Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket

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About three years ago, I was lucky enough to become an aunty yet again, and to celebrate I decided to make a pretty little baby blanket for the new niece or nephew. Using some hot new colors available in Lion Brand Cotton Ease that year, I came up with this:
free crochet baby blanket pattern, striped, bobblesI loved it, the new parents loved it, and my sister-in-law tells me even complete strangers remarked on it. I put it in my Ravelry notebook (a notebook I’ve sadly neglected lately), and it went crazy in the favorites, if I do say so myself. It’s cute, fun, and easy, and it’s time to share.

Ok, one more look. And can I say, they’re still using it, and it still looks great!

free crochet baby blanket pattern, striped, bobbles

Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket
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  • Yarn: 1449 yards Lion Brand Cotton-Ease (7 skeins in desired colors) or same quantity other worsted weight yarn
  • Hook: 5.0mm (H/8)

I didn’t measure the finished product, but it was about the same size as other baby blankets we had around at the time – more than big enough to cover a newborn or infant carrier car seat.  In order to change the size, add or subtract in the chain row by multiples of 4 stitches. Go all the way down to 27 and make a scrubby washcloth! If you want to make an afghan, go here for details on the perfect Blackberry Salad Striped Throw!

As for the color changes, I used seven skeins in seven different colors, and in order to keep it random, I closed my eyes and reached into the bag each time I needed a new color. To make your own, change colors as desired every two rows. Prefer to plan ahead? Try this free Random Stripe Generator at Biscuits and Jam!

How to Bobble Stitch / dc5tog:
Click here for Bobble Stitch Video Tutorial!
Bobble stitches are worked from the “wrong side” – meaning they pop out away from you as you work. They are worked much like a dc dec, but all into the same stitch. To dc5tog, work 5 dc all into the same stitch, leaving the last loop unworked on the hook each time. When you’ve got 6 loops on the hook, yarn over and pull through all 6 sts. Work tightly here, and as soon as you make the next (sc) st, the bobble should pop right out on the other side of your work!

Blackberry Salad Striped Blanket Charted

Blackberry Salad En Espanol

Chain 115.
Row 1: (RS) Dc in 4th ch from hook. (Starting chain of each row counts as first dc.) Dc in each st across to end. Ch1, turn. (113 dc)
Row 2: (WS) Sc into the first 4 sts, *dc5tog into the next st, sc in the next 3 sts.* Repeat from * to * until the end of the row, ending the row with 1sc in the top of the turning chain.
Row 3: (RS) Change to second stripe color. Ch 3, turn. Dc across row to the end, skipping the turning ch. Ch1, turn.
Row 4: (WS) Sc into the first 2 sts, *dc5tog into next st, sc in the next 3 sts.* Repeat from * to * until the last 3 sts. End the row with one more dc5tog and sc in the last 2 sts (final st in the top of the turning chain).
Row 5: (RS) Change color to 3rd stripe skein. Work as for Row 3.
Row 6  to end: Repeat Rows 2 through 5, changing colors on the odd numbered rows, until you feel the blanket is roughly square or you run out of yarn!

Still having trouble? This video is a quick overview of how it comes together!

baby blanket, free crochet pattern, crochet baby blanket, bobbles, blackberry salad stitch, stripesWritten pattern copyright Tamara Kelly. Please include links to this blog post if sharing this pattern with others, but do not reproduce or repost the written pattern. You may sell items made from this pattern, but please include a link to moogly on the listing or tag with credit for the pattern.

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  1. 18


    This is gorgeous! Found you through Sara at “Tangled Happy.” I’m making this for my new bundle due in March, got my yarn and evrything already! Thanks again for sharing!

  2. 21

    Tammi says

    Cute blanket, but I think there’s a problem with the pattern. I bought yarn and started to make the blanket but kept coming out with the wrong amount of stitches for ending even numbered rows. I had increased the blanket size and thought I made a mistake there, but the math doesn’t work out either. I think you need to have either 110 or 114 dc at the end of row 1 to make this come out. (110dc gives you 26 * to * repetitions, 114 gives you 27 * to * repetitions) Also, if you total the stitches on rows 2 and 4, you get a different number. I think the problem here is you have a total of 6 stitches outside the *s on row 2, and 5 stitches outside the *s on row 4. I’m re-working using 6 stitches outside, with row 2 worked as stated above, but row 4 ending w/ 5dctog and 3sc. Hope that wasn’t confusing!

