Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf

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The Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf pattern is super easy, hides a multitude of sins, and comes with just one rule: no stress allowed! This finished scarf is between 50 and 60 inches long, and twists and turns on itself naturally – perfect for wearing doubled as a cowl, as well as long, tied, anything you can come up with! The little button tie embellishment is a separate optional piece, and instructions for that are included as well!

free crochet cowl pattern free crochet infinity scarf pattern

The Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf is a great one skein project that really shows off interesting and luxurious yarns. Perfect for thick and thin yarns, as well as yarns with long color changes, it can be made with any size hook and yarn – just start by chaining until you’ve got your desired length in a multiple of 7 sts plus 5 and go from there. Using this pattern, every cowl will be unique. In the right yarn it’s a wearable work of art!

free crochet cowl pattern free crochet infinity scarf patternDisclaimer: This post includes affiliate links.

Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf

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How to keep it SIMPLE while making this scarf:

  1. If the starting chain is twisting up on you, try to straighten it out for the first stitch, but don’t worry about getting out every twist – a couple twists are good! Keep going!
  2. If you finish the first round and find out you’ve started with an “off” number of chains, pretend as if they’re there, stick with the pattern and just keep going!
  3. If you realize you skipped a stitch 2 rows ago, just keep going!
  4. If you run out of yarn before you get through all the rows? Well then stop, because you’re out of yarn, silly. Just skip to the end of the pattern and finish off as directed! Though you might want to pull out a row to make the tie at the end.

Here’s a Chart to help you visualize how it comes together:

Now for the actual Instructions:

To start: Using K hook, ch 215.

Round 1: Work a sc in the first ch made, making the loop to work in the round. Dc in the next ch. *Ch 5, sk 5 ch, dc in the next 2 ch. Repeat from * until you have reached the end of the loop and there are approximately 5 chains left unworked.

Round 2: Ch 5, sk the remaining unworked starting chains and the sc from Round 1. Dc in the first dc from Round 1, then dc again in the ch 5 sp. *Ch 5, sk next dc, dc in the next dc and the ch 5 sp. Repeat from * until end of round.

Rounds 3 – 20: Continue working [ch 5, sk next dc, dc in the next dc and the ch 5 sp] in a continuous spiral. The pattern will seem to slant to the left as you work, as seen below. Stop when you count 20 rows of mesh, or when you’re almost out of yarn. To finish off, ch 5, sk next dc, sc in the next dc, and use seamless join in the next ch. Weave in ends.

free crochet cowl pattern free crochet infinity scarf pattern

Instructions for the Button Tie Embellishment (optional):

free crochet cowl pattern free crochet infinity scarf pattern

  1. Thread button on remaining yarn using a sewing or tapestry needle. Using I hook, ch for 18″.
  2. Slip the button down close to the hook, and skipping over the button, sl st in the 2nd ch from the hook (trapping the button in the loop). Sl st back along ch for approximately 6″ or until this sl st section is long enough to fit around cowl when doubled, with a little bit of tension.
  3. Ch 8 sts (for size button shown) or long enough to create a loop that fits tightly around the button. Sl st in the same ch as last sl st, sl st in next 2 ch.
  4. Ch to same length as remaining unworked ch, approximately 12″. Break yarn and finish off ends.
  5. To wear, slip button behind cowl and pull it toward the front. Pass button through loop made in Step 3. Let ends fly and jet off to the spa! Or wherever you want to look fabulous.

free crochet cowl pattern free crochet infinity scarf pattern

UPDATE 1/27/13: A few people have expressed the need for more explicit instructions for the tie. If you’re confused by the above step by step instructions, try this:

You start by threading the button on the yarn, and then then push it down the yarn a couple feet, away from the starting end, out of the way. Then you make your slip knot like you normally would, and chain for about 18 inches, pushing the button further down the yarn out of the way as needed. As soon as you’ve got your 18 inches, slide the button back toward your work, so that it’s snug up against the working loop and hook. Then, slip stitch in the 2nd ch from the hook, making sure that you yarn over using the yarn from the other side of the button – effectively trapping the button in that space. Then continue as directed.

This scarf pattern is practically foolproof! What are you waiting for? With just one skein of yarn, you can have a sexy cowl and scarf to wear everywhere this season, and with the button embellishment pattern you can change up the look in seconds! Enjoy! And if you’re gifting it, don’t forget the free printable wrapper – CLICK HERE to get it now!

The Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf Wrapper - FREE printable on Moogly!

Be sure to Like the moogly Facebook page for the latest updates and have some fun with us! Written pattern copyright Tamara Kelly 2012. Please do not reprint or repost this pattern, but please feel free to link to this page to share this pattern with others. You are welcome to sell items made from this pattern, but please link back to Moogly with credit for the design on the listing or tag.


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  1. 5


    Love this one!
    Question- how do you stay on track when counting to 210? I can’t even keep 88 stitches counted! Do you use a stitch marker??

    • 7

      Renee says

      Even easier, simply chain in multiples of 7. That eliminates counting and marking! I’ve made several of these beautiful scarves as gifts (and one for myself), and haven’t counted even one of them. When the chain seems long enough, I check the length by putting a temporary slip stitch to join the ends, and put the circle over my head. Leave it long enough to twist and wrap around. If the scarf seems too short, unjoin the chain and add more chains in multiples of 7. (7, 14, 21, etc). The length can vary!

      I prefer my scarf with one twist worked into the pattern. To achieve this, simply straighten each chain from the hook to the end, making sure each chain isn’t twisted. Then rotate the end of the chain one time. Insert hook and work the pattern.

      The math: 210 chains divided by 7 chains per group equals 30 dc pairs when the pattern is worked.

