Foundation Single Crochet (FSC)

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One of the most aggravating steps in crochet is crocheting into that thin little chain at the start – getting a beginner past that can be the hardest part of teaching! But it’s a necessary evil… except when it isn’t! The Foundation Single Crochet is a great way to avoid working into a long row of chains, and it’s also a great way to start a project when you don’t know exactly how many stitches you need – no pulling out an entire row just to get rid of one extra chain! Here’s how I make the FSC!

Learn how to #crochet the Foundation Single Crochet (FSC) - so much easier than crocheting into the chain! Video tutorial from

Make as many FSC as your pattern calls for ch and sc in Row 1. Or if you need a row of dc in Row 1, you can make Foundation Double Crochet – the technique is the same, just start with a ch2, yo, work into the second ch from the hook with a ch1, ch1, yo again, and pull through 2 loops twice. (Try it step by step!)

Once the FSC row is made, then you are ready for Row 2 of your pattern. Work it just as the pattern specifies – from here on out there is no difference, The FSC is just a different way to start – and as a bonus, it’s a bit stretchier than a plain chain!

I hope this has helped you understand FSC. What do you think? Will you use this technique for projects in the future?

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  1. 6

    Kate says

    This is brilliant! I have gone my entire crochet-career without knowing about this. Thanks for also giving such easy to follow instructions!

  2. 7

    Angel Calcote says

    Super easy to follow your directions. Thank you. I never knew about this either. Just this morning, I watched, learned, and used this technique. I am making a Christmas stocking cuff. Would have been 47 chains and 46 sc, but fsc was so much easier. Always hated to work in chains. I would like to see a video on how to join 2 sides together neatly. Mine was a mess. After making 11 rows of 46 sc, I had to join the ends or sides together to form a circle. That part is to be the white cuff at the top of the stocking. Would you be able to demonstrate a neat way to to that? Angel

    • 8

      moogly says

      Good idea Angel! I’ll make a video about that for sure! For now, I’ll just tell you how I do it. When I start the row in FSC, I leave a good 6 inch tail of yarn at the start. Then when I get to the end, I’ll slip stitch in the top of the first FSC made, making sure not to twist the stitches. Then I just proceed to work in the round normally. Once it’s time to weave in ends, I’ll go back and use that 6 inch tail to create a sort of seamless join (there’s a video tutorial on seamless finishing here if you’re unfamiliar with the technique) on the underside or “chain side” of the first and last fsc sts. Does that make sense?

      • 9

        Angel Calcote says

        I think I understand. . . . You would not make the piece flat and turn at the end of each row. You would make the rows go round and round without turning at all. Is that right?

        • 10

          moogly says

          Unless there was a reason I need to be working flat, yes. If I did have to work flat and then seam it, I’d use the same seaming methods as for any other crochet project. There are a few different seaming methods here: Perhaps this is more what you’re looking for? Using the FSC for the first row shouldn’t affect the actual seaming at all.

  3. 11

    Eastin says

    Thank you for this! I’m a newby to Ravelry and *liking* what I’m learning–your teaching video was very well done!!

  4. 12

    Ginger says

    Thank you so much for this video and the FDC video. What a great way to start. I am making fingerless gloves. The pattern is worked in the round but you go up each row. I would like to pull out what I have done and start over using this technique. I don’t like the way it it looks now and think that the FSC will make a better first row. Do you have any tips on this for me? I know that is a pretty broad question. I am having to wing the pattern slightly because they want it to start at the elbow and the original pattern is just above the wrist. Thank you either way. Great video

    • 13

      moogly says

      Hi Ginger! I’m glad you like it! What I’d recommend is using the same number of FSC as the pattern calls for in the first Round – not necessarily the same number of chains. Then join them to work in the round, as in the joining foundation stitches to work in the round video here, and then work the pattern as directed for Round 2 and on! Although, since you’re altering the pattern further to fit on the elbow, you will likely want to add some stitches, so those are the number of stitches I’d start with.

  5. 14

    Ginger says

    Thank you! I am sitting here practicing…=) I noticed you had a print friendly button. It doesn’t actually print the step by step instructions as I was hoping. I sat here and wrote each step as you said it in the video. This way I can have the written instructions with me in case I get stuck…=\

    Thank you for the great videos. I have enjoyed watching them all. I now have written instructions for the FSC and FDC…=)

    • 15

      moogly says

      Ah yes, the Print Friendly button is more for the free patterns, not the videos, sorry. I’m glad you like the videos though!

  6. 16

    Amy says

    wow! this such a fantastic technique! thankyou, i love crocheting apart from the chaining at the start and now i can jump ahead to the fun part hooray! 😀 .. and the result is so much neater as well x

  7. 17


    Thank you so much for posting this video. I have never done this stitch before and it is really easy and lays so well. I am making the Ultimate Universal Electronics Cozy and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Thanks!!

  8. 18

    Shelley Lee says

    Thank you so much for this great tutorial on FSC!! I am going to make some leg warmers for my granddaughter and I know how hard chain in the round can be for such an application when trying to pull an item over wiggly little feet. This method makes a perfect stretchy beginning to any type project, and your video made it so easy to learn!

  9. 20

    Crystal says

    I’m new to crochet ( about 9 months) and the only part I don’t enjoy is the whole stitching into chain thing. Thank you!

  10. 23


    Just wondering if it would be possible to start a foundation row for a ripple using this technique. You know, with increases and decreases? Trying to wrap my head around how that could be done… anyone ever try it?

  11. 31

    Debra says

    Thanks for your blog and video tutorials.
    I’m struggling with FSC. Mine curves so much. I think the bottom is too tight. Any suggestions?

    • 32

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you Debra! The key is to pull the first loop – the one that represents the chain of each stitch – up a bit higher than the other loops. :)

  12. 33

    Marcia Loftin says


  13. 39

    Julie says

    Great video on foundation single crochet! It was so confusing until you showed how simple it really is.

    • 40

      Tamara Kelly says

      :) Thank you Julie! I think breaking it down into it’s parts helps people visualize and remember the steps.

  14. 41

    Natasja says

    I’m practicing this stitch for your pattern snow drops reversible cowl. But if i make the foundation chain how do i count how many i have. Do i count the top stiches or the bottom?

  15. 44

    Chris L-B says

    Aha! I had only written instructions for fsc and though I got through the first stitch all right, I couldn’t understand where I was supposed to insert the hook for the following stitch. Now I got it, thanks! :)

  16. 46

    Sarah says

    I am having a lot of trouble finding your videos for Foundation Single Crochet also. Were the videos taking off your website or is there something wrong with the internet? Please I need some assistance. I have never done a foundation stitch of any kind before in my life. I really would like to learn. Thank you for your time and patience with me.

    • 47

      Tamara Kelly says

      It sounds like something is wrong with your connection right now that the videos aren’t loading, I can see them fine. Your connection might be too slow right now.


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