Pampering Massage Soap Saver

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Massage soap with the bumps and nubs on one side is lovely stuff. But what happens when you use soap? Within a few showers, those bumps are gone. What to do? Make the Pampering Massage Soap Saver!

free crochet soap saver pattern free crochet soap sack pattern

This crochet soap saver pattern features 12 bumps (aka cluster stitches) on one side for perfect pampering that doesn’t wear away. Paired with a gorgeous soap it makes a great gift for teachers, neighbors, babysitters – and don’t forget one for yourself!

amazing soap gift handmade free crochet soap saver pattern free crochet soap sack pattern

The soap sack is a quick project – each one done in an hour or less – but don’t let the soap itself be an afterthought. Bean Tree Soap is where I get all my precious lovely soaps for gift giving (and a few for myself)! It’s handcrafted artisan soap, as well as lotion bars, lip balms, and more. There are gift sets, custom scents, even soap on a rope that smells like dirt for the hunters on your gift list! It really is gorgeous, gorgeous stuff, I can’t say enough good things about the products.

Prefer to buy rather than make? There are Moogly made soap sacks available at Bean Tree Soap, or you can head to the Moogly Makers page to order from one of the talented crocheters listed there!

Now on to the free crochet pattern!

free crochet soap saver pattern free crochet soap sack pattern

Pampering Massage Soap Saver

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CL – Cluster Stitch (Puff Stitch): [Yo, insert hook into next st, pull up a loop to height of row] 4 times, working into the same st each time, until there are 9 loops on the hook. Yo and pull through 8 loops, yo and pull through last two loops on hook.

Row 1: Ch 10. Starting in the 2nd ch from hook, hdc in each ch to end. Turn. (9 hdc)

Row 2: Ch 1, hdc in each st to end of row. Turn. (9 hdc)

Row/Round 3: This row goes all the way around the rectangle made in the previous rows, to start working in the round. Ch 1, hdc in each st to end of row, then work 2 hdc in the ends of the rows, 9 hdc in the unworked sides of the starting chains, and 2 more hdc in the other ends of the rows. Join to first hdc with a sl st, do not turn. (22 hdc)

Round 4 (RS): Ch 1. [Sc in next st, dc in next st] 5 times. Sc in next 2 sts. [CL in next st, sc in next 2 sts] 3 times. Dc in last st, and join to first sc with sl st. Turn entire sack inside out to work back in the other direction. (22 sts)

Round 5 (WS): Ch 1. Being sure to work into the last dc and not the sl st, [Sc in next st, dc in next st] 11 times. Join to first sc with sl st. Turn sack right side out to work back in the original direction. (22 sts)free crochet soap saver pattern free crochet soap sack pattern

Round 6 – 11: Repeat Rounds 4 – 5 three times.

Round 12: Ch 1, hdc in each st around. Break yarn and use seamless join, joining to the second stitch of the round. Weave in ends.

Make Drawstring: Chain tightly for 12 inches. Weave through top of Round 12, tie knots in ends and trim strings.

Now go visit Bean Tree Soap and get something to fill it with! It’s great stuff!

Be sure to Like the moogly Facebook page for the latest updates and have some fun with us!Β  Written pattern copyright Tamara Kelly 2012. Please do not reprint or repost this pattern, but please feel free to link to this page to share this pattern with others. Reseller info is on the About page.

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  1. 3

    Jennifer says

    well, I made it. But it took me a while to realize that I was supposed to turn in the traditional “baby blanket” way. I turned the pouch and changed directions, but did not end up with a seam. You should try that — it saves the seam sewing. I also made mine another 2 rows longer because my husband (the receiver of this gift) used a longer bar of soap. Thanks for the pattern.

    • 4

      moogly says

      There’s no seaming involved as written because of the slip stitch join – I’m thinking we ended up doing it the same way? Glad you liked it though! :)

      • 5

        Jennifer says

        I’m apparently more (or less) confused than I thought I was. Matter of fact I was laying in bed thinking — “I followed the directions exactly, so what did I miss.” In your last direction what threw me off was the “seamless join”
        Anyhow — thanks! And the soap – wonderful. I got a super quick reply from them and will be ordering to fill up my scrubby pockets.

