Sweet Pea Stitch Tutorial, a Book Giveaway, and a Guest!

Hooking for Cash by Sara DugganMany of you will be familiar with Sara Duggan and her website Crochet Business – and if you sell your crochet items or patterns, her site is a must read! She’s also written a guest post for Moogly before. Now Sara has a new ebook out: “Hooking for Cash: 10 Ways to Make Money with Your Crochet Blog“! I’m super excited to be able to host today’s stop on her blog tour, and even better, offer Moogly readers a chance to win their own copy! Read on for Sara’s fantastic Sweet Pea stitch tutorial, and details on how to win your own copy of her new book! (Disclaimer: affiliate link included)

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The Crocodile Stitch

The Crocodile Stitch, aka the Scale Stitch, is the most requested video tutorial on the Moogly Facebook page – and you all know how I love to take requests! But I decided to take it one step further, and include not only a video and written instructions, but a photo tutorial as well!

Learn how to crochet the Crocodile Stitch! Video and photo tutorial on Moogly.

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Standing Double Crochet: Join Without the Sl St and Ch!

The Standing Double Crochet stitch is one I came to late – and I wish I’d known about it years earlier! It’s not a stitch that you’ll usually find specified in a pattern, and as such it has no standard abbreviation. What it is, is a technique – one that will allow you to start a new row on a crochet project without having to use the telltale “join with a slip stitch and chain 3″ – and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Standing Double Crochet - joining without the slip stitch! Photo and Video Tutorials on Moogly!

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