Mini Moogly Sweater

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You’d think that babies would come with some warning. And they do, they do, at least in my experience. But when you aren’t the one with the constant AHEM physical reminders, those 9 months just fly by! Before you know it, the imminent arrival is REALLY REALLY imminent… and as a crafter, you can’t just run out to the big box store for some anonymous onesies! You must make something! A baby blanket is always great, but let’s face it, they do take time. But a crocheted baby sweater? Perfect! Quick, easy, perfectly personalizable (it’s a word, I decided), and they take just a little bit of yarn and a couple of fun buttons.

Over the years, I’ve come up with a fast and easy recipe for baby sweaters, and while I’ll occasionally try something new, this is the design I come back to again and again.

Mini Moogly Free Crochet Newborn Cardigan Sweater Pattern

Mini Moogly Free Crochet Newborn Cardigan Sweater Pattern

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  1. 1

    dj says

    thank you for the pattern idea. i just finished up a sweater for a soon to be baby girl. i crocheted the sweater with a light pink first 5 rows, then light pearl gray, the scallops were then crocheted with a light aqua/turquoise color. came out so so cute. i used large lt pink heart buttons. the patterns are so easy.
    i want to crochet in a larger size…do you suggest adding 3 ch in the beginning in each section area with a larger hook ? so instead of starting 50 ch that would make 12 more chains right ?

    • 2

      moogly says

      I’m so glad you like the pattern dj! Yours sounds lovely! I have made this pattern larger before myself, back in 2008. So it’s been awhile, but fortunately I did take notes! It looks like I did it by adding rows, rather than chains at the beginning. Here are my pattern notes from the upsizing I did:
      How I upsized to 18 mths:
      Use H hook
      Work Kellyโ€™s Sweater to through Row 7.
      Row 8: in same pattern as 2-7.
      Row 9: Make armholes as in pattern row 8, using 7 ch in armpits instead of 5 ch.
      Row 10-end: Switch to Abigailโ€™s Sweater pattern. Start with pattern row 8. Continue as in pattern. Row 11 (patt row 9) yields 16 shells.

      Repeat the last four pattern rows 5 times.

      Do 9 shell rows (7 shells around) for each sleeve, finish as per pattern.

      I hope that helps!

      • 3


        Thank you so much for upsizing this pattern to 18 months. A friend of mine wanted it for her niece (6 months old at the time), but then decided she would rather have it for Christmas (11 months old then). I’m going to make it in 18 months, knowing that I tend to crochet tightly. I really appreciate this!

  2. 4


    This baby sweater looks perfect! I also have two favorite patterns that I’ve made numerous times, the baby granny hex and a “2 hour top down sweater”, but I’m ready for a new pattern, so thanks so very much! Do check out my patterns in the crochet category of my blog, and all the best!

  3. 6

    Learn2Crochet says

    Those were my exact words…awww. This is gorgeous. I love the color scheme. You are so creative to combine the two patterns together. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. 10

    Monica says

    I’m wondering if I just add a couple more rows per your directions about making it bigger if I could stretch it a tad bigger than 18 months? My nieces are in 18 months now, so by fall I think they will need just a tiny bit bigger than that. Do you think that will work to make it bigger?

    And thank you for the pattern, this is super cute! I can’t wait to give it a go :)

  5. 12

    SJ says

    I’m fairly new to crochet and am in need of a bit of help with rows 1-5…

    When chaining 2 at the beginning of a row I see the comments on Kelly Sweater site say the chain 2 counts as the first dc. I’m assuming this means I should *not* dc in the same stitch, but the ends look rounded instead of having a right-angle. Is this okay? Silly question? Thanks so much!

    • 13

      moogly says

      Not a silly question at all! When the ch2 counts as the first dc, you do not dc in the same stitch. However, if you prefer the look you get when you ch2 and DO dc in the same stitch, then there’s no reason not to do that, as long as you do NOT work a dc in the top of that ch2 when finishing up the next row. In other words, as long as you keep your stitch count correct you can do whichever you like best. :) I hope this is clear! Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

  6. 14

    Patricia says

    I’m in the process of making the sweater & I’m a bit confused with row 8 – it says to skip to instead of 3 sc under the arm holes, but abigail’s pattern says to skip 2 until the end??? but even with skipping 2 all the way til the end, I ended up with 12 shells instead of 13. Where am I going wrong?

