All Grown Up Striped Slouch Hat

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Moogly reader Brea recently came up with the brilliant idea of making a slouchy hat to match the All Grown Up Arm Warmers – and she was kind enough to let me run with it! And with or without the Arm Warmers, I think the All Grown Up Striped Slouch Hat is a keeper!

free crochet slouch hat pattern free crochet patterns striped slouch hat crochet pattern free

Of course, the All Grown Up Arm Warmers are sized for adults – if you’re making the smaller size of this slouch hat for a tween, you’ll want to use the Sweet Striped Crochet Arm Warmers to complete the set!

free crochet slouch hat pattern free crochet patterns striped slouch hat crochet pattern free

All Grown Up Striped Slouch Hat

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free crochet slouch hat pattern free crochet patterns striped slouch hat crochet pattern free

NOTE: The post stitches used in this pattern are Shallow Post Stitches (tutorial HERE) – but some prefer standard post stitches! So give each a try and see which you like best – note that with standard post stitches it will be a bit shorter, so you’ll want to add extra rows.

Round 1: Using Color A, make a magic ring and ch 2 (does not count as a st). Work 12 dc into the ring, join with a sl st to first dc. (12 dc)

Round 2: Ch 2, make 2 dc in ea st around. Join to first dc using Color B to make the sl st. Do not cut Color A (Colors will be carried along inside hat.) (24 dc)

Round 3: Ch 2, [bpdc in next st, 2 bpdc in next st] 12 times. Join with a sl st to first bpdc. (36 dc)

Round 4: Ch 2, [dc in the next 2 sts, 2 dc in the next st] 12 times. Join to first dc using Color A to make the sl st. (48 dc)

Round 5: Ch 2, [bpdc in next 3 sts, 2 bpdc in next st] 12 times. Join with a sl st to first bpdc. (60 dc)

Round 6: Ch 2, [2 dc in the next st, dc in the next 14 sts] 4 times. Join to first dc using Color B to make the sl st. (64 dc) Continue to Round 7 below; st counts listed first in parenthesis.)

Round 6: Ch 2, [2 dc in the next st, dc in the next 5 sts] 10 times. Join to first dc using Color B to make the sl st. (70 dc) Continue to Round 7 below; st counts listed second in parenthesis.)

Round 7: Ch 2, bpdc evenly around. Join to first bpdc with a sl st. (64 dc, 70 dc)

Round 8: Ch 2, dc evenly around. Join to first dc with a sl st, using next Color. (64 dc, 70 dc)

Round 9 – 16: Repeat Rounds 7 – 8, alternating colors.

Round 17 (Set-up row for brim): Using Color A, ch 1 and bpsc evenly around. Join with a sl st to first bpsc. Cut Color B. (64 sc, 70 sc)

MAKE THE BRIM (using Color A):
Row 1: Ch 9. Working in BLO, sc in the 2nd ch from hook and each ch. (8 sc) Sc2tog in the next 2 set-up row sts, as shown below. This is the “securing st” that attaches the vertical brim rows to the horizontal setup row. Do NOT ch, turn.

free crochet slouch hat pattern free hat and arm warmer set crochet pattern

Row 2: Skipping the securing st, sc in the BLO evenly. (8 sc) Turn.

Row 3: Ch 1, sc in BLO evenly. (8 sc) Make securing stitch. Turn.

Row 4 – 64(70): Repeat Rows 2 – 3.

Sew the brim together using the whip stitch, joining first and last rows. Be sure to work into the BLO of the last row to maintain the ribbed look.

free crochet slouch hat pattern free crochet patterns striped slouch hat crochet pattern free

Pair the arm warmers crochet pattern and the slouch hat crochet pattern, and now you have a matching set! Looking for a kid size version? Stay tuned… good things to come! What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Be sure to Like the moogly Facebook page for the latest updates and have some fun with us! Written pattern copyright Tamara Kelly 2013. Please do not reprint, or repost this pattern, but please feel free to link to this page to share this pattern with others. You are welcome to sell items made from this pattern, but please include a link back to Moogly on the online listing or on the tag if selling at a craft fair/store. You can contact me via Facebook messages or at

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  1. 1

    M-J says

    Nice job and nice result, seems easy to crochet, and I love the choice of colours. I think (only my opinion!) that it would have been easier to crochet the brim first, join it in the round with a slip stich row, then work the other direction from the brim to the top. It’s just another way to consider the work 😉

    • 3

      Twigwoman~ says

      I’d have started with the brim as well, working a rib pattern using alternating fpdc and bpdc! then worked up to the top! Will try both as I plan to make more than one! Thanx for the shared pattern :)

    • 5

      Stacy says

      I love this pattern thanks so much for it. I’m making one for a birthday present for my sister. It’s going to be my first hat to crochet for the first
      time! Thanks again. :)

  2. 6

    Kaltynn says

    I love this pattern so much and love how it is turning out I am almost done and got to the end of the pattern and cannot figure out for the life of me what BOL means. Help?

      • 8

        moogly says

        BLO is back loop only! :) There is a video tutorial for BLO on the moogly video tutorial page if you are unfamiliar with the technique.