        • 6

          Jennifer says

          ok — anyway, don’t mind me and my ramblings — I just watched your video for “seamless stitch” and though I am happy to have learned something new, I am feeling kind of like an . . well, the last two posts don’t make me look like someone who reads directions, do they?

          • 7

            moogly says

            Heh, no worries! I understand. I should probably have been more clear about turning the bag “wrong side out” when “turning.” Just because it’s clear to me when I write it doesn’t mean it’s clear to anyone else! I’m so glad you ordered the soaps – they really are lovely!

  2. 11

    Cayty says

    I love this pattern! My preschooler was super excited to pick out the yarn and a bar of soap to go with it (we spent at least 10 minutes sniffing goat soaps at the organic store by us) for his teacher. Somehow I doubt it will be a surprise gift…

    What is your policy for linking to and potentially using your patterns for selling product at a craft fair?

    • 12

      moogly says

      Cayty I’m so glad you like it! My policy is that you can use any of my *free* patterns to make finished items for craft fairs, as long as there’s a link back with “pattern courtesy of moogly” or similar wording on the tag. Good luck with the fairs!

  3. 13

    Sharon A. Moles says

    I like your patterns for crocheting, and I’am going to try to crochet again. My Mother taught me to crochet and I usually knit everything I do ..I learned how to knit first. Thanks again

  4. 16

    Jennifer says

    Hi again!
    I just made my 2nd one of these (for the 3rd time :) ). When I make the cluster, it really looks much better from the wrong side. Should I be switching the WS – RS notation in the pattern?

    • 17

      moogly says

      Jennifer, if you like the way it looks “wrong side out” better than “right side out,” then go with it! πŸ˜€ Everybody stitches differently, so always go with what you think looks or works best!

  5. 20

    Ashlee says

    Such a cute gift! But wow, I am so confused haha. I am vertigo so lost at the “turn” and wrong side. Is it not done in a round?

    • 22

      moogly says

      πŸ˜€ It’s kind of confusing if you haven’t encountered it before – it’s a technique I like to use that I haven’t seen many other places. Basically, each row is worked, and then joined to the first stitch, but the you go ahead and turn to work the next row from the inside, or wrong side, of the bag. This gives you the benefit of working in the round – no seaming, with the benefit of working in rows – no vertical slanting (the way items worked in the round so often have a seam that slants to the right instead of being straight up and down, and stitches that twist around the project). Sort of a best of both worlds solution! πŸ˜€

    • 24

      moogly says

      You can flip it inside out if you like, or just work from the inside – whatever is easiest for you! I usually flip for the first few rows and work from the inside towards the end.

  6. 28

    Donna says

    Thanks for the awesome pattern! I’m pairing these with a matching shower scrubby for “Mother’s Day” spa baskets

  7. 30

    Joyce says

    This is my new favorite and the only soap saver pattern I like now πŸ˜€ I’ve tried several others and have hated how they turned out. I was easily able to tweak the pattern so I could have a mesh back on it and now I can’t wait to get my specialty homemade soaps in it to use.

  8. 34

    Rosemary Duncan says

    This may be a silly question, but…once you bathe with the little thing, does the soap stay inside until used again? Does it dry well with the soap left in? This is adorable and I want to try it. I make crocheted washcloths, this would be nice for gifts. Thanks for any hints!

    • 35

      Tamara Kelly says

      Different people use them different ways, but you can certainly leave the soap in if you like! It can help it dry if you use the string to hang it up too.

  9. 36

    Melinda Scott says

    I just made one for my husband. I used 2 strands of 4ply, one white and one latte. Thanks for the great pattern. Now to make a white and fuchsia one for myself

  10. 37

    Katy Cairns says

    I’m stuck on row 3! What do you mean by ” work 2 hdc in the ends of the rows”? Do you mean the short ends or the last stitch of the row? And the 9 hdc in the unworked sides of the starting chains…what in the world?! :)

    I love your patterns and can’t wait to get to the next step and get stuck again!! :)

    • 38

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Katy! Basically you’re “spinning” the piece you’ve made, working into the edges all around. So you work into the sides/ends of the stitches, then along the starting chain then the other end, until you’ve circled the rectangle and are working in the round. Just like putting a border on a blanket, except you’re not doing extra stitches in the corners because we don’t want it to lay flat. Does that help?