    • 15

      moogly says

      Hi Patricia! You have found an error in the way I wrote the pattern! I’m so sorry, and thank you for pointing it out. Unfortunately I can’t pay pattern testers, so I have to rely on all of you to help me out. :) I’ll go fix it here in just a minute, but here’s what I’ve discovered:

      Row 5 of the pattern should be:
      11 dc, corner dc, 16 dc, corner dc, 22 dc, corner dc, 16 dc, corner dc, 19 dc (88 dc)

      Then for Row 6 of the pattern, you move to Row 8 from Kelly’s Sweater, to make the armholes. So coming back from the other direction, it’s:
      20 dc, ch 5, 24 dc starting in the next corner, ch 5, 12 dc starting in the last corner (56 dc and two ch 5 spaces)

      Moving to Row 7, you sc evenly around. Working one sc in each ch and each dc, that gives you 66 sc. This is a little tricky, because the switch from dc to chains in Row 6 can make it seem like there are extra stitches there to be worked into, and if you add a stitch you will have to skip a stitch in the next row. But with 66sc Row 8 should work.

      For Row 8, we switch to Abigail’s Sweater. The way I would have written the instructions for that line:
      Ch1, and sc in the first 2 sts. *Ch3 and skip 2 sts, then sc in the next 3 sts. Repeat from * until there are 4 sts left. Ch3, skip 2 sts, and sc in the last 2 sts. This creates 13 ch3 loops for the shells.

      • 16

        Fiona M says

        Hi there,

        I’m completely stumped with R8, where I’m making the ch3 loops for the shells. I have followed the pattern, but my counting brings me to needing 69 sts, but the pattern has 66. I don’t seem to have enough for that last part of “until 4 sts remain, etc”

        Any tips on where I’m going wrong please?
        Thanks x

        • 17

          Tamara Kelly says

          You should have 12 loops finished when you get to the 4 remaining sts. I’m not sure where things are off for you without seeing it unfortunately. If you’ve got 66 sts in the previous row, then use 2 sts in sc at the beginning, and 4 at the end for the last loop and finish, that gives you 60 sts between. Each loop is made of a ch 2 followed by 3 sc (5 sts). So the 60 sts in the middle give you 12 loops, and the last 4 sts give you the last loop. Does that help at all?

    • 18

      moogly says

      Ok, the pattern should be fixed. Again, sorry for any inconvenience, and thank you so much for letting me know!

  7. 19

    Ottavia says

    Hi! I love this cardi! I’m new to crochet and I need some help to realize it in size 6-9 months. In bella bambina blog she change the size of kelly’s sweater from newborn to 6-9 months.
    I would make it for the first winter of my little girl Amanda!
    I bought 100% italian merino wool with 4mm. hook. Can you help me?

  8. 22

    Berni says

    I just went to find the abigal sweater, and there are NO instructions to print out! I really would love to try this sweater. I am always looking for something new to try.

    • 23

      moogly says

      Berni, the Wayback Machine can take a few minutes to load, but then you should get a dark red page with “Welcome to Auntie M’s” at the top. The text is in blue, making it nearly impossible to read, so you need to use your mouse to highlight the text and then print off the selection. I know it’s a bit of work, but with copyright in place I can’t copy the instructions to my blog without Auntie M’s permission and I haven’t been able to get a hold of her. I just checked the page and it’s still working. Maybe this link will work better for you? Hope that helps!

    • 27

      moogly says

      It’s possible your gauge is smaller than mine – next time I make one I plan on taking some measurements. If the body is big enough around, you could just add some length to the body and arms with an extra couple of rows. Standard US sizing for 6-9 months is 17″ at the chest, so I’d measure what you’ve got and see! If it’s too narrow, you may have to frog it and use a larger hook. Here’s a size chart that may help you see where you’re at:

  9. 29

    Gloria says

    Hi, If I choose not to do fdc on row 1 does that mean I need to count chain 2 on each row as my first dc? I did up to row 7 (for larger size) and my stitch count was only 103 but when I counted chain 2 my count then came to 104. Yes or No? I’ve never done fdc and what I’m reading at other sites is confusing. I would like to see a video. Any chance I will find one on you tube?

    thanks, and love the pattern. gloria

    • 30

      moogly says

      Hi Gloria! Thank you!