        • 9

          Katlynn says

          Thanks I figured it out,
          Next question, for the brim when you make the “securing stitch” are there 2 stitches in each of the row 17 single crochet? Or is there only 1? Does that make sense?

          • 10

            moogly says

            It makes sense to me! There is only one stitch in each. Actually, you could say it’s half a stitch in each, as it’s a sc2tog with the one next to it!

          • 13

            Tamara Kelly says

            Just over 10″ laid flat – but if you want it longer or shorter it’s easy enough to add or subtract a stripe! :)

    • 21

      moogly says

      Hi Jay, what part is causing you trouble? Basically, after you’ve finished the set up row, you chain 9 and start working vertically, rather than horizontally (how you made the hat). Then you work back down the chain toward the hat in the back loop only, then make a securing stitch (sc2tog) in the next two stitches of the set up row, as shown in the photo. The brim is attached to the hat row by row as it’s made. Does that help?

  3. 28

    Avie says

    I got frustrated by the brim, because I made a dumb error. so, I added an extra repeat of Row 7 and it’s the perfect height for a beanie-style hat. Lovely and squishy – the bpdc is really a perfect stitch for this pattern. Thanks!

    • 32

      moogly says

      Hi Sarah! You can sell any finished projects you make from free moogly patterns, but I indeed ask that there be link back to moogly with credit for the pattern on the listing if selling online, or on the finished object if selling in person. :) Good luck with your sales!

  4. 33

    Sarah says

    I love this pattern! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the picture of my finished product I posted on fb and I just finished it last night! One of my friends even asked for the pattern so I sent her to your site :) Mine turned out wayyy too big though cuz this was only my second project ever and my stitches must be too loose. I did my own fix though and it looks great. Thanks for sharing this pattern for free!

    • 36

      moogly says

      There is the matching armwarmer/fingerless mitts pattern, but not mittens that cover the entire hand. I think if you could find a plain mittens pattern worked in double crochets it would be relatively easy to make the stripes to match the hat. I don’t have specific one to recommend though.

    • 40

      moogly says

      Just a hair over 10 inches, though of course if you want a longer slouch or a shorter beanie, you can just add/subtract a stripe! 😀

  5. 41

    Jessica says

    I made this hat and it looks awesome, but it was super small. Do you think I just crochet too tightly? I followed the directions for the larger size too, anticipating my tiny stitches and it still only has a 17 in. circumference. I squeezed my two year old’s head into it and she said it was too tight. Haha, I just don’t know what happened. I used hook size I with the red heart worsted yarn. Maybe thicker yarn or larger hook will produce a larger hat or a more forgiving stretch.

    • 42

      moogly says

      It definitely sounds like you’ve got a lot tighter tension than I do! I’d recommend bumping up on hook size, at least 2 sizes, and checking your gauge after the first 4 rounds!

      • 43

        Jessica says

        Yeah, I’m going to try again with a K hook and definitely check that gauge this time before I get all the way through the hat, haha. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  6. 44

    Geneva says

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I cant wait to start on this! You should create a youtube account and post video tutorials of your patterns. A visual is always a great aid!! :)

  7. 48

    mary anne says

    hi there

    i’d like to say that i love this hat, and i’m going to be making one for my friend soon but the yarn i’m using is a bit thicker than the yarn you used. any advice on sizing when using a bulky yarn? it says i should use an 8mm hook but i’ve started a practice one with the yarn and i’m using a 6.5mm hook… i’m new to crocheting so I don’t really know what effect this will have on the finished product but it seems to be working out fine..

    what are the dimensions of the hat for regular adult size?


    • 49

      moogly says

      Hi Mary Anne! A lot depends upon your personal tension while crocheting and just how bulky the yarn is – two bulky yarns can be very different, as it’s more of a range than a set point. Using a smaller than recommended hook may give you a very thick and stiff hat though.

      The gauge for this hat is 4.5″ diameter after 4 rounds. If you are getting a much larger diameter after 4 rounds but like the fabric that you are making, I’d just follow the written directions for the smaller size. The finished hat should be just over 10 inches long (though you can make it longer if you like a much longer slouch, or shorter if you prefer a beanie style), so you can just stop adding rows when you get a couple inches short of the size desired, and then move on to the brim instructions.

      • 50

        mary anne says

        thank you for the reply!


        i think I did what you said, got the circle to 4.5 inches then stopped increasing. i do love this yarn i’m using… i’ll be sure to let you know how they turn out!


  8. 53

    Susan says

    It’s a very lovely pattern and so easy to get a hang of! I do have a question, though, because I’m about halfway through crocheting this: when exactly does the hat begin to “slouch” if that makes sense? I’m using a wool yarn, and I’m on row 9 right now, and the circle only seems to be widening, rather than falling into a hat shape. I’m wondering if maybe the wool is too stiff for this sort of project, in your opinion?

    • 54

      moogly says

      Hi Susan, and thank you! As long as you aren’t adding any extra stitches, it should become more hat-ish in the next 4 rows or so – it takes some time for it to pull back down straight. I don’t think the type of wool should matter too much.