      Also, one skein of Bernat Mosaic yarn makes a beautiful and soft scarf. I added one additional row on each side of the finished scarf using Fun Fur. Terribly cute!

      • 8

        fan says

        Thanks for your post. When you say give the chain one rotation, do you mean one complete rotation (360 degrees), or one half rotation, like a Mobius? In other words, do you fully rotate it so the front is connected to the front, or just turn it once so the back is connected to the front (like most infinity scarves are done)? I hope that makes sense–thanks.

      • 11

        moogly says

        Jeannie, a stitch marker is anything from a specialized little clip sold at craft stores to a paperclip, to a piece of scrap yarn – basically, whatever is handy that you can mark a particular stitch with and then remove later.

          • 14


            I use a paperclip and bend it out slightly, I put the longer end through the stich and on the shorter end I bend it outwards from the work and slip a knitting needle stich counter on the end to keep count of my stiches/rows. Works great especially if you have to put your work down and can’t remember where you were in your count. Never been a fan of stich markers this is way easier to move up rows :)

        • 17

          Andrea says

          Hi Moogly or any others out there who may know, is there a trick to reduce the look of fray with this yarn? Yours looks great but mine has a lot of little hairs coming from the yarn.

          Thank you

          • 18

            Tamara Kelly says

            Hm, thank I’m not sure of. Red Heart might be better to ask on that one!

  2. 22

    sue burke says

    Just made this in an evening with a multi color yarn!! Only one problem, I twisted the yarn and the end project had one to many twists in it. Check out if its twisted after your 2nd row.. Unfortunately (ha ha) I will keep this for myself and remake it for my friend!! It is a fun easy scarf!!! LOVE IT!!

    • 23

      moogly says

      Ah but sue, with this scarf twists are good! Of course, if you prefer it without twists, that’ ok too. I’m so glad you like it! 😀

  3. 28

    Pam says

    Already made two and they r just beautiful. In to a third on in festive sparkly yarn. Can’t wait for tomorrows pattern !!

  4. 30

    Lona says

    Just finished the pattern in I Love This Yarn Stripes (Cranapple). So easy and shows off the colors changes of the yarn very nicely. I plan on making more of these. Perfect quick gifts, Thank you for sharing.

  5. 32

    Brittany says

    Do you turn it after every row? I havent starteed this pattern yet but when i do is it okay if i email you questions?

    • 33

      moogly says

      Sure Brittany! My email is

      You do not turn after each row of this pattern – it’s worked in a continuous spiral, like a spiral staircase, with each new row just winding around on top of the previous one. You don’t have to mark the first stitch of a row or anything like that, just keep crocheting around and around!

          • 36

            moogly says

            Brittany, I’ve got it on my list for next time we film! In the meantime, think of it as a spring, with each layer on top of the previous layer as it goes up and around. In a “normal” pattern, each round is joined, typically with a slip stitch, and then x number of chains are worked to get to the height of the new row. In this pattern, rather than joining, the new round just starts right on top, creating not only a left to right movement, but a gentle upward (to the left) curve as you go.

  6. 39

    Kitty says

    I’ve started this with some plain yarn to figure out if it will work with my recycled silk (because it’s hard to count back stitches on old rows with that stuff it may not be possible) but it’s pretty easy for a beginner. I did end up ripping out my second row with a heavy heart due to it twisting and me not catching it but now everything is working fine. I strongly advise checking for a twist unless that’s what you want.

    I can’t wait to do this with other yarns and it’s inspiring me to work with more spaced out crochet. I think the bernat mosaic yarns would be phenomenal with this.

  7. 41


    I love this! Am starting it now and just posted a pic on my blog, using CASHMERE, hand-dyed yarn. OH, yum. Delish. Love your post! Your personality really shines through and brightened my day. THANK YOU! Chandi

  8. 42

    Renee says

    I would really like to make this using three smaller balls of different colored yarn that I got for xmas. Is there a way you’d recommend changing colors using this pattern or how you’d do it? it seems like it will be difficult or not as secure when trying to weave ends in … any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  9. 44

    Felicia says

    Hey I was just wondering if you have any problem with the final product being sold on Etsy if this site is linked in the listing? Just curious because I have just started crocheting and I would like to eventually sell crocheted items in my shop, but trademarks/copyrights and all that can be confusing.

    • 45

      moogly says

      Hi Felicia, thanks for asking! I give permission for anyone to sell finished products made from my Free patterns on Etsy, as long as they do include a link back to moogly with a note that that’s where the free pattern came from. Good luck with your shop, and congrats on starting to crochet! 😀

  10. 51

    Christina Carlton says

    May I sell the one I make if I’m successful? I’ve got no problem linking it back to you or your page. Really hoping I’ve got enough yarn to do this.

    • 52

      moogly says

      As long as there’s a link back to the pattern on moogly, you may sell anything you make from my free patterns (as long as it’s not the written pattern itself of course)! 😀 Thanks for asking Christina!

  11. 53

    Bloominhyacinth says

    Oh what a beauty, love this scarf so much. I made this and for some reason decided to lengthen by casting 280 chains to start. Of course its longer, and enables you to wear it various ways. Despite trying real hard to avoid getting a twist, of course it twisted which was a bummer. However, this does not in any way detract from the beauty of the scarf. The yarn I used was Bounty DK (sage green) with faint specks of red and yellow. I wonder if anyone can suggest how to avoid getting a twist in the scarf as I certainly intend to make more of these.

    • 54

      moogly says

      Others might have suggestions for you, but I actually designed the scarf to incorporate one or more twists – it helps give it it’s shape!

      • 55

        Joy says

        I just started on my first scarf, I love it! It’s so easy…
        Only on my 3rd row and I made my 2nd twist already. I was about to start over, but I’m glad I read the comments and your responses. I’m keeping the twists and will probably be making even more before I am done.