      The pattern as written does not use fdc. I like to start that way, but if you just follow the directions for Kelly’s Sweater, you’ll start with a regular chain. In the comments on Kelly’s sweater, she does note that she counts the ch 2 as a dc for each row, so it sounds like your stitch count is right on. :)

      I don’t have a video up for fdc, but I do have one for fsc – and the technique is the same, except that you ch one more to start and then of course yo and pull through an additional set of loops each stitch. I’m hoping to make more videos very soon, I’ll add this one to the list! Here’s the fsc one if you’d like to check it out:

  10. 31

    Gloria says

    HI, I finished row 7 w/104 dc. Row 8: I followed armhole tutorial on Bella Bambina site and I finished w/ 22 dc, ch5, 29 dc, ch 5, 14 dc and final dc count 65 w/two ch 5-sp. I then counted dc stitches that were skipped (for armhole) and one side is 19dc and opposite side 20dc making grand total 104dc. My question is this how come my numbers do not match your total found on your page 2 pattern of (24dc, ch 5, 28dc. ch5, 14dc, or 64dc?) It confused me so I just want to be sure that I’m moving along fine and won’t have to rip my work out and start again.
    thank you

    • 32

      moogly says

      Gloria, it’s hard to say for sure without being there to look at it, but I’m wondering if you used stitch markers to mark the center st of each corner? If not, you may have used the wrong “corners” when making the armpits. Make sure that you are working a dc in that center st (of the three), then ch 5, then work right into the next center st (of the next three).

  11. 33

    Gloria says

    HI, THANK YOU FOR REPLY TO MY FIRST EMAIL. I have redone row 8 and still come out with same stitch total on July 7th email I sent.

    Today I went back to your email sent back to Patricia on June 9th 2012 and I read that row 8 is start of Abigail’s instructions instead on row 9-16 where you highlighted in blue Abigail’s sweater. Does this apply also for doing pattern for a 6 to 9 month old? If yes, then maybe that’s why I’m having problems beyond row 8. I will rip out and try it this new way and see if that helps me. I’ll let you know one way or the other.

    ON row 10: I would like to know how many ch 3 loops there should be w/in each armhole, also for back of sweater and on each left/right side to get the 15 loops I need and to be sure I have the right placement of each ch3 loops. Sweater is for my first great-grand baby w/baby shower in 3wks.

    take care, thank you gloria

  12. 34

    Gloria says

    HI again, oops! I finish row 8 of Kelly’s sweater pattern THEN row 9 starts
    Abigail’s pattern instructions instead at row 11 to complete sweater.

    bye gloria

    • 35

      moogly says

      Hi Gloria! I’m a little confused as to where you are, but let’s see if this helps. To make the 6-9 month old size:
      Work Rows 1-8 of Kelly’s Sweater.
      Work Rows 7(9) and 8(10) of the Mini Moogly Sweater (these two rows are only found on this site).
      Work Rows 9-16 of Abigail’s Sweater.
      Work Rows 9-11 of Abigail’s Sweater again.
      Even dc into each shell st.

      • 36

        Gloria says

        Hi, once I realized my problem w/your help I have reached instruction for row 20. I ended w/ row 11 with shell stitches. ? do I turn and do any chain stitch before starting row 20
        Row 20: I’m to dc in each shell stitch (before starting trim row) ? so do I leave sc stitches alone or do I dc in each.

        I’ve enjoyed doing this sweater and look forward to doing many more.

        have a good day, gloria

        • 37

          moogly says

          To work row 20, turn, ch 2 and then dc in each st from the previous row, including the sc. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the sweater! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. 38

    Gloria says

    Hi, new update: finished row 11 (a shell row) just now I went to do row 20 w/out fastening off yarn so I turned to start row then noticed as I did the dc stitches they came out wrong side facing on right side of sweater and did not look right. ? was I to ignore row 17. Then I will move on to doing sleeves and trim/button opening. Doing clothing is not my strong suite, yet. thanks, gloria

    • 39

      moogly says

      The dc may be on the wrong side of the sweater, but as long as your trim row is on the RS it should look fine – but that’s just my opinion, please change the edging and such however you like! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. 40

    Learnto Crochet says

    May sound crazy but which rows did you do the color changes? It’s kind of hard to tell. I’m guessing color changes are on Row 3 and Row 6 for the Newborn?

