Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat

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The Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat was inspired by a gorgeous skein of LB Collection Baby Alpaca I received from Lion Brand Yarn. It was so soft and it just cried out to be made into a fall hat pattern. Paired with a stitch pattern of lacework diamonds that remind me of falling leaves, the Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat is the perfect hat for apple picking and pumpkin patches and all things Autumn. Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat :: Free #Crochet Pattern! Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat :: Free #Crochet Pattern! The Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat free crochet pattern is a one skein project, so you can indulge in a luxury yarn like baby alpaca, or do some stash busting with that lonely skein that’s been lingering on the shelf. It’s designed to fit pre-teens/teens/adults with 22-24″ heads (it fits me and my 11 year old equally well), and the button is just for decoration – but I think it’s a pretty touch. It’s only slightly slouchy as written (to keep it a one skein project), but if you want it super slouchy just work more repeats of Rounds 8-11 – easy peasy! Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat :: Free #Crochet Pattern! Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat

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Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat :: Free #Crochet Pattern!

With US – H, 5.00mm hook
Round 1: Starting with a magic circle, ch 2 (does not count as st), dc 12 into the circle. Join to the first dc of the round with a sl st. (12 sts)

Round 2: CSDC, dc in the 1st st, then work 2 dc in each remaining st to end. Join to CSDC with a sl st. (24 sts)

Round 3: CSDC, ch 1, dc in the next st. *Dc in the next st, ch 1, dc in the next st. Repeat from * to end. Join to CSDC with a sl st. (36 sts, including chs)

Round 4: CSDC, 2 dc in the ch sp, dc in the next st. *Dc in the next st, 2 dc in the ch sp, dc in the next st. Repeat from * to end. Join to CSDC with a sl st. (48 sts)

Round 5: CSDC, ch 1, dc2tog over next 2 sts, ch 1, dc in the next st. *Dc, ch 1, dc2tog over next 2 sts, ch 1, dc in next st. Repeat from * to end. Join to CSDC with a sl st. (60 sts, including chs)

Round 6: CSDC, ch 1, dc in the 1st st, ch 1, dc2tog over the next st and the following dc, skipping the ch in between, ch 1. *[Dc, ch 1, dc] in the next st, ch 1, dc2tog over the next st and the following dc, skipping the ch in between, ch 1. Repeat from * to end. Join to CSDC with a sl st. (72 sts, including chs)

Round 7: CSDC, 2dc in the ch sp, dc in the next st, ch 1, dc in the next st, ch 1. *Dc in the next st, 2 dc in the ch sp, dc in the next st, ch 1, dc in the next st, ch 1. Repeat from * to end. Join to CSDC with a sl st. (84 sts, including chs) NOTE: At this point the circle should measure approximately 6 3/4″ across at the widest point.

Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat :: Free #Crochet Pattern! Round 8: CSDC and dc 2tog (CSDC as first leg of dc2tog)  over the 1st and 4th sts of the round, skipping the sts in between, ch 1, [dc, ch 3, dc] in the next st, ch 1. *Dc2tog, working the first half in the next st, then skip 2 sts, then working the second half in the next st. Ch 1, [dc, ch 3, dc] in the next st, ch 1. Repeat from * to end. Join to CSDC with a sl st. (96 sts, including chs)

Round 9: CSDC, ch 2, skip ch sp, dc in the next st, 2 dc in the ch sp, dc in the next st, ch 2. *Dc in the next st, ch 2, skip the ch sp, dc in the next st, 2 dc in the ch sp, dc in the next st, ch 2. Repeat from * to end. Join to CSDC with a sl st. (108 sts, including chs)

Round 10: CSDC, ch 3, dc in the 1st st, ch 1, skip the ch sp, dc2tog, working the first half in the next st, then skip 2 sts, then working the second half in the next st, ch 1. *[Dc, ch 3, dc] in the next st, ch 1, dc2tog, working the first half in the next st, then skip 2 sts, then working the second half in the next st, ch 1. Repeat from * to end. Join to CSDC with a sl st. (96 sts, including chs)

Round 11: CSDC, 2 dc in the ch sp, dc in the next st, ch 2, skip the ch sp, dc in the next st, ch 2, skip the ch sp. *Dc in the next st, 2 dc in the ch sp, dc in the next st, ch 2, skip the ch sp, dc in the next st, ch 2, skip the ch sp. Repeat from * to end. Join to CSDC with a sl st. (108 sts, including chs)

Rounds 12 – 19: Repeat Rounds 8 – 11 twice.

