Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket

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There are brand new babies in the extended family, and that means a new crochet blanket pattern! So I gathered together soft cotton and a beautiful overlapping blocks pattern to create the Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket. The colors seem to move up and down the blanket in a fun zigzag pattern, and the overlapping boxes create a yummy rhythmic pattern to crochet. One row just leaps over the other – and I love the way it looks!

Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket - free crochet pattern on Moogly!

The Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blankets that I made up are preemie sized, to fit our new arrivals – about 20″ x 20″. This is also the perfect size for adding an amigurumi head to make a sweet crochet lovie! If you like the pattern but want it bigger, I’ve included sizing information for making a standard baby blanket, afghan, and queen size blanket as well! So be sure to check the sizing info for the specifics, and then follow the generalized instructions below. I’ve included a photo tutorial that starts with a chain of just 18 – but it’s enough to show how the stitch pattern comes together.

Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket - free crochet pattern on Moogly!

The blankets I made use 3 colors each. With this number I was able to carry the colors up along one side of the blanket, and cover them with the border. If you use more than 3 colors, you’ll probably want to cut and weave in the ends after each row (which may use a bit more yarn). The stitches used are beginner stitches, and as soon as you’ve made the first few rows the rest is a breeze!

Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket - free crochet pattern on Moogly!

Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket

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Sizes: (yardage totals approximate)
Memorial Blanket/Afghan Square (12″ x 12″) – Ch 42; 38 rows; 160 yds
Preemie/Lovie (20″ x 20″) – Ch 70; 64 rows; 420 yds
Small Baby Blanket (30″ x 30″) – Ch 110; 96 rows; 950 yds
Standard Baby Blanket (36″ x 36″) – Ch 130; 116 rows; 1350 yds
Afghan/Throw (48″ x 68″) – Ch 174; 216 rows; 3350 yds
Twin Blanket (66″ x 90″) – Ch 238; 288 rows; 6237 yds
Queen Blanket (90″ x 100″) – Ch 326; 320 rows; 9250 yds
King/Cal. King (110″ x 100″) – Ch 398; 320 rows; 11,550 yds


Row 1: With first color ch to length desired (see list above). Dc in the 4th ch from hook, then dc in the next ch. *Ch 2, skip 2 ch, dc in next 2 ch. Repeat from * until last ch remains, dc in the last ch. Turn.

Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket - free crochet pattern on Moogly!

Row 2: Ch 1 and sc in the 1st st. Ch 2, skip next 2 sts. *Working over the chains and into the unworked foundation chains below, dc in each of the next two foundation chs. (The chains from Row 1 are enclosed within these dc sts.) Ch 2, skip the next 2 sts. Repeat from * until last st remains. Sc in the last st (top of ch 3), finishing the st with second color. Drop first color (cut if using more than 3 colors). Turn.

Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket - free crochet pattern on Moogly!

Row 3: Ch 1 and sc in the 1st st. *Working over the chains and into the top of the sts from two rows previous, dc in each of the next two sts.** Ch 2, skip the next 2 sts. Repeat from * across, ending last repeat at ** with last st remaining. Sc in the last st. Turn.

Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket - free crochet pattern on Moogly!

Row 4: Ch 1 and sc in the 1st st. Ch 2, skip next 2 sts. *Working over the chains and into the top of the sts from two rows previous, dc in each of the next two sts. Ch 2, skip the next 2 sts. Repeat from * until last st remains. Sc in the last st, finishing the st with the next color. Drop last color (cut if using more than 3 colors). Turn.

Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket - free crochet pattern on Moogly!

Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket - free crochet pattern on Moogly!Repeat Rows 3 and 4, switching colors every 2 rows, through the next to last row indicated in the Sizes chart above (ending on a Row 3 repeat). Then go to the last row instructions below.

Last Row (even # row): Ch 1, sc in the 1st 3 sts. *Working over the chains and into the top of the sts from two rows previous, dc in each of the next two sts. Sc in the next 2 sts. Repeat from * until last st remains. Sc in last st. Break yarn and weave in ends.

Border: I did a simple border of two rows of sc, working 3 sc in each corner. You can do the same if you like this look, or do something fancier if desired!

Easy enough, eh? I hope you find the size you need here – if there’s a blanket width you’re looking for that’s not here just let me know and I’ll add it to the chart. The Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket was a lot of fun for me to crochet (even making two in a row) and I hope you enjoy it just as much! If you spot any errors please let me know – for the free patterns YOU are the testers! And if you liked it, let me know too – I love to read your comments!

Written pattern copyright Tamara Kelly 2013. Please do not reprint or repost this pattern, but please do link to this page to share this pattern with others. If you wish to make items for sale from this pattern, please visit the About page for details.You can contact me via Facebook messages or at TamaraKelly@mooglyblog.com.

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  1. 18

    Virginia says

    oooh this one is beautiful. I like how you carry up the yarn! Then it just gets covered by the border color correct? I wonder does it have to be cotton yarn or will Caron pounders work just as well? I want to make a baby blanket for my niece.

  2. 28

    Sylvia says

    I really really like this one. There are 3 babies for me to make this for. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. The tutorial is so easy to follow – great job.

