#MooglyCAL2016: Afghan Block #2!

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Welcome to block 2 of the 3rd Annual Afghan Crochet-Along here on Moogly! This week’s square is so pretty – and from one of my favorite crochet and crockpot bloggers!

Get ready for the 2016 Moogly Afghan Crochet-Along! Starts January 7th!

For those that are new to the Moogly Afghan CALs, here’s how it works!

  • No need to sign up/officially join – just jump in and start crocheting! If you come in late, you can start where we are and catch up with missed blocks as we go!
  • A new block crochet pattern will be shared here on Moogly every 2 weeks, on Thursdays at 10am CST (the last one will be one day early due to American Thanksgiving). There is a schedule below, and the links will be added throughout the year. These will stay free online forever.
  • I will link to the designer’s pattern, share a photo of my version of their block, and give any helpful notes that are appropriate.
  • Each 12″ square will be designed in worsted/aran weight yarn, with a 5.5mm hook. If you choose a different yarn weight/hook size, your blocks will be a different size, but as long as you are consistent, then the blocks should be too! For example, with DK weight yarn, you should get blocks that are about 10″ in size.
  • French translation PDFs will also be provided on each designer’s site, courtesy of Véronique HoRaive! Merci Véronique!
  • There is a Ravelry group for the CAL HERE, and a Facebook group HERE – all full of help and camaraderie! Thank you to all of the amazing volunteer moderators!

The 2016 Moogly CAL Schedule
January 7 – Flame Square
January 21 – THIS POST
February 4
February 18
March 3
March 17
March 31
April 14
April 28
May 12
May 26
June 9
June 23
July 7
July 21
August 4
August 18
September 1
September 15
September 29
October 13
October 27
November 10
November 23


Block #2:  3D Flower Granny Square by Sarah ZImmerman, on Repeat Crafter Me: CLICK HERE to go to the pattern page but first, read my notes below!
Block #2 in the Moogly Afghan 2016 CAL - by Repeat Crafter Me!
Above is Sara’s square, in 4 colors! Here’s the one I made, using all 6 of my colors:

Block #2 in the Moogly Afghan 2016 CAL - by Repeat Crafter Me!

Now for my notes!

  • To print this pattern or create a downloadable PDF, look for the green “Print This” button at the bottom of the pattern page, or enter the pattern page URL into PrintFriendly.com. You can also cut and paste it into a word document.
  • This pattern features fantastic step by step photos! They are a big help if you get stuck – but it’s a fun and relaxing pattern, so no worries! I do wish I planned my colors a little differently for this square, but I like the way it turned out, and the pattern is fantastic!
  • My square was coming out a little bit small, so I added a row of dc and a row of hdc, and then it came out at 12″. But everyone is different so be sure to measure as you go! Learn more about adjusting for size HERE. Remember that the 12″ is measured across and up and down – not diagonally corner to corner.
  • I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice, and my color order was as follows: Rnd 1-2: Purple Mist; Rnd 3-4: Tangerine Mist; Rnd 5-7: Seaspray Mist; Rnd 8-10: Rose Mist; Rnd 11-15: Denim Mist; Rnd 16: Purple Mist; Rnd 17: Pearl Mist; Extra Rnds: Pearl Mist.
  • If this one isn’t to your taste, you can find a  list of alternatives HERE!

Thanks so much for crocheting-along with me!

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  1. 1

    Teresa says

    I saw this block on her blog yesterday and thought, boy I really want to do this, now get to! Thanks so much for such a lovely pattern.

  2. 4

    Tammie says

    Hi Tamara,
    Awesome pick for #2. I do like this pattern. Wanted to ask, are you planning on joining your blanket with the pearl when complete thus planning colors to end in pearl with each block? Similar to last year. I found that colors were my most challenging area in 2015
    Thanks! Tammie

  3. 8

    Sherika says

    Can someone explain row 5 & 6 to me? I believe those are the rows for the leaves of the flower. I’m stuck on how the instruction for the leaves are written. HELP!

    • 9


      Round 5 is just like round 3, except you work it into the stitches you skipped in round 3, and you work behind the petals. It sets up eight chain spaces for you to work in; again, just like the petals. I worked in the back loops only, but I think you could do the entire stitch if you prefer.

      Round 6 is similar to round 4 – slip stitch, chain 2, DC to start – but then you chain 3 from the top of that DC and join to the base of those three with a slip stitch. This makes a little loop at the top of the leaf (round 7 gets worked into these). Then it’s another DC, chain 2, slip stitch.

      Hope that helps! 😀

      Tamara, can I ask why you decided to use DC instead of SC in rounds 11-15?

      • 10

        Tamara Kelly says

        Because they were all going to be the same color, and I was pressed for time. :) A round of dc is approximately the same height as 2 rounds of sc, so I mixed it up a bit.

  4. 13

    Shannon says


    I was wondering if you did your square with the standing single crochet? I’m studying your picture and can’t see your seam at all. (Nice job, of course!)

  5. 15

    Lisa says

    Made this block today and it turned out beautifully! I chose to make the flower all one color in purple mist and I split up rows 11-15 by doing 11-12 in blue then 13 in green and 14-15 in blue. Sort of a variation between yours and Sara’s. Looking forward to seeing all the other blocks.

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