  9. 55

    Noelle says

    LOVE this pattern! I made one today, and it turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Great site, keep up the good work!

  10. 56

    Sora says

    I know this is probably a really dumb question to ask, but

    would the pattern work out if i used chunky yarn and one color?

    This is a really cute hat and I can’t wait to make it :3

    Thank you ! <3

    • 57

      moogly says

      Sure Sora! You’ll need to watch the gauge, and start working even a little sooner, but other than that, I don’t see why not!

  11. 58


    Hi, in first sorry i don’t speak very well english. I want to say to you thank you for this pattern. i do this hat, you can see it in my blog. I do this in 4mm hook and do some transformation. But i want to ask to you if i can put down an traduction of this pattern in my blog. Of course i apply i put your référence’s blog. I wait yours answer. Bye

    • 59

      moogly says

      Hello Zelle! I’m glad you like the pattern! I’d be happy to have you link to the pattern and of course talk about any changes you made, but I do ask that you not re-publish the pattern, or translate the entire thing. Thank you!

  12. 60

    Tasha says

    i dont get where you carry the other colour while in row three. it doesnt seem to hide or be kept in place by anything where is behind and how do i fasten it.. is the inside of hat the back or front of what i am crocheting? or is it supposed to just be a lose strand? please explain further. Thanks great pattern :)

      • 62

        Tasha says

        Thank you for being so promt with your reply.. so when i am working on the round, the side that is facing me is the is the outside or right side and the string should be hanging down and picked up later from the wrong side?? is this correct sorry i learn best putting things into my own words as a question or statement. thank you for your time and patients

  13. 64

    Alyson says

    I love this pattern. It’s so easy and fun.

    I just have one question I am almost done with my hat but I’m noticing that it doesn’t look like the picture, but when I turn it inside out it does. So my question is…are you supposed to turn it inside out when done?

    • 65

      moogly says

      Alyson, thank you! I suspect that instead of bpdc stitches, you make fpdc sts! Turning the hat “wrong side out” is a quick fix though! 😀

  14. 66

    Janny says

    Awesome pattern….I have a question. On Round 3 when you start to do your BPDC, you say to bpdc in NEXT st. On your other patterns when doing a DC in the round, you start your round in the same stitch as the chain 2 – should this be the case here? Should it say bpdc in SAME st?

    Thanks again for your help and great patterns.


  15. 69

    Christine says

    Loved the hat – any chance you have a pattern for the ZZ hat – Nudu Bamileke Beanie – I am being asked by several young adults as well as older adults to make them one

    • 70

      moogly says

      Thanks Christine! I had to google that hat, but as soon as I saw it I recognized it! I do not have a pattern for it though. It looks like this person explains their process a little bit though if you wanted to try to come up with something. I would probably start with a basic beanie and then felt the “fingerlings” separately and sew them on. A labor of love for sure!

  16. 71

    Lulu says

    I loved this pattern! And the finished product came out so nice! I’m so happy and proud of myself after finishing it. Now I’m gonna try different color combinations. :) thank you very much for the sharing this!!! :)

  17. 73

    Kirsten says

    So I am new to making hats through crocheting (I’ve made a zillion knitting) and I’m a bit confused on the magic ring part how you ch 2 and they don’t count as a stitch. I found this link

    to teach me how to do a magic ring but I’m not sure how to apply it to this pattern. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    p.s. Love this pattern! Really excited to make it once I grasp the concept!

    • 74

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Kirsten! The ch 2 and the magic ring are sort of separate issues. For some patterns I like to start with a ch 2 that doesn’t count as a stitch, while other prefer to count it as a stitch, and still other prefer a ch 3 – I like to use whichever fits the particular project. The magic ring could have single crochet stitches worked into it, double crochets, whatever, and the starting chain just depends on what kind of stitches you’re making. Here’s my video tutorial for magic ring that might help you out:

      • 75

        Kirsten says

        Great thanks! I’ll check that out tonight. So my understanding is to make the magic ring and then ch an additional two that don’t count, correct?

        • 76

          Kirsten says

          Also, replying to myself sorry but the magic ring part looks like it’s finished about 52 seconds into your video and that’s where I would add the two chain stitches, correct? Thanks for the responses! :)

          • 77

            Tamara Kelly says

            Yes, that’s a good way of thinking of it! The magic ring is the way of making a circle of yarn around your finger, and crocheting into it. Then when you’ve made all your stitches in the ring, you pull the end and it closes right up! :)

  18. 79

    Keri says

    i love this hat! my friend wanted a striped hat and this is perfect. My only problem is it keeps coming out way to small. I had to increase to make the hat wide enough and now im at the end of row 16 and its still to short. what am i doing wrong?

    • 80

      Tamara Kelly says

      It sounds like we have different tension levels (and it has nothing to do with stress)! Basically, I just crochet looser than you do. Try bumping up a hook size or two – that should do it!