  3. 29


    I love it, the different shades are great! I will begin making one very soon, it will be for a church bazaar. Thank you for sharing, it helps greatly to receive a shared pattern.

    • 31

      Tamara Kelly says

      Pauline if you want to print it out without the photos you can do that with the Print Friendly button at the bottom. Just click the photos you don’t want to print.

  4. 32

    Jody says

    I am starting this right now! I was given a bunch of lovely yarn recently and have been waiting for the right project to use it. This is it-it’s perfect! :)

    • 35

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you Bithi! You can use whichever yarn you like, just make sure that the hook size is appropriate – I like to use one size bigger than that recommended on the label, but you should use the one that gives you the fabric you like.

  5. 36

    elnisi says

    when I saw this at first,I thought it was a dish cloth, a very pretty one.
    so with a smaller hook and yarn to match. it would be a nice
    pretty dish cloth,face cloth, what ever you want.
    think I will try it.

  6. 39

    Maud says

    Hi, just wondering, could you make a pattern or a round-up of summer crochet blankets? This one is gorgeous, but at over 4 lbs for an afghan/throw sized one, I think it’s rather heavy for summer. I’m thinking of doing it in the autumn, maybe in a brown-red combination.

  7. 40


    Such a beautiful pattern! I just love it. I’m going to put this in my queue to make a queen sized blanket for our bed. Thank you!

  8. 41

    Lori says

    This looks beautiful! Love finding new patterns that are not difficult, but are still interesting. Can’t wait to try this.

  9. 42

    barbdwyer says

    Very nice! Such a unique textured look to it. I agree, it would make nice dish or face cloths as well. :-)

  10. 43

    Bruna says


  11. 44

    Diane says

    I love this pattern. Thank you for posting it. I have 3 baby afghans to work on and I will be using it again to work on a throw in Turquoise and Chocolate. I will be letting you know how it works out for me. Thanks again.

  12. 46


    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful blanket pattern! When I was expecting my first baby (she’s now 23), my aunt crocheted beautiful blankets for me. Then again for my twins who are now 14. Now, my niece is expecting her first baby and I have the honor of making blankets for her. I also plan to make a blanket for each of my children. This pattern is perfect for everyone!! I’ll post a pic for you when I’m done. Thanks again for sharing!

  13. 50

    barbara supperstein. says

    I am having trouble getting my work to turn out right. I am going for help after spending many hours of trying to read your directions. It is my fault not yours I am sure. I will let you know after I get help for I really like the looks of the pattern.

  14. 54

    Steph says

    I am currently working on this blanket. I hope to finish by the weekend. I am using 3 colors for the smallest size blanket. I love this pattern and the way the stitches look. Thanks a bunch! :)

  15. 55

    Nancy says

    Gorgeous baby blanket. Can’t wait to try it while traveling in the car on vacation. I plan to submit the finished afghan to the county fair. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  16. 58

    Donna Reed says

    Ditto the thanks for the lovely & simple pattern. Several people have said they made dish cloths with smaller hooks. Do you have a chain size & hook size for a dish cloth?

    • 59

      Tamara Kelly says

      I don’t know if they used smaller hooks, but I would think a starting chain of 34 would make a nice sized dishcloth!

  17. 60

    Lisa says

    I love how you put step by step ( or I should say row by row) pics so we can make sure we are on the right track. Thank you!

  18. 61

    Adam Taylor says

    I LOVE that this pattern includes the beginning chains for all different sizes of blankets. So many times I’ve seen a pattern that is listed as a baby afghan, but I have a queen bed. ALL patterns should include scaling instructions. I will be making this one in the future!

  19. 63


    Having started this blanket in 3 colours i am worrying that i may rum out of yarn! the balls of wool we have here in UK are sold in grams and there is no reference to yardage. Please can you help…do you know how many yards or metres are in a standard 100gram ball of wool?
    LOVE the pattern but agree it is more winter weight than summer.
    thanks for sharing it.

    • 64

      Tamara Kelly says

      I’m afraid a lot depends on what fibers are used, so it’s hard to say for sure. The yarn I used is 100 grams per skein, and 180 yards per skein, and 100% cotton. If you’re on Ravelry (and if you’re not, it’s free!), you can go to the Yarn page and enter the type of yarn you are using. Most entries, if not all, list both grams and yardage!

      • 65


        thanks for that. Can you believe that i bought a ball of wool yesterday and on the label it said that the 100gr was equivalent to 300m. wow! never noticed that before. i decided to finish the yarn i was using and if it is undersized i will increase the border round the edge.with a base colour. evreyone is admiring the super pattern so thanks again.

  20. 66

    Rin says

    What size would you recommend for a 12 month old? I was going to go with the Afghan/Throw size but I haven’t made blankets before and that seems like weird dimensions. lol

    • 67

      Tamara Kelly says

      For a 12 month old I’d probably start with the width of the baby blanket, and just continue on a bit longer. :)

    • 69

      Tamara Kelly says

      Oh gosh, that’s a hard question – I tend to crochet 5 minutes here, an hour there… I had both done within a few days though!

