Loopy Love Blanket

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The Loopy Love Blanket is so fun to make! The pattern is easy to memorize, the stitches just fly by, and the end result looks way more complicated than it should. And in 3 colors, you can change colors every row and never have to cut the yarn!

Loopy Love Blanket - a free #crochet pattern in a variety of sizes!

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I made this pattern in the baby size, and that’s how the pattern is written out. But I’ve listed several other common sizes for you to choose from – the only differences are the number of starting chains and the number of loops in each row! (And of course how much yarn it takes.) This stitch pattern is so fun, I have other projects in mind for it too!

Loopy Love Blanket - a free #crochet pattern in a variety of sizes!

Loopy Love Blanket

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Sizes: (yardage totals are for all 3 colors combined)
Memorial Blanket/Afghan Square (12″ x 12″) –  185 yds; Ch 47; 27 Rows (15 ch-3 loops)
Preemie/Lovie (20″ x 20″) – 515 yds; Ch 77; 45 Rows (25 ch-3 loops)
Baby Blanket (Shown, 32″ x 36″) – 900 yds; Ch 122;  78 Rows (40 ch-3 loops)
Afghan/Throw (48″ x 68″) – 4180 yds; Ch 182; 153 Rows (60 ch-3 loops)
Twin Blanket (66″ x 90″) – 7610 yds; Ch 257; 204 Rows (85 ch-3 loops)
Queen Blanket (90″ x 100″) – 11,540 yds; Ch 347; 225 Rows (115 ch-3 loops)
King/Cal. King (110″ x 100″) – 14,100 yds; Ch 422; 225 Rows  (140 ch-3 loops)

Loopy Love Blanket - a free #crochet pattern in a variety of sizes!Row 1: With Color A, ch 122. Sc in 2nd ch from hook, *ch 3, dc in same ch as previous st, skip 2 ch, sc in next ch. Repeat from * to end, turn. (40 ch-3 loops)

Row 2: With Color B, ch 3 (or CSDC), sc in the next ch-3 loop, *ch 3, dc in the same ch-3 loop, sc in the next ch-3 loop. Repeat from * to end, finishing last repeat with a ch 2, dc in the last sc, turn. (39 ch-3 loops, 1 ch-2 loop)

Row 3: With Color C, ch 1, sc in first st, ch 3, dc in ch-2 loop, *[sc, ch 3, dc] in next loop. Repeat from * to end, finishing last repeat with a sc in the top of the turning ch (or CSDC), turn. (40 ch-3 loops)

Rows 4 – 78 : Repeat Rows 2 and 3, alternating through Colors A, B, and C. Break all yarns and weave in ends.

Edging: With Color of choice (B shown), join to 1st st of last round with a sl st. Ch 1, sc in 1st st, sc 3 in each loop across. Ch 2, sc evenly down side, being sure to cover floats. Ch 2, sc across foundation chain, ch 2, sc evenly up other side, sc 2. Join to first sc with a sl st and fasten off, or use the seamless join to finish.

Easy as can be, and such a great look! I hope you enjoy this free crochet blanket pattern – I can’t wait to see the colors you choose!

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Loopy Love Blanket - a free #crochet pattern in a variety of sizes!

My little “helper”…

Thank you to Red Heart Yarns for sponsoring the yarn for this blanket!

Written pattern copyright Tamara Kelly 2014. Please do not reprint or repost this pattern, but please do link to this page to share this pattern with others. If you wish to make items for sale from this pattern, please visit the About page for details.

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  1. 1

    Manon says

    I would love to be able to print these fantastic idea or save them as PDF but I don’t see how I can do this. Can you help me.

  2. 12


    I need to put this on my to-do list for next year :) I have too many afghans going right now (8!!) LOL. I always love your patterns 😀

  3. 14

    Lori Kirkland says

    Thank you so much for sharing this great pattern! It couldn’t have come at a better time as my Niece has me making a baby blanket, sandals and a headband for a good friend of hers who is having a new grand-daughter due in May. I have been trying to figure out just the right pattern to use and alas I have found it! When I have finished I will be sure to send you a picture of what I hope will be as pretty as the one you shared here. Thank you again

  4. 16

    Jill Stern says

    This is a lovely pattern with lovely colorsI Your work is consistently perfect. Thank you for sharing.