  19. 81

    Nina Marie says

    Im currently working on row 10 of this hat, and i am proud to admit its the FIRST time i am reading a pattern, i learned visually!! but this pattern is so easy to read, I fell in love with this hat and i hope to make many more for this winter! thank you very much for posting and creating this!

  20. 83

    meg says

    After the last sc2tog on the last row 3, do u cut the yarn from there and start whip stitching? Do u just fold the edges right side in?

  21. 84

    meg says

    how do u end the brim? after making the last securing stitch, the end of the last row3, do u cut yarn right there and start whip stitching? do u start on the first row since the yarn is already on the last row?

    • 85

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi meg! Yes, cut the yarn leaving a long tail and whipstitch the last row 3 (64 or 70) to the very first brim row made, sewing into the BLO of that last row 3.

  22. 87

    meg says

    and u cant do it through the back loop of the first row because it is used already. so do u sew through one loop or two?

  23. 93

    Dina says

    Hi, thanks for this pattern, very clear and easy. I made the hat and it’s very cool and fits me! (I made the smaller size). Like this blog.

  24. 95

    Marrie says

    I have watched many crochet videos but you are the best crochet teacher!..what ever i have learnt from net..i experienced that you have taught me the best!..♥ ya!

  25. 98

    Hannah says


    this hat is just awesome! I would love to do it, but I’m new to crocheting and I just can’t figure out how to make the magic circle with ch2? Alle the time it looks different to the one on the picture. I saw your tutorial for the magic ring, but how can I do the same with ch2? And you say that normally you start with 6 chains or something when beginning with a magic ring. Did I understand it right that we start with 12 dc in the magic ring here?
    Sorry if that sounds confusing!
    Hope I’ll manage it sooner or later 😉 Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful pattern!

    • 99

      Tamara Kelly says

      There are several different ways to start making a circle (which is how you start a hat). You can ch 2 and make the first row of sts in the first ch, you can ch 4, or 6, and make it into a ring with a sl st in the first ch, and then crocheting into the center of that ring, OR you can use the magic circle, aka magic ring.

      In this pattern, you can use whichever method you like, but it is written as starting with a magic ring/circle. When you make the magic ring, you can work any sts into it you like. This pattern’s first row is 12 dc sts. The ch 2 is to get up to the height of the sts, but it doesn’t count as a stitch itself. Often you’ll see a ch 3 to start a row of dc sts, and it will count as the first stitch of the row. For this pattern, you start with a ch 2, but it doesn’t count as a stitch, so you work 12 actual dc sts into the ring.

      Does that help?

      • 100

        Hannah says

        Thanks a lot!
        Does that mean I’ll start with the ring and then, when the ring is ready I make the 12 dcs into the finished ring? So the ring doesn’t count as a 1st row?
        Sorry, I’m confused, maybe I should start with a simple hat 😉

        • 101

          Tamara Kelly says

          Think of the ring as a base chain. It’s not the first row, it’s what the first row is worked into. :) The ch 2 and 12 dc are the first row. A little clearer?

          • 102

            nath says

            Hi Tamara!

            I really like this pattern as well! I’m also a beginner and trying to understand the pattern. I watched the video and read the comments. If the magic ring is the base chain, do you still do 6 single stitches? And then, to get your first row of 12 dc, you’d have to work 2 dc into each single stitch?

            Thank you for your help!

          • 103

            Tamara Kelly says

            Hi Nath! The magic ring does take the place of a base chain. you don’t need to single crochet into it though, you just work 12 dc right into the center of the ring. :)

  26. 104

    Chris says

    First off, I love this pattern and am trying to make this for my brother. But, as nice as it’s coming out, I have this visible slip stitch stripe (noticeable area where the row is joined) that goes down the pattern. Is there something I can do to fix this? I slip stitch to the first dc or bpdc but it still looks awkward. I’ve never had this problem with any other pattern while working in the round. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  27. 107

    Cheryl says

    I was hoping you could help me. I measured at row 4, and well, it’s about 2.5″ wide. That is way way way off. I’m using Caron Simply Soft (happened to have some around, yay). At the rate I’m going, this lovely hat will be for a doll. I know I can go up in size on my needle, however, won’t it make more “holes”? I didn’t think I crocheted that tightly. Yikes. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • 108

      Cheryl says

      Nevermind. I went ahead and did what I considered extremely loose stitches. Yay. Got to row 4 and it was 4.5″ across and overall looking great.

      Question. Am I doing something wrong, or can you see the places where you change colors? I have half a stitch of different color, so you can see where the seam is. I admit, it’s bugging me. :)

      Thanks for the pattern and videos. I’m new to crocheting and the videos made it so much easier.

  28. 114

    Lee says

    I really like the hat but I may be doing something wrong. The hat has like a seam where I change colors. If have taken it part and redone it several times but I can’t get rid of that seam look. I ended up just putting buttons over the seam. Any suggestions for what I may be doing wrong when I change colors?

    • 115

      Tamara Kelly says

      Some visible seam will always be there when not working in a spiral, but blocking and making sure to start each color change by finishing the last stitch of the previous round with the new color will help. Another option is to use cut the yarn after each color and usethe Standing Double Crochet to join the new color (working a standing bpdc that is). There is a tutorial for the Standing Double Crochet on the video tutorials page.