    • 71

      Erin says

      I made the 30 x 30 blanket with one round of sc border with another round of shells, it took me about 10 hours total, but I’m kind of slow at it lol

  21. 72

    Brian says

    I’m confused, how did you carry up the yarn? Do you just kinda reach down and grab the one you need, leaving a tail (for lack of a better work) along the side?

    • 73

      Tamara Kelly says

      Yes! Just let the other skeins “hang” off the side until you need them. The only tricky part is keep the tension easy enough to not pull but tight enough to not sag when you pick up a color again. You can see some colors carried along the side in the third picture of this pattern: http://www.mooglyblog.com/mesmerizing-messenger-bag/ Then all you have to do is cover them up when you make your border! :)

      • 74

        Brian says

        Awesome! Getting the yarn in a couple hours then going to start, wedding present and not much time. Thanks for the pattern and the quick reply!

      • 75

        Pallie says

        Hi Tamara,
        A great way to carry yarn up the side (especially for beginners) is to use it as stitch markers in the ends of the rows instead of just leaving it loose. Makes it very easy to finish off a blanket or any type of item when the rows are clearly marked. I was taught this 60 years ago by older relatives and now it really helps since my eyesight is not as good as it used it be. Just thought it was a great idea to pass along.

  22. 77

    JACKELINE says

    I’am from Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico, only I want to say, that your work it’s so beautiful, I hope I receive something in spanish

  23. 78

    Betty Jean says

    I know that you get many thanks for a wonderful pattern but just had to add mine too. It does get boring doing the same o same o but this pattern is quite fun to do. I have been doing baby afghans for project Linus and they do want different sizes so this will work out great.

  24. 82

    Alana says

    Love, love, love your patterns! Just finished your blackberry, and it turned out quite nice for a “newbie” such as myself. You really do a fab job of instructing…

    Am excited to try this pattern, but am looking for something lightweight. Can you offer any suggestions for a yarn that would work with this pattern? Hook size? Thanks!

    • 83

      Tamara Kelly says

      😀 Thank you Alana! Any yarn would work with this pattern! You could use a thin baby yarn or even a bulky if you wanted to. To keep it lightweight, A #3 baby or sport/DK weight yarn would be nice. For the hook size, try going with a hook one size larger than the one recommended by the yarn manufacturer on the label.

  25. 84


    I really want to make these blankets. They look fantastic. I’m not sure how it works as I tried and did not understand how to interchange the rows. I need to read it again. I also love your measure bra fir bed sizes. I make only afghan and mostly oversized. Your widths are generally wider than mine but I add a good sized border and I make my lengths the same or longer as people really like it to fit around them leaving no feet or body part out. I like the color combos and I’m honing to try this until I get it. I usually do with practice. I really want to add this pattern to my patterns i use for my afghans. Thank you for such a pretty blanket. I would love to do it justice with my work. Hope it works for me. Thanks for such a lovely blanket and also for your sizing a. It is much appreciated!

    • 85

      Tamara Kelly says

      You can of course make them as long as you like – just keep going! I just used some “standard blanket sizes” I found online. There’s a video tutorial linked in the pattern that should help you out too! :) And you’re welcome!

  26. 88

    Venus Scott says

    Love it! I’m using three colors of “neon” greens and it’s looks awesome! The yarn was on clearance at Michael’s and I was looking for a pattern to use it on. This is perfect!

  27. 90

    Marie says

    I love this pattern, I carried all 3 colors up the side, made it real handy, but how do I end them as I am now at end of blanket ?

    • 91

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Marie, thank you! There are instructions for the last row – it closes up all the gaps. Or are you referring to the ends of the yarn? Those you can weave in using a yarn needle!

  28. 92

    Judy says

    I am now making this in burgundy, pink and white for a couch (sofa) cover. It is coming out very pretty it is a pattern I have never seen before and I have made a lot of afghans in my life and so far this is my favorite I love this pattern it is easy.

    • 95

      Tamara Kelly says

      Those are grand totals. Since some people will use just 2, others 5 or 25, etc, I just listed the total. If you know many colors you wish to use, you can then divide the total by the number of colors to get the amount of each color needed. :)

  29. 96

    Mara says

    I love love love this pattern. I am making it for a couple expecting their first child and can’t wait to finish and give it to them.
    Thanks for sharing the pattern

  30. 98

    BlueRose says

    just started the afghan size of this pattern today. I have worked 14 rows and it is turning out so nicely. I am using Red, White and Blue and making it for my Brother who served in the military. I love the pattern and it is not boring at all. I hate to stop on it tonight but need to go to bed, so forcing myself to put it down for tonight. lol

    Thank you for the pattern as I am crocheting this one I am think about what yarn to buy for another one and what colors lol.

    I am from Florida.

  31. 100

    Lori Johnson says

    Just finished this for my daughters friend. I LOVE IT. It worked up great and it’s so beautiful. I used 100% cotton. I would like to do it in a king size, would you recommend a specific weight of yarn for a king size. I’m fairly new to crocheting and I don’t know if one type is better than another.

    • 101

      Tamara Kelly says

      I would use a worsted or aran weight yarn for King size – anything thinner and it’ll simply take forever! :) Fiber content is up to you. I’m so glad you like the pattern!