  5. 18

    Kathy Zurawski says

    Beautiful pattern as usual. Thank you for sharing your creations with us. Can’t wait to try this!!
    Thank you, Kathy

  6. 19

    Ria says

    For Row 3, is the first dc supposed to be in the ch-3 loop, not ch-2? If not, which one is the ch-2 loop??

    • 20

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Ria! At the end of Row 2, you ch 2 (the ch-2 loop) and then dc in the last stitch of the previous row. So to start off Row 3, you sc in that last stitch from the previous row (now Rows 2), ch 3, and then dc in that ch-2 loop. Does that help?

  7. 26

    jill says

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful blanket pattern. It looks so differenet from the ones I have previously made that it might be my favorite. It’s not boring and looks pretty easy. I can’t wait to make it for my friend, Penny’s new baby boy!!

  8. 28

    Tamara says

    What a lovely pattern! As soon as I read this blog post, I grabbed three colors of Vanna’s Choice, a size H hook (I don’t have size I) and began. I am an experienced knitter, but only a beginner or advanced beginner crocheter. Whenever I pick up the hook, it is a humbling experience because there is so much I don’t yet know. Your YouTube tutorials are very helpful.

    Coincidentally, my name is Tamara and my sister’s name is Kelli.

  9. 33

    Shari says

    Thank you Tamara for sharing the blanket pattern I love it, truly enjoy this pattern. I believe it is my favorite by far. Looking forward to making the matching newborn hat. Would like to send you a picture when its completed. Please let me know how

    • 34

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you Shari, I’m so glad! You can send pictures to me via email at TamaraKelly at Mooglyblog dot com, or you can share them on the Moogly Facebook page! 😀

  10. 35

    Donatella says

    Bellissima coperta,colori fantastici,voglia di coccole!!!!!!!!!!! Vorrei provare a realizzarla ma non so regolarmi per il quantitativo della lana.(la misura che vorrei realizzare è 1mx1.10) aspetto risposta e ringrazio!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 37

    Amy H says

    I started making this in blue, white, & gray for a friend who is expecting a boy this month. It works up easily & is nice & light (which is great for summertime in Texas)! But after a few rows, I’m concerned about all of the spaces/holes: won’t a baby’s tiny fingers & toes get caught in the ‘holes’?

    • 38

      Tamara Kelly says

      Often babies like exploring the holes in crocheted blankets – the holes should be big enough they won’t trapped or stuck. In addition, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies aren’t supposed to sleep unsupervised with a blanket until they are 12 months old – so since mom or dad (or grandma, babysitter, etc) are right there, if baby does get frustrated while playing with it, it will be sorted quickly enough. :)

  12. 39

    Risa says

    i am a relative new crocheter…i am in the midst of making a ripple baby afghan blanket.. i love this one.but i am not totally under the loop things…”Ch 122; 78 Rows (40 ch-3 loops)”

    so if i chain 122, i need to do 78 rows…..and what does the (40ch-3loops) mean? i am very confused.
    Help me please.
    Thanks , Risa

    • 40

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hello Risa! The note in parenthesis at the end of the row or round instructions is the stitch count. So if I were making a scarf that were 30 sts wide, and the end of each row it would say (30 sts). For this blanket, it’s much easier to count the chain 3 loops than the individual stitches – so for the “stitch count” I’ve given the number of loops instead. :)

  13. 41

    Karen says

    Thanks for this cute and fun pattern!! I’m making it now in pink, white and gray. It’s so easy, not to mention adorable! I love your blog and appreciate the time and effort you put into it for us followers.