    Do you know if the pattern could be updated to give the rows for the color changes?

    Learnto (Tasha)

    • 41

      moogly says

      Learnto, I didn’t keep track because I was making this one from leftover bits- and just switched whenever I ran out! Looking at it now, it looks like I switched to pink at row 3 and white at row 7. Sorry for that!

  15. 44

    Learnto Crochet says

    How many ch-3 loops are on Row 10 for Newborn? I finished with twelve ch-3 loops and one ch-1 loop.

    Learnto (Tasha)

    • 45

      moogly says

      Learnto, you should have 13 loops for the newborn size, 15 for the bigger size. Sounds like maybe you could do a ch 2 loop in each armpit to even things out and keep the 13 loops.

      • 46

        Learnto Crochet says

        Well, I have 13 chain loops at the end of Row 9 but when I finished Row 10, there are only 12.

        Does the chain 3 at the beginning of Row 10 count as a loop? I ask because it is not “stretched out” across the previous row shells. In other words, it does not look obvious.

        • 47

          Learnto Crochet says

          Ok, I think I have it. Abigail’s Row 11 includes “half” shells. So, at the end of my Row 11, I have twelve “full shells” and two “half shells”. That would come out to 13 shells

          Now, I just finished Row 12, and I am back to thirteen ch3 loops…I think I am on point…right? :)

          The ch3 count on Row 10 must “appear” to be off but it comes back full circle at Row 12.

  16. 49

    Learnto Crochet says

    Ok, and now for the 50 millionth (yeah, it’s made up :) question about the pattern.

    At the beginning of Row 20, should I ch3 to build up for the next dc OR just skip a beginning chain and dc right away?

  17. 51

    Learnto Crochet says

    Gosh, I thought I was finished asking questions…sorry :(

    For Row 20, did you do a color change to pink?

    Where did you start the body trim? Was it on the shorter side (the part that is overlapped) of the sweater and worked around?

    For the button loops, did you work those as you worked the trim?

    It looks might have used Caron Simply Soft for the example in the pattern. Do you have happen to have the finished measurements for a Newborn.

    Even though I’m not finished yet, I just measured across the chest under the armpits. With the overlap, my sweater measures 7.5″ across. Is that about right or too small?

    • 52

      moogly says

      It’s ok! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Yes, Row 20 was pink.

      I believe I did start the trim on the overlapped side. It doesn’t really matter too much though – I just like to start it wherever I think it will be hidden best.

      Yes, I just chain a few stitches for the buttons as I make the trim – how many just depends on the buttons you chose.

      I used Bernat Soy Natural Blends for mine – sadly discontinued now, I think.

      I don’t have the exact measurements, as those do depend on personal gauge, but 15″ around sounds pretty good. Standard newborn chest circumference is 14″, so you’re right on!

  18. 53

    Learnto Crochet says

    I greatly appreciate all of your help! I have really enjoyed making this sweater. I can’t believe how fast it works up minus life’s many interruptions. :)

    I am working on Row 3 of the sleeves. Is it me or are the directions missing the step for the ch3 loops within the *to*?

    I assume Row 3 should be very similar to Row 10: * ch 3. Skip next dc, next sc and next dc, 1 sc in next 3 dc.*

    • 54

      Learnto Crochet says

      Correction: I now see that Row 3 on the sleeves is slightly different than Row 10 in the body. However, the ch3 should be included in the *to*. But I know there is nothing we can do about it being changed since the author is unavailable.

      • 55

        moogly says

        Yes, my attempts contact her have failed. I’m thinking about re-writing that portion of the pattern into my own words, as much as possible, instead of re-directing, since I have changed it so much. I’d hate to think I was stealing it, but I’m kind of at a loss.

        • 56

          Learnto Crochet says

          I would think it would be OK especially if you still provide a link to her pattern and explain “why” you rewrote it and your failed attempts to contact her.

