Luscious One Skein Cowl

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Recently, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a skein of Lion Brand’s new yarn Unique, in the Grapevine colorway. And it was so yummy I couldn’t wait to turn it into a new pattern! The Luscious One Skein Cowl can be made in just one evening, and I think it’s going to be a staple in my wardrobe – as soon as we get some Fall weather to go with it!

Luscious One Skein Cowl :: Free #crochet pattern on Moogly!

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The Luscious One Skein Cowl is just long enough to drape beautifully and frame the face (and keep the chest warm!). If you prefer a longer infinity scarf style, you’ll need another skein or two, but it’s easy to upsize – just add to the starting row by a multiple of 8 sts! If you don’t care for FSC, start with a chain and sc row instead. If you don’t want to use the CSDC, start each row with a ch 3, which will count as the first st of the row.

Luscious One Skein Cowl :: Free #crochet pattern on Moogly!

Luscious One Skein Cowl

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Round 1: Leaving a 6″ tail, FSC 72. Join to 1st FSC with a sl st to work in the round, being sure not to twist the row.ย  (72 sts)

Round 2: CSDC, *ch 3, skip 3 sts, dc in the next 5 sts. Repeat from * until 7 sts remain. Ch 3, skip 3 sts, dc in the last 4 sts. Join with a sl st to CSDC. (45 dc and 27 ch)

Round 3: CSDC. *Working over the ch 3 from the previous row, work 3 dc sts into the center st of the skipped st section of the row below the previous row (Row 1). Dc in the next 5 sts. Repeat from * until 7 sts remain. Work 3 dc into the center st of the skipped st section of the row below the previous row, then dc in the last 4 ch. Join with a sl st to CSDC. (72 sts)

Luscious One Skein Cowl :: Free #crochet pattern on Moogly!

Round 4: CSDC, dc in the next 4 sts, ch 3, skip 3 sts. *Dc in the next 5 sts, ch 3, skip 3 sts. Repeat from * to end, join with a sl st to CSDC. (45 dc and 27 ch)

Round 5: CSDC, dc in the next 4 sts, then working over the ch 3 from the previous row, work 3 dc sts into the center st of the skipped st section of the row below the previous row. *Dc in the next 5 sts, then work 3 dc into the center st of the skipped st section of the row below the previous row. Repeat from * to end, join with a sl st to CSDC. (72 sts)

Rounds 6 – 9: Repeat Rounds 2 – 5.

Round 10: Ch 1, sc in each st around. (72 sts) Break yarn and seamless join. Et fin!

Luscious One Skein Cowl :: Free #crochet pattern on Moogly!Easy, quick, and gorgeous! Lion Brand Unique has lots of personality all on it’s own, and finding just the right stitch pattern to show it off was lots of fun. I hope you enjoy the pattern!

Written pattern copyright Tamara Kelly 2013. Please do not reprint or repost this pattern, but please do link to this page to share this pattern with others. If you wish to make items for sale from this pattern, please visit the About page for details.

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  1. 18


    LOVE your design and am going to look for this new yarn today! This will be perfect to take to make on the plane on my trip to NY this week. Thanks so much for your blog and all your fabulous ideas!

  2. 20

    Beverly Graham says

    This is a beautiful pattern and will be using for my granddaughters (& me). Also spied another one I would like. Thanks so much for all the patterns you share. They are so lovely and fun.

  3. 24

    Pat says

    I just finished your cowl. Thanks for sharing your pattern. I had Lion Brand Homespun so I used that. So quick and easy I love it. Want to try Eloise sweater next.

  4. 27


    I LOVE THIS YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love how you used it to!!!!! :)

  5. 29

    Susan says

    I love this – I’m drooling over it right now! I’m definitely going to have to get some of this yarn and make this – I might like it a little longer, but you say it’s easy to do. I have lately become interested in cowls – I’m always getting my scarves hung in stuff….

    • 30

      Tamara Kelly says

      ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks Susan! They are handy, and the yarn is so fun! My local JoAnn’s just got it in stock this weekend!

  6. 31

    Dayna says

    Beautiful…adore the colors…love the pattern. Can’t wait to try it. I looked on the Lion Brand website and they carry the Grapevine color but it is not the colors of your scarf. I’m confused.