  29. 117

    Priscilla says

    For every row of bpdc I do, it seems to lift up the row. So basically my hat isn’t coming out flat!! How can I fix this?

    • 118

      Tamara Kelly says

      There will be a raised ridge texture from the post stitches – that’s part of the pattern. Or do you mean it’s rippling on the edges?

  30. 119

    Viki Thurman says

    I’m very confused by the brim. I’m making it according to your instructions, but it is quite a bit longer than what is shown in the image. Did you swap out the 5.5 hook for a smaller one on the brim?

    • 120

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Viki! I used the same size hook throughout. Did you watch the video? Is it longer around or longer in depth? I’m wondering if you are putting the securing sts in the wrong place and ending up with more rows? Just brainstorming… If it’s just too big it might be a matter of gauge, in which case switching hooks to something smaller would be the recommended solution!

  31. 121

    Jacy says

    Question: When it says to join with the first BPDC does that mean we are skipping over the ch2 (ch2 doesnt count as a st ever? ) from the start and joining with the BPDC instead?

  32. 123

    Janet says

    Can you tell me the trick in making invisible seams? I hate seeing the lump you get even when you ch2 and slip into the dc instead. Is there a way to make it unnoticeable?

  33. 126


    Thank you for sharing this pattern, I’ve been looking for a decent “ribbed” hat edging that you don’t have to manually sew onto the hat at the end for ages. I too prefer to start at the top centre and crochet down, because for me it gives a less gappy result. Increasing with 2dc in the same stitch fills it out nicely, but decreasing with dc2tog seems to spread out one stitch across two. p.s. I’m a recent convert to your chainless starting double crochet too, love it :-)

  34. 128

    lisainthepass says

    Just wanted to say thanks fo this pattern! After the fourth try, finally figured out that I was using some stitch I thought I remembered from the last time Igot
    the crochet hug. About ten years ago. Now I can finally start making my Christmas presents! Again thanks for an AWSOME pattern=)

  35. 131

    knittinggirl says

    I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for this blog and the patterns here. Everything’s arranged in such an easy to understand manner, and any time I’ve been stuck, your tutorial pages have helped immensely! Hats have always been my Achilles heel, yet in just two days I’ve finished this pattern, and it looks gorgeous.

    Thank you again!

  36. 133

    Katie says

    Love this pattern! I’m making one for my friend. Would you mind posting a short video on how you slip stitch with the next color? I noticed afterwards that it looks like there is a seam-line, making it obvious where the round starts and ends. I must be doing it wrong somewhere. :( I can post a picture if it helps. Thank you!

    • 134

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Katie! I can try posting a video sometime in the future, but the only way to completely avoid a seam here would be to break the yarn for the first color, do a seamless join and weave in the ends, and then join the new color using the standing dc technique for the first bpdc.

    • 136

      Tamara Kelly says

      It’s been a long time since I wrote this pattern, but not as far as I can recall. I might have though!

  37. 142

    Margaux says

    For some reason, I don’t have the extra color ring around when I switch colors. Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

  38. 149

    Stacy says

    Moogs, you’ve done it again. You just have THE BEST KNACK for combining colors, stitches and patterns to perfection. You are, par none, my favorite blogger/designer/tutor/crochet muse.
    Awesome hat, thank you so very much for sharing! :)

  39. 151


    I think I understand what ‘carry along color A’ means in step 2, but mine doesn’t come out looking like the picture. How do you see what appears to be a row of stitches of color A (grey) as if it is it’s own row of stitches, right after color B (cool mint) begins and elsewhere throughout the hat when the colors transition? Is there a video tutorial of changing these colors that would help? I really love the look of the hat in the picture, but mine is not coming out looking like that.

    • 153


      I have figured out the answer to my own question, so you can disregard. I mistakenly read bpdc as back loop only and no matter how many times I re-read the directions that stuck in my head. I’ve corrected my mistake and it’s coming out like the picture. Thanks so much.

  40. 156

    wheekgrass sue says

    Greetings, Thanks for the awesome pattern,…..BUT….OOPS, I thought I understood the bpdc meant crochet in the back loop (back of the “V”) of the dc below, which is actually your BLO. So, I did the entire hat with BLO when it said bpdc. It looks fantastic, the ridges are just smaller and the hat a bit lacey. What a new version of the hat. I think I got away with it because I am using a highly verigated yarn with many colors throughout called “Parrot”. Excellent pattern and so easy even if you mess up the stitch like I did it looks great. Now, I look at the video….lol Actually, this is a lesson in totally reading the pattern and understanding it before you start. Now I will look at the other video you mentioned in the comments about BLO to see if I altered that stitch too. Oh, too funny, this hat is wonderful and the pattern was easily repeatable not to complex, well for some of us…lol. Regards!

    • 157

      Tamara Kelly says

      How fun! 😀 I’m glad you got a hat you like out of it! Red Heart Unforgettable’s Parrot? Gorgeous colorway!