          On your example, it looks like you have 6 rows of shells. In your pattern, you said to end off on an even row of shells. But based on your picture, it looks like the pink row would be an odd row of shells. Do you remember if the pink row was an odd row?

          • 57

            moogly says

            I believe the pink row of shells was the 6th shell row (12th row of the sleeve). That’s what I see when I look at the picture. The “even” row refers to stopping on a shell row, not a loop row, so you can make as many rows as shells as you like to get the length you want.

        • 58


          Thank you for this cute pattern. I too was confused about the sleeves after looking at your pictures & reading the directions for Abigail’s Sweater. You have changed quite a lot & made some improvements. Thanks!

  19. 60

    Learnto Crochet says

    Are my eyes deceiving me but the more and more I look at Row 20 on your example, the stitch looks like maybe hdc across and not dc…

  20. 65

    Lee Ann says

    What a wonderful-looking baby jacket. I love this! Thanks very much for sharing this pattern :)

    Lee Ann

  21. 67

    Gloria says

    Hi, I see you have a baby hat to match baby in bloom sweater so do you have a baby hat to match your pattern for mini moogly sweater?

    Just finished another mini moogly sweater today.

    have a nice eve. gloria

  22. 69

    Gloria says

    HI, got to look at Abigail’s bonet pattern that closely matches the sweater. I don’t like the back portion and (of course) I want the back to look like the front. Do you think that can be done? So it sit on the baby’s head like a beanie or other style hat. If I do that would I take the same amount of stitches/shells that are in the front of the hat to the back?

    looking forward to your reply, gloria

  23. 72

    Gloria says

    HI, thanks for thinking of me and I did come across that pattern and it does resemble the sweater. What I did was I follow instructions for doing the shells on the sleeves and hat came out just the right size I needed. I didn’t do the jenmegandesign site as I liked the looks of the top of the bonnet pattern.

    I guess I need to set up an account so I can get a picture of how my completed work came out. I’m not very good at posting pictures as I don’t do it enough to remember how.

    have a good day, gloria

  24. 73

    Sheena says

    I cannot see Abigail’s (rows 9-16) sweater directions on the website. They have it on a maroon background with blue lettering. It is absolutely unreadable. Can anyone help me? This sweater is SO stinkin’ ADORABLE!!

    • 74

      moogly says

      Hi Sheena! It’s a problem for everybody. I think soon I’ll be adapting and re-writing the stitch pattern directly onto the Mini Moogly pattern, as my attempts to reach Auntie M have failed. In the meantime, I recommend that you use the cursor to highlight the pattern and then either copy and paste it to a word processor document or print it out, checking the “selection” box so that you only get the words. I hope one of these methods work for you!

    • 75

      Gloria says

      Hi Sheena,

      What I did was at the Abigail sweater site (maroon colored background) showing the pattern instructions. Go up and click on file icon (top left corner) and and click on print preview and the maroon background will go away and you will be able to view complete pattern. Then click to print pattern.

      good luck, gloria

  25. 81

    Sondra says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m still fairly new to reading patterns, but loved this so much, that I thought I would give it a try. I found it was easiest for me to print out all three patterns, type out the pattern in order (instead of flipping between all three), and follow that….I highly recommend doing this!!!
    My great-niece is expected to arrive in October, and I cannot wait to see her new sweater on her! I put it onto my 1mth old great-nephew just to get a peek at what it’s going to look like….PRECIOUS!!! (of course his Mama wasn’t too happy about him wearing a girls sweater)
    Once again, thanks for the pattern!

    • 83

      moogly says

      No dumb questions Jen! I’m glad you asked – I’m sure someone else has wondered the same! It’s worked from the top down, in one piece (with the sleeves added later). :)

  26. 85

    steph says

    Love this sweater! Was wondering if you could provide finished chest measurements for the 6-9 month size. I have a large 9 month old so I’m guessing that the sizing will be too small for her. Probably would need 18 months. Any chance you will be adding more sizes to the pattern? [hoping!]

    • 86

      moogly says

      steph, it all depends on gauge, but the chest size for the 6-9 mths size should be 17-18 inches. I did actually upsize it for 18 mths for my own niece, just by using a larger hook (H to J, depending on how tightly you crochet) and adding an extra row or two of length in the body and arms. 18 mths chest size is 19 inches, so as long as you’re hitting that by the time you make the armpit row, you should be golden! Let me know if you need more help!