  12. 59


    I just made the scarf over Christmas & I love it (I have about a jillion twists because I only half know what I’m doing, but I really like it that way). But I’m having trouble with the button tie. I don’t think I understand where the button is situated when you start the chain because I’m chaining AWAY from the button & can’t figure out how to “Slip the button down close to the hook, and skipping over the button, sl st in the 2nd ch from the hook…” Any way you can help me visualize it a little better?

    Thanks for the pattern – even without the button I really love it & plan to make it in multiple colors for me to wear this winter :)

    • 60

      moogly says

      Hi Dana, I’m so glad you like it! And you’re right, I do think the twists add to this scarf rather than detract!

      You’re not the only person to have trouble with the tie, let me see if I can walk you through it:

      You start by threading the button on the yarn, and then then push it down the yarn a couple feet, away from the starting end, out of the way. Then you make your slip knot like you normally would, and chain for about 18 inches, pushing the button further down the yarn out of the way as needed. As soon as you’ve got your 18 inches, slide the button back toward your work, so that it’s snug up against the working loop and hook. Then, slip stitch in the 2nd ch from the hook, making sure that you yarn over using the yarn from the other side of the button – effectively trapping the button in that space. Then continue as directed.

      Let me know if you have more questions! 😀 Thanks for reading!

  13. 63

    DJ HIXSON says


    • 64

      moogly says

      Hi DJ! This just means to bring the first chain you made and the last chain you made together, to start crocheting in the first chain you made – this creates a big circle of chains, and you’ll make the scarf working in a spiral over this circle.

  14. 68

    Nancy Wisseman says

    Which video should I watch to learn how to work this in a spiral, so there is no join at the end of the rounds?

  15. 74

    Arlene Brands says

    Is there any way I can print this pattern ot without wasting all my ink on printing all the comments? Thanks!

    • 75

      moogly says

      Sure thing Arlene! Look for the green Print Friendly button at the bottom of the pattern. This will print just the pattern without any ads or comments. You can also choose to omit the photos with a check box at the top. :)

  16. 76

    Regina says

    Vielen Dank für dieses wunderbare Muster,es ist einfach nachzuhäkeln und sieht toll aus .Danke und liebe Grüße

  17. 78

    Jennifer says

    How does this scarf work out with a different size hook? How much will it change the look of the scarf? If my hook is smaller, do I need to chain more at the beginning?

    • 79

      moogly says

      Jennifer it all depends on the combo of yarn and hook – but this is a great pattern to play with! If you use a smaller hook, you will want to chain more to start – the smaller the hook, the more chains you’ll want to start with!

  18. 80

    Kay says

    I love the looks of this pattern–can’t wait to get started on it thank you so much for posting it for us!!!!

  19. 81

    Jennifer says

    I finally made the scarf up — I used an “I” hook and bernat satin in pink. Very nice and super soft. This is a very petty question: but when finishing, your pattern says “ch 5, sk next dc and sc in next sc;” do you mean sc in next dc, then finish with seamless join?

      • 83

        Jennifer says

        I have so far made several soap savers, 3 bobble hats, one brain waves hat (you linked to), several scrubby “sponges”, the scarf, and I’ve started another men’s hat. All of this instead of finishing my son’s afghan Christmas present. I so love your site. Would you like photos? (not to brag, really, but sometimes as a browser, it is helpful to see items in different colors, etc.)

        • 84

          moogly says

          That’s so awesome Jennifer! 😀 I love to see photos! Are you on the moogly facebook page? That’s usually the easiest way to share pics. :)

  20. 85

    Destiny Brazille says

    this is so easy. I was having trouble with another pattern but yours has opened my eyes. I will be working more of these!

  21. 86

    Terry says

    Thank you for this wonderful pattern! I have made 2 of these so far, using Lion Brand Homespun, and while one skein doesn’t come up to 20 meshes (really about 1/2 that or a little more) because of the bulkiness of that yarn it still looks GREAT! I have 2 more to make so I can give them to the women in my prayer group. But I know there will be more in my future because I want one for myself and my daughter in law wants one. Great job on a fun pattern!

  22. 88

    Jennifer says

    I absolutely LOVE this scarf! Have made several gifts for friends and everyone can’t stop raving. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  23. 89

    Div says

    Hello! I absolutely love this scarf and I just went out to get some new yarn for it today but I have one question for you… Does ch 5, sk 5 ch mean chain 5, skip 5 chains or chain 5, skin 5 chains? That’s the oooonly thing confusing me and keeping me from starting lol

  24. 93

    Pam says

    Great scarf, love it!!!

    My question is, when I start row 2, should i be looking at the right or wrong side of the piece? I have one twist….. thanks!

    • 94

      moogly says

      The RS will spin around a bit with the twist, but you don’t “turn” or flip the fabric over, so you should always be working from the same side of the piece.

  25. 95

    Leila says

    I love this pattern. I think I did something wrong when doing round 2. About half way in, I realized I had somehow changed from the top of the chain to the bottom of the chain. Is this what you mean by twists? Thanks for your help. Would this pattern work with a ribbon type yarn?

    • 96

      moogly says

      That is indeed how those crazy twists happen! The twists are actually a good thing with this pattern – it helps create the texture and movement. 😀 This pattern has been made with all sorts of yarn now, including ribbon, and they all work great! And thank you!

      • 97

        Michelle I. says

        I have the same issue. I end up at the bottom chain instead of the top chain…How do I get back to the top chain is my question? Because if I keep doing the pattern on the bottom chain then it’s going to slant in the opposite direction :(

          • 99

            Michelle I. says

            Since I ended up somehow on the bottom row and the double crochets were leaning towards the top right (instead of the top left), I kept working on it that way, so I did chain 5, dc in the chain space and then dc in the FIRST dc.