  41. 158

    NM says

    Ok, I’ve made this hat many times, for a long of different people, and created my own variations. I mean, I’ve made nearly 10 of them…

    But when I see them worn now, I question whether I’ve made them long enough. Would you please be able to provide a measurement for the various lengths of each size? I get the width right, but my stitches are rather short, and even with an extra row seems to be a little short. So a length measurement would be great!
    Thank you! :)

    • 159

      Tamara Kelly says

      Unfortunately the hats I made have traveled away – I made them so long ago! But you can always add more stripes as needed to get the length you want!

      • 160

        NM says

        Yeah, that’s what I do. And the people I’ve made them for all really love them, in fact I’m constantly getting requests for more. They just don’t seem long enough now that I’m looking at them, even though I already did add extra rows. I thought I measurement might help.

        • 161

          Tamara Kelly says

          There’s really no right or wrong answer on slouch length. Some people like them super duper slouchy, some just want a little extra “wrinkle” in the back. It’s up to the individual, and thankfully easy enough to adjust. :)

  42. 163

    Katy Lusk says

    I’m confused about the Brim. How is that supposed to work? I know it sounds like a stupid question but I really am generally confused. Please help me to understand this a little better!

  43. 166

    SillyGoose says

    Im a bit confused. I made this pattern with the same yarn, same size hook and I can not for my life get the gauge to be 4.5 inches at round 4. What do you suppose i am doing wrong? The completed hat ended up being way to small. It doesn’t even fit my 8yr old. I love how it turned out bout the size killed it.

    • 167

      Tamara Kelly says

      It sounds like you and I have very different tension levels! You’ll need to go up 1 or more hook sizes to get gauge.

  44. 168

    Stefanja says


    I just wanted to ask you if anyone else has had this problem.. Okay, so I get to the third row, and I get all the correct amount of stitches, so I move on to the fourth row. Once I come to the end of the fourth row, I start counting my stitches, and I realise I’m off a few stitches, can only get 45-46 stitches out of the required 48.. I have tried to crochet the fourth row 5 times now, and every time I only have 45, or 46 stitches. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but there is definitely some sort of problem occurring that I have no clue as to why it keeps happening. I’ve been crocheting for 9 years, and I’ve never had this problem before! Do you know what I could be doing wrong? I don’t understand how 5 tries in a row result in the same exact issue. On the third row I always manage to get 36 stitches, and just in case you’re wondering, no, I do not count the chain 2 of each row as a stitch. I always skip over the chain when I count my stitches. Any help would be SOOOO gratefully appreciated! Thanks! :)


    • 169

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Stefania! I can’t say I’ve had anyone have that trouble before. It’s 12 increases spaced evenly around, all I can think is that you’re not increasing enough?

  45. 170

    Tereza says

    i love this pattern and am now done with the beanie part. I am little confused about the brim – attaching.
    Would it work, if I make the brim separately and attached to the hat? I tried follow the instruction but never
    got it right?

    – Teri

    • 171

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Teri! You could certainly do that! Another option would be to work fpdc and bpdc sts alternately around. :) For this brim, you might want to check out the tutorial video before you give up on it! video here

      • 172

        Tereza says

        Of course i can do that..Why i did not think of that :-) Ah..I have 8m old baby who wont let me sleep so my brain is not working properly 😀

        Thank you so much

        Greeting from Finland

        – Teri

  46. 174

    Stefanja says


    I’m making this hat, and every time I join a new colour the new colour is very high up on the stitch it is attached to, and so because it’s so high up, it is very visible where this particular joining slip stitch is. I would like it to be flush, and less noticeable. How do you crochet this hat so the slip stitch isn’t visible? I looked at your photos of the hat, and I can’t really see where the slip stitch is. I just want to make this hat, and it look like the one in the photo, but the joining stitch is extremely visible, and it looks weird. I think even a non-crocheter, or crafter would even be able to see that it looks different than all the other stitches. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


    • 175

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Stefanja! You can try using the new color when pulling through the last two loops of the previous round, or you can break the yarn and use a standing dc to join the new color.

    • 177

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Amy! You might want to add a few stitches if you use a thinner yarn, and maybe another stripe as well. :) Thank you!

  47. 180

    erica says

    I guess my comment didn’t go through, if it did and this is a repeat please forgive me. I’m working on the brim but it is very loose and looks more like the floppy brim of a sun hat. What am I doing wrong. I have read over and over and I’m following exactly what it says.

    • 181

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Erica! Have you watched the video? I suspect your securing sts are one “back” or “before” and therefore adding twice the number of rows.

  48. 182

    Stacy McDonald says

    Omigosh you are my ‘GO TO’ crochet lady!! Thanks so much for posting so many wonderful goodies. Can’t wait for the 2015 CAL!! I missed out on this year’s but not again. God willing, I’ll be right there with ya. Oh!! And happy birthday!

  49. 184

    julissa says

    this is the best pattern ever. ive used 10 million times to make hats for family. they all love the slouchy look. working the brim after works great. the rib pattern itself is great, ive used it for so many other things.