Round 20: Ch 1, sc in each st and 2 sc in each ch sp to end. Join to 1st sc with a sl st. (108 sts)

Switch to US – F, 3.75mm hook
Round 21: Ch 2, fpdc in 1st st, bpdc in next st. *Fpdc in next st, bpdc in next st. Repeat from * to end. Join to 1st fpdc with a sl st. (108 sts)

Round 22: Repeat Round 21. Round 23: Slip stitch loosely in each st to end. Break yarn and seamless join. Weave in ends.

Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat :: Free #Crochet Pattern! Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat :: free #crochet pattern on moogly! I hope you enjoy making the Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat! If you get a chance to use the LB Collection Baby Alpaca I do recommend it – so soft and a joy to crochet with! And thank you to my oldest, Riley, for modeling! (When your kid steals the hat, it’s a compliment!) Shared on the Oombawka Designs Link Party.

Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat :: Free #Crochet Pattern!

Written pattern copyright Tamara Kelly 2013 – share this pattern via links only please! You can use the green Print Friendly button below to print a copy for personal use. Seller’s policy is detailed on the About page. Thank you to Lion Brand Yarn for sponsoring the yarn for this pattern.

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  1. 7

    Patricia Maciel says

    Making the Falling Leaves Slouch Hat right now and I am stuck at round 5. Where is the asterisk to repeat? I tried it on my own but come up with 63 stitches :/

      • 9

        Tamara Kelly says

        It should be up now, sorry about that! :) If it isn’t showing up for you it’s because the page is cached on your browser. Hit CTRL-SHIFT-R and you’ll get the updated page. Hope that helps!

    • 11

      Tamara Kelly says

      I haven’t tried it, but it sounds like it could work! Just be sure to drop down a bit in hook size for the brim. :)

  2. 12

    Heidi Clymer says

    I guess I get loads of compliments because almost every project I do is stolen by the girls… This has already been chosen by the older one and I must get started….Berroco ultra fine alpaca!
    I will post the pic when I am done…


  3. 13

    Tammy says

    I’m a bit confused on Round 8. The CSDC seems to become an extra stitch. Is it actually supposed to be the first half of the dc2tog? When worked as written, I get 97 stitches (each pattern repeat is 8 stitches, x 12 = 96, + CSDC = 97)

    • 14

      Tamara Kelly says

      Yes, the CSDC is the first half of the first dc2tog, I need to correct that in the pattern! Sorry for the confusion!

  4. 19

    Clara says

    Hi Tamara, I just love your patterns!!! However I am slightly confused here: in round 5 the repeat pattern results in repeats of 5 stitches (Dc [1], ch 1[2], dc2tog over next 2 sts[3], ch 1[4], dc in next st[5]) whereas in round 6 the pattern repeats are on top of repeats of 4 stitches: [Dc, ch 1, dc] in the next st[1], ch 1, dc2tog over the next st and the following dc[2&3], skipping the ch in between[4], ch 1. I think the pattern misses a stitch or I do not read it correctly. Please help!

    • 20

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Clara! I think I can help. There are 5 sts in each repeat of round 5, and 6 sts in each repeat of round 6 (dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc2tog, ch 1). Both of the ch 1s from Round 5 are skipped over, and the dc sts from Round 6 are all worked into the dc sts of Round 5.