  32. 102

    Vicki says

    Would floating the yarns up the side work with any other pattern as long as I stick to three colors or less ?
    Would I have to stick to only doing a couple of rows of each color at a time like you did to float the yarns with a different pattern? Would three inches wide of one color at a time be too much to float?
    I’m not good at describing what I mean.

    I so love this pattern. The video helped me a lot. I’ve made a couple and plan to do more. Thanks so much for posting.

    • 103

      Tamara Kelly says

      😀 It depends on a lot of factors, such as the height of the rows. And what kind of border you’re making. The best thing to do is try it and if it seems to long then cut instead!

  33. 104

    Frances says

    I LOVE this pattern, but I only want to use two colors (pink/white or blue/white). Will this work? I noticed the instructions said 2 or more colors. Haven’t tried it yet, but I just can’t imagine how only 2 colors would work! What do you think?

  34. 107


    Of course. Be a visionary. I can see it completed in my minds eye! It will look stunning! I’ve been trying to get to my own version but I’m swamped with orders as I make larger afghans and I’m booked with orders through Thanksgiving but then I have five weeks before my 2014 orders start and I intend to make my own Leaping Blocks and Stripes. I can’t wait please post your wip as well as a completed photo. I’d love to see its progress.

  35. 108


    I love this pattern and your pictures and video tutorial make it look so easy! I would love if you could make a picture or video tutorial to show how to crochet around the other sides. I have a great deal of difficulty with this task and I’ve never seen a tutorial that explains the process adequately. Thank you so much for sharing your idea!

  36. 111

    crista says

    I just love your site and your patterns & I REALLY appreciate your videos! I did your BlackBerry salad decently and now I’m doing this one…I don’t think I would have understood this one without the video. So THANKS!!!! Yours is my favorite crocheted site. Full of stuff I really want to make!

  37. 116

    Erin says

    Thank you SO much for this pattern, It is very well written and much easier than I thought it would be. It works up very fast and is just absolutely beautiful.

  38. 118

    cindy says

    I got my yarn & am having trouble with the first row. Directions say to DC in 4th chain & next chain. Should it be DC in next two chains? I have one stitch left over at the end of the first row. I also noticed in your pics & tutorial you have 3 DC stitches at the first & end of the row. Thanks for the beautiful pattern.

    • 119

      Erin says

      In the first row the skipped chains in the beginning make up 3 dc, and the extra chain at the end contains a dc so there will be 3 dc at the beginning and the end of the first row only. Hope this helps :)

      • 120

        Tamara Kelly says

        Yes, what Erin said! :) The skipped 3 ch are the first dc, the dc in the 4th ch is the second, and the next ch dc is the third.

  39. 121

    Illistine banks says

    I loooooovvveee this pattern! It is so beautiful. You are very talented. The instructions were easy to follow and the end result is awesome! Thanks!

  40. 123



  41. 125

    Sheila says

    Finished this at 2:00am. My first attempt at a big project. Fairly easy blanket. Love it!!!! Thanks for sharing the pattern

  42. 128


    i just would like to say that having to print 41 pages to get pattern is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. all I wanted is the pattern and it is a waste of paper and ink to have to do thisl the paqttern is beautiful abut the method to get it is most ridiculous thing to have to do.

    • 129

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Helen! I’m not sure what method you used to print it, but the green Print Friendly button only gives a 6 page print out, and you can reduce it even more by clicking on the things that you don’t want to print out. That’s the only method I recommend for printing patterns on this site.

  43. 130

    Heidi Urness says

    Hi Tamara I did this for a baby blanket and turned out beautiful I have someone else that would love me to make in pink yellow and white so i will be doing this again …Im good at doing blankets but trying to learn outer stuff as well.lol thanks for your lovely patterns I really enjoy them

  44. 132

    Dorothy says

    Love the look of this but HELP! I’m a lefty and it’s not working out for me. I’m fairly new to crocheting but I have a veteran helping me (she’s a righty) but we keep getting the first row twisted and then each subsequent row looks really strange. She completed a few rows of the pattern successfully, they look just like the picture but we can’t figure out why mine is not turning out correctly. Is there something I need to do differently ? Thanks for the help.

    • 133

      Tamara Kelly says

      I’m not sure Dorothy – it should be the same, just in the other direction. Have you watched the tutorial?

  45. 134

    Jrb says

    This project is perfect for a beginner! My question is about the border. I’d doing an SC border, and am wondering about the sides– I’m trying 2 on the post and 1 in between, but that seems a smidge too much. What have you done? Thanks so much for this design!

    • 135

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you! Usually when bordering dc rows I’ll work 2 sts per row. But I’ll throw an extra one in there every few rows if it seems to be too tight too!

  46. 136


    When you say equal amount of 3 colors, than list the amount with a single number, is that the total amount needed and divide by 3 (for 3 colors) or is it the amount listed times 3? For example – small baby blanket 950 yds – total or 950 of each color used?

    • 137

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Vickie! That’s the total for all 3 combined – I list that because not everyone will use 3 colors. So you divide the number by 3 – or by the number of colors you plan to use. :) Sorry for the confusion!

