Crochet a Rainbow with 10 Free Moogly Patterns!

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Are you crocheting in Rainbows lately? Here is a quick roundup of free rainbow patterns from Moogly – to make you smile through the yucky February weather, or to give all the drought stricken a little more hope for rain!

Crochet a Rainbow! :D Get 10 free #crochet patterns on Moogly! Updated - now there are 14!

10 Free Rainbow Crochet Patterns on Moogly

(Click the name of the pattern to go to the pattern page)

  1. Rainbow in the Clouds Pillow: The softest pillow ever – and SO fast!
  2. Moroccan Tile Afghan: I can’t get enough of this stitch pattern!
  3. Eloise Baby Sweater: Rainbows for babies can be sophisticated too!
  4. Blackberry Baby Bonnet: So sweet – and a perfect pairing with the sweater!
  5. Rainbow Happy Fun Pouch: Going Zakka Style!
  6. Rainbow Pocket Market Bag: Practical and pretty – and eco-friendly!
  7. Neon Dreams Infinity Scarf: Swath yourself in rainbows and stay warm too!
  8. Rainbow Lanyard: Why use a boring lanyard? This works great as a belt and purse strap too!
  9. Rainbow Flower Scrubby: Washing dishes is a little more fun with this scrubby dishcloth!
  10. Multicolor Granny Squares: Keep going and going and going for a nonstop rainbow!

UPDATE – Now there’s more!

Crochet a Rainbow! :D Get 14 free #crochet patterns on Moogly!

  1. Rainbow Runner Tote Bag
  2. Magic Rainbow Baby Blanket
  3. A Very Good Hat
  4. Bonbon Kisses Crochet Pouch

Hope you’ve enjoyed this quick and colorful roundup! I clearly am a rainbow addict – but if rainbows aren’t your thing, you can make these patterns in any colors you like! They’re great for sports colors and school spirit too!

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  1. 1

    kattie says

    I notice you use lion brand wool yarn for the eliose baby sweater can you use red heart super saver yarn im on a budget and lion brand is a little expense for you and would have to order it online and pay shipping because i dont have a yarn store near where i live

  2. 5


    I’m completely obsessed with rainbow crochet. It started just after I’d finished a cross stitch with was all shades of blue. I couldn’t look at anything which didn’t have lots of colour in!


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