  5. 21

    Bobbi says

    I love this hat, but I have difficulty following the written patterns. I am hoping that someday you will do a video for this project. I can visualize and understand the pattern better when I have someone explaining it and showing it as they go. Still going to try it though. Thank you

      • 23

        ChunkyFunk and the Insatiable Hook says

        A chart would be wonderful- I’m currently stuck on Round 6 but working my way through it, I hope.. this is gorgeous, and I already have several people I’m hoping to make it for!

  6. 28

    Donna says

    The printer friendly button does not work for me, i moved it to the net & my email & still no luck. My printer works with everything else.

    • 29

      Tamara Kelly says

      Usually when it doesn’t work it’s because you have a pop-up blocker installed. If that’s not the case the best option is to cut and paste onto a .doc file.

  7. 31

    Faith says

    I’m trying to understand how to do a CSDC in the round? You show on the video that you turn the work and then do the CSDC. How do you do a CSDC without turning the work?

      • 33

        Tamara Kelly says

        😀 Thank you Faith! So glad you enjoyed the pattern. Hope you enjoy using the CSDC too! It’s a handy trick!

  8. 34

    Desiree says

    Hi there, just started a hat but I’m confused about row 9 the pattern says 2dc in chain space but chart shows 4dc, also, pattern says to go right into a dc after 2 dc in chain but chart shows 2 chains after each set of 4dc in chain space.

    • 35

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Desiree! For each set of 4 dc sts in Round 9, the first is worked in the dc st right below it (to the right of the ch 2 sp), the next 2 are worked in the ch 2 sp, and the last is worked in the next dc (to the left of the ch 2 sp). Then you ch 2 after each set of 4 dc sts. Does that help?

  9. 41

    Alice Olmsted says

    I have tried to print from your print button, but it freezes my computer each time. I went ahead and made a selection to print, but I am not happy with it, because the print is so small. My daughter really wants this hat, so I am going to make it, even if I have to use a magnifying glass.

    • 42

      Tamara Kelly says

      The green Print Friendly button? I’m not a computer expert, and this is just a plugin we use, but I’m wondering if you have a pop up blocker installed?

    • 45

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Hilda! There’s a video tutorial linked in the pattern, but if you don’t want to use the magic circle (also known as the adjustable ring, magic ring, etc), you can just start with a ch 4 and crocheting into the circle.

  10. 46

    Jayne says

    This is a beautiful looking toque BUT a terribly written pattern! I have been crocheting for over 30 years and each row is a struggle! Please look at how other patterns are written and redo this thing. I would but am desperately trying to finish it for Christmas!

    • 47

      Tamara Kelly says

      I’m sorry you feel that way Jayne. I have done my best to write it to industry standard. Perhaps the chart would be more help? It’s right below the pattern, using international symbols.

    • 48

      Ame says

      Jayne. A little kindness would be helpful. Tamara is working at being an accomplished crocheter like yourself – hopefully, with a little more patience and choice of words in criticism.

  11. 50

    MiChelle says

    I am about half way done and I had to stop and say thank you! I love this pattern! I feel as if my brain has to work a little:) not a horrible amount but just enough where I have to focus. This is great! Sometimes I feel like I just zone and boom my project is done and i am disappointed since I didn’t even really have to do much. But this makes me feel like I am working a puzzle . I like it and I hope everyone else does as well!

  12. 54

    Kim says

    Hi, beautiful hat! Thanks for sharing your pattern. However, I cannot figure out how you’re getting 36 stitches in round 3… I’m still getting 24. Are some of the DC suppose to be done in the same stitch? It keeps saying “in the next stitch.”

  13. 56

    Cheri says

    Would love a video of this….tried making it on my own (new to crocheting…) I was way off…lol, would love to make this correctly, very much a visual learner….

  14. 57


    I love this pattern I’m in the middle of my 4th and 5th one. I’m not sure what other people’s problem with it are, maybe the standing chain start? I have subbed in a 2 chain start for each round that I like better. It’s very easy to memorize as the rows {once you get out to the body} are repeats of two rows.

