Diamond Crochet Cowl

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I’ve been admiring all the gorgeous crochet cowls out there lately – in stores, on Ravelry, and on my equally gorgeous friends. I couldn’t resist creating my own version, and with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I decided you can’t go wrong with diamonds!

free crochet cowl pattern diamonds cables winter scarfI’ve been wearing it all over town, feeling fancy – and getting requests for more! With only 18 rows it works up in a few hours and it makes a great treat for yourself or a gift for the neck of someone you love. Best of all, it comes in two sizes, with all the info you need to create custom lengths of your own!

free crochet cowl pattern diamonds cables winter scarfDiamond Crochet Cowl
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This cowl pattern starts with a fsc, but you can start with a row of ch and a row of sc if preferred. The stitch pattern works with multiples of 4, so it’s easily customizable if the given sizes aren’t what you are looking for – go all the way up around 140 for a really long drapey cowl! UPDATED 9/5/12 – Video Tutorial for this pattern has been made!

Yarn: Worsted Weight Yarn, 210 yards (I happened to use two of the thinner ww yarns.)

  • The black, neck-length sample is made with Red Heart Shimmer.
  • The red, chest-length sample, is made with Naturally Caron Country.

Hook:  5.5mm (I)

Sizes: See here to determine the length of your first row (fsc or ch):

  • Neck-length (wears closer to the neck, more like a neck cozy): Fsc 76
  • Chest-length (slightly longer, more open around the neck): Fsc 84

Fsc – foundation single crochet
Fptrc2tog – front post treble crochet two together

Row 1: Fsc 76 (84). Join with sl st to work in the round. (You can use the tail to snug up the bottom of the fsc before weaving in ends, so leave a few inches to work with.)

Row 2: Ch3, dc in next st and ea st to end of round. Join with sl st. (Ch3 counts as dc)

Row 3: Ch1, sc in first 3 sts. Fptrc2tog over nxt st: working first fptrc around the 2nd fsc in row 1 until 2 loops left on hook, skip 3 fsc on row 1 and work second fptrc around 6th fsc until 3 loops left on hook. Yarn over and pull through all loops. *Sc in next 3 sts. Fptrc2tog, working first fptrc around the base of the last fptrc, sk 3 fsc and work second fptrc around next fsc.* Repeat from * to * end, join with sl st to the first st of the row.

Row 4: Ch3, dc in next st and ea st to end of round. Join with sl st.

Row 5: Ch1, sc in 1st st. Fptrc2tog, going around the tops of the fptrc2tog of row 3 (where you “joined” the last 3 loops on the hook), creating diamond shapes. Do this by sliding the hook from right to left all the way under both of the post stitches, staying on top of the background fabric. *Sc in next 3 sts, then Fptrc2tog* to last 2 sts. Sc in last 2 sts, then join with sl st.

Row 6: Ch3, dc in next st and ea st to end of round. Join with sl st.

Row 7: Repeat Row 3, except go around the fptrc2tog tops.

Row 8-15: Repeat rows 4-7 twice.

Row 16-17: Repeat rows 4-5.

Row 18: Sc around, then use seamless join to finish off. Weave in ends.

A closeup of the stitch pattern, so you can get an idea of how it comes together:

free crochet cowl pattern diamonds cables winter scarfAnd that’s the Diamond Crochet Cowl! The larger size in particular has a tendency to curl, which can be fun, but if you don’t like that, I’d recommend some steam blocking to relax the fibers a bit. Post stitches create the amazing texture, and YOU can create your own in just a few hours.

crochet kraken ocotpus hat sea monster

Be sure to check out and like the moogly facebook page to get all the latest updates, fun links, sneak peeks, and more! Written pattern copyright Tamara Kelly 2012. Please do not repost or reprint this pattern, but do link to it to share with others! You are welcome to sell finished items made from this pattern, but please include a link back to Moogly on the listing or tag.

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  1. 2


    Thank you! I just started this yesterday and it is coming along nicely. I am an intermediate crocheter and this is my first time doing fptc2tog. My tc is still a little sloppy, but with the multi colored yarn I’m using, it looks fine. I can’t wait to finish and surprise my mom!

  2. 5

    lene says

    This is a beautiful use of front post crochet and I think the style of cowl that I’ve been seeking.

    I do have a question.

    Both versions seem to show a hood, which is what I want, but I don’t see how that develops from this pattern.

    What am I missing?