      • 39

        Katy Cairns says

        That helped! I have completed one of these…and have started maybe a dozen or so… I can’t get the bumps to line up! The one that I finished to the end out of frustration has all of the bumps going off to the side in a diagonal. I would love to make these to sell at my spa…but I can’t! :(

        • 40

          Tamara Kelly says

          This is one of those cases where I’m sure if we were in the same room for 5 minutes we’d have it sorted. Are you turning at the end of each round? Are you making sure not to work into the slip stitch?

          • 41

            Katy Cairns says

            I’m too new to all this to know… I’m thinking I’ll take the pattern with me to the local yarn shop or Joann’s. I’ve tried marking the first sc. I’ve tried counting all the stitches when I finish a round…and just somehow the bumps get thrown off. I probably have too many other things going on at the same time.
            When I see that the bump is off I end up counting 21 stitches..So I guess I am going into the slip stitch…*head explodes*

          • 44

            Rachel Peters says

            I think I’m hung up on the same part to – since my bobbles aren’t lining up I think this part is where the problem is. When you have the two hdc at the ends of the rows – I’m assuming these are NOT in the same stitch as the last stitch (meaning you end up with three hdc in the same loop) – but rather two separate hdc’s in the SIDES?

          • 45

            Tamara Kelly says

            Sorry for any confusion Rachel! Yes, the hdcs are worked into the sides of the rows – 2 on each end.

  11. 47

    Katy Cairns says

    Yep…once again…I end up with the right amount of stitches in the round…but when I get to the first CL on the second time doing round 4 (round 6) I am just past the last CL. If I remove one sc in front of it… they will line up…sigh. I love this idea and I want it to work!

    • 48

      Tamara Kelly says

      If you can find a work-around, go for it! It might also help to put a stitch marker in the last stitch of each round, before you slip stitch. Then you can be sure to work into that stitch in the next row.

      • 49

        Katy Cairns says

        I have been putting the marker in the first sc of the round I am working on….I’ll try what you said!

  12. 50

    Alwin says

    I love the pattern and I do wish you had a video for it. I follow a video better than written instructions..I think some other people do also. I will keep trying. :)

  13. 52

    Rachel Peters says

    ok – got the sides – another questions – one you are finishing up round 4 – are you working the slipstitch into the chain 1 of the previous row or the 1st SC?

  14. 54

    Lori Smith says

    I am making these as party favors for our August Red Hat luncheon.
    To keep the cost down, I’m using the mini bars of soap picked up on hotel stays to put those to good use and to show what the sacks are for. Thanks for the pattern. I think the ladies will like them.

  15. 55

    Amanda says

    Love this item so much and want to make one for each of my sisters. I find the CL quite confusing. Not sure how to do it by the written pattern. I yo, insert hook into st – what do you mean by ‘pull up a loop to height of row? do you loop around the hook? the ‘working into same st each time’ – I just can’t wrap my little brain around it. Sorry if I am missing something.

  16. 57

    Ruth K. says

    I think it would be awesome if you had a video for this! I’m fairly new at crochet and trying to teach myself. I want to do this soooo bad but I get confused just reading it. Please & thanks? haha.

  17. 59

    Sev says

    Love love love!
    But I’m fairly ne at crochet, taught myself thanks to YouTube, and whenever I try following a written pattern, I make mistakes… :(
    I’d be so grateful if you could make a video tutorial of these, they would be wonderful home-made Xmas presents! Thanks.

  18. 63

    Zillah says

    Am absolutely stuck on row 4!
    I did the first SC and DC combinations, and not sure where the clusters are going to be, ie on the short side?

  19. 65


    I finally made one of these as a gift, along with a bar of my homemade soap. I love, love, LOVE this pattern! So easy and fast to make, and such a nice gift to give! Thank you so much for the pattern. And thank you for the video tutorial! After watching it I whipped this up in about 40 minutes. You’re the best, Tamara! Thanks again.

  20. 66


    What a fun last minute project! I have 3 more things to complete…but if I have time, I’ll make these and pair them with my homemade soap! :) Thank you!!

  21. 67


    I love this quick and easy pattern for a soap scrubby! I would never have though of it myself. It took me about an hour, but your instruction videos are great as well. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be making more of these.