  27. 90

    Oliveoyl says

    Great looking sweater! Thank you for your generosity in sharing. I have had trouble with the chain row though……I have chained 50 but always end up short 4 -5 chains at the end of row one…..I have ripped out and recounted 3 times….50 chains. Just don’t understand it…….:(

    • 91

      moogly says

      Oliveoyl, I’m sorry you’re having trouble! I wish I were there so I could see what’s happening. I’m wondering if you’re not getting the corner stitches all in the same chain?

      • 92

        Oliveoyl says

        Quick question: In row 8 of Kellys pattern, It reads “dc in each stitch to first corner”. Does this mean I dc INTO this first corner (of 3 dc’s) or just up to the dc st right before the corner……or up to the MIDDLE dc stitch as in the rest of that row? I’t not clear to me. Maybe it’s just me. Thanks very much.

  28. 94

    Oliveoyl says

    I have never been so confused on a pattern in my life. All the switching back and forth between patterns AND trying to upsize too…WHEW! Not to mention the mistakes in the pattern. I have struggled so but others say this pattern works up easy! I am a new crocheter it’s true and I have sweat blood over this one. I’m ripping out for the 4th time. YUK. I do appreciate the pattern. I’m just frustrated and not sure which pattern to use from here. I’m on row 10 which talks about crocheting into hdc’s, but I haven’t done hdc’s up to this point!..?????
    Maybe I will rewrite this pattern for the upsize and simplify things. As popular as this pattern is I am surprised it hasn’t already been done.

    • 95

      moogly says

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble Oliveoyl! It’s not a beginner pattern, that’s true. I’m sorry for all the switching back and forth, but as it’s drawn from copyrighted material, I’m afraid that’s the only way I can present it here. I’d recommend printing out the patterns and highlighting the parts you want to use.

  29. 96

    Penny says

    This sweater is so cute why just in baby sizes. It would look adorable on my 5 year old granddaughter as well. She is wearing a size 7 now. What would it take to increase the size

    • 97

      moogly says

      Penny, a whole lot of math! It’s relatively easy if you’ve got the 5 year old available though. Just start with a good neck size, work the corner increases to the armpit line, then work the shells on down the body and work the arms to length.

  30. 98

    Melinda says

    I am enjoying this pattern but I am having an issue with row 11. At the end of this row I have 15 shells but the pattern say I should have 8 shells. Help!!!

    • 99

      moogly says

      Melinda, you’re fine! The 8 shells is from the original Abigail’s Sweater. This mashup alters the shell count. If you’re making the Newborn size you should have 13 shells, but for the larger size 15 is exactly right!

  31. 100

    Jilly says

    I am wondering how much yarn I’ll need. I know it depends on how many colors I use. How many yards would you say you needed for the ivory scalloped part? Thank you! Can’t wait to make it for a friend’s baby due this summer!

    • 101

      moogly says

      Thanks Jilly! I’d say less that 130 yds. Sorry I can’t be more exact! I tend to use up odds and ends for these sweaters. :)

  32. 102

    Sue says

    This cardigan is so pretty…I also think it would be gorgeous in grown-up sizes! I’ve done a sweater for my granddaughter that starts with a very similar stitch pattern for the neck/yoke. I’ve seen several patterns for babies/toddlers that have the same neck/yoke shape, but don’t recall seeing it in an adult pattern. I’d consider giving it a go, but math is far from my strong suit! I AM, however very good at frogging and starting over!!!

    • 103

      jgreen0521 says

      I would love to make an adult size of this, I was thinking that when I stumbled upon your entry. I would love to be able to convert it to a larger size. If anyone has the equation or advise on how to proportionally enlarge this beautiful sweater, please let us know.
      Thank you!!

  33. 104


    Thank you so much for posting this pattern on Ravelry. I love it! I have made two of them in just a few days. The baby (0-3 months) was really easy to do and I wanted a matching one for her big sister who is almost 6. I managed to make it much bigger and the result is amazing. My nieces are going to be the cutest two at the Easter Service at Church!

    • 108

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi n! I can’t grant permission on this one as the patterns don’t belong to me, but to the other two designers.