  50. 186

    larissa M says

    I’m having a lot of issues with row five. Up until then everything counts out correctly but I only seem to get 58 stitches instead of 60. Can you suggest a reason to this? I have taken the row apart several times and Dom it differently as well as counting over & over. I really like the idea of this hat and a,pm making this to give a friend.

    • 187

      Tamara Kelly says

      I really couldn’t say without seeing it Larissa, I’m sorry. You’re adding a stitch every 4th stitch, so if you had 48 in the previous row it should get you to 60 on the 5th row.

  51. 188

    nath says

    Hi Tamara!

    So I figured out the magic circle part, yay me! Thanks for replying so quickly. Second question now… I checked my gauge and I’m at 4 in on the 4th row… I want to do an adult size hat. What are my options without undoing my work? Do you think if I follow your direction and start crocheting more loosely, I’ll be okay?

  52. 190

    terra says

    Thank you so much for the great patterns! Forgive me if this comes up twice but I’m not sure if my comment was posted. On the magic ring it says ch 2 does not count as a stitch. Does it count throughout the rest of the pattern, or does the ch2 not count throughout?

      • 192

        Terra says

        Thanks so much for the reply. One more question. I think I got the magic ring and I get that you slip stitch into the 1st dc rather than the top of the chain, but it seems like when I don’t count the ch2, it still looks like 13 stitches in the first round instead of 12. Is it supposed to look like that? Do you know what I mean? Thanks again for sharing!! I really love your patterns!

        • 193

          Tamara Kelly says

          As long as you only have 12 dc, then it’s okay. :) The extra “fill” from the ch 2 is better than the gap of a ch 3. I’m wondering though if it’s the slip stitch that’s throwing you off – it can be tricky, but the sl st to join the round never counts as a stitch, even though it can look like one. :) It helps to count your stitches at the end of each round to keep on track.

  53. 195

    Susie says

    Is it supposed to look like it has ridges? I can’t really explain it, but I’m working in one color and when laid flat the BLO rows stick way up instead of lying flat. Using Heartland.

  54. 199

    Brenda says

    Thank you much for sharing this pattern with us. It is beautiful. I’m going to use this pattern to help a young friend learn to make a Slouchy Beanie for her husband

  55. 201

    Emily says

    I just finished making this hat and I love it! The only thing is that it doesn’t slouch… I checked my gauge using my I-9 needle and it was a half inch too small so I changed to a J-10. It fits perfectly around my head so I think I corrected the gauge well, and I can stretch it up to 10″ but just at rest it’s a little squatier. Do you know what could have gone wrong? This is only the 3rd hat I’ve ever made.
    Second question: could the brim transfer to pretty much any hat pattern with a sc row at the bottom? I love how it looks and the instructions were so easy to follow so I’d love to add it to more (simple) projects to add a little flair.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful patterns and tutorials!

    • 202

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Emily! It could still be a gauge issue, or it’s possible that you missed a couple rows – or just have a different sized head! You can add more repeats of the rows that are worked evenly to get as much slouch as desired. :) And yes, you can use that brim on any hat you like! Thank you so much!

    • 203

      Nikki says

      Hey, Emily… I’m not the pattern designer or anything, but I’ve made this hat about a dozen times and I have a tip that should help!
      If you are using red heart yarn or low-quality acrylic to make a slouchy hat, it won’t slouch properly. BUT what you can do is put the hat on your head (when it sticks up all crazy like that) and then just pull the back part down LIKE a slouchy hat. The fabric won’t drape properly, but it still looks nice and I get requests all the time from people to make them another hat just like it.
      Washing red heart yarn before or after making the project makes it softer, but it’s easier if you just buy a different yarn if you want it to drape nicely.
      Hope that helps! :)

  56. 205

    Catrina says

    Hi! I’m having a bit of trouble on the 3rd row. Where it says to bpdc in the 1st st then 2 bpdc in the second. Do i just bpdc over the first one? Thanks!

  57. 210

    Jamie says

    This hat is beautiful! I just have one question. Do you think this hat would be suitable for a man? My husbands friend has asked me to make him a slouch hat and I’m having a hard time finding a “mens” version. Thank you!!!!

  58. 212

    Vivian says

    Hey. I’m little confused about round 3. I’m not sure if I should be going through the post or that little stitch above the post. I can’t explain it

  59. 216

    Stacy says

    Hi, can I cut color A on the hat in order to start the brim? Or do I need to have another skein of color A to leave it in tact on the hat? Also, how do you secure color B after you cut it? Thx!!

  60. 218

    Wendy L says

    Hi. Just finished making this hat in Black/White. I did use the same type of yarn but couldn’t not get the guage even with bumping up two hook sizes. (Used a K) I also had to add around 6 rows, or so, to get it to be close to 10 inches at rest. I took pics with my cell phone but can’t seem to find how to add them to your FB page. I am now making one with the exact colors as above for my Nephew. Will for sure be making more, in multiple colors, in the future. Great pattern!!