  14. 43


    Just found your site and fell in love with this pattern! I was looking for a very special afghan pattern as we are expecting our first great grandchild. This is just the kind of pattern I was looking for. THANKS!!


  15. 45

    Linda Carlucci says

    I would really like to download and print the patterns but I do not feel that I should have to download the “chosen” download software. I have unzip software on my laptop already. Everyone want you to use their chosen brand. I would end up with a dozen or more download programs. Why can’t you make it simple and easy for people who get excited to use your patterns. I will just copy and paste.

    • 46

      Tamara Kelly says

      There’s no software associated with the Print Friendly button, which is available at the bottom of every post.

  16. 47

    sue says

    I have a question. row 2 has 40 ch3 loops. row 3 is a sc in every other ch3 loop so how do you end up with 39 ch 3 loops??

    • 51

      Tamara Kelly says

      Absolutely Becky! It would just be a little bigger if you kept the same stitch counts. Not usually a problem with a blanket. 😀 Oh, and you’ll want to bump up a hook size too of course.

      • 52

        Becky says

        So, I’m done with the colors and need to do the edging. I’d like to do another color other than the three I used. I’m not sure what to do for that. Can you send me in the right direction?

        • 53

          Tamara Kelly says

          Hi Becky! To do that you’d just break the 3rd color and finish off, and then join with the border color and use that to work the edging. :)

          • 54

            Laney says

            This is only the 2nd blanket I have ever made. It came out beautiful!! But….do you have a video on doing the edging? I have no idea where to do the stitches!!!

          • 55

            Tamara Kelly says

            😀 Thank you Laney! I don’t have an edging video for this blanket particularly – but this video might help: click here. Basically you crochet 2 sc into each loop along the sides – playing with it until you get the look you like!

  17. 56

    Julie says

    Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, definitely my new favorite!! Just finished it in green, pink, and white. Turned out beautiful will be starting the hat next.

  18. 60

    KaLa says

    Only 10 rows in and I already love love love this pattern! Super easy to follow, even for a beginner, and looks way more intricate than it actually is. I usually pass over patterns with frequent colour changes because I haaaaaaate weaving in the ends so this just became my favorite new pattern. Plus it’s working up pretty quick so far too. Thanks!

    • 62

      Alisa Drury says

      I hate weaving in ends also, and almost skipped this one because of it. But, once I watched the tutorial I was hooked

      I haven’t found a good way to weave in the ends so they don’t look like they are ready to pop out with every washing so if you have a trick with this one, please share :)

  19. 64

    Katie g. says

    I absolutely love everything on this site! I have made the Loopy Love blanket the Go Team Colors blanket, and can’t wait to make the Blackberry Salad Afgahn….I think that I am hooked! Thank you for sharing your talents and creativity with the rest of us, and keep up the great work.

    A thousand thank you’s,

    Katie G. :)

  20. 66

    Andrea says

    Thank you for the pattern! I made it in pink purple and white. It was fun to make. I hope my friend likes it! Thanks for sharing!

  21. 68

    Carrie says

    This blanket is so cute and thank goodness for your video! The actual blanket is going fine, but I’m having a terrible time with the yarn getting all tangled up! Any suggestions for keeping the three yarns separate? Thanks!

    • 69

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Carrie, thanks! The tangling can be a pain for sure! I would try to flip the skeins themselves from side to side when turning the blanket at the end of each row, and if it got too bad every few dozen rows I just cut the yarn and started over. 😉 A couple more ends, but not too many!

      • 70

        Peg says

        I put each color of yarn in a qt. size plastic bag and zip most of each bag shut. At least that keeps the balls from unraveling too much. The exposed yarns outside of the bags tangle a little, but not too bad.

  22. 72


    Hi. I am a brand new crocheter so I am unsure of how many skeins of each color to get for the loopy love baby blanket. Can you advise, please. I love this blanket!