  26. 100

    Sarah says

    This is a beautiful pattern and I’ll be making one today with some LBY Homespun to see how it turns out! I do have a question for you… Your note at the bottom says that the pattern itself may not be reproduced, but it does not mention the sale of finished products. If I link back to your blog for the pattern rights, am I permitted to sell this?

    • 101

      moogly says

      Thank you Sarah! You are free to sell any finished products made from this pattern, but I do indeed ask that you link back to the moogly URL with credit for the pattern, either on the listing if online or on the tag if it’s in person sales (craft fairs, stores, etc). Thank you and good luck with your sales!

  27. 102


    My sister-in-law loves infinity scarves, but I am still learning how to read patterns. I have started many to eventually find out that I don’t understand the instructions. I have read all the comments and am imbarassed to say I still do not understand the spiral idea for round 2. Is there other web tutorials you would reccomend until you are able to post yours? Is there a way to be contacted when yours is posted?

    • 103

      moogly says

      sandra, I’m afraid I haven’t been able to find anything that I’m afraid won’t be even more confusing. However, we are filming tonight (should be anyway, barring incident!), and I’ll do my best to make sure the ASIS tutorial is posted Wednesday! You can subscribe to the RSS feed for the blog, or if you’re on Facebook come “like” the Moogly page, or follow moogly on twitter – I’ll be announcing it in all those locations! :)

  28. 106

    Nancy Wisseman says

    I’m in the process of making one out of Homespun yarn and I was wondering what the approx. width your is. I figure that would be a better way for me to judge if I’m done. I’m using a couple of colors of yarn (left overs) so I can’t use the “use up the skein” idea. So far I really love your pattern. Thanks

    • 107

      moogly says

      Nancy, I believe about 18 inches, but you should definitely try it on and see what you think before you finish off. :) And you’re very welcome!

      • 108

        Nancy Wisseman says

        I ended up making it only 5 inches wide. I was working with small balls of leftover yarn and that is what I ended up with with the colors I chose. I tagged you on my pictures and gave you credit. Next time I’ll plan it out better and make it wider, although I do like them narrower than 18″, so maybe I’ll see what 8-10″ looks like with the bulky yarn.

        • 109

          moogly says

          😀 Thanks Nancy! Every one I’ve seen has been so different! I love seeing all the variety with the different yarns.

    • 111

      moogly says

      Hi brittany! Think I responded to you via email, but just in case you’re a different brittany, you just weave the ends back along the chain to the nearest double crochets, and go up and down the stitches a few times, weaving through the yarn end itself if possible. Basically, the same thing you’d do when weaving in any project. If the yarn you’re using is particularly slippery or you feel like it just isn’t secure, then a few stitches with matching thread should do it.

  29. 112


    I definitely want to make the Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf, but am wondering if it will work with some Starbella yarn that I’ve been saving for a special project. Have you ever tried it with that type of yarn?

  30. 114


    thank you so much for this pattern. I saw it, and felt in love :-)
    But first of all I had to translate it……The only problem I have/had is the length… but I’m sure I will find the right length for me.

    Greetings from Vienna

  31. 115

    barb says

    hi, I LOVE this, the pattern is so easy, but… this will be the third time i am taking it apart back to the first round. all of a sudden my pattern is going from the right to left. what am i doing wrong? btw I am left handed so my climbing up is to the right.

    • 116

      moogly says

      barb, I wish I knew! Are you saying the slanting is going in the other direction, or you’ve started crocheting backwards?? I’m afraid I don’t understand what’s happening on your end.

  32. 118

    Liz C. says

    Hi. I’m working on the asis which i absolutely love, but i have a question. I’m a beginner and i twisted my starting chain, which i know u said not to worry about, so i kept going, but now its a mobius. Its actually pretty cool looking. It kinda looks like a chevron print so far. I was just wondering if u think this is a bad idea or not? Thanks so much!

    • 119

      moogly says

      Liz, if you like it, go with it! I think it’s a great idea! 😀 When it’s all bunched up for wearing I think it’ll look great.

  33. 128


    I made four of these this weekend. I had part of a skein of Red Heart Incredible (Parrot) left from another scarf, so I made a narrow scarf from it. Then I used Bernat Super Saver in Lotus, Violet Twighlight, and Flamenco, which is my favorite. I’m sad that Red Heart Incredible is discontinued because I really like it.
    The Bernat yarn is 100% acrylic, but it feels as if it contains rayon. It’s really cool.
    I was so excited when I went to JoAnn today to get buttons and saw that the button you used is there! I really wanted that button. There were only two, so I got two other cool buttons.
    The pattern is awesome, and I love your comments–“If you run out of yarn before you get through all the rows? Well then stop, because you’re out of yarn, silly.” Hilarious!! I’m sure I’ll be making more for gifts.

    • 131

      moogly says

      Thank you Sherrie! I have no idea how one would knit this. But it’s a great beginner crocheter pattern! Only a couple of stitches to learn. 😉

  34. 132

    Evelyn says

    I just began crocheting! I would LOVE to wear something like this for my cruise in June. If I made this with a thin yarn could I wear this in the warm months? It looks like a beautiful piece of art rather than a scarf-like piece. Do you have any suggestions as to how many chains to begin with using a thin yarn (there are SO many exciting things to figure out about crocheting that any helps would be GREATLY appreciated!!)

    • 133

      moogly says

      I think that would be fantastic Evelyn! To use a thinner yarn, just pick a hook one size larger than that suggested on the label, and chain until it’s between 50 and 60 inches long. Then follow the directions as written from there! You might not want to add as many rows, to keep it lightweight, but play with it and try it on as you go and I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out when to stop. :) Enjoy your cruise!