  3. 35

    Trenda says

    I found and fell in love with this right after you made it. I fiddled around with bobbles till I came up with something similar. I made it for my nephew and it turned out beautiful. I so appreciate your sharing it here with us all now. Thanks for your generosity:) Great combo of color and texture!

  4. 36

    Nece says

    I found your link on Tangled Happy. This is such a perky project. I posted pics of the one I made on Thanks for sharing your pattern.

  5. 37

    Rachel says

    Hi there
    Big hello from Australia… and a *thank you* for your lovely pattern! It is just what I’m after as an almost complete novice for my little 8 month old. Found you on Google. Hooray! Using periwinkle, cherry red, navy, maize yellow, an oceaney teal, cream and a mid eucalyptus. Gorgeous! I am the end of row 2, all going well. But was wondering how many chain stitches in do I start with the dc-ing?
    Thanks so much

    • 38

      moogly says

      Hello Rachel! For Row 3, the ch 3 from Row 2 counts as the first stitch, so you then dc into the top of the second stitch of the row below. I hope that’s clear! Thanks for reading! 😀

      • 39

        Rachel says

        Thanks! So that would make it the 4th chain from the hook? As I mentioned, I’m really new to crocheting (so sorry for the basic questions) but this is going really well and am sure will turn out beautifully… I just have to keep going… (I’m not very fast!) Using 8 ply (your DK I think) in a pure Aussie wool and a 4 mm hook and it’s looking so lovely already. Thanks again for sharing :)

        • 40

          moogly says

          Actually I think that would be the fifth chain from the hook, otherwise you’ll increase the row by one stitch.
          Good luck with your blanket!

  6. 45

    Alishia says

    Thank you so much for the pattern. I’m using dark colors, Its turning out fantastic. I had to modify it a little just so that the second row had as many bobbles as the first. (I thought it completely un fair to the second row that it didn’t :-p . I know I’m not normal) I plan on doing this again but in black and white strips and making it longer yay shower curtain. Thank you again.

  7. 46

    Terri says

    Great pattern! I am creating a baby blanket with pink, green, yellow, lavender, and white (leftovers from previous projects); it’s coming out really nicely. Can’t wait to make another with more vibrant colors.

  8. 47

    Rae says

    So cute, thanks for sharing, this is going to make a great shower gift! Any idea if I was to use one colour how many skeins?

    • 48

      moogly says

      Rae, I used up almost every last bit of the 7 skeins I had, so similar yardage all in one color might give you just an extra row or two, due to not having the ends from changing colors. :)

  9. 49


    i’ve totally forgotten all of the crochet lingo…it’s been…8 years since i’ve really followed a pattern…? is there a video of this anywhere? i love the look of the ‘bobbles’…so cute!!

    • 50

      moogly says

      I don’t know of a bobble video, but I agree it would be helpful! If I can get my mitts on a video camera…

  10. 53

    Laura says

    I am thinking of making this blanket for a friend and am somewhat new to crocheting and have yet to change colors when working on things. Any advice?

    Your blanket looks great! I can’t wait to try it!

    Thanks in advance!

    • 54

      moogly says

      Hi Laura!
      The best way I’ve found to change colors, is to stop right before you complete the last stitch of color A, and finish it by picking up color B.
      In other words, if working a single crochet, you would put the hook into the stitch, yarn over, pull through, and change to the new color to yarn over and pull through the two loops on the hook. If dc, then it would be yarn over, put the hook into the stitch, yarn over again, pull through, yarn over and pull through first two loops on hook, THEN change to the new color to yarn over and pull through the last two loops.
      I found this video that shows what I’m talking about: Hope that helps and best of luck to you!

      • 55

        Laura says

        Thank you so much for your help! I have several baby blankets to make in the next several months and I think this will be a fun pattern to use!


  11. 57

    Desiree Giambruno says

    I agree with Tammi, if you continue to follow the instructions for Row 2 and 4 the amoun t of stitches isn’t correct. I’ve ripped the blanket apart several times thinking I’ve made a mistake but even after following the pattern “to the T”, it doesn’t come out correct. You do not get a 28 repeat.

