Moroccan Market Tote

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Totes can be utilitarian, handy, functional, and fun. And the Moroccan Market Tote is all of these – plus beautiful and luxurious! The stitch pattern reminds me of Moroccan Tile (hence the name), and is gorgeous enough to carry anywhere you go – Farmer’s market to foreign shores! Moroccan Market Tote: free #crochet pattern on Moogly! The Moroccan Market Tote features 7 bright colors, but could be made with just 3 skeins if you prefer to skip the stripes. As it’s written, less than 50 yards of each “stripe” color is used, so it could also be a great stash buster. But if you get a chance, I highly recommend the LB Collection Cotton Bamboo – it’s a joy to work with, and looks and feels amazing in the finished project! Moroccan Market Tote: free #crochet pattern on Moogly!

Moroccan Market Tote

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Make the Base with Color A:

Row 1: FDC 54, turn. (54 sts)

Row 2: CSDC, dc 53, turn. (54 sts) ‘

Round 3: CSDC, dc 53. Turn the fabric clockwise to work into the ends of the rows, dc 6 evenly across the ends of the rows. Turn the fabric clockwise again to dc 54 across the bottom of Row 1. Turn clockwise again to dc 6 into the opposite ends of the rows. Break yarn and use seamless join to secure to 2nd st of the round, PM in join. (120 sts)

Make the Body with Colors B – G:

Round 1: With Color B, STDC in marked stitch. Ch 1, dc in same st (V st made). Skip 2 sts. *[Dc, ch 1, dc] in next st, skip 2 sts. Repeat from * to end, join with sl st to STDC. Remove hook from loop, PM in loop so it doesn’t pull out. (40 V sts)

Round 2: With Color C, STDC in ch sp of 1st V st of previous round. Ch 1, dc in the same ch sp (V st made). [Dc, ch 1, dc] in each ch sp around. Pull active loop and working yarn of Color B to front of fabric, then join with sl st to STDC. Remove hook from loop, PM in loop so it doesn’t pull out. (40 V sts)

Round 3: Replace hook in active loop of Color B, CSDC, ch 1, dc between first and last V of the row before the previous round (NOT in the ch sp, but between the Vs). [Dc, ch 1, dc] between the V sts of round before the previous round around, enclosing previous round. Leaving working yarn and active loop of Color C behind fabric, join with sl st to CSDC. Remove hook from loop, PM in loop so it doesn’t pull out. (40 V sts)

Round 4: Insert hook in the ch sp of the first V st of the previous round. Replace hook in active loop of Color C and pull it through the V to the front, leaving working yarn behind. CSDC, ch 1, dc in the ch sp of that first V. [Dc, ch 1, dc] in each ch sp around. Pull active loop and working yarn of Color B to front of fabric, then join with sl st to CSDC. Remove hook from loop, PM in loop so it doesn’t pull out. (40 V sts) Round 5 – 8: Repeat Rounds 3-4 twice. At end of Round 8, break Color C and seamless join in CSDC. (40 V sts)

Moroccan Market Tote: free #crochet pattern on Moogly!

Round 9: Repeat Round 3.

Round 10: With Color D, repeat Round 2.

Round 11: Repeat Round 3.

Round 12: With Color D, repeat Round 4.

Round 13 – 16: Repeat Rounds 5-8 (using Color D).

Rounds 17 – 24: With Color E, repeat Rounds 9-16.

Rounds 25 – 32: With Color F, repeat Rounds 9-16.

Rounds 33 – 40: With Color G, repeat Rounds 9-16.

Round 41: Repeat Round 3. At end of Round, break Color B and seamless join in CSDC. PM in the first V st of the round. (40 V sts)

Make the Top and Handles with Color A:

Round 1: Count 9 V sts to the left of the joining seam (8 from the first V) from the previous round, and PM in that V st. (See photo below.) Join with a sl st to ch sp of the marked V st of the previous round. Ch 1 and work 3 sc in the ch sp. Work 3 sc in each ch sp around. Join with a sl st to the first sc. (120 sts)

Moroccan Market Tote: free #crochet pattern on Moogly!