    • 73

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Cindy, and thank you! It depends what yarn you are using, and what size you are making! If you look at the Sizes chart in the pattern, each size lists a yardage estimate. The yarn label for your chosen yarn should have the approximate yardage on it – so you’ll need to figure out how many skeins you need to get to the yardage for the size you want. If you are using 3 colors, you’ll want to buy 1/3 in each color. It doesn’t hurt to buy a little extra too – particularly of the color you want to use or the border. I hope that helps!

  23. 74

    Janice says

    Hi, I’m another crochet beginner! I’m ready to learn how to crochet (better) and want to make my 1st grandchild’s baptismal shaw for late sumerl! This pattern SEEMS easy enough to learn!
    2 questions: do I use the baby blanket size? (not sure if a difference between baby shawl and baby blanket). 2nd, I want to use just white baby yarn. Anything different that I need to know? THANK YOU!

    • 75

      Janice says

      Sorry! I just read more comments and found my answers! I think!
      If you still have suggestions for this newbie, that would be appreciated!

      • 76

        Tamara Kelly says

        😀 Hi Janice! Congrats on the new grandbaby! I don’t know what size shawls usually are, but the baby blanket size seems like it would work well. The only thing you need to do differently is not change colors, just keep going! 😀 Since you’re a beginner I’d definitely recommend watching the tutorial video, but that’s about it! Let me know if you have any questions as you go!

  24. 77

    Dianne says

    I have been on your website several times, and always come away having learned somthing new and with a big smile on my face. It takes an exceptional person to be able to do that for people. Do you feel your wings sprouting up behind your shoulders? Thanks for the MANY wonderful, well-written patterns that you give away freely. Such a wonderful gift and your helpful video tutorials are great too. I’ve learned what I used to think were complicated stitches so quickly by watching them it made me soooo happy!! It’s like having my own personal trainer for crochet right beside me when I need it, and that’s great. Thanks again for all you do for us crocheters. You are the best!!

  25. 79

    Julie says

    Ok before I tear my hair out, I have question about the Loopy blanket pattern above. The pattern works up beautifully but, on one end my chain threes are hanging not connected to anything. The hole that leaves cannot possibly be right. What am I doing wrong. I’ve even watched the tutorial several times. This one has me stumped. Please help!!!! Thank you…

    • 80

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Julie! No hair tearing! Is this the ch 3 that starts the even numbered rows? or a ch-3 loop like you make all across the rows? If it’s the ch 3 at the start of the even rows, then you should be working the very last stitch of the odd numbered rows in the top of that ch 3 (it acts like a dc st). If it’s one of the ch-3 loops made throughout the row, then you haven’t gone far enough I guess – I’m not sure how else that could happen?

  26. 81

    Zarnaz says

    Hi! I have completed my blanket but I’m a little confused with the edging… We make a chain and then make a dc? But that would not be the correct height for a dc, right?

  27. 83


    I would very much like to make this blanket. I like to start a pattern with a chainless foundation. Would I be able to use a DC chainless foundation? I know takes the place of two rows and that means the first two rows would be the same colour. Would that be okay? Thanks. Waiting with baited breath.

  28. 85

    Louise Adler says

    Edging: With Color of choice (B shown), join to 1st st of last round with a sl st. Ch 1, sc in 1st st, sc 3 in each loop across. Ch 2, sc evenly down side, being sure to cover floats. Ch 2, sc across foundation chain, ch 2, sc evenly up other side, sc 2. Join to first sc with a sl st and fasten off, or use the seamless join to finish.
    Where it says Ch 1, sc 1st st, sc 3 in each loop across. – Is this the only place where there are 3 sc in each stitch or am I reading this wrong. this is for the loopy love blanket.

      • 87

        Alisa Drury says

        That isn’t the post that is supposed to go there :(\

        This is: In a previous post it says

        Tamara Kelly says

        May 26, 2015 at 10:28 am

        image: http://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/72×72/1f600.png

        😀 Thank you Laney! I don’t have an edging video for this blanket particularly – but this video might help: click here. Basically you crochet 2 sc into each loop along the sides – playing with it until you get the look you like!