    • 219

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you Wendy! Just goes to show how much personal gauge affects things! Plus I have to wonder if that yarn hasn’t changed a bit since I designed the hat, as it’s been a few years. I am glad you were able to make it work! 😀

      • 220

        Wendy L says

        I don’t know if anyone has already asked this…Is there a scarf to go with this hat? I didn’t see one but maybe I wasn’t looking in the right places. =) Thank you.

  61. 222

    Jayme says

    I think I might be confused when I am making this pattern my inside looks like your outside. Do you turn the hat inside out? I do the back post but when I do that it looks opposite. I’m so lost. Please help!!!

    • 223

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Jayme! I don’t turn the hat inside out, but I do keep the post stitches very close to the top of the stitches that I work into – right under the Vs.

  62. 224

    Ekstein says

    Hello! I’m new to crocheting, and my gauge is a little off. Can you tell me how wide the hat was when you started crocheting evenly? Thank you!

    • 225

      Tamara Kelly says

      I’m afraid this pattern is several years old and I don’t have that info. However if you get the gauge listed in the pattern you should be on the right track.

  63. 226

    Betsy Muse says

    Wonderful pattern. I made it for my 19 yr old daughter. I used three colors of wool yard (trying to use up all yarn with small projects) and instead of carrying the yarn underneath, I wove it in and the hat is reversible – same colors, but the texture gives a different look! She loves it. It fit so well that I am making a hat for myself. When I post the picture of the hat on Facebook, I will link back here.

    I love the way the brim attaches. Your instructions were insanely simply to follow. Thank you!

    • 227

      Tamara Kelly says

      😀 Thank you so much Betsy, I’m so glad to hear it! I wish I’d broken and woven in the ends myself, in retrospect – my son keeps wearing it “inside out” lol! 😀

  64. 228

    Belinda says

    Hi, just want to say a huge big thank you to you for the very best pattern ever. I downsized it big time and made one for a new born. He looks adorable in it. I’ve made about 20 for my daughter and niece and all the friends. Have handed out your website to everyone as it’s the best. So thank you , thank you and thank you again.

  65. 234

    Megan says

    Hello. This is my first hat project, really pmly my second crochet. I am confused about the second row. It says in Round 2: chain 2, make 2 dc in each stitch around. So I did that first.

    Then it says, Join to first dc using color B to make the slip stitch. (Do ot cut color A, blah blah) (24 stitches)

    Does this mean that at the beginning of this row you change colors with the slip stitch and the NEW color B will be the 24 stitches


    Does this mean after you do the 24 stitches with color A, you slip stitch color B into the first dc of the third row?

    • 235

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Megan! There are 24 sts in round 2, with color A. Then when it’s time to finish the round by slip stitching to the first stitch, instead of making the slip stitch with Color A, you use Color B. This sets you up for the next round. :) Does that help?

      • 236

        MegaN says

        Yes, thank you, that makes sense!

        Also, if you were to want to do this hat with smaller stitches with a 3.5 mm hook would you just add more stitches to each row or is this more like an exact science that would just get messed up?

  66. 237

    Christi says

    Is there a video of this pattern? I’m new to crocheting and I don’t think I’m connecting the stitches right

  67. 241

    Cathy says

    I totally enjoyed making this hat. I did it in solid dark grey as that’s my daughter’s favourite. I am hoping she will love it like I do.

    Thank you for writing such clear, concise patterns and videos. You are my go to person for all things crochet.

  68. 243

    Paula says

    Thank you for the pattern. I have a problem I am hoping you can help with. I am currently making one for my husband’s sister who is 19. I am using Simply Soft and an I hook as the pattern calls for. I followed the pattern using the 70 stitches. I put it on my 9 year old daughter… It isn’t very slouchy. Nothing like the one pictured in the pattern. I tried to make sure to crochet loose. What else could it be?

  69. 245

    Evette says

    I’m making the grown up slouch beanie. I’m confused about the part that says sew brim together. How is it done?

  70. 247

    Tanya says

    Thank you for the wonderful pattern and instructions. This is the first hat I have successfully completed. The video tutorials are very good.

  71. 249

    Tracy Murray says

    HI! Ok I have a question. Im almost finished with this amazing hat, yet Im wondering if im doing the brim wrong? When i get back down to the bottom and Im doing the securing stitch with the sc2tog, is the first part of that sc2tog in the loop that already has another stitch in it and then the 2nd part of the sc2tog the next empty stitch to finish it? Or am I supposed to be going into 2 empty stitches to do the sc2tog?? Im doing the first part, where i start my sc2tog in the stitch that already has a stitch in it, then finishing it in the next empty stitch…but my rim seems to be turning out huge!? or widening out from the hat? Am I doing this correctly? Hopefully you understand how I explained that! lol Thank you!

      • 251

        Tracy Murray says

        Yes! I started reading thru all the comments and came across it! Helped SOOO much! Sure wish I had found it before i was almost finished with the brim! haha. But, its all done now, wore it out today and LOVE it!! Now I have a few more to make after people seeing mine…Thank you for the awesome pattern! 😀

  72. 252

    elbeau says

    I am new to crochet. I am having problems with the increase in Roudn 3. I understand how to do the BPDC but am having problems with 2 bpdc in next st. Help please!!


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