Rounds 2 – 4: Ch 1 and sc in each st around. Join with a sl st to the first sc. (120 sts)

Round 5: Starting with the first st of the previous round PM in sts #20, #49, #80, and #109. Lay bag flat and make sure markers line up and are where you want the handles to be (adjust if needed). Ch 1, sc to first marked st, sc in marked st, ch 100 (or to desired handle length), sc in next marked st (skip sts between 1st and 2nd markers). Sc in each st to next marked st, sc in marked st, ch 100, sc in last marked st, sc in remaining sts to end. Join with a sl st to the first sc. (64 sc and 200 ch)

Rounds 6 – 9: Ch 1, sc in each st and ch around. Join with a sl st to the first sc. (262 sts)

Round 10: Sl st in the next st and each st around. Break yarn and seamless join to first sl st. Use remaining yarn to sl st around handle openings in the same manor. Weave in all ends.Moroccan Market Tote: free #crochet pattern on Moogly!

Splendiferous! The Moroccan Market Tote is a truly luxurious tote bag, and I can’t wait to use it. Jetting off on an adventure, strolling through the local shops, or toting books to the public library, it’s sure to add an extra special touch to your next outing.

Written pattern copyright Tamara Kelly 2013. Please do not share copies of or repost this pattern, but please do link to this page to share this pattern with others. You can use the green Print Friendly button below to print a copy for personal use. If you wish to make items for sale from this pattern, please visit the About page for details.

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  1. 1

    Misty says

    This is beautiful!

    What is your secret to not have the straps stretch? I have made purses in the past. Have the straps the exact length they need to be and as soon as I put stuff inside they stretch out. By the end of the day, the bag is hanging to my knees!

    • 2

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you Misty! I like to take a length of grosgrain ribbon – as close to the color and the width of the straps as possible – and sew it to the inside of the straps, and down into the bag a bit. Also sew it to the lining if I line it. The ribbon won’t stretch and usually blends right in. :)

    • 6


      I’ve made straps out of canvas webbing like sail ties in a contrasting color. Make two continuous loops of the same length circling around the bottom of the bag and stitch in place. .

  2. 14


    This makes me so excited! I’ve got new bags coming out on my product line and I just LOVE this one too! πŸ˜€ I don’t use bags (except for the diaper bag) or purses, so I never thought I’d be getting into making them, but BOY was I wrong. Thanks for the pattern!!

  3. 16

    sawcat says

    I love this pattern, can’t wait until I have time enough to try it.

    So is the angled seam for each round a normal thing for crocheting in the round? I had that happen on another project and was worrying I did something wrong, even though I counted.

  4. 22

    Melissa Martin says

    It’s gorgeous! Can’t wait to try it. With the holidays coming I have so much to do it may have to wait until the new year. Ooooor….I could make it for my niece and/or sister for Christmas. :)

  5. 23

    Jade says

    Every time I go on Ravelry and see something that just jumps out at me it always seems to be one of your designs. Thank you for another AMAZING one!

    • 26

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Darlene, thank you! It’s 15-16″ wide (narrows a bit as it goes up) and 11-12″ tall not including the handles.

  6. 29

    diane says

    i just tried a little sample and realized reading is everything! there is a difference between “inbetween” and that solved my problem. this pattern is great for black yarn which is my nemesis as well as for all those one ball skeins i bought on impulse/not enough to complete a scarf with.

    thank you thank you thank you!

  7. 31


    I have enjoyed looking at your patterns. You do very nice work. I initially saw one of your patterns on the Daily Crocheter site. Several of your patterns have been featured. The Moroccan Market Tote is exquisite. The pattern is wonderfully unique and your choice of colors are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your work with other crocheters. It is nice to be able to acquire a beautiful pattern, free or paid for, without having to buy a whole magazine for one or two patterns.