        So is it 3 SC or 2 SC in each loop? And up the side with the foundation chain you are going into each chain correct?

        • 88

          Tamara Kelly says

          The written instructions in the pattern are referring to the loops across the top of the last row. Along the sides, it’s about what works best with your gauge – it will be different for different people.

  29. 89

    Alaine says

    I have just finished the first of four of these for a friend and I have a question before I start the second one. She has asked for a size in between the ones you have listed and I was wondering if you would share the repeat set for the foundation chain so that I could make it the right width? I’m thinking that it is sets of 3 + 2 at the end? Anyhow, I LOVE this pattern and so do my customers. They see a finished one and everyone wants one. Thank you!!!

  30. 91

    Gayle says

    I have a question; can you do the loopy love blanket with 2 colors? I was thinking of using a variegated with a matching solid but not sure how that would look. Any insight is appreciated.

  31. 94

    pat says

    tamara kelly.

    your patterns are gorgeous. i love so many of them.
    you are very, very talented.
    thanks for sharing them.

    • 97

      Tamara Kelly says

      Absolutely! You might want to use a larger hook, and the finished blanket will be a bit bigger, but you can certainly use worsted weight. :)

  32. 98

    Shannon says

    can i carry the yarn up the sides if i do it with 4 colors?
    also, i want to do a toddler sized blanket— how many chains would you say i start with?

    • 99

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Shannon! If you use 4 colors, you’ll need to do two rows of each and carry them all up the same side. :) I’m not aware of a standard toddler size blanket – I’d probably just make the throw/afghan size. They grow so fast anyway!

  33. 102

    Linda says

    I have been looking for how much yarn I should need for a blanket that is 4′ wide x 7′ tall (48in x 84in). Can you plz help me each blanket will have two colors each. I just need to figure out how many of each color I need for one blanket thank you

  34. 107

    Carrie says

    Hi, this is a gorgeous pattern. I really want to make it in queen size using worsted weight yarn. How would I need to alter the pattern for this?

    Also, how many skeins using the red heart Anne gedes yarn would it take for the queen size?

    • 108

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you! With worsted weight yarn you would need to go up a hook size or more, and you wouldn’t have to work quite as many stitches to get the same width. You would need 34 skeins of the Anne Geddes.

  35. 109

    Peg Michl says

    Hi Tamara! I absolutely love this pattern, and as some of the others have troubles at the beginning and end of the rows. I now have made 16 inches of the baby blanket and have found that I am missing two loops! Fortunately I think I only have to tear out two rows ( I hope!). Is there an easy way to remember which row ending one is on?
    Thank you for the wonderful video……..it helps so much.

    • 110

      Tamara Kelly says

      Probably the easiest way would be to use stitch markers at each end, to mark the first stitch of the row so you know where the last stitch of the next row will be. Other than that, just counting loops and memorization I’m afraid!

  36. 111

    Jordan says

    Hi there! I’m relatively new at crocheting, and I am almost finished with my first baby blanket size of the Loopy Love Pattern . I watched the video tutorial and it really helped me a lot because I’m not too good at reading written patterns (they really confuse me actually). I was wondering if there was a video to help me with the edging?? Please help!!

  37. 113

    dolores says

    Thank you for this pattern , i have used this stitch for a hat and loved it , then tonight just a few minutes after finding out that a close friend /family to me has an aggressive form of breast cancer, Snappy tots shared a post asking if anyone has a favorite blanket pattern , and someone shared this pattern as there go to pattern, I am going to make this for my friend , and the name is perfect. Thank you for sharing it.

  38. 115

    Sebrina says

    Hi there! I love this pattern and plan on making it (and the hat) for a friend. I was wondering though, how many chains would be used to make a scarf? Can you tell I like matching sets? :o) Thanks in advance for any information…and for all the beautiful free patterns!