  35. 134

    Lorie says

    I just finished this scarf in shades of hot pink and purple……love it, love it!!!! I just happened to have the perfect button for it in my button box. Thx for the pattern!!!

  36. 135

    lovewrens says

    This is, by far, the easiest and most beautiful scarf I’ve ever made. Thank you so much for the pattern!

  37. 136

    carole says

    I just wish the whole pattern had printed, about the last three or four words got cut off. Can’t wait to get started.

  38. 137

    Connie says

    Love the scarf. Just started the first one but I can’t seem to find a cute button like the one you have. Where did you find it?

  39. 142

    Marie says

    Made one using Prism,but i had to chain 410 to get my circle to 50 inches and 6 rows,got the Unforgetable and had to chain 350 to get my circle to 45 inches…. what am I doing wrong

    • 143

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Marie! Sounds like we just have different gauges – nothing “wrong” about that, just the differences between people. :) If you like how it looks, go with it, but if your chains are bigger than you like then you might want to try a smaller hook.

  40. 144

    Marie says

    So the finished scarf is 50 inches long or is the chain 50 inches long before you make the circle or after the circle.

  41. 147

    Jinx says

    I am a crochet instructor at a (chain) craft store. I was wondering if it would be alright with you for me to use this pattern at my demo next Wednesday? I would ***NOT*** be teaching anyone. The demos are just to show the craft and highlight certain yarns/techniques. (Basically I just sit there and get paid to crochet for a few hours and talk to people, haha, so I’m really just looking for an ultra-simple but still eye-catching design to be working on, and this fits the bill wonderfully!) Again, I would ***NOT*** be teaching this or giving away the pattern AT ALL! However, if you’d like, I could print up some cards with your website/link to this and give them to any customer who asks specifically about the pattern? Would that be alright with you? :)

    • 151

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Carol! I got it at JoAnn Fabrics, though it’s been selling out like crazy! I did find a few colorways in stock on and

  42. 152


    I made 2 of these scarves and wrote about them here. The first one was done in some random worsted yarn and it didnt hang the way i wanted it too, then I got some of the yarn you used originally and I love it. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern!

  43. 154

    Elizabeth says

    I am not a scarf person, but I thought this looked like fun. I had some self-striping red heart super saver I needed to use, and I thought it would be good for this. I am just trying to figure out how you got 60 inches. I am 8 rounds in, I crochet loosely (always), and my original strip was no where close to 60 inches, and neither will the width. How did you do it?

    • 155

      Tamara Kelly says

      The width/row height shouldn’t be 60 inches (closer to 10-20), but the circumference should be between 50 and 60 inches. Everyone has a different gauge, and different yarns work up very differently!

  44. 157

    Viki says

    This is the second pattern I’ve seen by you with a couple more at the bottom of the directions — you are such a talented and creative crocheter (such a word?) . . . I am in LOVE with your designs. You ROCK ! ! !

  45. 159

    KelleaMarie says

    Just wanted to say thanks for this awesome pattern, i learnt to crochet 3 days ago and was still able to make this in just over 3 hours or so. It was nice to find a pattern that wasnt going to make me feel like i was choking as some neckwarmers and cowls do, am definately making mum one for Mothers day :) thanks very much

  46. 164

    Angie says

    Oh gosh! This is beautiful!! I’m not much of a crocheter…knitting is my cuppa tea….so thank you for providing a video tutorial!! I absolutely love this and can’t wait to make my own :)

  47. 165

    Valery says

    Hello…I have a question…don’t know if it’s a dumb question but … does it end…should both sides must be joined to be an endless scarf or just leave it like a normal scarf?

    • 166

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Valery! It’s an infinity scarf, so it’s worked in a big circle – you connect it in ring the first round and then build the circle up from there.

  48. 167


    Thank you so much for the pattern. Just finished my tie – after watching the video – and it is absolutely beautiful. I made it out of Noro Silk Garden and I love it. Will certainly be making a few more of these for gifts. It was the perfect quick and easy project to work on while struggling with my first knitted sweater/jumper.

  49. 170

    Elizabeth M says

    Love this! I just made one with what was left of a ball of yarn – not as wide, but still lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  50. 174

    Misty says

    I know it says to do your chain to 50 inches. I have done that. But then when I have my finished product, it doesn’t look like it is as long as yours. It’s tight on the neck when it is wrapped.

    After you have yours finished. What is the length you have then? 25″?

    • 175

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Misty! The finished scarf is 50-60 inches long, so the initial chain should be about twice that.

      I’m so sorry, I misspoke! Please see my other comment!

      • 176

        Misty says

        Thanks! I must have a really really tight crochet! My 210 is no where near that. I am using the same yarn as you as well.

        • 177

          Tamara Kelly says

          Ok, I got out the measuring tape, and I misspoke (it was a day of insanity yesterday, I’m so sorry!). It should be between 50 and 60 inches before you join into a circle. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the right length for you – everyone is different! So basically I would say to chain until it is a bit lower than your waist when it’s joined in a circle. I’m sorry for the confusion!

  51. 180

    Ashleigh says

    First time crocheting anything and after watching the videos I didn’t not find it difficult at all! I have three or or four twists in it though (I have no idea how, there weren’t any that I could see at the beginning!) which I think is a couple too many as it turns into a tube. But I still like it overall and it was a great project to start with. Thanks.

  52. 182

    Nadia says

    i finished this great project, but where did you get that georgous button from ?? am searching like crazy for a nice one !


      • 184

        Candyann says

        I also was wondering about the button. I will have to go to Joann’s and see what I can find. I have been looking all over for stunning buttons, and places like WalMart, Michael’s or even Hobby Lobby have not had anything that tickled my fancy. I made one of these for my 7 year old son’s teacher as a Christmas gift this year.