    • 36

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Janice! It’s the Chainless Starting Double Crochet. It’s defined above in the notes (under the yarn and hook requirements) and if you click on it, you’ll go to a video tutorial for the stitch. :)

  8. 39


    Hi – I need some tips for crocheting with “eyelash yarn.” I’m trying to crochet the “Angry Owl” found on I’m using it with a light weight yarn as directed but the eyelash yarn seems to get caught up in the half-double stitches when I yarn over. HELP! HELP! It’s really a cute pattern. Thanx in advance! Bea

  9. 43

    Lynne L says


    Tried to make the very beautiful Moroccan Market Tote. Unfortunately I did not follow instructions well and came up with my own very pretty bag. Next time I will follow more carefully. My comment is more to thank you for the wonderful new method if creating stitches that i learned learned along the way. You are a genius! Thanks ever so much for sharing your talent.

  10. 45


    Hi Tamara – i’ve made this tote and love it. Just wanted to let you know that Round 3 of the body is not quite clear ( i worked out what to do by looking closely at the photos). I think you need to mention in this round that when doing the DCs between the Vs, to also crochet around the row below round 2. hope this makes sense

  11. 48

    Catlady says

    Is there a way to find out what those abbreviations mean without videos? I can’t view videos properly. Is there a way to make this bag with normal stitches, or are the unusual non standard stitches that have to have their own videos the only way to make it?

    • 49

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Catlady! The abbreviations are defined in the link text (ie: FDC – Foundation Double Crochet). If you go ahead and click on the video tutorial links, it takes you to posts here at moogly, most of which include photo tutorials or written instructions as well as the video tutorials.

      If you don’t want to learn new stitches, you can substitute a row of ch and dc for the FDC, a ch 3 for the CSDC, and a sl st join and ch 3 for the STDC.

      I hope that helps!

  12. 52

    Lisa Dillworth says

    I have question on the handle for the Moroccan market tote for the handle. You indicate to ch 100, then sc in next market st ( skip stitches between. If I skip the stitches and go across to my next pm, is there a part where I will cut the stitches in the middle? to go across, I will have to stitch thru the bag to get to the other side.

    • 53

      Tamara Kelly says

      The ch of 100 is the start of the handle, so skipping the the sts between the markers creates a big loop of ch sts, with the rest of the bag at the bottom. No cutting! You skip the sts between the 1st and 2nd marker, and between the 3rd and 4th – two rows of ch sts connect this open space. Does that help?

  13. 56

    Dani Massey says

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful bag! No more getting my bags ‘accidentally’ picked up by other shoppers in the store…mine can now be as unique as I am!! And, this pattern is so much stronger than others I have seen… plus (yes, yes, lots of pluses!) it will still lay flat when empty.

    These will be too obviously mine to get lifted from the checkout with the previous order’s buggy. :) I don’t think the baggers intend to do it. I think it’s just a matter of them seeing so many of the same kinds that they don’t know when one order is finished and in the buggy and when another begins…they get distracted or busy and next thing you know, you get home and you are missing a bag (and it’s contents) while somewhere else someone has a new market bag (and it’s contents) that they didn’t expect to get.

    I will make mine in bright colors so that they have to attract attention. Then the they will all end up in the same buggy, mine!

  14. 58

    Mahima says

    This pattern is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Thanks so much for such a lovely tote bag pattern! But then… There’s a problem! Lb collection cotton bamboo isn’t available in India!! :(:( Can you help me with the type of yarn needed? I am a beginner and do not know the terms used for describing yarn! And I want my bag to look as close to yours as possible! πŸ˜€
    Thanks in advance,

  15. 61

    Bethany Naykalyk says

    This is one of the prettiest bags I’ve ever seen! I started yesterday morning and only have to finish the straps now! Thank you for another gorgeous pattern!!!

  16. 63

    Nazima rangwala says

    Hi Tamara thanks heaps for sharing this pattern. It’s a beautiful tote bag. As soon as I saw this I started working on it. Have finished the main body but got stuck with the handle. While doing the the 3 sc in each chain space it creates a curl/ wave look all across & doesn’t seem quite right compared to the picture of ur bag. Can’t figure out where I’m going wrong. Please help!!!!!.

    • 64

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you Nazima! It’s probably just that we have different tension levels. If it works better for you to do 2 in each ch sp, or switch between 3 and 2, then do whatever works best for you! Stitch count doesn’t really matter here. :)

  17. 67

    Sanju Kothari says

    Hi ,beautiful pattern !!! While making the bag,inner side comes out to be better than the side worked… I going right?