    • 58

      moogly says

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble Desiree. I wish I could be there in person to see what’s happening! Do you think if I sketched out a chart for the pattern it would help?

        • 60

          Desiree Giambruno says

          Ok, So I started all over again and this still doesn’t seem to work out. But I did notes this times. Chain 115, Row 1 equals 112 chains. Row 2(with chain in top of turning chain) equals 113 chains. Row 3 totals 114 chains. Row 4 (with 1 chain in the top turning chain) equals 114 chains. Row 5 (repeat of row 3) totals 114 chains. Row 2 (with chain in top of turning chain) equals 115 chains. Row 3 totals to 116 chains. As this continues, one side of the blanket is not square/flush, it flares out. I can not seem to figure out then what I am doing wrong. I have followed the pattern exactly as written.

  12. 64

    Kathy says

    I am just wanting to clarify that you used 7 skeins for the entire blanket, not 7 skeins of each color? Thank you, sorry I’m so dense.

    • 65

      moogly says

      Hi Kathy! No worries, I appreciate the opportunity to clarify! Yes, just 7 skeins total, 1 of each color. 😀

  13. 69

    Trudy says

    I was trying to make this for a Kingsize bed throw. TOO BIG to handle! What would the count be to make a 6X8 square? I am good at math but get a little confused when it comes to altering patterns.
    Thank you for your time,

      • 71

        moogly says

        Hi Trudy! 6″ x 6″ I assume? I think, to start off off, you should try using chain 23 to begin. But keep that ruler handy – every crafter has their own gauge, and depending on how you work and what type of yarn you’re using, you may need to add (or subtract) 4 stitches to get close to the size you want. If you meant 6′ x 6′, I’d go with a starting chain of 255 – but again, that’s only an estimate! I hope this helps!

  14. 75

    Lisa Johnson says

    Wanted to thank you for the pattern. Mine turned out great. I don’t see how I can attach my picture here. I did mine in different colors with a pointy stitch boarder. It turn out so cute!

    • 76

      moogly says

      Lisa you are very welcome! I wish I could tell you how to attach a picture but I have no idea – I know way more about crafting than I do about computers, alas!

  15. 78

    Sarah says

    Hello! First off, this is a wonderful pattern that I am so excited to make for my cousin! I’m having a little trouble deciphering one part of the pattern–I’m a bit of a newbie :)
    At the end of Row 3, the instructions say to “skip the turning chain. Ch.1 and turn”. Does that mean skip the turning chain from the last row, or only chain one at the end of row 3 before turning (since it was double crochet, usually it’s chain 2)… Thanks for your help!

    • 79

      moogly says

      Hello Sarah! “Skip the turning chain” – this refers to the ch1 at the start of row 2. This is a row of sc (and bobbles), and you never work into the “turning chain” of 1 on a sc row, whereas the ch3 at the beginning of a row of dc is usually counted as a dc, and on the even numbered rows you’ll work into the top of the ch3 as it’s own st. So at the end of row 3, dc into the top of the first sc in row 2 (113 dc made). Then ch1 and turn to begin row 4, which is another row of sc and bobbles.

      Have you looked at the chart? It may help you visualize what is meant. Thanks for reading! 😀

  16. 80

    Lynn Jacobs says

    Love this blanket! One of the cutest I have seen. Could you please tell me the names of the colors you used? Thanks for sharing your pattern :)

    • 81

      moogly says

      Lynn, I’m not 100%, but I *think* they were Terracotta, Maize, White, Berry, Lime, Violet, and Seaspray. At any rate, those are the closest ones now available from Cotton-Ease!

      • 82

        Lynn Jacobs says

        Thanks for your help. I have to order my yarns online as the only local store that carries yarn is Wal-Mart. Since I can not see the colors in person I have to trust the color charts provided and they are not always accurate so it is nice to have the names of the colors you used. Thanks again!

  17. 83

    Carmen says

    Just would like to thank you for sharing your blackberry salad striped blanket. I have one question, I have just finished the blanket the correct amount of chains and it looks good, I went to put a edging on it, now one end is now longer than the other, as I have only started crocheting in the last two months thanks to YouTube  and the net I’m not sure what to do, any advice would be much appreciated.

    • 84

      moogly says

      Hi Carmen! I’m glad you are enjoying the pattern!

