Girls Night Out Champagne and Wine Carrier

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The Girls Night Out Champagne and Wine Carrier is the perfect project for any occasion you want to bring a bottle of champagne or wine to – picnics, a night out, dinner at a friend’s house, you name it! It works up in a flash, has a great modern color blocking look, and keeps the bottle safer in transit too!

T-shirt yarn and a Q hook make the Girls Night Out Champagne & Wine Carrier a super fast and fun #crochet project! Free pattern from

Recently I was able to get my mitts on some Lion Brand Fettuccini – in other words, premade t-shirt yarn! I love this stuff! Nothing could be faster or more fun to use for a quick project – it calls for a Q hook after all! You should’ve seen me in my local JoAnn Fabrics when I spotted an entire endcap of the stuff… I’m pretty sure the entire store heard my happy squee!

The Girls Night Out Champage and Wine Carrier is my first project with this yarn, and it’s super fun and easy to make – and did I mention fast? So fast! I love this big chunky look, and it’s so stretchy it works for both a standard size wine bottle and the fat bottom champagne bottles. I do love champagne, almost as much as yarn!

T-shirt yarn and a Q hook make the Girls Night Out Champagne & Wine Carrier a super fast and fun #crochet project! Free pattern from

This pattern can be worked in any colors of course, and you could even make your own t-shirt yarn. But for this project I chose a shiny silvery white and bold hot pink – just too fun!

T-shirt yarn and a Q hook make the Girls Night Out Champagne & Wine Carrier a super fast and fun #crochet project! Free pattern from

Girls Night Out Champagne and Wine Carrier

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  • US – Q, 15 mm hook
  • Any smaller hook (used to weave in ends, as this yarn is too thick for most tapestry and yarn needles)
  • 45 yd total Lion Brand Fettuccini (1 skein or 2 partial skeins) (Super Bulky; 11 oz/312 g; 55 yd/50m per skein)
  • Gauge: Approximately 3.5″ across after Round 3
  • Click on linked sts within pattern for tutorials
  • NOTE: From Round 4 to the end you’ll  be working in spirals, without joining at the end of the rounds. Place marker (pm) in the first st of each round, moving it up each round as you work.

Round 1: With Color A, start with a magic circle and work 6 sc in the ring, join with a sl st. (6 sts)

Round 2: Ch 1, 2 sc in each st around, join with a sl st. (12 sts)

Round 3: Ch 1, sc in the first st, 2 sc in the next st, *sc in the next st, 2 sc in the next st; repeat from * around, join with a sl st. (18 sts)

Round 4: Working in BLO, ch 1 and sc in each st around, pm in first st of round, do not join. (18 sts)

Round 5 – 17: Sc in each st around; finish last st of Round 17 with Color B. Break Color A. (18 sts)

Round 18 – 22: Continuing with Color B, sc in each st around. (18 sts)

Round 23: Sc in the first 2 sts, ch 10, skip 5 sts, sc in the next 4 sts, ch 10, skip 5 sts, sc in the last 2 sts. (28 sts)

Round 24: Sc in the first 2 sts, sc 12 in the ch sp, sc in the next 4 sts, sc 12 in the ch sp, sc in the last 2 sts; break yarn and use a smaller hook to create a seamless join to first st of round. Use this hook to “weave” in all other ends.

T-shirt yarn and a Q hook make the Girls Night Out Champagne & Wine Carrier a super fast and fun #crochet project! Free pattern from

And that’s all there is to making the Girls Night Out Champagne and Wine Carrier! I can’t wait to see what you all make with this pattern!

This pattern and photos are copyright Tamara Kelly, 2014. Please share the link to share this pattern with others, but do not share, repost, or reprint the written pattern itself. You are welcome to print a copy or make a PDF for personal use only, using the green Print Friendly button below (click here for tutorial).  You are also welcome to make items to sell from this pattern, but please link back to the pattern in your online listings and use your own photos to advertise your work. To get more Moogly in your life, connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest! Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. 2

    Tammy says

    I am new to reading patterns for crochet. Could you please tell me what “pm in first st of round” for Round 4 means? I am not familiar with the pm abbreviation. Thank you!