    • 116

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Sebrina, and thank you! It depends how wide you want the scarf. Because it’s such a light fabric I’d be tempted to go 12″ wide and let it bunch up a bit, in which case you’d Ch 47. If you wanted a more traditional 6-8″ width, you’d want to start with Ch 26 or 29. :)

  39. 117

    Rita says

    Love your pattern! It’s beautiful and cheery!!! I am definitely going to put this on my list of projects to do!
    I was wondering if you could tell me what the multiples for this pattern is? I’d like to make it in different sizes besides the sizes you’ve posted! I’d love to try this with dishcloths and place matts too! I didn’t come across multiples in any of the comments, or in case I missed it!
    Thank you for this beautiful pattern! Can’t wait to try it!!! ;o)

  40. 123

    julie s says

    I just completed the Loopy Love blanket for my soon-to-be grandchild! I would love to show you a picture of the colors I chose, but I don’t know where to upload it. Can you help?

    • 124

      Tamara Kelly says

      😀 I’m so glad you enjoyed it Julie! You can share photos on the Moogly Facebook page or on Ravelry (and you can message me there if you like so I don’t miss it)! Or you can email them to me! Unfortunately I haven’t found a great way for people to be able to share photos here on the blog.

  41. 125


    love this and am going to try from written directions but the video would not download for the instructions new to this and videos make leaning alot easier will let you know howit goes lol

    • 126

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Joanne! I’m sorry you’re having trouble getting the video to play, hopefully youtube will work better for you soon!

  42. 127

    Heather says

    Patiently waiting on my yarn I ordered from KnitPicks to arrive so I can start on a baby blanket for my sister.

      • 129

        Heather says

        I’m about eight rows in and feel that the blanket is really loose and flimsy. Is that the feel of the baby blanket? This pattern is so different than the usual granny square or tighter stitches blankets that I usually do. I’m just curious that maybe I need to use a smaller hook to get a tighter look. I don’t work with a lot of dk weight yarn so maybe this is normal. Thanks for any suggestions or encouragment.

        • 130

          Tamara Kelly says

          Hi Heather! This is indeed a lighter weight blanket – something more suitable for a lightweight layer in the warmer seasons or more temperate climates. The DK does have a lot of drape to it too! A smaller hook will make it more solid, if that’s what you like best. :)

  43. 131

    Jamie says

    Just getting back into crochet after a year or two hiatus and I’m so happy I found your blog! I have three close friends having babies this year and am off to buy the yarn to start this project today!

  44. 135

    Kathi says

    I just came across your videos today. Thank you so much for the simplicity you show in your videos. MY grandma taught me to crochet when I was in elementary school & spent summers with her, I’m now 59. I’m a visual, hands on learner & have never been able to read written instructions, so I am truly excited to find your tutorials. I’m just getting started on the Loopy Love baby blanket & I have one problem, one I’ve struggled with for many many years. That problem is my tension in stitching, where I find myself stitching too tightly. Do you have any suggestions on how to ease up & make my stitches looser? Thank you again sooo very much for sharing your knowledge & talent with everyone.

    • 136

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Kathi! Thank you so much!

      As for stitching looser, there are a few things you can try. The easiest is to always bump up a hook size or two from what’s recommended. That will make your stitches larger with no extra effort at all. You can also try altering your grip on the hook – for instance, if you are a knife holder, try the pencil hold. Yet another option is try ergonomic hooks, like the Furls I use in many of my video tutorials. It’s shape encourages a lighter grip. Lastly, when you sit down to crochet, take a moment to breathe deeply, and relax your shoulders. Tuck a pillow under each elbow to relax your arms, to keep them supported so they can stay relaxed. I hope that helps!

  45. 137

    Diane duggan says

    This is a great pattern. Very easy & quick. I only had 2 colors of yarn, so I’m working it 2 rows by 2 rows. I’m doing the baby version for my daughter’s preborn little girl. Love it.

    • 140

      Tamara Kelly says

      Chainless Starting Double Crochet – the first time it appears in the pattern, it’s a different color – it’s a link to the tutorial! :)

  46. 141

    Naomi says

    oh my golly! Thank you for providing the yardage stitch version for all sizes!!!! Just found out my sister is expecting and I want to crochet the mini-her a blanket. Thanks!!!!