  34. 111

    Rpoore says

    Good morning! I think this is one of the loveliest sweaters I have seen and have been trying to make this for a friend who is due soon. I keep running into a problem at row 6 :( I start with the proper amount of stiches from last row (88), but when I complete row six I have too many stitches…aggg…I am new to crochet and reading patterns so I think that I am misreading something (obviously, LOL). I am messing up here:
    “dc in each st to first corner, ch 5, dc in center st of second corner, dc across to center st of third corner, ch 5, dc in center of fourth corner and each st to end”
    It doesn’t say to skip any stitch, but wouldn’t I have to so that by the end of this row I would have 56 dc and 2 ch 5 spaces and of course to give me 66 sc at the end of row 8?
    I hope this isn’t too confusing to read :)

  35. 113

    Rpoore says

    Oh! Got it, did it and it was fantastically easy (once I follow the directions, LOL). I didn’t realize I was at the armhole already :) Thank you so much; this really is a piece of cake!

    • 114

      Tamara Kelly says

      You’re very welcome! I’m so glad that worked. ๐Ÿ˜€ It IS confusing the first time – I remember when I made my first top down baby sweater, I was confused too!

  36. 115

    Cheryl says

    Let me start by saying this sweater is beautiful. I was so excited to try it but I have come to a problem… I am sorry in advance if I am wrong however, I think there might be a mistake on the pattern for the size (6-9) months. On row 8 (10) it says for the count to work for the size 6-9 months you need to skip one space and not two under the arm but I found that doesn’t work out.. so I counted to make sure my stitch count was right and it was but I found if you skip 3 spaces under the arm instead of 1 as it states the stitch count works out.
    Thanks again for this beautiful pattern.

    • 116

      Tamara Kelly says

      It may be off – I haven’t made it in quite some time! Glad you were able to make it work though! :)

  37. 117

    liltyjo says

    I’ve just been making this in the 6-9months version. Just about to add the sleeves and so far its looking great! Thank you!

  38. 119

    Krista says

    Hi! I really love this pattern but now I’m struggling with the sleeves. How many stitches are there supposed to be when you start at row 1 on Abigail’s sweater? And do you make it the same way as row 8 in the hem? Thanks so much!

    • 120

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Krista! The first row of the sleeves should have 6 or 7 loops/shells evenly distributed around. It should be roughly the same as Row 8, but as I say you’ll likely need to fudge things a bit. If you need to skip a stitch or add an extra one that’s best done in the “armpit” of the sleeve.

  39. 124

    Jane says

    Came across your sweater via google image search (making items for my soon to be born niece) and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your generosity in publishing this for free. I’ve made several versions now with different yarns, both short and long sleeved, and they’ve turned out incredible. Thanks again!!!

    • 125

      Tamara Kelly says

      ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m so glad Jane! I hope you give some of the other sweaters on here a try – the new Eloise sweater is super fun!

  40. 126

    bolbola says

    hi I want to know age of baby with this pattern? I want to make it to my daughter 12 monthes how many ch I should start?

  41. 129

    Irene says

    Thank you so much for publishing this pattern for free, and for all the help and guidance along the way. I have made several of them in the last few months, and they always come out perfect! I’ll post a picture for you on FB.

  42. 133

    Jade says

    Hi Tamara, just wanted to make you aware that some is using your design and claiming it as their own I know not much can be done but I just thought you may like to know (I would) Instagram and Facebook handmadebyktom

    • 134

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Jade! Looks like s/he is selling finished items rather than the pattern – and that’s allowed! :) Thank you for thinking of me and being on the lookout though! I really appreciate it!

  43. 135

    Andy says

    Hi! The pattern is adorable. I am in making process now. It is well written and it turns out just as expected. I send you best wishes from Lithuania,
    Not many people these days give the gift of free patterns, so thank you for being generous.


  1. […] Mini Moogly Sweater: This little “recipe” was more than the sum of it’s parts! This was my go-to sweater pattern for little girls for years – and I’m so glad I decided to share it! The real coup was getting permission from the amazing Auntie M to host her half of the sweater pattern here on Moogly. No more highlighting text on the Wayback Machine! It has a translation here as well – this time in Slovak! […]

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