  15. 58

    hamoyen says

    hi! love ur lovely patterns! i’m working on this nice hat but i’m stuck on round 8… i got way more than 96! :s help!…

    • 59

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you! It sounds like you’re not skipping enough stitches. Have you taken a look at the chart? It might help you visualize where the sts go.

  16. 60

    Robyn says

    Thanks for the beautiful pattern! I really appreciated the stitch diagram – made all the difference for me.

  17. 62

    Krista says

    Every time I try to make this hat, rows 8-11 turn out soooo huge! I do not know what I’m doing wrong, but this is the second time I have had to pull it all out, and I’m so disappointed. I will try to use the chart, but I don’t get how when I continue with the repeats in 8-11 how it’s supposed to be getting smaller…….

    • 63

      Tamara Kelly says

      In rounds 8-11 it should not be getting smaller. Rounds 12 – 20 will give it a more hat-like shape, and then Rounds 21-23 bring it in for the brim.

  18. 64

    Zarnaz says

    I think I’ve made a terrible mistake…
    At the end of round 7, my work measures 8″… :(
    Perhaps I’m using a thicker yarn… although it looks similar to the yarn used in other projects posted here, for example, the Loopy Love Blanket. I’ve made things with it before and the measurement has never been an issue…

  19. 65

    Amanda says

    Hey, can u explain what “dc2tog over the next st and the following dc, skipping the ch in between” means? Thanks :)

    • 66

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Amanda! I can try! :) I believe you’re in Round 6?

      When you’re looking at the next few stitches, getting ready to make the dc2tog (dc 2 together decrease), you’ll see in the previous row a dc2tog, followed by a chain, and then a dc stitch. You want to work this new dc2tog with the first (right) leg in the top of the dc2tog in the previous round, and the second (left) leg in the top of the dc stitch – skipping the ch-1 in between.

      Does that help?

  20. 67

    Nancy says

    This pattern is very confusing to me, I never have the same amount of stitches you say I should have. I have ripped it out numerous times. I love the looks of the hat but I am about to give up on making it.

    • 68

      Tamara Kelly says

      This is not a beginner pattern, I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Have you taken a look at the crochet symbol chart?

  21. 69


    I love this pattern! Thank you for sharing it. I struggled with rows 6 & 7 and had to redo them several times but once I got past that and with following the chart I finally got it!

    I am going to make another one but making it a bit smaller as this one was a bit too big for me.. still love it though!

  22. 73

    Ilona says

    Very enjoyable project! Took me one night.

    Only downside is the hat is on the small side. Not for the bigger headed people without little pattern modifying.

    • 75

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you Hafsah! In Round 3, you should have 24 dc sts and 12 chs – or put another way, 12 sets of (dc, ch 1, dc). In each of those sets you’ll be working 4 sts – one in each of the dc sts, and 2 in the ch sp. So to put it another way, in Round 4, dc in each dc and work 2 dc in each ch sp. Does that help?

  23. 77

    Dian says

    Hi! May I ask permission to sell finished products? I sometimes sell at weekend flea markets and im also planning to set up an online shop. I do all the crocheting so i am able to sell only a few pieces at a time, i’ll make sure to put a link to your website on my product tag.

  24. 85

    Judy Phelps says

    First I would like to wish Riley a very Happy 13th Birthday this week. Second, I must say this slouchy hat and scarf make a very neat combination, that I will have to make for my granddaughter. She loves the slouchy hats, and she loves cats, which I have seen the shawl pins for sale online. I think these together would be a great Christmas gift for her.

    • 86

      Tamara Kelly says

      😀 Thank you so much Judy! It’s a busy weekend coming up here for us for sure. I’m so glad you like the patterns, and I hope your granddaughter does too!

