In order to keep this succinct as possible, I will eliminate repeating the photos in the link-up and will list the photos a) by photo size, then b) clockwise starting from top left.

1)    Sven Sweater – Front and center as this photo should be, is one of the cutest “boy-ish” crochet hooded sweaters I’ve seen for 0-6mo and 6-12mo babies.  It is definitely a unisex type of pattern because you have the opportunity to choose four (4) colors!

2)    Summer Breeze Baby Sweater – (top left) Who says sweaters are for the winter?  Moogly brings you a summer sweater vest that is just adorable.  Can you resist?

3)    Baby in Bloom Bonnet – (top 2nd)  Leave it to moogly to bring you broomstick lace in baby-wear.

4)    Baby in Bloom Sweater – (top 3rd) This matching broomstick lace sweater is a must with the Baby in Bloom Bonnet.  Just look at how delicious they are as a set.  If there’s a baby due by friend or family, it’s time to get your hook out and get going! Nomnomnom…

5)    Black Berry Salad Striped Baby Blanket – (top right) nomnomnom – know my online fiber eating tendencies?  You do now.  This texture filled yummy, delicious baby blanket is a hit with all the color combinations you can dream up.  It can be done with scraps or be made with a single color. The possibilities are endless.

6)    Black Berry Striped Baby Bonnet – Ah, the sweetness of a combo set with the Black Berry Salad Striped Baby Blanket (try saying this 5x fast).  This textured bonnet is a great addition for some cooler weather gear.  Sets are always great, so, don’t leave your moogly fruit selection on its own.

7)    Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket – This unique blanket is fantastic for any age.  Once you get the hang of the stitch placement, it works up quickly.  It looks fancy, yet is completed with ch and dc – if you’re a beginner looking for an easy pattern that dazzles as a blanket, this is it!

8)    Sweet Striped Crochet Hat – (bottom right) What more is there to say about this multi-sized hat other than look at the sweet stripes? J

9)    Go Team Colors Baby Blanket – Double the thickness, double the colors and double the fun!  If you are a sports fanatic, or you simply love a two-tone reversible crochet pattern, this is the a good go to blanket pattern!

10) Go Team Colors Reversible Baby Hat – And of course, to match a young sports fan’s stylish blanket, a hat is also in order.

11) Sweetest Baby Blanket – (bottom left) This is the ultimate classic granny square with a twist.  If you love doing granny squares but you are looking for a new look, this 4.25” block will be a welcoming addition.  The end result of putting a few of these together is the look of sweet satisfaction.

12) Mini Moogly Sweater – The Mini Moogly Sweater was the first featured sweater pattern on moogly.  She shows you how she deconstructed two sweater patterns (with permission) and created this simple and crisp looking fashion-wear.  Hey moogly, where’s the BIG moogly sweater? 😉

13) Toot Sweet Newborn Bonnet – The Toot Sweet Newborn Bonnet only requires 30 yards of super chunky yarn!  Can you already imagine how fast this will work up, yet how lovely and beautiful it is?

Last but not least, is the wavy baby blanket.

Moogly Pattern Round-Up Extravaganza by "e" Lee of The Crochet Lounge!

14) Wavy Baby Blanket – It’s hip, it’s wavy, even the diagram to the right on how to join the blocks together is flowing with waves.  Can you see it?  This is a good stand alone block and is a great textured baby blanket pattern.

Fun Free Patterns for Kids

Moogly Pattern Round-Up Extravaganza by "e" Lee of The Crochet Lounge!

The rebel that I am, in no particular order on this set…

The first group is self explanatory – the Jungle Finger Puppet set along with the Carrying case is a toddler’s dream!  Imaginary play PLUS a hiding spot for everything is included with tiny coconut appliqués, mmm mmm.

1)    Lion Finger Puppet

2)    Zebra Finger Puppet

3)    Monkey Finger Puppet

4)    Wild Man Finger Puppet

5)    Tiny Coconut Applique

6)    Jungle Finger Puppets Carrying Case

7)    Mystery Fish Pouch – (top left) Do you remember this fantastic mystery crochet along that had us on the edge of our seats for 3 days, hosted by moogly for The Crochet Lounge, and was also announced to mooglians? Squeeeeee – It is still the pouch the kids argue over in this household!

Upper Right Quadrant

8)    Shark Time Pouch – Shark Attack! Wheee discovery channel shark week and shark week of the other kind.  This surely is a great pouch for kids – adults.

9)    Kraken Octopus Squid Applique – How befitting to the moogly community to have an octo/squid appliqué?

10) Lego Inspired Backpack – Lego Schmego want to play with legos?  As a kid, it was one of my all time favorite toys, and that’s now passed onto my kids.  What a great bag that can also be used as lego storage.  Think the kids will put it in the wrong place again?

11) Zig Zag Zoom Bottle Cozy – The name of this cozy makes me want to get up on my feet and dance – so does moogly’s color choices!  Spice up your bottles with this cozy, now.

Lower Left Quadrant

12) Bird’s Nest Bowl Set – Nesting bowls + crocheter’s twist and texture = win, check out this pattern for some sturdy stacking bowl fun.

13) Ultimate Universal Electronics Cozy – It is ultimate because you can adjust the sizing to fit any electronics that you can imagine carrying around (that’s semi flat in nature).

14) Blue Agave Phone Pouch – It does look like agave! Cute phone pouch with strap/necklace so it can be carried around with protection

15) Stainless Steel Water Bottle Sling – The wide straps on this water bottle is a great feature for the young and the old.  We’re focusing on the young because we all know how quickly we want to teach them to be independent while carrying around water in the hot, hot summer for a family of 5+!

Of course, tradition must carry on, last but not least and not in the collage is this cute cozy gnome camera case!

Moogly Pattern Round-Up Extravaganza by "e" Lee of The Crochet Lounge!

16) Cozy Gnome Camera Case – You may be thinking, why in the world is there a gnome for a camera case?  That’s for moogly to know and for you to find out by reading her pattern post.  This is by far the cutest little camera case I’ve seen.

About Moogly

You love moogly, yes you do, so if you want to read more about her aside from her About page, you can check out her profile on Crochet At Play, The Yarn Box, and featured guest blogger profile at Cre8tion Crochet.

Summer Elegance Set on The Crochey LoungeMany many MANY thanks again to “e” Lee of The Crochet Lounge for guest posting for me today! I truly had no idea what any of my guest posters were going to write up for us this week, and “e” has gone above and beyond here – I’m so flattered! Be sure to check out her own fantastic free crochet patterns, particularly her new Pineapple Lace Summer Elegance Set!

Be sure to check out and like the moogly Facebook page to get the latest updates, links, and sneak peeks. Moogly is also on Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Sulia, and Google+ – come join the fun! You can contact me via the Facebook page or at

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    e. You did a lovely job. I was thinking this with my post but didn’t want to take the time to do a collage in picmonkey – glad I didn’t because your post rocks.

    Yes, I’m glad Tamara took the spotlight today with her lovely patterns.

    I can totally see the need for a gnome case. Love gnomes for anything. :)

    Hope you are enjoying your time off Tamara.


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