      If I’m reading correctly, you have finished the whole blanket and it’s smaller one end than on the other? There are a number of reasons that can happen. If the number of stitches are consistent, and you didn’t add or lose any anywhere, then it’s possible that your tension, or how tight you made the stitches, changes somewhere. It takes a lot of practice to develop even tension. Or it’s possible that you picked up the wrong sized hook at one point. Another possibility, if your starting edge is the smaller one, is that your chains were a bit tight.

      In the meantime, since the blanket is already finished, one thing you can do is to block it. If it’s natural fibers (wool), then you can get it wet and stretch into the shape you want and then let it air dry. Another idea is to vary the border a bit as you go around – use dc on the narrow end, and then as you get to the wide end, go to hdc and perhaps sc after that. Then do another row of edging that’s all the same – this will visually hide the unevenness a bit.

      And lastly – don’t worry too much about it! Baby blankets in use are rarely laid out perfectly flat. 😉

      Have a good night!

  18. 85

    Kelly says

    Love the blanket. I have two expectant babies and can’t wait to make this beautiful and unique blanket. It is a nice contemporary change to the run-of-the-mill codices that are out there!
    Thank you! Love your tutorial!

  19. 86

    Isabel says

    I love the look of the bobbles and want to give it a try. When you are sc and dc, do you insert the hook into the front loops, back loops, or both loops along the previous row. Each variation would give a different “look”, right? Which do you use? Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  20. 88

    Katlynn says

    I’m a beginner, but I love crocheting. What I love about your instructions is that they are extremely easy to follow and understand! I’m currently pregnant with my first child, and I’ve worked on two shell stitch blankets; both turned out really nice. But now, I think I want to try the bobble!

    I have a quick question… Did you use scrape yarn, or did you go buy whole bundles? In any case, about how much yarn will need to be used for a baby seat cover.

    • 89

      moogly says

      Hi Katlynn – and congratulations on your imminent arrival! :)

      I used 7 full skeins of cotton ease for this one, but I think since it’s a striped pattern, using scraps for one of these would look great too! The finished blanket is about 3′ x 3′, and fit over my niece’s car seat very well, with enough overlap to keep it in place.

  21. 93


    Sorry, i meant to ask, if i needed to do a slightly bigger blanket, is there a certain amount of stitches i need to follow…eg does it have to be odd or even number stitches. Hope this makes sense. Thanks once again for sharing

    • 94

      moogly says

      Hi Marie! To make a larger blanket, add to the starting chain in groups of 4 sts. If you are looking to go all they way up to a throw sized blanket, I have a pattern written up for the Blankberry Salad Striped Afghan as well! Thanks for reading, and you are very welcome!

  22. 96

    Kathy says

    I figured it out. Watched the video again and realized I was putting 4 singles after a bobble instead of 3. :) Off to the races again! :)

    • 97

      moogly says

      Oh good, I’m glad you were able to figure it out – it’s always hard to tell without seeing the blanket in front of me. 😀 Good luck with your blanket!

  23. 98

    Sarah R says

    This is such a SWEET blanket! I really love the colors you chose! Would you mind sharing which colors you used of the LB cotton ease? I want to make sure I end up with a similar look as yours. Sorry if you’ve answered this question before…I looked through the comments and didn’t see any info about the colors, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask! :)

    • 99

      moogly says

      Hi Sarah! I’m not 100%, but I *think* they were Terracotta, Maize, White, Berry, Lime, Violet, and Seaspray. At any rate, those are the closest ones now available from Cotton-Ease!

  24. 100


    I added a picture of this blanket (and the link) to my blog this week…… And, I’ve started a version of the blanket already. Actually, have a 2nd version planned too! I am doing the “brights” first, with only 5 colors, as that was what I had on hand. The 2nd version I was going to use up some of my typical baby colors, and see what it looks like in pastels.
    Thanks for sharing your pattern, it is so fun to work on!

    • 101

      moogly says

      Thank you, and thanks for sharing the link! I’m so glad you like the pattern. Be sure to post again when you’re finished – I love to see how they turn out! 😀

  25. 103

    Amanda says

    Iove the blanket!
    I’ve been winging my own version of it which looks similar but it simpler I think.
    I’ve just been single stitching two rows; then one row with 3 single, 5 double in the fourth hole, and repeat; and then one row of single.
    I alternate where the bobbles fall by starting the next color’s bobble pattern after one single stitch instead of three.
    Thanks for posting!