    • 32

      Tamara Kelly says

      There’s a lot of color changes in the skeins – more than you can see online! I saw it at JoAnn’s in person and I thought they had screwed up and labeled two different skeins as the same – nope, I was just seeing different parts of it on the outside!

  7. 37


    Beautiful cowl, I love the colors! It looks very soft and warm, perfect for the winter that is undoubtedly coming sooner than I want!! Thanks for sharing, this will make for a great gift!

  8. 43

    Patti says

    Thank you for sharing your talents, this is simply beautiful! Being new to crochet I hesitate to try new stitches, but I will master this one!! :-)

  9. 45

    Melanie Blair says

    Simply beautiful Tamara and thank you for sharing,,,,,new to the crochet world, definiately a must on my to do list of crochet,,,,, besides it would be just so rude of me not to,,,,,

  10. 54

    Marietta says

    Hi Tamara
    I love all your patterns and your video tutorials are terrific. I am trying to crochet this scarf and I have a bit of trouble reading the pattern. I added a bit to the scarf, but my question is does the scarf run the same stitch match on each row or are the 5DC and the “working over” fan stitch supposed to be opposite on each row because my scarf is matching the stitches on each row. Your scarf is beautiful, mine is just a scarf…..hahaha Thank you

  11. 56

    Rachel says

    Hello! Thanks so much for your beautiful pattern! We don’t have Lion Brand wool here in New Zealand (not to my knowledge anyhow), so I had another 12 ply yarn that I used and the scarf came out beautifully. I made it longer and wider, and it was easy to adapt. I was also really happy with the FSC, which I tried for the very first time: it’s so elasticated/stretchy, and much better than starting with a chain!! I do have a question… I’m on my second scarf/cowl (am making them for school fundraiser), and I have an 8 ply yarn that I want to use (Utiku yarn from the wool company, in “Faberge”). As it’s an 8 ply, I imagine I’ll need to use an 4mm hook. My question is, how long is your original cowl (folded in half of course)? I wonder if my 200gm skein of yarn will be more than enough to make it… or maybe a longer one….hmmmm

    • 59

      aussiebushgirl says

      In response to Rachel from NZ: You can purchase American brand names such as Red Heart and Lion Brand (plus others) from the only yarn shop I know of that carries it in Australia. Visit the lovely Gabrielle at Yarn Over in Brisbane (yarnover dot com dot au). What she doesn’t have on the shelves, she orders in from the States. Yes it will cost a bit on P&P, but so worth it! Hope this helps. heather

  12. 60

    Lindsey King says

    Last Christmas a friend sent me a skein of blue Peruvian Highland wool yarn that I have been saving for the perfect project. And here it is! I can’t wait to make and wear this scarf. And by the way, I absolutely adore the yarn you used for this project. It is unbelievably gorgeous.

  13. 64

    Jamie says

    Silly new crafter question… I see a lot of patterns that I really want to try, I notice that they say “one Skein” But not all yarns are created equal…. How do I know I have enough yarn? because 1 never seems like enough :)

    • 65

      Tamara Kelly says

      Great question! Usually this means it took one skein of the recommended yarn – but of course yarn substitutions are more common than not! With any luck, the designer/magazine/website will include the yardage for the project. In this case, I list the yarn requirements, located under the hook size, as “109 yds (3.5 oz) Bulky Yarn or 1 skein Lion Brand Unique (Grapevine shown).” From this you can infer that 1 skein of Lion Brand Unique is 109 yds long, and that you’ll need approximately 109 yds of any other bulky weight yarn to complete the project. (Of course, a little extra is never a bad idea, particularly when dealing with bulkys, which have a lot of variation in loft and thickness.) When shopping for a substitute you can then make sure to get (at least) 109 yds of your chosen yarn. This may be just one skein, or you might need a bit of a second. You can find the yardage of the skein listed on the label.

      If, only the brand of yarn is listed on the pattern, without yardage, then I recommend a quick hop over to Ravelry. If you’re not familiar with Ravelry it’s a great resource for any crocheter. They have a yarn database, where you can enter any yarn and get the details on it. So I could type in Lion Brand Unique, and find out the yardage of a skein there (as well as weight, wpi, fiber content, etc), and then know how much to look for when I go shopping. This is also useful info when the recommended yarn is unavailable, as you can use it to get substitution ideas from the yarn database!

      I hope this helps! Welcome to crocheting!