    Have the yarn and the hook, just need a response to proceed.
    Thank you

      • 8

        miho says

        thank you for this pattern i really love it!
        but one thing i really would like to know how to do hood part.
        if you can send me the pattern when you did this pics one’s hood part i will be soooo appreciated!
        thank you!

        • 9

          Tamara Kelly says

          Hi Miho! There is no hood – it’s an unfortunate and unforeseen trick of the lighting. If you look at the hanger it’s on, you’ll see that it’s much smaller than that. :)

  3. 11

    Nourah says

    Lovely pattern. My question is how do I determine how many foundation stitches to start with for a child?

    • 12

      moogly says

      Thanks Nourah! This is a close fitting cowl and kid’s heads are proportionately large, so I wouldn’t go too much smaller. The pattern works in multiples of 4, so I might drop 12 – 20 stitches depending on the age of the child.

    • 14

      moogly says

      Love to Sara, thanks for the invite! I’m having a couple tech issues right at the moment, but I’ll get on that asap!

  4. 15

    Andy says

    I’m following the pattern although I don’t understand the following:

    Row 2: Ch3, dc in next st and ea st to end of round. Join with sl st. (Ch3 counts as dc)

    What does “ea” stitch means?
    Thanks in advance. Wonderful pattern!

  5. 18

    Cynthia says

    This is absolutely stunning and exactly what I have been looking for,,,, however I have not ventured into the foundation stitch you refer to or the one used to begin the piece, if anyone has self help or a place I can visit on the web to see these stitches I would really appreciate it!!! Thanks!!

  6. 21

    Diane says

    I am having a hard time understanding the stich can you help me out its Fptrc2tog thats killing me..yes I am new at this so someone help me out please

    • 22

      moogly says

      Diane, are you familiar with post stitches? There’s a video for those here: http://www.mooglyblog.com/2012/03/14/post-stitches-raisedrelief/ which might help – the Fp stands for front post. A trc is treble crochet, which means you wrap the yarn around the hook twice to start the next stitch. And the 2tog is a decrease, which means starting two stitches but leaving the last two loops from the first stitch on the hook when you start the second stitch, then pulling through the last two loops of the second and the last two loops of the first all together to turn two stitches into one.

      So to put all that together, you wrap the yarn around your hook twice, then go around the first stitch indicated from the front (right to left, as per the video), yarn over and pull the loop from behind the post. Then yarn over again, pull through two loops, yarn over again and pull through two loops, and stop for a moment with 2 loops left on the hook. Wrap the yarn around the hook twice more, and go around the second stitch indicated from the front, right to left, yarn over and pull the loop from behind this post. Then yarn over again, pull through two loops, yarn over again and pull through two loops, and stop for a moment with 4 total loops left on the hook. Yarn over on last time, and pull through all the loops on the hook to finish the stitch.

      I know that may seem overwhelming, but once you are familiar with post stitches, treble crochet, and decreases (the 2tog), it’s just putting them all together – a tall order if you’re new to crochet! I’ll try to get a video of the whole thing up soon!

  7. 23

    Ruby P. says

    I would really like to make this cowl, but i am stuck on the 3rd round, I know how to make a fptc2tog, but don’t understand the placement of the stitches in this pattern. How do you work them around the fsc on row 1 when you have already finished row 2? can you help me with this?

    • 24

      moogly says

      Ruby, you just go right over Row 2, leaving it as a background for the stitches. In other words, work in front of it.

  8. 25

    Elizabeth Rossi says

    Hi, I was wondering if this pattern would work as a scarf? Rows instead of rounds. Haven’t tried it yet, but I will. Thanks

    • 26

      moogly says

      Hi Elizabeth! Yes, you can do the diamond pattern flat! You just need to add another stitch to the base to “anchor” the last stitch.

  9. 27

    Ruby P says

    Do you have a video of how to do that or give more detail of how to work over row 2? Do the 3 sc before the fptc go into row 2?

    • 28

      moogly says

      The sc in row 3 are working into the top of row 2. I don’t have a video (yet!) of the Cowl, but this video might help: http://www.mooglyblog.com/2012/06/06/basic-crochet-cables/ In the video, note that the non-cable rows, worked from the wrong side of the fabric, are where all the sc in the cable rows are worked into, whereas the post stitches are actually going into the stitches two rows previous.