  26. 105

    Sian Rosser-Evans says

    This pattern is just too cute! I don’t have the patience to make an entire blanket, so I think I’ll use the washcloth-sized width to make a funky scarf for the winter.

    Thank you so much for sharing. It’s people like you who make the internet a wonderful place to be for an enthusiastic crocheter like me!

    Thanks again! Diolch!


    • 108

      moogly says

      They are very similar! I like to work bobbles from the wrong side, and popcorn stitch from the right side, but as I’ve recently learned, there’s something called the “berry stitch” – which is exactly the same as a bobble stitch, except you push it towards you instead of away! Too funny!

  27. 109

    Seyi says

    It’s SUCH a lovely pattern– def the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made. Thank you for sharing.

    Quick question, though– how did you finish it? Did you just wash and dry it, or was there blocking involved? I know I have to clean it before giving it away but I’m a fairly new crocheter and the first wash makes me kind of nervous. hahahaha

    • 110

      moogly says

      Seyi, I don’t generally need to block them, so I don’t think you’ll need to. If anything, I’d just wash gently in cold & let it dry flt in shape. I hope you share pictures 😀

  28. 111

    Teresa Puleo says

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. I made this for my 4 year old great-great-niece and it came out lovely! I so very much enjoyed making and know that I will definitely make more. I made this one 48″(L)39″(W) and know it will fit perfectly on her twin bed. It did take me awhile and I used 11 colors from my left overs (yes I have a lot of yarn! doesn’t everyone!). I used baby soft and it was so fun deciding what color I was going to use next. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • 112

      moogly says

      Teresa, you are so very welcome! 😀 I’m so glad to hear it. If you’re on facebook, come post a picture on the moogly page and show it off! 😉

      • 113

        Teresa Puleo says

        Posted photo on your Facebook and also my facebook with a link to your blog. Thanks again!☺

  29. 116

    Mel says

    I’m new to crochet and am going to try this for my first baby due in February. The pattern seems really well written, I’ll let you know how I get on.


  30. 118

    Kim in Michigan says

    As i beginner, i so appreciate the the different ways you show the pattern. Written,Chart and a video! I have been practicing stitches and pattern by making dishcloths! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!Blessings!

  31. 120

    Marjie in OK says

    Hi there! Love this! I’m presently working on the blackberry salad baby blanket for my best friend whose expecting. I’m a newby at crocheting (this is my first project ) and I noticed some of the blankets on the ravelry site have lovely borders. Can you suggest a link or tutorial on how to add a border? Thanks in advance!

  32. 122

    Sara says

    Thank you so much for the pattern! I’m about 1/3 – 1/2 way through my first blanket (of any kind) and I’m a little overwhelmed by the possibility of weaving in all the edges because of all the color changes – Do you have any way to weave them in as you go? Or do you wait and bite the bullet at the end?

    Thanks again!


    • 123

      moogly says

      Hi Sara! I think I answered your question over on the Facebook page, but just to go ahead a put it out there – I wait and weave them all in at the end! I also make sure I’ve got some great stuff lined up on Netflix or a movie I want to watch ready to go for that evening. :)

      • 124

        Sara says

        Thanks for answering both places! I posted here first but didn’t know if you still checked here because its an old er pattern… Guess I was hoping for a magic way to have them all worked in! Lol I’ll cue up a movie and be ready for a full night! Thanks again for all you do!

        • 125

          moogly says

          I do my best to read all comments, it’s just been a busy week with the holidays so it’s taking me a little bit longer. :)

  33. 127

    Katherine says

    I’m probably nuts, but I am thinking I could try this stitch in a wave – lol – I’ll let you know if it works or if I change my mind. I was so inspired by a post of a wave blanket yesterday – but – I’ve been wanting to make a giant BBS blanket too. I’m still tossing it around in my mind. Love your stuff- thanks!