  47. 138

    Elaine says

    Sorry the emailis ncorrect as I hate being spamed. But I did want to telly ou how much I enjoy your crochet patterns. Even though I’m a beginner, I am able to follow the paterns without too much trouble! Thank you. FYI They are had to print out though.

    • 139

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Elaine, and thank you! :) To print them out, use the green Print Friendly button at the bottom of the post – that will give you an ad free copy that you can click on to customize before printing.

  48. 140


    I love the stripes and blocks blanket and want to make one for my bed, but the queen is too big and Twin is too small. My bed is a standard. I would need something like a 80×90, around that. could you give me a pattern that will fit of the stripes and blocks?
    Thanks, Jean

  49. 144

    Sharon says

    Do you think this pattern will work with Bernat Baby Blanket yarns? They are much thicker- a super bulky 6. Also do you think it will require the same yardage?

    • 145

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Sharon! The stitch pattern will certainly work, but you’ll need to go way up in hook size, and it will definitely take a lot more yardage per stitch – but then it’ll make a much bigger blanket too!

  50. 146

    Cheryl Jacobo says

    Love love love this blanket, worked up quickly and is so easy! It will be my go-to baby/afghan pattern! Thanks so much!

    • 147

      diane says

      i finally started my sample and just love this stitch. thank you so much!

      i also tried it upping the stitch . . . changed single to a double and double to a triple . . . seems to be okay and hope you don’t mind the experiment!

  51. 150

    amanda nichols says

    hi..can you help me? Im certain your instructions and pictures are correct but im seeing them wrong for some reason! When you end row 2 I see your pic and instructions saying you end with a sc in the last st or the chain from prev round–but the picture shows the 2 dc in the chain below then another stitch then a sc..but I think in order to achieve the start of row 3 you need to end row 2 with a ch 2 before the last sc over the last three stitches from row 1..did I confuse you..? I just don’t get why the pic of row 2 doesn’t show a final ch 2 before the last sc when row 3 begins with a sc then 2 dc ? ugh im sure its me…

    • 151

      Erin says

      I’ve done this pattern a whole bunch, so I hope this helps. You begin and end every row with a sc. Row 1 starts with sc, then a dc in the next 2 sts, then ends the same way, with a dc in the next 2 sts and a sc in the last. Then row 2 starts with sc, than ch2, and end with a ch2 and sc in the last.

      • 152

        amanda nichols says

        Then row 2 starts with sc, than ch2, and end with a ch2 and sc in the last.

        yes..but if you look at the pic for row 2 it does not show it ending with a ch 2 then a sc …it shows something different?

        • 153

          Tamara Kelly says

          It is a ch 2 and then sc – the sc pulls the ch 2 down so they are right on top of the previous row. :)

  52. 154

    Gayle says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am a beginner and this is the first site I’ve found that gives
    not just a finished size but an approximate number of chains, rows and YARDS used for
    the project. At least now I have a reference point; no more guessing how many skeins of yarn I need!!!!

  53. 156

    Becky Wright says

    This is a gorgeous pattern! I’m sure this could be used to make an excellent scarf , and I noticed someone else mentioned the idea of a wash cloth. Thanks for sharing this pattern.

  54. 158


    I’m making this in Lion Brand’s pound of Love yarn in Baby Blue & White in the standard baby size. I really am enjoying the pattern. I’ll have to share a picture when I finish. Thanks for sharing such a nice pattern I’d like to make a dishcloth sometime with this stitch.

  55. 160


    on a 14 in foam pillow how many would you chain for it the leaping stripes an blocks blanket i want to do a pillow to match it ty so much taking time to read it

    • 161

      Tamara Kelly says

      That’s going to depend on your gauge and yarn used – but I’d start with a ch of 50 and adjust from there if needed. :)

      • 162

        uniwolf says

        ty sooo much me really likes this pattern i have been working on the queen size one an the colors i am using is bluebell red heart yarn an light blue an its soooo pretty together i will do exactly as you said with the pillow ty sooo much

  56. 163

    Linda Noyes says

    I was wondering if you could tell me for the different sizes approximately how many skeins of yarn to complete each one. I’m working on the 36 x 36 blanket now as a light weight throw for my aunt for her lap and I’m using up scraps but was curious for future planning approximately how many skeins or balls of yarn for the different sizes.

    Thank you. I love the pattern even making it all in one color – it’s still beautiful!!
    Linda Noyes
    Oley, PA

    • 164

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Linda, thank you! The number of skeins will depend on the brand of yarn. Each yarn label should say how many yds are in each skein. The total approximate yardage is listed with each size, so you can divide the yds/skein for your brand into the total and see how many skeins you’ll need. Then, if you are using multiple colors, divide that by the number of colors to see how much of each. :)

      • 165

        Linda NOyes says

        Thank you for the info. That gives me a general idea of what I need. For the size I’m working on and my skein is approx. 431 yards I will need a little over 3 skeins. This way when I want to make the larger patterns I can figure it out easier especially with the larger skeins of yarn available.