  25. 87

    Stine says

    I don’t get how round 5 is supposed to increase to 60 stitches, i only get 46 at the end of round 5.
    Isn’t dc2tog a decrease? (And therefor not giving me enough stitches at the end?)

    Hope you can help, I’d love to finish this!!

  26. 91

    Vivian Carlson says

    Yay!!! I did it after much crocheting and taking apart and reading and looking over the diagram, I got it!!!!!!
    Now maybe I can follow your gorgeous Chevron Lace Fingerless Mitts. I hope I hope I hope.
    Thanks my friend for sharing your gift.
    Vivian Carlson

  27. 92

    Zippety d says

    Hi Tamara! Love this slouchy hat… However I keep ending up with too many stitches after round 4. Would be helpful if there was a pic of the crocheted round (at the back of the hat) i’m sure mine doesn’t look the way it should! Iv been making and unpicking for a week now! Want to start again and finish this weekend so I can line with fleece! Btw, I too have used the chain 2 at beginning as opposed to csdc… I find it gives a less visible appearance to the start of the round.. Unless you have have used this stitch for a specific reason?

  28. 95

    Anita says

    I’ve made a few of this hat. Perhaps I’ll make another after the Christmas rush and take photos while I do it. I found the pattern to be of medium skill, but once you get it, it’s super easy.

  29. 97

    Daphne del valle says

    Thank you for your beautiful patterns. I made the alpaca wrap then found this hat and was lucky enough to have bought an extra skein of the yarn, so now I have a set!!!!

  30. 101

    Amy says

    What a beautiful hat! (And what gorgeous models!) Sitting down to make this right now. Thank you for sharing your pattern. :)

  31. 103

    Hannah says

    I am kinda stuck on Row 3…as I continue to keep doing over again and thinking to myself it might be me not reading the pattern right, but on my Row 3 I keep getting a count of 24 just like Row 2, but on the pattern it says you should have a count of 36 but I keep coming up with 24. I need HELP, lol…can someone please let me know what I need to do!

    Thanks :)

  32. 105

    Audrey says

    I made this for my daughter so cute. I had a little trouble with the pattern but I wasn’t reading close enough. Once I figured out my error went really quickly. I can’t wait to make the scarf.

  33. 107

    Karin says

    I accidentally came upon this crochet pattern after seeing a friend wearing one made by another friend as a gift – i loved it and decided to try for myself. Very new to crochet this would have been my hardest pattern to tackle yet but after persevering – NAILED IT!! – i love it and have now just finished my third. I also learnt so many more things while doing it – thank you for taking the time to share your lovely pattern :)

  34. 109


    Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog via All About Ami. And, while browsing, I found this cute pattern! My hat is alomost done (in fact it would be already done, but the yarn ended too soon – one day I will remember to check the lenght before I start working). Anyway – thank you for sharing, it’s lovely! And I learned so many new things! ^-^ Wonderful adventure this hat turned out to be!

    • 110

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you so much Agata!! I am so happy to read your comment, and so glad you enjoyed the pattern! 😀

  35. 111

    Bmeier says

    Loved this pattern! I just finished and still had some yarn left over, but not enough for another hat. I adapted your pattern to make some boot cuffs. Can’t wait for it to cool down a lil bit more and wear my new hat and cuffs. Thank you for making this a free pattern.

  36. 113

    Katie Crumb says

    Hello from the UK – beautiful pattern Tamara, thanks for sharing so generously! I don’t know if this will help others, but I struggled a bit with round 6 (totally due to not reading the pattern properly), after a bit of head scratching I worked out that it was because where it says at the beginning CSDC, chain1, DC in 1st stitch, I was putting the DC into the next stitch rather than the base of the CSDC. Rookie error, I’m fairly new to crochet so it’s probably just me, but I thought I’d post this in case anyone else hits the same problem.

    Thanks again. xxx

  37. 115

    Candice says

    I made this the other day. I used a wasted yard 4. It came out pretty big. I’m a still learning. Came out great though Wish I could post a pic of how it turned out. Thank you!!

