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Normally on Wednesdays I like to share a video tutorial I’ve made, but this week it didn’t work out – my videographer/husband had to do actual paid work! The nerve! Oh well, maybe next week. In the meantime, I thought I’d try something new!

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Those of you on Pinterest are aware of “pinning” – and love it or hate it, it’s chock full of new ideas. Whether it’s crafts, recipes, decor, or just things that make you laugh, there’s a pin for that. There’s an overwhelming amount of stuff to sift through: some good, some bad. And Pinterest has certainly stirred up enough controversy to turn some people off altogether.

And even if you do pin like mad, who has time to directly visit all the sites you’ve pinned? There’s a joke that pinners are too busy pinning to “do” – something I know I can be guilty of too. So with all that in mind, I thought that today I’d bring you direct links to some of the best things I’ve found via Pinterest! Bypass the boards, and check out these great sites and ideas!

  1. The Raglan Sweater Calculator: If you’ve ever wanted to make your own, simple, custom sweater, this is a fantastic tool. Why stick to “standard” sizing when you can have something that fits you perfectly? Pick a yarn stitch pattern, make a gauge swatch, and plug your numbers into the calculator at the bottom of the page, and you’ll be knitting or crocheting in no time. free pattern knitting crochet sweater custom calculator
  2. Color Theory Quick Reference Poster: Picking colors for a project comes naturally for some, but some of us find ourselves standing in the yarn aisle or hardware store, arms full of skeins and paint chips, asking every passerby, “Do these work together?” I know what I like, but I’ve often found myself wishing I knew a lot more about Color Theory. I made this poster my laptop wallpaper, and if I ever get a real studio, I’ll print it out and hang it on the wall! Color Theory Quick Reference Poster yarn paint decor
  3. Tutorial: Make Your Own Labels: I looked into ordering labels for moogly commissioned products a while back, and yowza – not at those prices! These tutorial shows you how to make your own labels cheaply and easily, and they look fantastic! Tutorial: Make Your Own Labels craft knit crochet business
  4. Zipper Tutorial: The Purl Bee shows you, step by step, how to sew a zipper into a knit or crochet garment. And she makes it look so easy! Zipper Tutorial purl bee knit crochet sewing
  5. Charted Motifs: This page is in… some other language. Polish? Czech? I have no idea, but I do know that if you can read charts, and you like motifs, there’s a treasure trove here just waiting for you! charted crochet motifs international flowers squares
  6. Broomstick Lace without the Broom: This site is in Russian (I think), but the photos in this tutorial require no explanation. Brilliant! One of those ideas you kick yourself for not thinking of first. Scroll down and there are even charts showing you how to use this technique in a variety of stitch patterns. Broomstick Lace Without the Broom crochet free photo tutorial
  7. Embroidered Edges: Another Purl Bee tutorial, this one is meant to show you how to add a simple embroidered edge to fabric with thread, and offers several different patterns. But why stop there? This is the prefect way to get an edge ready for some special crochet work.Embroidered Edge via Purl Bee crochet knit edging tutorial
  8. Broomstick Lace in the Round: Brilliant! I tried to figure this out myself, but just about broke my brain. This tutorial lays it out so simply. I can’t wait to use this technique myself! Broomstick Lace in the Round crochet technique tutorial photos
  9. The Amazing Flat Crochet Seam: There are never too many stitch patterns, too many squares, too many joining methods! I feel like ways to join squares deserves an entire post of it’s own, but I’d have to keep updating it as I find new ones! This one is simple, elegant, and easy as can be. The Amazing Flat Crochet Seam joining squares tutorial
  10. Turkish Flat Bead Crochet: Somewhere in my crafty journey I took a (short) detour into bead jewelry. It was fun, but as always, the pull of the yarn was too strong. This makes me want to go bead shopping again! Gorgeous! Turking Flat Bead Crochet free tutorial instructions jewelry

So what do you think? Whether you use Pinterest or not, did you like this post? It was fun to share my favorite pinned links this way, and if you all enjoy it, I think it could become a regular feature here on moogly. Give me some feedback in the comments!

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  1. 1

    Cheryl says

    I love being able to ‘click’ right through to these blogs and patterns. I love your videos, but am very glad you have found another option for the times that life just gets too busy! (Hurray for paying jobs). Thanks.

  2. 2

    Ann says

    I have to tell you, I loved, loved, loved this entire post. Please do more of these. I’m not a pinner (yet), which doesn’t mean I do not enjoy it. I simply spend my pinning time (or lack thereof) looking at everything everyone else has pinned. I have so much fun looking at new things, that I sometimes forget that I have projects in the making….lol. Thanks for sharing the above post.

  3. 3


    Thank you for sharing the tips. I’m *blush* going to pin this to my crafts board so that I have a permanent link. I always visit the sites of my pins because I don’t just want pretty pictures, I want to know if it is something I want to do. I use it like a filing cabinet.

  4. 5

    kathleen says

    I’ve just found your blog thanks to allfreecrochet and I must say…..I LOVE it. Clear, concise, creative. Thank you for sharing!

  5. 7

    Stacy says

    I’ve been all over the place trying to find a simpler explanation of the flat crochet join. When will I ever learn to just come here first? Lol. Thanks for posting!

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