  57. 166

    shirley says

    Hi Tamara-I was wondering if you can make a ripple pattern with 3 colors and carry the yarn up the side like this pattern does.
    Thanks, Shirley

  58. 168

    angela says

    My best friend & I both crochet & we love this blanket. A friend of ours is having twin boys & when I found this pattern we were both like that’s it! We’re doing the same blanket but in different colors for the boys. Thank you so much.

  59. 172

    Harriet Horne says

    Thank you for this pattern! It was not hard to do and worked up fast! I am making a blanket in Petal Pink and Coffee (RHSS)

  60. 173

    Danielle says

    I’m a beginner and am having trouble with row two. I don’t understand what the pattern means when it says “Working over the chains and into the unworked foundation chains below” Can someone try and explain it to me please? I really love the look of this pattern and want to make it. Thank you.

  61. 175

    Harriet Horne says

    This pattern is great! My cousin says that it’s beautiful! I saw the hat pattern for babies and will use the same colors as the blanket for a matching set. I can’t wait to get started on the hat! Thanks again!

  62. 176

    Karen says

    Tamara, thank you for a pattern that can be a bit more “masculine”. I’d been looking for a pattern to make an afghan for my son but so many designs are all scallops and lace. This has almost a hounds-tooth effect and is very easy to do. I made a baby blanket as a test and it turned out very nicely–also made the matching beanie–awesome! Thanks!

  63. 178

    judy says

    true to the advice of “try try and try again!” earlier this summer I tried the leaping stripes blanket pattern. honestly I got frustrated and didn’t try it again till today. and success!!!! ive only made a sample swatch but at least I get it now. thanks for the video tutorial, they help a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. 180

    Ethel Fritz says

    I have been trying to print the pattern for Leaping Stripes-Blocks Blanket for some time and I cannot
    print it without part of the pattern being covered by advertisements . Please help me .I would like to be able to make it for my 2 expected great grand children.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Ethel Fritz

  65. 184

    Debbie K says

    I used this pattern as the “blankie” part of a lovie for my newest grandson – beautiful and easy! Thank you so much!

  66. 186

    Connie B says

    OK, I feel really stupid and need a little guidance getting me started on row 2! I’m not a beginner by any means but for some reason I am not getting this step, especially at the phrase “working over the chains and into the unworked foundation chains”, its just not making any sense to me. I’ve tried a couple different ways to do this thinking it was right but it looks nothing like your photo. Any chance you might have a short video of you making that 2nd row and into row 3?! I’m a very visual person and am pretty sure I can “get it” once I see someone else crocheting it.

    Thanks so much,

  67. 190

    Amanda says

    I loved making this blanket! I used “I simply love this yarn” and it turned out very soft and warm. Thank you for sharing your pattern!

  68. 192

    Zoe says

    I decided to make my friend a baby blanket for her soon to arrive baby boy and this pattern was great! It came out so perfect and was so quick and simple to do! I’m so happy with it! Thanks for making such a great pattern! x

  69. 194

    Deborah says

    I made this blanket this last summer for a friend’s new granddaughter. I used only two colors (cream and a variegated peach) with a tricot border and it was absolutely beautiful. When they went to the hospital (early and scary), they took it with them and when the mom had to stay in because of complications, they actually let the baby use the blanket in the nursery. Thank you for this pattern. .

  70. 198

    Lori P. says

    I just finished this for a friend who had a baby boy. I had been waiting for a chance to make it and I love it! It’s going into my “go-to” patterns for baby gifts. I used Bernat Coordinates in darker blue, lighter blue and white. For once I remembered to get a picture too!

  71. 202

    Charlotte C Nelson says

    Thank you for this pattern. I love it. I’m working on my second blanket. Two special moms that are keeping their babies will be receiving these blankets. I hope to crochet more blankets. I even work on the blanket in the car. that is when I’m not driving.

    Thanks again,Charlotte

    • 207

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hm, great question! I think you’d want to work 2-3 repeats in the corner space, maybe with just 1 dropped double in the first row, and 2 in the second, so it increases?

  72. 208

    Natalie says

    can i use this pattern for one colour? if so how do i do it after completing the two rows?

    Thank you! this is great!!

    • 209

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Natalie! You can absolutely use just one color, just keep going in the pattern without breaking or joining. :)

  73. 210


    I wonder if i use the heavier baby yarn that is chenille like if that would work as well?

    I have a new 3 month old Grandaughter and i want to make her a handmade blanket from her granny 😉

    • 211

      Tamara Kelly says

      I think almost any yarn would work! It’s a blanket, so I wouldn’t worry too much about gauge, just make a fabric you like! 😀 Congratulations on the new grandbaby!

  74. 212


    This is such a beautiful blanket! I am in the process of making one for my Sister-in-law’s friend who is having her baby girl soon. I am working on the border now and will post a picture up on ravelry for sure! Can’t wait to share with you and everyone else!

  75. 214

    R. mcmane says

    I had trouble getting started on row 3. Watched the tutorial, took it out and began again while watching the tutorial. Then it finally came together, as I am not experienced in crocheting. Just about completed now for my granddaughter in light pink, mint green and white. Now to do the border. Will make my other granddaughter the same pattern, in different colours. Thank you for the tutorial, it certainly did help me.