  10. 29

    Ruby P. says

    Thank you! I watched the video and it does help. However it’s going to take a little practicing on my part to get it to look good. That’s ok.. I like a challange. It’s fun to learn new stitches,

  11. 36

    sparkalicious says

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this pattern, and for the helpful answers to everyone’s questions! Can’t wait to get started on this lovely cowl.

  12. 38

    Jenny B says

    Moogly, I made this cowl and it worked up beautifully. I am starting to market my crocheting and try to sell some items to help support my family. May I have your permission to sell cowls that I make from your pattern? I will note you as the creator of the pattern on my label, just let me know what and how much you would like listed. Thanks for your help! -Hooked by Jenny

    • 39

      moogly says

      Jenny, that would be fine! I would very much appreciate a link to moogly on the label and on the listing. Thanks so much, and good luck!

  13. 40

    Diane Loraine Hatch says

    Absolutely gorgeous, I can’t wait to have a go. Thanks for sharing and thanks also for all the added help. If I’m successful I may do a short scarf in rows and finish with buttons to make it a neck cosy, I think the diamonds would work really well

  14. 41


    Hi Moogly! Thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern. I’m working on this right now as well, and I am having trouble after joining the fsc row. For the 2nd row, where you chain 3, and DC in each stitch, my piece looks like it has a gap and I’m stitching into the second chain from the hook (not the closest fsc to the hook). Is that the right place to begin the round of DCs for row 2?

  15. 47

    Laetitia Guchelaar says


    Thank you for the lovely pattern and very thourough tutorial video. At first I had a little trouble with this stitch but working along with the video and once I had the first row of front post treble crochet two together 😉 done it was easy. Instead of a cowl I made an earwarmer and added some flower applications. You can see the result here: http://pinterest.com/pin/220887556695090142/ @pinterest

  16. 49

    Jennifer says

    Another thank you! I watched your cable video — great — but this was actually the pattern I was searching for. I found a vintage pattern, that was a little convoluted for me, for this stitch & am so glad to find it in modern English. I am thinking of making a large blanket with a box of lightweight variegated wool left in the attic from my grandmother. I will do some swatches with the cable pattern and also with this before I decide.

  17. 52

    Andrea says

    Hi! I’m a beginner and love the look of this pattern. I’m looking to make this for a male friend as a scarf…I found “wool-ease thick & quick” that I really want to use – would it be a bad idea to try it – since its ‘super bulky’?

    Thank you!!!

    • 53

      moogly says

      Hi Andrea, and thank you! I think that yarn would be fine, but you’ll want to use a larger hook – I’d try an M/N or 9mm hook with that yarn.

  18. 54

    Jojo says

    Hi Moogly,
    Beautiful pattern. Gathering up courage to try it, looks too ambitious for me. My question is can I turn this pattern into a capelet ot a short poncho?
    And if so, how can I add stitches as It gets wider around the shoulder.

    • 55

      moogly says

      Jojo, that would be pretty, but pretty complicated and a whole new pattern! I’ll try to think about it, but it would take a big redesign!
      In the meantime, if you want to make the cowl as is, be sure to watch the tutorial video – it’ll help a lot!

  19. 57

    Jon-Pierre says

    Question about joining with FSC — which part of the stitch do I sl st into? It seems to leave a bit of a “gap” at the bottom where the faux chain stitches would normally be. Is that what you mean by “snugging” it together with the tail? I’ve made the assumption that the SL ST goes into the 2nd ch st that we made in the very beginning, just below the loop for the SC. Is that right?

  20. 62

    Sam says

    I love this pattern!! And with the video for the fpdc2tog I found it really easy to follow and made one for myself in an evening. I am going to make a couple more for christmas presents and a two colour one for my daughter. Thank you so much for this pattern

    • 65

      moogly says

      There’s no hood on this pattern – just a cowl. I think it must be the way the neck is folded down to show the inside?

      • 66

        Sandra says

        I think your right about it being the way the front is laying. When I first saw this, it was what I thought was a hood that caught my eye, along with the beautiful stitch. I was ready to jump on it, pretty, light & not to big & a hood for the bad weather. Perfect! It is a stunning cowl. You might want to consider adding a hood to the pattern since there is so much interest. Love it & thank you for sharing.

  21. 68

    Jill says

    Despite watching the video many times I still am having problems. I am an experienced crocheter, know all the stitches used, but think something is wrong for me. I edit patterns for a French friend and stress to her to include everything and assume nothing. What would be helpful to me and others, I think, is the stitch count at the end of every row. Should it be 76? I start out with that but at the end of row four I have 75. I have ripped this out several times, really want to make for my daughter. Would you be so kind as to give the stitch count for each row? Thanks so much. You have made a great tutorial but I’m just missing something.