    • 3

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Tammy! Sorry for the confusion – pm is Place Marker! Since you’re working in a spiral this keeps you from losing your place! 😀

  2. 4

    Carrie says

    Thanks for this pattern. I’m not a big alcohol drinker but I still have a use for the pattern… a waterbottle holder! There are two bottle in the back of my car that drive my CRAZY with their rattling. This will stop the sound and keep the water cool (there situated right over the motor which makes them get extremely hot in the spring/summer). THANKYOU!!!!

  3. 7

    Dorothy May Bell says


    • 8

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Dorothy! Not every pattern translates well to both knitting and crochet, and I’m not as skilled at knitting as I am crochet.

  4. 9

    Becky says

    Thank you for this pattern. My girlfriend is a big wine gal and this will make a great Birthday gift for her come August! Lovin your blog!

  5. 11

    tamara Kelly's biggest fan says

    i would love to make this and it is very fancy + easy!!
    i am having a steal bottle which falls on the floor 1000 times in one day so this is a type of a great ”air bag” bottle-cover which can cover preserve the bottle and helps it, not to change its shape!

  6. 14

    Angela says

    I’ll have to look for this yarn. I have been making bags like this for wine/champagne/water bottles for years out of cotton worsted weight (it soaks up condensation in hot work places quite well).
    You can also make it work for oblong bottles by making a base chain and working both sides of the chain around. I often finish my rounds off, not working in a spiral, but either way it can make a lovely gift out of a simple bottle.

  7. 19

    Maura says

    I am good up until I get to Round 4 – I am new to crocheting. When I start the BLO I actually get 22 stitches why is that? If I keep going when I have to change the yarn @ Round 17 – it is not even. So I am definitely not doing something right.

    • 20

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Maura! I’m not sure where you’d be picking up that many extra stitches! You could be crocheting into the sl st that joined the end of Round 3, but that would only account for 1 more. Are you using a stitch marker to help you remember which stitch is the first of each round?

      There will be a little “jog” when you change colors while working in a spiral, that’s normal and expected. :)

  8. 21

    Heidi says

    I love this pattern and am determined to make the wine bottle holder. I am having trouble with having enough yarn in one skein to make this. I have made it three times with different hooks/deleting a few stitches etc and the furthest I can get is 17 rows using an “M” hook. I even measured the yarn in the skein and there are exactly 55 yards. I do not crochet loose and usually can get the gauge without trouble. Any suggestions? I really would like to make about half a dozen of these wonderful carriers. Any help is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately the yarn I picked out is a pattern and haven’t been able to find anything to coordinate with the colors in the yarn to finish the one that is done through round 17 but I will keep looking. Thank you for the inspiration!!

    • 22

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Heidi! Sorry you’re having trouble! I do wonder if the fabric in your yarn is stiffer? That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. It does stretch quite a bit though – at least mine does – so maybe you could drop a few rows altogether?

      • 23

        Heidi says

        That must be it, the store I bought the first 2 skeins from only had 2 skeins and they are very stiff and do not stretch at all. The next 2 skeins I bought at another store had quite a few skeins and there was a big difference in the stretch of the yarns so I purchased the “stretchier” skeins the second time. I will let you know how they turn out. Thank you for your help!!

  9. 26

    Sharon lee says

    I had the same issue as Heidi!
    Using a plastic q sized hook, I couldn’t get more than 15rows. I ended up going with 12 rows and made a super long handle.
    My fettuccine had barely any stretch to it. I think with non stretchy skeins, a person would need 2 skeins to make this carrier.

  10. 28

    Connie Morrisroe says

    I got tired of waiting for my local yarn store to carry this yarn, so I used this tutorial to make some of my own… . It does come out a bit thicker than the Fettucini, so I had to do less rounds but it still worked very well :) I ended up with a 4″ diameter circle on the bottom, and only had to do 14 or so rows of first color, and then 4 of the second color before making the handle.

  11. 31

    Andrea says

    Love this and such an easy pattern to follow until I got to the end of round 23 I didn’t seem to have enough stitches to skip 5 and sc in last 2 but I improvised and it turned out just fine. Going to love making these. Thank you!

  12. 33

    Karen says

    Love your pattern idea. checked with JoAnns and no T-Shirt yarn. Where can I purchase T-Shirt yarn???

