There’s still time to craft: Glitzy Boutique Bags and Lovely Snowflakes!

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Are you scrambling to finish up your crafting this week? I know I’ve got a few projects still on the hooks and needles, though fortunately at this point they’re optional. What wasn’t optional for me were the teacher gifts – and this year I needed 5! Without a lot of time or funds to spare, I came up with something I think they’ll enjoy…

Sparkly, fun, and (soon to be) filled with treats, this pattern is perfect for beginners and easy fun for the experts. And so fast! The specs:

Granny Stripe Boutique Bag pattern from Tangled Happy
(and check out that one hour cowl – so many good ideas on that blog!)

Made with I Love This Yarn in Red Sparkle from Hobby Lobby – each skein makes 2.5 bags

And if you’re like me, and can’t resist adding something a little extra…

Lovely Linen Snowflake in sz 10 crochet thread (I got 15 out of one skein!) This is the quickest thread snowflake I’ve come across – only three rounds and done! You do, of course, need to do some pinning and blocking. If you’ve never made thread snowflakes before, instructions on pinning are included with the pattern. I dip my snowflakes in a mix of 3 parts water to 1 part white school glue. It dries clear overnight and gives just enough stiffness.

Some peppermint covered sandwich cookies, some family-recipe candies, some pretzel rods decorated by the kids (this afternoon, I hope!)…. Et voila!

Now to see if I can get a few new Ho! Holiday Stockings made by Saturday night…. oh and that Santa hat for the kindergartener’s class party….

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    Aww… I love it! Thanks so much for sharing this with me. Seeing finished projects always makes me happy. :) I have one more hooky project still to be finished before Christmas. I MUST make the time!!! Merry Christmas!

  2. 7

    Marrie says

    ooo… that snowflake is too cute. To make it stiff, i dipped it into the gluy and sticky water, and as the result after hours, i found it soo rigid!… Thanks for sharing it!

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