    • 69

      moogly says

      Hi Jill! I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Every row should have 76(84) stitches (or whatever stitch count you started with). Remember that the ch 3 at the beginning of every even numbered row does count as a stitch!

  22. 70

    Kyla says

    I cannot figure this pattern out to save my life. At the end of row 3 I have over 100 stitches over and over again. I’ve spent hours today doing nothing but row 3. It looks right, but somehow there are more than 100 stitches to get dc in row 4. I’m not a new crocheter, all the stitches are things I’ve done before. I’m not sure you can help, but I’m so frustrated!

  23. 74


    Quick question for my size estimation purposes since I don’t have an I hook and so am using an H hook instead: Is the beginning chain the larger part of the cowl, or does the cowl get larger as one goes? My guess is that it gets smaller? Thanks!

    • 75

      moogly says

      Hi Kelley! The cowl should actually be the same size throughout, so make the starting chain as bog as you’d like the cowl to be. :)

    • 78

      moogly says

      Thank you Hayley! The inside is smooth, so I don’t know that it would work if you wanted both sides to be the same.

  24. 79

    Belle Thomas says

    Crochet cowl looked so good but I never got access to the
    Instructions; just didn’t appear. I could see one for each
    granddaughter but what a let down!
    Belle Thomas

  25. 81

    Anita says

    I love this pattern but I can’t work out how to do the hood could you please help me. Thank You in advance. Anita.

    • 82

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Anita – the “hood” is an unfortunate and unforseen trick of the light and shadows – this is just a cowl, no hood.

        • 84

          Tamara Kelly says

          To add a hood I would work half the width of the cowl (more or less, depending on how big a cowl you’re making) back and forth in rows, in the pattern, working the post sts on the right side and the other sts on the wrong side. Then when the hood was long enough I’d fold the last row in half and seam the top! :)

          • 85

            Anita says

            Thank You Tamara for taking the time out to answer my questions it is very much appreciated. I am a personal carer,one of my clients put me onto this web site. I am looking forward to making more of your great patterns. Thank You again Anita.

  26. 87

    Myra says

    Thank you for sharing your pattern. I liked the look of the diamonds in your photo and like them just as much on the cowl I have made. Your videos for the specialty stitches were very helpful. Even I have a hard time telling where the rounds joined. Thanks, again!

  27. 88

    Stacey says

    Thank You, Thank You!! I truly love this pattern, it’s stunning. Thanks also for making the video tutorial to help. Love your patterns :O) Would love to see more similar to this one.

    To make this so it wraps around my neck twice what stitch count do i need please? :O)

    • 89

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thanks Stacey! I’d start with a chain of 168, maybe a little longer – start there and then add in multiples of 4 if that doesn’t seem quite long enough.

  28. 90

    ChrisBzzz says

    Love this cowl! I’m on my 4th one already. :-) I have a number of favors to pay back and this definitely fits the bill. Very pretty, looks elegant depending on the color chosen, and works up in hours. Thanks!

  29. 92

    Sarah says

    Hi, was wondering if you could measure the finished length of your round and let me know how many inches long for both sizes? I’m using huge yarn with a big hook. :) Thanks, I love the pattern, btw!!! 😀

    • 93

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Sarah! I’m afraid they’ve both been gifted away – this is one of my older patterns. I’d just work multiples of 4 until you have the length you’re looking for!

  30. 94

    ChrisBzzz says

    I’ve made about a dozen of these diamond cowls, everyone loves them! Thanks for the pattern. :-) I wish we could upload pictures here, I added a grape cluster embellishment onto my latest cowl and wanted to show it off. 😉

    Thanks again!

    • 98

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Yuni! There are some beginner video tutorials here on Moogly, and on youtube! This is a rather advanced pattern, so not a good one to start with I’m afraid. :)

  31. 99

    Linda says

    I am very much a beginner, but I love your pattern. I’m a little confused about row 2:Ch3, dc in next st and ea st to end of round. Join with sl st. (Ch3 counts as dc)
    You chain 3, then does dc in next stitch mean start the dc in the second stitch, so you sort of skip then 1st stitch?