  18. 72

    Jaime jo says

    This is adorable! I’m excited to try it out, but was wondering one thing- what if I used worsted weight yarn? That’s mostly what I have and would love to use up a bunch of my current supply of yarn rather than going out and buying more. Would it just make the tote a bit bigger?


    • 73

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you! Yes, it will just result in a larger tote. You might want to go up a hook size as well. :)

    • 75

      Tamara Kelly says

      It’s 15-16β€³ wide (narrows a bit as it goes up) and 11-12β€³ tall not including the handles.

  19. 78

    danielle says

    hey i am making this purse for my aunt and i am having some confusion….i am using only three colors….know right…she wants for her fave football team….i can still do this right….

    • 79

      Tamara Kelly says

      That should work fine! You only use 2 colors at a time, so the total doesn’t really matter. :)

  20. 80

    Jennifer says

    Hi, I’ve made this bag before but now want to try and make a smaller version using nylon thread. Is there a pattern size guide i.e, chaining 34 instead of 54? Hope my question makes sense.

    • 81

      Tamara Kelly says

      The key is making sure that after Round 3 you have a number of stitches that is a multiple of 3. (and you could probably fudge it a little if you were close!) I bet it would look amazing in thread! Wow!

  21. 82

    Karen T. says

    This is a really awesome bag!! I’m looking at the color options in the LB Cotton Bamboo trying to figure out how to cheap out and only get a few skeins but all of the colors look so great together!

    • 83

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thanks so much Karen! πŸ˜€ I did go back and forth between doing the stripes or just 2 colors for the patterned section!

  22. 86

    Liz says

    I noticed the base of the purse is narrow. Does that limit how you can use the purse? It’s only a couple inches at most across the bottom.

  23. 91

    Ursula Konstantin says

    hi, last night i tried to make a small sample but i kinda stuck in round 3, i guess it was round 3, i tried from your video “Moroccan Tile Stitch in the Round”. did u pull the yarn tightly when u made the V-sts which including the round 2? what i really mean was the V-stitch in white, do i have to pull my yarn tightly when it covers the yarn in the previous row? i really hope u’ll understand what i mean. i really love this bag and i think i want to make it in blue with white stripes with acrylic yarns.

    • 92

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Ursula! I don’t think I pulled it particularly tightly, though the rows do get squished down into each other a bit.

      • 93

        ursula says

        hi! so glad to have your quick reply! so i need to pull a bit, only not to let the yarn becomes too loose, am i correct? can’t hardly wait to make this bag, i’m a totally beginner anyway, so this bag gonna give me lots of tricks to learn. thank u very much for sharing this wonderful pattern!!!

  24. 95

    DELPHINE says


    • 96

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you so much Delphine! It’s 15-16β€³ wide (narrows a bit as it goes up) and 11-12β€³ tall not including the handles.

  25. 97

    Jacqueline says

    Hello, just wanted to say thank you for this patterns on a few different levels. I for one, have never before tried the foundation chain crochet or seen it as part of a pattern. So thank you for that. The first row really does seem to make all the difference. Second, you had other stitches on here that I never did before and I can already tell the huge difference it is going to make in future crochet projects. The csdc is fantastic and so is the seamless cast off. I am half way through this project and i just can’t help but want to thank you for this beautiful pattern. I will follow you from now on!! Thanks!!

    • 98

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you so much Jacqueline! I’m so glad you enjoyed them. I know it’s a lot of new stuff to through into one pattern, but you’re right – it really makes a difference! πŸ˜€

  26. 101

    DARLA says

    HI, I love this pattern for the Market Tote. I have made a couple of them now. Mine are very square though, and in your photo the bag seems to be slightly narrower at the top. Is there something I am missing to decrease along the way to get that narrowing effect?

  27. 103

    Kristina says

    Thank you, Tamara, for a beautiful pattern with tutorials. I have learned a number of new stitches. I took your advice and made this a “stash buster” bag. It is a rainbow of color, and my 5-year-old loves it. Once I learn how to properly line and reinforce the straps, it may become our library bag. What a fun project this was!


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