  14. 77

    ROBERTA s. says

    I guess I’m the only one running into trouble with this. I opted not to do the CSDC as I’ve done it before in another pattern and wasn’t happy with its appearance.

    n row two, I replaced the CSDC with a Ch3. I then chained three, per the pattern, for a total of six (6) chains–is this correct?

  15. 78


    Hi, Love the pattern. I am trying to see the tutorial on this pattern but can’t open it. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    Would appreciate any help. Thanks so much.

    • 79

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Cheryl! I don’t have a tutorial specifically for this pattern, but I do have tutorials for some of the stitches and techniques used – FSC, CSDC, joining foundation sts to work in the round, and the seamless join. I’m not sure why the links in the pattern aren’t working, but you can find all these videos on the video tutorials page:

  16. 80

    Louise Gawrys says

    How can I just print the pattern? It’s beautiful and it doesn’t seem to hard to do.

    Thank you

    • 81

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Louise! Thank you! Use the green Print Friendly button at the bottom, and click on the parts you don’t want to print before you hit the “Print” button and you’ll be all set. :)

  17. 82

    Carla B. says

    I really love the look of this cowl but my daughter would like a traditional long scarf. Is there a way to adjust the pattern and still get the same great look?

    • 83

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Carla! I’m afraid I don’t have anything written up using this stitch pattern in straight rows. But if you take a look at the Sunset Shawlette, and omit the decreases, that should give you an idea!

  18. 84


    Just found this pattern yesterday on Facebook and immediately went out and bought the yarn and am getting started tonight. The yarn is so soft and pretty and your pattern is very easy to read. I’ve only been crocheting about 6 months so some patterns are hard for me to follow but yours is concise and easy to follow. Thank You.

    • 88

      Tamara Kelly says

      The CSDC is a replacement for the usual chain 3 – you can just chain 3 and count that as the first st if you prefer. The video tutorial for the CSDC is linked at the top of the pattern. :)

  19. 89

    Cath says


    I love the look of this pattern. But I am confused over one thing – please could you explain what you mean by “Working over the ch 3 from the previous row,” in row 3? Do you mean actually incorporate the chain within the sts above it, or do you just work in front of them (as the right side faces you), so leaving little chains on the back/wrong side?

    Many thanks for any help!

  20. 91

    angela fern says

    Im in love with this stitch! I just finished the hat! Im gonna try out some red heart boutique treasure in the color portrait, I hope it turns out! Thanks for another great pattern! !!

    • 99

      Tamara Kelly says

      Yes, but it will be much more solid if you use this yarn – if you move down hook sizes, it’s recommended to go with a thinner yarn as well.

  21. 100

    Linda says

    Thank you for all your free patterns and tutorials! I love following you! If I was to make this cowl for a 7yr old girl would I decrease the size by multiples of 8 such as beginning with a chain of 64 or 56? What number of chains would you think to make an appropriate size? Thank you!

    • 101

      Tamara Kelly says

      For a 7 year old I’d probably go with 56, 64 if they’re a bigger 7 year old. ๐Ÿ˜€ Their proportions are so different, it’ll be “longer” on them, but their heads aren’t *that* much smaller than ours! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you so much Linda!

  22. 102

    Heather says

    Excited to try this pattern! – I’m doing this by request from a friend and she has already bought the yarn she wants but it’s worsted weight (I Love This Yarn) and I’ll be using a J or K hook so I’m wondering how much more of the worsted I should plan on chaining to get the same length – maybe another set of 8?

  23. 103

    Darcy Palmer says

    Thanks for introducing me to Lion Brand Unique yarn. I love this yarn, the feel of it and the color of it! And I love how your pattern really enhances the coloring of the yarn. I made a set of three for my daughter-in-laws birthday and am making another set for myself and now you have boot cuffs, too!! Also made a cowl in autumn color–gorgeous. I also made two cowls in this pattern with Lion Brand homespun. Not as visually stunning but still very pretty and very soft. I have learned how to FDC from your video and I love it. Thanks again!!

  24. 105

    Alice v. says

    I just had to thank you for this pattern. It’s a quick, never-fail, fun and beautiful pattern. This holiday season, I have made 8 of them (so far), and each recipient has been in live with the scarf! I have played with a variety of yarns (all bulky or super bulky) with outstanding results. This pattern is truly a classic to be saved and cherished.


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