  53. 187

    Shell says

    Bought the yarn in a couple of colors and itching to start!! Christmas has just become very easy. I really appreciate people giving all of these beautiful patters and knowledge to others.


  54. 189

    Rachel says

    Thank you so much for this pattern! I am a beginner crocheter and your instructions were so easy to follow, just started this pattern this morning and is taking shape beautifully!

  55. 191

    Janet Vandenabeele says

    I made this scarf last week, using the same yarn (different color) and hook. But when I got to 15 rows, I was nearly out of yarn. I doubt I would have gotten through another round and had enough for the tie. (which I haven’t made yet, still looking for the perfect button). Did I maybe crochet too loosely? It doesn’t matter, the scarf looks AMAZING. People are stopping me and asking me where I bought it!!

    • 192

      Tamara Kelly says

      Everyone has their own gauge – and if you like the way it ends up then it’s all good! 😀 Glad you enjoyed it!

  56. 195

    Angela says

    I just finished this and I think I had to many twists in the starting chain when I joined. It looks ok but I think it would be better if I could have straightened it out more. Its all one big tube so it hides the color and pattern. On a positive note I did find the Red Heart Unforgettable yarn. I used dragonfly it’s very pretty.

    • 196

      Tamara Kelly says

      One tip for that is to use stitch markers or even tape to hold the chain just so until you can get the first couple of stitches in. Hope you’re able to enjoy it anyway!

  57. 197

    Cheryl says

    LOVE this pattern! Just used some Berroco Vintage yarn in fennel green with this pattern for a couple of Christmas gifts for some dear friends. Haven’t done the tie yet, but thinking to put a crocheted folded petal flower as the button or perhaps put the button in the middle of the flower and just let the button loop play on top of the flower petals. Am quite pleased with how the scarf turned out.

    Thanks for sharing. Think I’m going to have to find time to make one of these for myself!

  58. 200

    Sil Johnson says

    Just finished my first Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf…..and I LOVE it! This pattern worked easily and was forgiving if I made a mistake along the way. It looks beautiful and modern and I just wanted to thank you for sharing it. I will be making more of these….for myself and as gifts!

  59. 201

    Martha B. says

    Made this in some odd yarn I had in the house and it’s really pretty! Not as lovely as the colors you used. Had to rip out my first attempt because I didn’t read the pattern and my chain was too short. I looked at it and thought how easy, but I’ve crocheted for over 30 years. Would like to know your finished measurements. Wish they were in the pattern for approximates. I sued my favorite size H hook and a 4 ply yarn. I stopped at 15 or 16 rounds, but I have a short neck. Thanks for posting the pattern!

    • 202

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Martha! I do mention in the post that the length was between 50 and 60 inches, and I didn’t give a width because the pattern was designed to depend on the yarn used. My finished width was around a foot – the problem is that the mesh is SO stretchy it’s hard to give a hard and fast measurement.

  60. 203

    Allison says

    Would the scarf still lay the same way if I used red heart super saver or maybe something softer? the Walmarts near me do not have Unforgettable they mostly have super saver medium worsted yarn.

    • 204

      Tamara Kelly says

      I think this one has been made in just about every yarn under then sun – including RHSS! :) And every one is a little different but the pattern looks in each.

  61. 209

    mary says

    Love this pattern. I made it for my daughter in law for Christmas using Red Heart Boutique Magical yarn. She loved it. Now I’m making one for myself.

  62. 211

    JAz says

    I’m a self taught thread crafter (minus knitting). I love how simple this pattern is, and how easy it is to do on the go. I started last night while at pool (billiards) league, but wasn’t happy with how many twists I had from the chain. When I’m working the chain, it naturally twists on me. Any tips on how to keep the chain from naturally twisting at the very beginning?

    • 212

      Tamara Kelly says

      It will twist, it’s true, and I don’t think there is a way to stop it twisting before you join, but to straighten it for the join you can try adding stitch markers to the chain all in the same part of the stitch, so you can see how it should lay before you join. Another option is to actually work the first round as a row – turn and work into the starting chain, the join after the first row and use the tail at the beginning to close up the foundation chain. It’ll be easier to keep the first row flat than just chains. :) I hope that helps! I’m so glad you like it!

      • 213

        Misty says

        So, do 2 Foundation double crochets, then do the chains, and repeat? That sounds wonderful if I can do it that way!!!! I have made SEVERAL of these scarves and I have to do it where I have the chain joined and then wrap it around my treadmill handles so I can keep it from twisting for the first 3 rounds. I look ridiculous, but it works. Sounds like if the 2 Foundation DC and then chains would work, I may try that next!

        • 214

          Tamara Kelly says

          I wouldn’t do foundation dc – just a long chain and then TURN and do regular dc into the chain. Then join after that first row.

  63. 216

    Elaine says

    I LOVE this pattern! Simple yet amazing results. I had some Lion Brand Tweed Sripes n Caribbean that I had been saving for a special project. THIS WAS IT!! What a stunning scarf. I was pretty sure how to make the button tie but watched the video anyway. Your explanation was excellent. Thank you SO much!

  64. 217

    Kari says

    Hello! I love the color of this yarn, what is the name and colorway name? I have looked but can’t seem to find it..also where o where did you get that beeeutiful button you used for the tie, I am making this scarf for my mother in law and that is JUST her style! Thank you!

  65. 222

    Tralalalisa says

    This was a great scrap yarn pattern. I had enough of a skien to do 14 rounds, & it looks awesome! I messed up a few places, & I did what you said-just kept right on going, can’t even tell that there was a mistake! I put photos up on my ravelry account and a link to your pattern on the project. Did I do all of that right??