  34. 129


    Thankyou SO much for sharing this! .. It is ahhmazing! I’ll be using this pattern for my cousin’s baby boy blanket. I am expecting this July so I’m sure I’ll be making one for he/she also :)

  35. 130

    Michelle says

    I watched all your videos I could find on this baby blanket… My question is.. Do you have to cut and weave in the ends every two rows. I am assuming you can’t carry 7 different colors down the side of the blanket! In your tutorial to show how to change colors you carry the one color down the side and mentioned snipping and weaving in… Isn’t the yarn awfully short to weave in? Do you have any videos on how to neatly and securely and invisibly weave in ends? I am a knitter but this is my first crocheted project

    • 131

      moogly says

      Hi Michelle! For the Blackberry Salad blankets, if you’re working with more than two colors or if you’re not planning an edging, then you’ll want to cut the ends and weave them in at every color change. Definitely don’t try to carry 7 colors along the side! I usually cut them to leave a good 6 inches or more of length to weave in. The switching colors video is more for the mechanics of it rather than showing how long your ends should be. For more info on weaving in ends, try this video: though really it’s much the same as weaving in ends for knitting.

      I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions! :)

  36. 133

    Cindy says

    Hi, I ran across your pattern on Pinterest with a link. Beautiful, had no trouble at all with your pattern but would say an advanced beginner will be needed. I cut a 6″ in tail and carry it into the next row and crochet over for 6 to 8 sts. No weaving needed. Thx for your beautiful pattern.

  37. 134

    Lyndal says

    Thank you for a lovely pattern. I had trouble with the written pattern, which I usually like, so after reading comments and your very helpful answers, I tried the chart pattern and now I have a lovely rug I am really pleased with :)

  38. 138

    Kerstin Glatt says

    German Tranlation:
    115 M anschlagen
    1. Reihe: Stäbchen. Erstes Stäbchen in die vierte M (die ersten drei M zählen als ein Stäbchen). 113 Stäbchen.
    2. Reihe: 4 feste M *5 Stäbchen in die nächste M zusammen abmaschen, 3 feste M*. Von * bis * wiederholen, die Reihe mit einer festen M in die Wendeluftmasche beenden.
    3. Reihe: Farbwechsel. 3 Wendeluftmaschen häkeln, eine Reihe Stäbchen. Wendeluftmasche der Vorreihe auslassen, eine Wendeluftmaschen, Arbeit wenden.
    4. Reihe: 2 feste M *5 Stäbchen in die nächste M zusammen abmaschen, 3 feste M*. Von * bis * wiederholen, bis 3 Maschen vor Ende der Reihe. Beende die Reihe mit einem „bobble“ (5 Stäbchen in die nächste M, zusammen abmaschen), 2 feste M (letzte feste M in die Wendeluftmasche der Vorreihe).
    5. Reihe: Farbwechsel. Wie Reihe 3 arbeiten
    6. Reihe bis Ende: Reihen 2 bis 5 wiederholen, Farbwechsel in den ungeraden Reihen bis die Babydecke ungefähr quadratisch ist.

  39. 140

    Rebecca says

    Ahh… so excited… I recently taught myself how to crochet thanks to people like you who post wonderful videos because honestly sitting staring at a piece of paper or screen with a whole bunch of terms that are brand new to you is like reading a new language and you can’t make sense of them until you apply them. so thank you… I think I can handle this one and looking forward to trying it…. maybe I can make my future little one a blanket as beautiful as yours…

  40. 143

    Lesley says

    I love the look of this blanket!! I have bought the wool and am ready to go! Just a quick question about switching colours. I understand how to switch the colour but I am just wondering if you cut the first colour and then need to sew in a bunch of ends or do you just keep it attached until you pick up that colour again. Does that question make sense?? Thanks :)

    • 144

      Tamara Kelly says

      It depends on how many colors you’re using – if it’s just two, I’d leaving them attached and work a border around the edges to cover them up. But more than that and I cut them and weave them in with each color change. Good luck with your blanket! 😀

  41. 145

    Lynsey says

    Did you notice your started to round and now? Did you not hav to decrease to keep the blanket straight?

      • 147

        Lynsey says

        I have counted and they are the same number…I have tried it three times now and by the time I get too the third bubble row it starts to round In to a circle.. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong

        • 148

          Tamara Kelly says

          Hm, it might be a tension issue. If it’s rounding “up” like a rainbow, you might have made your starting chain too tight. Try chaining with a larger hook than you use for the rest of the blanket!

  42. 149

    CR says

    I thought I read somewhere in these comments that you enjoy using Stylecraft Special DK wool… Would it be appropriate to use that for this project? I’ve found some that is pretty affordable and would like to try it. I’m a newbie though – wouldn’t know how the difference in weight would effect the outcome. Thanks for your advice!