  22. 69

    Katie says

    Fabulous idea! Thank you so much for sharing the and all the other great patterns you have created. I am thinking of making these as sets along with the back scrubber… for Christmas this year. And the soap will be an added bonus.

  23. 70

    Tonya says

    Love love love this pattern!! After ripping out rows umpteen times because my stitch count was not coming out correctly I finally “got it”. Now I’m whipping these out like nobody’s business. Thanks so much for posting this pattern.

    • 71

      Tamara Kelly says

      πŸ˜€ I’m glad it finally “clicked” for you! You’re very welcome, I’m happy you enjoy it!

  24. 72

    Alexis says

    I want to make these for teacher gifts, and made a test using Bernat handicrafter (i had some already). It’s 100% cotton, and didn’t really lather very well at all.
    Is the yarn you recommended part acrylic or 100% cotton?
    These are so cute, I really want to make them, and have them lather well :-\

    • 73

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Alexis! I did use 100% cotton. To encourage more lathering, maybe bump up a hook size to get bigger holes between stitches? Just brainstorming…

  25. 74

    Reena says

    Hi Tamara,

    Love this and am going to give it a go for some gifts. Just wondering if you have ever used an acrylic yarn (or know someone who has)? Or does it just not lather well?


  26. 77


    Hi Moogli,

    Your massage Soap saver is great. I am a Soap maker and I also do crochet. Do you mind if I translate your pattern into german and post it on a Soap Forum? ( I will of course provide a link and respect your Copyright.

    I know alot of People will be wowed by your soap saver, it is just that they cannot understand english crochet pattern.

    I have already done three and i will definitely do a few more..

    Thank you so much.. Bye


    • 78

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hello Birgit! I’d prefer if you could send me the translation and I’ll post it here (with credit to you for the translation of course!) and then you could share the link. You can email me at :)

  27. 81

    Annette says

    Thank you so much for your generosity with your free patterns. I see an excellent Christmas gift/stocking stuffer for me to do.

  28. 83

    Amy k says

    This may be a silly question, but do you put the soap in and take it out each time you use it? I was initially thinking leaving the soap in and let dry, but wouldn’t the soap get mushy? Thank you!

  29. 85

    melissa says

    i love these i made them as christmas gifts last year for my son’s teachers and family they were an awesome hit everyone just raved over them

  30. 86

    kristine H says

    I’ve made a ton of these little things and I forgot how to do them each time I go to make another. I can’t always access internet to see the pattern/video. Do you have it in PDF in English? I’d like to print it out and put into my favorites file.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  31. 90

    Susan says

    Love this pattern! One thing though, cotton is a soap eater, not a soap saver. Acrylic works much better for soap savers.

  32. 95

    gretchen says

    Ive been at this all day and end up with two many stitches. Please Help!

    Round 4 Does this mean you sc dc, sc dc, sc, dc,sc,dc?

    OR sc, dc, sc, dc, sc?

    Round 4 – [CL in next st, sc in next 2 sts] 3 times. Dc in last st, and join to first sc with sl st. Do you dc in las st after crocheting 2 sc after making puff?

  33. 97

    Cynthia says

    I crochet a bit loose, dropped one hook size and the bag is the perfect size for the soap I ordered!! Love the pattern, they are going to make wonderful gifts together! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  34. 99

    Shaina Chance says

    I grazed over the comments, but couldn’t find what I needed help with.

    When you slip stitch into the single crochet, do you work your first stitch of the round into the same SC as the slip stitch?

  35. 101

    Melanie says

    Made this pattern in under 2 hours. Gonna order some of the awesome bean tree soap just for my soap saver. Love this pattern. Thanks.

  36. 103

    Carrie says

    This might be a dumb question. But, how often do you wash these! I just bought a camper and want to use this in it and want to know if I need to make several for a week long vacation.

  37. 105

    Marley says

    I made this and it came out pretty well. All the scrubby knobs lined up and everything. Thank you for this pattern; I will be making more as gifts.


  1. […] The Pampering Massage Soap Saver pattern debuted this week last year – just in time for holiday gift giving. Combined with a bar of lovely handcrafted or boutique soap, it’s a great stocking stuffer or holiday gift for teachers, coworkers, friends… you name it! It’s an easy to memorize pattern that whips up quickly, and now with a video, anyone can make it! And I’ve got just the thing to fill it with, from Bean Tree Soap! […]

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