Ups and Downs Boot Cuffs

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The Ups and Downs Slouchy Beanie and Fingerless Gloves inspired the Ups and Downs Crochet Cowl – and to round out the set, it’s time for boot cuffs! Introducing the Ups and Downs Boot Cuffs!

Ups and Downs Boot Cuffs - free #crochet pattern on Moogly!

For the Boot Cuffs I used the same yarn as the cowl, and added some fun wintery buttons! The Ups and Downs Boot Cuffs are a custom fit – so you’ll need to start with a calf measurement for the recipient, measured where the top of the boot hits. I made 14″ boot cuffs sized to fit my 13 year old!

Ups and Downs Boot Cuffs - free #crochet pattern on Moogly!

Ups and Downs Boot Cuffs

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Creating a Custom Fit for your Boot Cuffs:

This pattern is worked with literally any even number of stitches. There are no increases or decreases, so every row has the same stitch count. You simply measure around the calf where the top of the boots hit – where you want to wear the cuffs. Take that measurement in inches and multiply it by 3, and round down if needed to get an even whole number – and that is the number of stitches you make in Round 1. For example, for a 14″ calf, I made boot cuffs that were 42 stitches in every row. For a 16.5″ calf, start with 48 sts (rounded down from 49.5 – they have a lot of stretch). If you don’t have the recipient’s calf handy, I found a chart of standard calf measurements online.

Ups and Downs Boot Cuffs - free #crochet pattern on Moogly!

Round 1: FDC according to formula above; join to work in the round.
Alternate Round 1: Ch as for desired number of sts plus 2, dc in the 4th ch from the hook, dc in each remaining ch around; join to top of ch 3 to work in the round.

Round 2 – 4: Ch 2 (does not count as a st), dc in each st around, join to 1st st.

Round 5: Ch 1, hdc in each st around; join to 1st st.

Round 6 – 7: Ch 1, hdc in the 3rd loop of each st around; join to 1st st.

Round 8: Ch 6 (counts as quadtr), quadtr in next st and each remaining st around; join to top of ch 6.

Round 9 – 11: Repeat Rounds 5 – 7.

Round 12: Ch 2 (does not count as a st), dc in each st around; join to 1st st.

Round 13 – 14: Ch 2 (does not count as a st), *fpdc, bpdc; repeat from * around. Break yarn and finish off, weave in ends.

Braid loops – sew on a button or use a brooch/pin to secure last loop. See Braiding Tutorial for more info on this technique. I braided the boot cuffs in opposite directions, just like the Fingerless Gloves!

Ups and Downs Set on Moogly - how to braid the loops!

And that’s it for the Ups and Downs set I think… unless you think there’s something missing? Let me know in the comments!


Written pattern and graphics copyright Tamara Kelly 2014. Please do not reprint or repost this pattern, but please do link to this page to share this pattern with others. If you wish to make items for sale from this pattern, please visit the About page for details. To print this pattern please use the Print Friendly button (tutorial here). Thank you to Crystal Palace Yarns for providing the yarn for this pattern!

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  1. 1

    Debra Sue says

    I am ridiculously excited about this pattern! I made the fingerless gloves for my son’s girlfriend, who wears tall boots all the time. Can’t wait to surprise her with matching boot cuffs. You’re the best!

  2. 5


    Love this!! My sister asked for some boot cuffs for my nieces. I remembered seeing this and thinking it looked cool for teens. It was easy, your instructions are spot on and it looks really cool!!! Thank you, next I am gong to do the hat

  3. 10

    Joy says

    The title says “Do Ewe KNIT” I open this up excited to get started and the instructions are for crocheting.
    Quite disappointed.

    • 11

      Tamara Kelly says

      Sorry Joy, I’m afraid that wasn’t something I wrote, must have been a link from a different page somewhere?

  4. 12

    Terry bragg says

    I love this pattern! It joined in the round and I’ve learned three new stitches (hdc in the third loop, quad treble and fpdc/bpdc stitches). And the best yet I’ve my girls wanting these boots cuffs. A wonderful design!

  5. 14

    Ashley says

    Is there a pdf that I can download? There are times that I don’t have access to the internet but I haven’t yarn and hooks!

  6. 20

    Sherika says

    Just finished making one boot cuff. It came out slightly loose, but I’m sure my jeans will take up the slack. I know for the next pair that I need to do two less stitches! Love these boot cuffs! Once I’m finished its on to the matching scarf! You’re very talented! Thanks did the pattern!

  7. 22

    Kacey says

    I’m confused on the quadtr. I click on the link to see how to do it, and if I’m not mistaken, it’s a super long stitch, 4 wraps. mine came out without the bunches where you placed your buttons, but instead- with just long stitches throughout the cuff…

    • 23

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Kacey! It sounds like you made the stitches correctly, but missed the part about braiding them after Rnd 14. :)

  8. 24

    Carey says

    How tall are these when finished? I’m trying to lengthen them to hit below the calf and need to figure out how many rows to add since I’ll be doing that in the beginning rounds. Thanks in advance!

    • 25

      Tamara Kelly says

      That will depend a lot on your gauge, hook, and yarn – I would crochet until they are tall enough for you to get to the top of your boot, and then go to Round 5. :)

  9. 26

    Lizel Meyer says

    I think your blog is super cool!! All instructions are clear and you are so creative and it really inspires me!! Thank you for sharing skills and ideas with the world!!

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