  76. 216

    CHeri hollis says

    Thank you for this pattern! I am just getting ready to start my border. I turned this
    Into a full size pattern but will definately make baby afghans with this!

  77. 218


    Good day. I like this point, but I can somewhat understand. Could I send a picture to my email ?, would appreciate it, because I want to make a blanket for my daughter for her birthday. Thank you very much for everything.
    A greeting,

  78. 220

    Michelle says

    Tamara, I love this pattern and had soo much fun with it! Thanks so very much for sharing!!!!!

  79. 222

    Nancy says

    I would love making this pattern for a lap blanket for our craft ministry at church. The size has to be 30″ x 40″

    Can you add this size please?

    • 223

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Nancy! The ch # is given for 30″ wide, so you can start there and just work until it’s 40″ long. :)

  80. 224

    Margaret Szlabonyi says

    I have a question that I’m a bit confused on. Using the same yarn that you did, each skein says it is 180 yards.. I want to use three colors as you did. For a standard baby blanket you show total yardage as 1350.. Using your method of dividing that yardage total by the three colors being used, it comes to 4.5 skeins of each color. Yet, when I use the yardage of each skein (180) times the colors being used (3), I get 540. If I triple this amount, meaning three skeins of each color, I get 1620 yards. You used the Aqua as your border, meaning you would use more yardage of that color. If I were to use two skeins of each color for just the blanket, I get total yardage of 1080. Could it be that perhaps using an extra skein (+180 yards =1260 yards), or two (1440 yards) would be better? Using your calculations of 4.5 skeins of each color, I get a total of 2250 yards. Or to be safe, just purchase thrr skeins of each color? I hope I didn’t confuse you.

  81. 226

    Rhonda Odell says

    Has anyone done this in a solid color? My daughter wants a blanket in offwhite for her first baby. I love this pattern, and I’m wondering how it would look.

    • 227

      Tamara Kelly says

      I’ve seen them in a variegated yarn, but I can’t recall seeing one in a solid. A swatch would be the best way to test it out!

  82. 228

    Cathy says

    I am currently making a baby blanket using this pattern except with 4 colors. I absolutely love it! So easy to understand and do. Thank you for this pattern

  83. 230

    Deloras. Baker says

    Deloras Baker

    I have a lot of 3 ply yarn. I want to crochet your Daydream Summer Blanket pattern.
    What changes will I need? Do You think 3 ply yarn will work? Beautiful work! Thank you!

    • 231

      Tamara Kelly says

      3 ply should work fine! :) You’ll just need to make sure to adjust the chain count to get the size desired. :)

  84. 232

    Kathy Reyes de Villegas says

    I think I just found my pattern for my annual winter blanket…..This looks super easy to make but is also super easy on the eyes! Many thanks from a Happy Hooker in central Mississippi!

  85. 234

    Carolyn says

    Hi Tamera,

    I started crocheting this blank and found that the first 3 rows (so far) has been difficult to put the hook into the double stitch on the bottom row. I did use a bigger hook for the chain and it did help a little but not enough where I don’t have to struggle. Is that normal? I will still continue to work on this pattern as I love how it looks.

    • 235

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Carolyn! This is the first I’ve heard of someone having trouble. It shouldn’t be any harder to crochet into than a normal stitch. Crocheting into the chain is always a little tricky, but by Row 3 it should be pretty easy. I’m afraid I can’t think what would be the trouble.

      • 236

        carolyn says

        Thanks for the quick response! I had a feeling that it had to do with me crocheting too tightly as I tend to do that. I plan on trying again as I still love the pattern. :-)

          • 238

            Carolyn says

            I started the pattern again and it’s coming along nicely. I’m even thinking of starting a new one with different colors. I have a few questions that I’m hoping you can answer.

            1) Is it best to start new yarn at the end of the row or in the middle of the row (I’m close to running out of 1 color)?

            2) When crocheting around the pattern (or creating a single stitch border), I understand that it’s 1 stitch per single stitch. However, there is a double stitch at the ends of the first row. How many stitches do I add for that row on the side and corner?

            I hope my questions made sense. If not, I’ll try to reword it. :-)

          • 239

            Tamara Kelly says

            I think it’s easiest to hide if you switch at the beginning of a row. I like to use 2 sts in the side of each double crochet, but if that’s too tight, then adding a 3rd every few rows is a good way to deal with it. In the corners it’s usually 3. :)

          • 240

            carolyn says

            I finished my blanket and I’m extremely happy with it! I plan on either donating it to a nursing home or give it to a friend as a baby shower gift (I hope that’s ok with you Tamara). I’m definately going to make another one since it was so easy.

            Thank you, Tamara, for creating this pattern! :-)

  86. 242

    Anne says

    I’ve finished crocheting this afghan for a friend of mine but how do I crochet the border on the sides of the afghan where the yarn (3 colors) was carried up the sides?? Thanks very much for the pattern, I love it and am also making a baby blanket for our first grand baby due in Oct!

    • 243

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Anne! You crochet around the floated yarns and the sides of the stitches, working into the edge as normal but enclosing the strands. :)

  87. 244

    NINA says

    Leaping Stripes ….Gorgeous pattern.