    • 155

      Tamara Kelly says

      😀 Love tangled happy! And thank you! The link to the Random Stripe Generator is a relatively recent find and I think it’s great for those who want a preview before they get started.

    • 157

      Tamara Kelly says

      Because off all the different gauges and yarns out there, I just wrote it as “continue til it’s as long as you like or you run out of yarn.” I believe I had somewhere between 42 and 49 stripes of color (so 2x as many rows) but each one I make is a little different, just depends how the yarn works out. :)

  43. 158

    Juliana says

    I love your patterns! This one made me drool so much, it got me back into crocheting. :) I have been completing projects left and right ever since. I love the texture of this one and that it looks great with several colors. It is such a fun blanket. :) Thank you!

  44. 160

    Crista says

    I recently made this baby blanket for a friend (LOVE), and I think it would make an awesome,warm,cozy poncho and would love to make one for my 3 year old? Any thoughts on making a pattern for that? I like the point in the front ponchos. I could probably figure out how to do it with two rectangle together, but I really like the ones that have a straight line join up in the front and back (KWIM?) . I have no skills to do that. :)

  45. 165


    I fell in love with this when I saw it on Ravelry! I love all your patterns. I featured this pattern on my blog yesterday. Thanks for sharing this amazing pattern.

  46. 167

    Michelle B says

    I want to have a baby JUST so I can make this blanket :) Will have to make the adult version until one of my friends decides to reproduce!

  47. 169





  48. 171

    Carrie grubb says

    I am so glad you posted the videos!!!! I started this blanket four different times! LOL. Thank you for sharing. :)

  49. 173

    Angela says

    I’m about to start making this blanket for my lil guy that’s to arrive early October. I’m going to do all one color yarn instead of the stripes though. I am wanting to do a decorative border on the blanket. What type of border would you recommend? I’m sorry if this has already been asked. This pattern seems to be very popular and I wasn’t able to read through all of the comments. Thanks for sharing the pattern. I LOVE it!! When I finish my sons blanket I’ll share a pic!!

  50. 175


    I have been neglecting my pattern emails! But I found this pattern when I was trying to thin out my inbox. I will definitely be making this one, and using all scrap yarn, I have tons of it! Thank you for a free pattern, I cannot wait to get started on this. Just have to finish one or two of the five projects I already have going…

  51. 179

    Marian calzada says

    I have almost finished the blanket, but I have just realized that on one side the are about 10 rows where it is a bit wider. My problema is that I have difficulties with changing the thread when I change color and I get lost there. I wouñd like to repair it without undoing the whole work.
    Perhaps someone will give ideas. As I want to crochet a surround, erhaps adding some stitches to the narrower rows and then spquarin up. Please, help!

    • 180

      Tamara Kelly says

      A border can be a great save! Like you say, add dc to the shorter rows, then switch to hdc for the longer rows, and then do another border around that in a brighter color!

  52. 183

    Sharon says

    Made the blackberry salad blanket for our new granddaughter. Is there a way to post a pic for you? Thank you so much for the pattern and video!

  53. 187

    Cindy says

    I LOVE this design!! I wanted to crochet a baby blanket with a unique pattern, something I’ve not done before and a pattern no one’s seen before. This is it!! It’s so easy to do. I’m using 2 strands of Bernat Baby Sport yarn, 1 is variegated, 1 is solid color, and I’m doing the whole thing in just those colors, not every row a different color. It looks amazing! I’m glad I came across this design!

  54. 189

    Deanna says

    I am fairly new a crocheting and am expecting my first grand daughter. I have made this blanket alternating two colors so I have strings down one side. Now it is time to border and I have NO CLUE what to do… Can someone help me.
    what do I do with the strings on the side? Do I just incorporate them in a single crochet stitch down the side or am I suppose to do something with them before I begin attempting to border? ALL CONFUSED.. The blanket is beautiful so far…
    PLEASE PLEASE someone help me figure out how to finish this thing…

    • 190

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Deanna! Congratulations on the new grandbaby! 😀 The ends should be woven in, Click HERE for a tutorial. After that, a border is optional, so it’s whatever you’d like! A simple row of sc is nice, or something fancier if you prefer.