  32. 101

    brittany says

    Thanks so much for the beautiful pattern and tutorials! This looks so fancy, but is quick and easy, a perfect pattern for gifts :)

  33. 103

    Teresa King says

    Hi Tamara,
    This cowl is so, so pretty. I am about halfway through. I am having a little trouble with keeping a consistent number of stitches in each row. In one of the comments, you said each row should have 84 or the number you start with. I keep ending up with more than 84 in the dc rows. I am making it work by doing a few dc decreases in those rows but I can’t quite figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas? I thought maybe I was going into the wrong stitch for the three sc that start sort of behind the post stitch but I don’t think that’s the case. Anyway, it’s gorgeous the way the diamonds come together. I want to make more of these but I’d like to figure out what I’m doing wrong if I can. Thank you so much.

    • 104

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Teresa! It’s so hard to say without being there and being able to look at the work. I’m wondering if you’re working into the stitch behind the post stitches?

  34. 106

    ElaineBITT says

    Forgot to add, thank you for offering the option to download the pdf! Not many designers who offer free patterns do this (actually, very very few, some even make it worse), I appreciate it a lot. I like printing all the patterns that I use, and file them in categories.

      • 108

        Elainebitt says

        I am starting it today, can’t quite decide if I should make it longer (to wrap twice) or just 84 stitches.
        Anyway, I will post a pic after I am done. I am try and figure out how to make a matching fingerless mitts (and an earwarmer, that wouldn’t be too difficult).

        Thank you so much for the videos, they help a lot, it’s almost as having you right here! 😉

      • 110

        Elainebitt says

        I wanted to show you my progress. It took me a long time to make the fsc (I have essential tremor) but I did manage to fsc 168 stitches. Once that was done simply following your video (pausing several times) was enough to understand what to do and the repetition for row 3. The only problem I had was to figure out which stitch to skip from row 2 when doing the 3 sc’s – manly just a light problem, the yarn colour I chose is difficult to see details under artificial light (no, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning to do this. :) ).
        Enough rambling…

  35. 111

    Elainebitt says

    I tried to make an earwarmer using this stitch, and it came out small – only 18″, not enough for an adult head. How many initial stitches do you think I’d need for a 2-22″ head? I started with 52 fsc for 18″ one. I am thinking about 12 stitches more, but I am not sure. The problem is I can only be sure after making at least a couple of the diamond stitch rounds.


  36. 116

    Dina Thomas says

    I am having trouble with a gap in row 5, should you be slip stitching into the chain 1 stitch, ? And then chain 3 in the stitch that was the first sc to begin the row the double crochet again? Thanks so much if you could help

  37. 119


    Wow, this is the one I’ve been looking for as something different for worsted weight and not chunky!! Can’t wait to try the unique techniques used in this, and thx for the video tutorial you know Ii’ll need to beat this piece the 1st time around, lol! I am so visual, guess a lot of people are! thx again…

  38. 120

    Gloria Deeser says

    I love this pattern. Very pretty. Thanks so much for sharing it. Would you by chance have a hat pattern that would go with this cowl? Thank you

  39. 122

    Nilene says

    I just want to say that I love your website. I get so much help from your great tutorials. I love the Diamond Hooded Cowl. I want to make it for my 6 year old Granddaughter will this fit her?

    Thank You


    • 123

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Nilene, thank you so much! This cowl is on the small size, so I think it would fit her just fine, and give her a little room to grow as well. :)

  40. 124

    CHANDA says

    After finishing row 4 I have more than 84 stitches. Should I still only have 84 stitches or should I have more? Are there some stitches from row 3 I need to skip?

  41. 126

    Madeline says

    I made this beautiful cowl in cream and fashioned a matching slouch hat by starting with 64 fsc, repeating rows 4-7 three times, then finishing with 6 rows of sc. I turned it inside out and wove a double yarn through the beginning row evenly and pulling tight. I stitched across the small opening and just turned the hat right side out again. It is so beautiful! I love this stitch pattern. I love your tutorials. So much fun! Thanks!

  42. 128

    Monica says

    I recently tried this pattern after the Snow Drops Reversible Cowl.
    I started with 92 FSC and ended up with no space to make the last Fptr2tog stitch, because I had the 3 SC of the beginning and the 3 SC of the end. I was wondering if I made a mistake with the initial number of stitches. Maybe it’s not just a matter of a multiple of 4?

      • 130

        Monica says

        Yes, I did. I don’t know what happened. I will try again tomorrow and see if I forgot some stitches around!
        I might have missed something as I’m a newbie in the crochet world!


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