    I have never used Lily Sugar N’ Creme cotton, or any cotton yarn before.. I have read comments that say the label says that colors may run when washed. I want to make a baby blanket and an afghan, using darker colors. I would wash it in cold water and dry at a low temp.

    Have you had any running problems with darker colors?

    • 245

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Nina! I have, particularly the reds. I would recommend soaking it in vinegar before washing, and using a Shout Color Catcher when you do wash it. In fact, you may wish to make a small stripey swatch and treat that first just to make sure that will be enough.

  88. 246

    Julie says

    I just love this blanket…I am in the middle of making it right now and I am sooo excited!! Thanks SO much for all you do!

  89. 248

    Anita Larson says

    I started on this pattern a few days ago using Caron One Pound skeins in white, rose, and soft sage green. As others have said, I am thinking of other colors to make this in even though I’m only about a third of the way done. This is a great pattern – easy to do with striking results. I can’t wait to try your Loopy Love pattern next. Hope you come up with more great patterns for all of us to try. Thank you for making it free. I make and donate blankets to a crisis nursery so finding free patterns really helps.

  90. 250

    taryn says

    I really like this but can anyone tell me how long it takes to work up… I like to crochet and do it often but I only have a few hours I can give to it with my toddler running around. I’m looking for a project that will be quick for my new baby due in December. I’m doing a bobble stitch blanket for a baby gift right now and it feels like it is taking forrreevverrr. Opinions?

    • 251

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Taryn! And congratulations!! 😀 It’s not the quickest pattern out there, because it creates a pretty solid fabric. But it’s also a LOT faster than bobbles! :)

  91. 252

    Faith says

    Hi. I love this pattern. My cousin is going to have a baby girl in November and I wanted to make her a blanket. I am by no means a crochet wiz, barely learning different stitches and teaching myself how to read patterns but I made this blanket for her and I think it came out pretty nice. She loves it so I’m beaming with pride over here

  92. 256

    Julie wagner says

    Hi Tamara!!
    I first want to thank you for all you do!! You are amazing😘
    I don’t know why I am having such a difficult time understanding the final row…I am using three colors and I am not sure which color I am supposed to “end” with. Could you please tell me if I should use the first or last color of my three color pattern?? I hope my question made sense😜

    • 257

      Tamara Kelly says

      You can end with whatever color you like, though I’d recommend that you make the second to last row a “new” color and the last row in the same color, so it looks like a completed stripe. And then you can edge with whichever color you prefer too! The row recommendations are for size, not for a certain number of stripes, so this is where you can customize it however you like!

  93. 258

    Sherry says

    Found this pattern on FB. I’ve been looking for something a little different for a 2016 temperature blanket. This is what I’m going to use. Thanks for the pattern.

  94. 260

    Glory says

    I just love this pattern!! I chained 38, and decided to make this pattern into a cowl/ infinity scarf!! Thanks Moogly!!

  95. 262

    Emily says

    Fell in love with the look and decided on this for baby boy #2’s blanket. I’m using mint green, chocolate and baby blue for a more stark contrast. So far smooth sailing and I’m loving how it’s coming along! Thank you for sharing! :)

  96. 264

    Kat says

    Love this – just finished one a few hours after the intended baby was born. Tried to figure out how to link my photo to the Ravelry page but failed.
    I may make one for me in the same colors (yellow, pistache, turquoise) but it may be too heavy!

  97. 266

    HolLY Griffith says

    This is such a beautiful pattern. I used it to make a baby blanket in grey, white and yellow. So pretty. I adapted the pattern and made very other row of white 4 rows wide instead of 2. The result was just what I wanted. Thanks for the pattern.

  98. 268

    Shelia says

    This is so lovely. I am going to make one for the warm up America babies charity. Thank you for the pattern and tutorial.

  99. 270

    Melissa says

    I just finished working up 2 of these in coordinating colors for my friend’s new twin baby girls, and I love how it came out! Thanks for a great pattern – this one will be going in my Keeper list!

  100. 272

    Nina says

    I just finished a scarf using your pattern (Purple and yellow with a white edge – Minnesota Vikings colors!) and am about to start a black and white afghan for our monochromatic living room. My husband saw the scarf, demanded an afghan and said “that’s the prettiest design I’ve seen you do so far!” Thank you for this easy, fun and gorgeous pattern!

    • 273

      Tamara Kelly says

      😀 Thank you so much Nina! What a great thing to hear from your husband, he must really love your work!

      • 274

        Nina says

        It mostly drives him nuts actually so it’s an ever bigger compliment to you for making a pattern he actually likes! :)

  101. 275

    Eva-Jane Poytress says

    I would love to make this but not to sure about how much yarn to purchase as it just have yardage needed I want to make an afghan can you please let me know how much to purchase would like to try 3 colours

    • 276

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hello Eva-Jane, thank you! Every type of yarn has different yardage per ball/skein, which is why I’ve listed yardage totals. To figure out how much yarn to purchase, you take the yardage for the blanket size you wish to make, divide it by the number of colors you want to use, and then divide that number by the yardage of the skein of your choice of yarn. That will tell you how many balls of each yarn to get.


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