  55. 191

    Alegre says

    I am currently using this pattern for my daughter’s baby blanket. It is so cute…time consuming, but cute! I usually do Granny blankets for new babies but I wanted something special for mine. Thanks for the pattern. When I am finished I will post a picture.

  56. 193

    Becky Anne Smith says

    I love this blanket – I made it before for a friend’s baby and now for my new neice/nephew on the way! Unfortunately lion brand seems to have discontinued a lot of the colors used in this blanket… any suggestions for yarn brands in similar colors?

    • 194

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Becky! It’s true, Cotton-Ease just doesn’t have the colors it used to, which is a bummer, as it’s a great yarn. I’d say Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice is always a great option for blankets, as it’s got lots of colors and wears well. For a cottony, “smoother” blanket, I like making this pattern in Knit Picks Comfy Worsted! :)

  57. 201

    Ashley Davidson says

    I am using this pattern to make a prayer shawl. I think I will reduce the number of stitches to 70 or 75. Also, I’m using a bulky yarn similar to Homespun. It should be fun.

  58. 203

    amanda says

    I made this using light blue, royal blue, and goldenrod in repeating rows. It was easy to make and looked lovely! Thanks!

  59. 211

    Fahmida says

    Hiya would love to try this pattern. I also would like to add a border too. Can you tell me how I would do the edging? So that it’s straight? Would it be 2 single crochet each row? Thank you

      • 213

        Fahmida says

        Thank you Tamara for your reply. And when I come to the corner what do i do to get nice sharp corner? Also ill be using dk yarn with 4mm hook. Would I still follow same pattern?

  60. 216

    Fahmida says

    Hi if I wanted to do a pram size blanket which will measure 60cm by 80cm how many chains will i start off with?
    Thank you 😊

    • 217

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hello Fahmida! That will depend on your yarn, hook, and gauge. I would recommend chaining to the width you want, working the first row to the stitch multiples given in the pattern, and then pulling out the extra chains from the knotted end. :)

      • 218

        Fahmida says

        Thank you Tamara for your reply. I done chain 115 but seems like it’s getting quite big so might do abit less this time.
        I’m not sure how to add chains on the knotted bit. Is there any video you can recommend? Thank you

        • 219

          Tamara Kelly says

          I don’t know of a video, but it’s a good idea for one! :) Basically though, you join to the chain at the bottom of the first row with a sl st, and just start chaining!

  61. 220

    fahmida says

    Hi tamara

    I’m trying to do this pattern when I do do across I have 113 stitch but when doing the bobble row I always have one sc to do at the end (which is the turning chain) but in pattern says 2 sc. Where am I going wrong?

    • 221

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Fahmida! It’s most likely that you are missing a stitch after one of the bobbles. As I recall, that was very easy to do!

  62. 222

    Kelly says

    Thank you so much for this pattern! I found it on Pinterest and I absolutely love it! I have made 5 in just one month, one for my cousin’s baby and 4 more just because it was so much fun. I’m starting a new one today too.

  63. 224

    Cameron says

    OK so you have three pictures of this blanket. The first picture (the one with the vibrant colors that I pinned on Pinterest) looks like it has gaps or holes in between the puffs. But the other two pictures do not have holes or gaps in the blanket. And when I watched your video there’s definitely no gaps in the pattern. I actually like the original picture that I pinned to Pinterest better (the one with the holes in it). Why do they look different? Or am I just mistaken?

  64. 226

    Gramma K says

    Thank you for this pattern! I just finished a throw that is about 50 x 70 in lovely muted fall colors using your pattern. I added a bobble edging around it using roughly this pattern: spacing the bobbles every 6 instead of every 4. If anyone is curious, it took about 35 hours (which for me took 4 months… ha! little bits at a time).So pretty. Again, thanks for your generosity in sharing.


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  2. […] A few weeks ago I was searching through patterns online, looking for nothing in particular, I stumbled across this beautiful baby blanket. It was not your typical baby blanket, bright colors and bobbled…that’s right bobbled! Now bobbles make for great texture in crochet but they are very time consuming and hard on the ole’ hands. I immediately decided I would be headed to Joann Fabrics to get the yarn. It uses a lot of yarn and the specific yarn she used (Lion Brand Cotton-ease) is rather expensive. I am about half way done with it. You can find the pattern here […]

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