  38. 121

    Mara Weatherford says

    I just whipped this up with some old bright red yarn I’ve had sitting around forever. As I was crocheting the first few rows I was a little irritated that I was finally trying this pattern with such ugly yarn, but it turned out amazing! It crochets up pretty quickly for how pretty it is, and would look great in any color. Next I’ll try a yarn that’s a little more subdued, though :p

  39. 123

    Eric says

    This hat looks amazing, but I’m having trouble with the pattern. I’ve had to tear out hours of work several times… I keep adding tons of stitches — I just finished round 9 and I have about 130! (I forgot to count after round 8.)

    By no means am I an expert crocheter and I don’t even understand where I’m messing up–obviously I am not skipping the right stitches, but I’ve pored over the chart without seeing my mistake this time…. any help??

      • 125

        Eric says

        I actually figured it out! Thanks for replying!

        For future/others’ reference, you just have to be really careful about when “st” means “stitch” and when it means “non-chain stitch.” Once I really figured out how to read the pattern it got a lot easier.

  40. 126

    Nancy mcquade says

    Tamara, I know this is not a beginner pattern but I really want to make this hat, so I will ask my first dumb question. At the end of the second row when I am joining my last stitch to the first CSDC, does the slip stitch join at the base of the CSDC or at the top? Is there a way I can attach a photo of my work?

    • 127

      Nancy mcquade says

      Tamara, I had a question but I figured it out for myself! I am so excited! I have done the first two rows and it looks perfect and I have 24 stitches! WooHoo!

    • 129

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Nancy! It’s at the top, you treat a CSDC as you would any other dc. :) Unfortunately I can’t host photos here, but you can email me if needed: tkelly75 at gmail dot com.

  41. 130

    Nancy mcquad says

    Me AGAIN!
    I am about to start Round 9. The last stitch in Round 8 was a dc2tog which Is what shows in the diagram and the one before that is a dc1 ch3 dc in the same stitch ch1. The pattern says to dc in the first stitch for round 9, which has the dc2tog and Then dc 2 in the chain space then dc in the next stitch. If I am reading the diagram correctly, it doesn’t look like that. To me it looks like a dc in the dc2tog, then chain 2, then get in to the dc, 2dc in the chain space, dc in the next stitch. Where am I going wrong here?

  42. 132

    Nancy mcquade says

    Dear Tamara,
    Just wondering whether you received my message from Friday. You are usually so prompt at replying that I thought perhaps it hasn’t reached. Being the weekend though, you may be taking some time for yourself for a change!

  43. 133

    Vicky says

    Thanks for the pattern. Found the graph easy to follow. This is the first thing I have crocheted for quite a while, and I’m very happy with it. Thanks again!

  44. 135

    Nancy mcquade says

    Hello again,
    I am up to Round 21 having done the front and back post double crochet in Round 20. I am writing to confirm that the posting in Round 20 was around the double crochets in Round 18? If that is correct, do the post stitches in Round 21 also go around the double crochets of Round 18?

        • 138

          Tamara Kelly says

          Hi Nancy! Each round is worked into (or in the case of post stitches, around) the round previous. So Round 22’s post stitches are worked around Round 21’s stitches. Does that help?

          • 139

            Nancy mcquade says

            Tamara, thank you. I have now finished my hat and it turned out well. I have learned many things, most important the importance of counting stitches and the correct way to do that. I have just started a sweater vest which is going to be a challenge I can see already but again, a new learning experience.

  45. 141

    Josie says

    I just finished round 10. I’m really liking this pattern and can’t wait to get the hat finished! Thank you! And thank you for including the chart. It makes it so much easier to follow!

  46. 143

    Liz says

    Thanks for a very nice pattern. This is my first slouchy hat. Can anyone give me an idea of the length of their hats. I am using a thinner yarn and smaller needle and have had to modify the pattern here and there, but I need to know how long/deep to do it. Hope I make sense.


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