    • 34

      Tamara Kelly says

      You can order directly from Lion Brand, or make your own! Also, you can hold 3-4 strands of yarn together. :)

      • 35

        Karen says

        Thanks for the response. Went to Lion Brand but they will not let you select your color and can’t find Super Bulky 11oz on line.
        What other yarn would be good to use or can I find t-shirt yarn somewhere else? I live in CA, would Michael’s or Hobby Lobby have what I need for the carrier? Karen

  13. 39

    Deb says

    I am goo up until row 23 and 24. Do you have this in a video that I can see what is done? I’m just not getting it. Deb

  14. 40

    Deb says

    I am good up until row 23 (the handles). Do you have a video that I could view? I just don’t seem to be getting it.

    • 41

      Tamara Kelly says

      HI Deb! Sorry for the confusion! I don’t think I have a video that would apply here, unfortunately. What part is tripping you up – chaining, skipping stitches?

  15. 44

    Aneve Carter says

    I love this and can see Christmas gifts on the horizon. But now I’m on row 24 and stuck. I’m new to crochet, only made a couple of baby blankets but they turned out pretty well.. I thought I was doing really good until I got to row 24. I’m totally confused. You say “Round 24: Sc in the first 2 sts, sc 12 in the ch sp, sc in the next 4 sts, sc 12 in the ch sp, sc in the last 2 sts”.

    This row has me stumped. I got the SC in the first 2 sts…I get that, it matches it up to what the other side looks like. We chained up 10 for both handles, so the “sc 12 in the chain space” has me stumped. Are these sc’s going up across the handle?..and there was 10 chains not 12. I’m sure I’m just not seeing it as it’s after 2 am but this was moving so fast I wanted to finish it before I went to bed.

    I loved this, when I first seen the pattern I bought a small “lot” of tshirt yarn off ebay to try it. Am mad at myself that I have to go to bed without it being finished. You were right, it was very fast and looks great… Being a long time crafter I’ve already watched many of the YouTubes on making the tshirt yarn so I’m going to make my own to get the colors I want for holiday gifts. Just need to get past the last row 😉 thanks!!!

  16. 48

    Aneve Carter says

    And I also went ahead and tried to “guess” row 24. I know my tshirt yarn is thicker than what you used as it was made and sold on ebay and wasn’t the brand name you used…but my handles looked nothing like yours at all, and my space between my handles looked wider than the picture of yours. Maybe I need to undue the whole project and start over. I couldn’t stitches until I got to row 5…and since there was no chain one, I just moved my pm up and went on. All I kept count of was what row I was on…but maybe I didn’t something wrong…but mine looks just like yours except for color and the fact my tshirt yarn is thicker. I’m also wondering if maybe using a P hook might look better with what I have… I think mine is right except row 24, which I’ve already took back out. thanks for your help and hope youre having a great 4th weekend!!

  17. 49

    Mel says

    Hi, I just discovered your pattern and love it. Is it suitable for other types of yarn or only tshirt yarn?

    Also, I’ve never come across a 19mm hook. Can I use a smaller hook with extra stitches and have it still work?

    • 50

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Mel! Thank you! You can use several strands of yarn held together instead of the tshirt yarn. Or if you use a smaller hook, you could use thinner yarn, but you would indeed have to add more stitches. :)

  18. 51


    Love this yarn! Only can find limited patterns of Fettuccini at Walmart. Going to check JoAnn’s. I can just see your happy face. I was laughing so hard I forgot about the yarn for a minute. Lol. I have just made round mats for the center of tables. Not much on the pattern lingo either. Thanks

  19. 53

    Stephanie says

    What a great and simple pattern. Thanks!

    What do you mean by “pm in first st of round” in round 4?

    Also, could you provide the height up to the handles? I’m using “plarn” so the gauge is a bit different and I want to make sure I make it tall enough (no wine bottle around, darn it! lol).

    • 54

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Stephanie! Thank you! PM is place marker – put a stitch marker there to help you keep your place. :) I’m afraid the original got gifted away a while ago, but measuring the bottles in my cabinet, I’d go for about 10 inches before the handles. :)

      • 55

        Stephanie says

        Thank you! I figured out the “pm” after I posted. lol 10 inches works – I’m at 9 1/2 inches right now. :) Is there a way to share photos in the comments? Would love to show you the outcome. I’ve become a “plarn” (plastic grocery bags made into yarn) addict lately and this is the perfect pattern for one of its many uses.

  20. 60

    Dani says

    So I’m a little confused because a US Q hook is Q-19 15mm and the US S hook is 19mm, so do I use the Q hook or the S hook for this pattern?


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