  47. 147

    Lydia says

    I love the ease of this pattern and your tutorials! If I wanted to use only one type/color of yarn, can I just continue with the “A” instructions? I know it seems silly to use your pattern with only one color, but I just loved that you helped with different sizes!

    • 148

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you so much Lydia! I think it would look lovely in just one yarn! The rows are a little different, but you can just follow the instructions without the color changes. :)

  48. 149

    Julie says

    Tamara I have done this blanket many times for girls, just wondering if anyone has done this for a baby boy? I would really like to see a picture of it done in different colors

  49. 151

    Krv54 says

    I have looked everywhere for the green print button on the first page the talks about the pattern and on the page that actually has the pattern. It just doesn’t seem to be here anywhere. Could this be because I am on my phone? I did everything the instructions said including the pop-up deal, but no green print button. Help!!!

    • 152

      Tamara Kelly says

      It is almost definitely a phone issue – printing from a phone usually requires a special app on the individual’s phone, as far as I know.

  50. 153

    Randi says

    I was wondering if I could use this pattern with more than three colors? What changes would you suggest if I wanted to use, say, six colors? Would I have to weave ends rather than leave the tails running? I’ve never made a blanket where I didn’t cut the end of each row and I’d love to try it. Would there just be way too much edging and tangling with six colors? Thanks for any tips

    • 154

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you Randi! Having 6 skeins going all at once would be tricky with the tangling for sure! Additionally, the even number means that the 2nd round of colors would have the ends on the wrong side for picking up. 5 or 7 would work better for that purpose! If you want to use 5 or 7, I would just expect to cut them every few repeats and untangle then. It would mean more ends than if you went with 3, but a lot less than if you cut after every row. And you might not have to cut at all if you take the time to untangle each skein as you use it! :)

  51. 155

    Sam says

    DK yarn with a size 5.5mm hook? Isn’t that hook but too big and leave the pattern very gappy? Yours looks fairly tight in the pictures.

  52. 157

    Jennifer Schultz says

    Anyone having problems with the edges?? I’m an experienced crocheter and for some reason it looks like I’m dropping stitches on one side I’ll go 15 rows with no problems than it starts again where it looks like I’m dropping stitches, just on one side… I don’t get it. I’m making a larger throw not a baby blanket. I keep having to pull rows out. Very frustrating.

    • 158

      Tamara Kelly says

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble Jennifer! The loops can be hard to keep track of without counting.

  53. 159

    Terri says

    This is a beautiful, easy pattern. I can’t wait to get started. However, I’m confused about this part of the instructions for the edging: “Edging: With Color of choice (B shown), join to 1st st of last round with a sl st. Ch 1, sc in 1st st, sc 3 in each loop across.”

    What does “ssc in 1st st, sc 3 in each loop across” mean? Do I make 3 sc in each loop going back across the top?


  54. 161

    jamie says

    my pattern isnt looking like yours, the holes are way bigger than the ones on your blanket! yours look twisty, this is just chains with holes, what am i dining wrong

    • 162

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Jamie! I’m sorry you’re having trouble! My best guess from your description is that you have a much looser gauge that I do – there’s nothing wrong with that, everyone is a little different! I’d recommend trying it with a smaller hook, til you get a fabric you like. :)

  55. 163

    Cindy says

    Hi! I love this blanket! I’m working on it and got mixed up between rows two and three as I was moving along. To make them all the same and easier on me I’m instead am doing an sc at the end of each row, tiring, and then chaining three. Then I make an sc, ch 3, dc in each chain 3 loop across. It’s working out fine. So I’m wondering why the different endings in rows 2 and 3? What is the purpose of those endings? Is one row supposed to have 40 chain 3 loops and the next 39 chain 3 loops? Is that why a ch 2 loop is iss instead? Thanks for the clarification. :)


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