  66. 226

    Cathleen Reese says

    I love this scarf, the pattern makes any color beautiful but I do love the variegated and it’s too
    cool as a headband! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern for free with us!! I cannot
    wait to make it!! Cat

  67. 227

    Ashley says

    Soooo I got about 10 rows in and realized my scarf is completely twisted up and won’t lay right. I’m sooooo mad that I didn’t notice it earlier! Gonna have to frog it! Ribbit! Ribbit!

  68. 228

    lynn lee says

    I cannot download the Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf. Is there another way to get the pattern? I love it! Thanks,Lynn

  69. 230

    Jade says

    I have a skein of beautiful chunky blue wool that I have been wanting a pattern for ages and this is perfect. So excited.
    Really love your blog. Such great patterns.

  70. 234

    HarriEt says

    Thanks for the beautiful pattern. I finished it and have some questions as I am new to crochet. My twists can be fixed in the next one, but my pattern is not even. I don’t think it had anything to do with the number I started with. Maybe I need to pull or adjust the dcs so they align or it comes with much more practice that the stitches are uniform. I do not see the rows aligning exactly as are evident on yours which is perfect. Mine are for the most part offset. Any suggestions? Thanks again. Harriet

    • 235

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Harriet! Thank you! I’m a little confused though. The dc stitches should be offset, in a spiral – not right on top of each other.

      • 236

        HArriet says

        I am looking at your picture of the pattern flat on a surface. My rows do not align like that. No worries. It really looks good aside from the few extra twists and the button came out great too. Many thanks.

        • 237

          Tamara Kelly says

          Hm, I’m not sure what’s happening then! But if you like the finished scarf then that’s what counts!

  71. 238

    Blanche says

    This is awesome! I’m trying to make the chain and keep losing count even between markers. What happens if you do not use a multiple of 7 and just chain until you like the length? Will it still work? Thanks!!!

    • 239

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Blanche! It’ll work! You might need to fudge a little at the end of the first round, but you shouldn’t be able to tell in the finished scarf, so I’d just go with it!

  72. 242

    Carol says

    Love this pattern! Thank you! I’ve been linking it all over the place. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but it would be helpful to know how much yarn you need at the end for the buttonhole piece. I have been caught short of yarn on two of them because I’ve made three of these great scarves and just now starting the button tie. My favorite part of this is the rule: no stress!

    • 243

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Carol, and thank you! I think the button tie uses less than 2 yards of yarn – you really don’t need much at all, I’ve never come up short. Hope that helps!

  73. 244

    JAGERVAIS says

    Just came across this pattern (it’s GORGEOUS!!!) and I’m in need for a last minute gift, is this a make-it-in-one-night kind of project? I have a ball of Bernat Mosaic that would be great!

    How many hours (on average) does it take to complete?


    • 245

      Tamara Kelly says

      That’s going to be different for everybody, but I’d say it’s a one night project for most… depending on the length of your night!

  74. 246

    angi says

    This is my absolute favorite scarf pattern. I have made about 20 scarves from this pattern in different colors and weights, and I have yet to find a yarn that it won’t work with! Love it!

  75. 248

    Michele says

    I was just wondering where you got your button you used. I would like to get some like them for my scarves. Thanks.

    • 249

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Michelle! I got mine at my local JoAnn Fabrics, and I believe I’ve linked to an online source in a previous comment. :)

  76. 250

    fairyhedgehog says

    This is a wonderful pattern and I’m really enjoying making it. Thank you so much for making it available for free – that’s really generous.

  77. 252

    Janet says

    Hi! I just finished making the scarf and it’s beautiful, thank you for sharing! One question, I got the yarn exactly as describe ( tidal ) and I can’t help but wonder if it’s actually closer to Dragonfly from the collection? The end result looks more pastel and the blues and green colors aren’t as strong as the picture describe. I thought it might be the lightning but the contrast is too much for that. Please advise, thank you!

    • 253

      Tamara Kelly says

      I believe that the Unforgettable has a stronger dye lot effect than many other Red Heart yarns. I made this a few years ago now, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they colorway is a little different now! I’m so glad you like the scarf! 😀

  78. 254

    Roberta cole says

    I am in the middle of making this pattern using the unforgettable yarn. I have come across 2 issues, 1) the yarn is really fuzzy not nice like your picture. Is there something I missed? 2) Where do you find such pretty buttons?

    • 255

      Tamara Kelly says

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the yarn Roberta! Maybe you got a funky skein? I get all my buttons at my local JoAnn Fabrics store. :)

      • 256

        Roberta cole says

        It might be a wonky skein. I was reading mixed reviews of it on ravelry. Hmmmm dang we don’t have Joann’s here (I’m in Canada) I may have to get someone to ship me one!

  79. 257

    Elizabeth Heller says

    I just finished this and I love it! No stress is right… I messed up a few things and just kept going, and I swear nobody will ever know. Thank you so much for sharing it! I had trouble with the button instructions… the yarn I was using was just too fat to fit through the buttons holes! So, I just chained a few inches, skipped enough chains to slip over the button, and sc back down the chain, then I sewed the button on the opposite end from the loop with a regular needle and thread. It came out fine!

  80. 259

    Lola says

    Just made this using Lion Brand Unique yarn in Grapevine. SO beautiful. Thanks for the easy to follow instructions. :-)

  81. 261

    Joani says

    I absolutely love this pattern. It is so simple, but so beautiful. I’ve already made three to give as gifts. I plan on making one for myself as well.

  82. 263

    Rachel says

    Beautiful scarf! But at 215 ch, it is waaaay too long for my super petite frame. Is there a method behind this, such as chaining in multiples of x + y for instance? I scanned the comments but couldn’t find the answer I was looking for. Thanks for your time!

    • 264

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Rachel! It’s typically worn doubled, so that halves the length, but really you can start with any multiple of 7 plus 5. :)

  83. 265

    Deb says

    Made this for a Christmas present in a soft grey (faux silk style). It turned out beautifully! I ended up with a twist in it, but decided it was thus a “moebius scarf”. Perfect. It’s already wrapped for Christmas but I’m hoping to get a pic when she wears it. :)

  84. 267

    Kelly says

    I finished this pattern last night and am thrilled with how well it turned out! I’ve been a beginner crocheter for about 20 years and always look for a simple pattern to make during my vacations. I posted a pic of it on my FB page and have been receiving lots of likes and positive comments. Thank you for the thorough detailed instructions!

  85. 269

    Jo Ann says

    A good way to be sure the chain does not twist I place markers at
    random places on chain and make sure the markers are at bottom of chain as I join. It helps to leave markers on chain to help keep you on track.

  86. 270


    I’ve worked at Joann Fabrics since October. Yesterday a customer at the register was wearing a gorgeous gray cowl, so I asked her if she made it. Of course she did, and it was this pattern. I talk with many customers, and MooglyBlog & Tamara Kelly come up often in conversation. This pattern is beautiful in a solid gray chunky yarn. You’re a household name!!

  87. 272

    mary young says

    I just finished the above scarf. I could not put it down! Like a good book. JoAnn’s did not have the yarn pictured so I bought a RedHart Zebra in black white and gray. The first two rows were a challenge but I managed. I do not have a lot of twists which is okay. I struggled with the button tie and watched the video more times than I care to admit.
    Did you know you can pause it and get captions? I think I am going to do the tie over in a silver yarn for contrast as the zebra is very busy. This scarf is brilliant!

  88. 274

    Gail Goodwin says

    I made this GREAT cowl today. I used a bulky weight yarn and a 9.00mm hook. I still only used one skein and it came out great! I used Isaac Mizrahi’s black yarn with purple and blue sparkly thread with loops throughout. This pattern hides a MULTITUDE of sins when you make it in black! I made it for a friend who is moving from the apartments where I live and I hope she likes it. My husband thought it was great. Instead of a button, I used a good size piece of purple agate on a silver tone finding. I have to say it really looks nice. I am really proud of it and you should be too! Great pattern an quick as a bunny to do. Thanks again!

  89. 276

    Emma says

    I noticed when buying the yarn that there were some review saying the yarn breaks apart in the middle of the skein. Did this happen to you? Thanks.

  90. 282

    Regina says

    Wanted you to know, as a crochet enthusiast, I really love your work!! You’re one of the persons that I recommend people check out for techniques!

    In the last two years I’ve began to crochet to give away and to sell.

    Though many of the publications I get out of the library were published in 2009 to the present, crochet still seems to be a fun topic, hot commodity and today, not to mention that its very relaxing, It doesn’t have the negative connotation that it had, say 15 years ago.

    I hope that there’s still a few years left of people being excited about it. Here’s to all that enjoy the craft to give away as well as who produce it to sell as a source of income.

    • 289

      Tamara Kelly says

      For this one I just get it damp and lay it out on a drying rack, spreading it out a bit.

  91. 290

    Katie says

    I’m a librarian that teaches crochet classes at my library and was wondering if you would be okay with me teaching your scarf to my class, (full credit and your url would be given out)

  92. 292

    Cindy says

    Hello.. I’m making this scarf. I’ve used a size k needle as prescribed and I’ve cast on 215 stitches. I’m using the red heart 4 ply boutique yarn and my scarf is not very long. I certainly can’t wrap my scarf in the ways you’ve pictured above. I don’t even think I could put a button as I’ll choke myself. Why with the exact instructions you gave is my scarf so short? Please note I’m 5 2 and size 6 wonan (I’m not a giant person or anything).

    • 293

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Cindy! It’s a matter of gauge. It sounds like you crochet a lot tighter than I do. So I’d recommend following the more general instructions to create a scarf to fit you. :)

  93. 294

    Donna says

    the pattern instructions say to change 215 to start. however, it also says it should be in increments of 7. is the 215 a typo?

    Also for rows 3 and up the picture shows 2 DC, but the instructions say just one. I am mis understanding something? thanks.

    • 295

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Donna! The instructions say “a multiple of 7 sts plus 5″ – 215 is 30 x 7, plus 5. The instructions for Rows 3+ say “dc in the next dc and the ch 5 sp” – that’s 2 dc sts, one in the next dc, and one in the ch-5 sp.

  94. 296

    Tessa says

    Such a beautiful scarf. I’ve made a few of these using the same exact yarn but every time I can’t seem to get to 20 rows and still have enough yarn left for the tie. I wonder what I’m doing wrong? I end up with 19 rows.

    Thanks for the free pattern!

    • 297

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Tessa! It might be gauge, or the style of hook, or your skeins had a little less yardage… it’s hard to say! 19 rows is still good though! :)

  95. 298

    Lisa says

    I could have sworn that I kept the chain from twisting, yet, there is a twist. I am kind of down about this, as I was so looking forward to this. Is this normal. I had it completely finished and the ends woven in, before I noticed it. :( All I have left, is to make the button tie.

  96. 299

    Marilyn Wicinski says

    Hi and thanks so much for the pattern, I love it! I’m in the process of making it now and my yarn just doesn’t look like your yarn in the photos. I love the color in your photos but the yarn I have looks like a faded out version and it’s looking “puffy & fuzzy” instead of like the photos. I bought Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Tidal. Have they changed the yarn since the photos?

    • 300

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you! They may have changed manufacturers. It was off the market for a little while and then came back.

      • 301

        Marilyn says

        Ok thanks, I have switched to a smaller J hook and that helps. I guess I crochet kind of loosely. The yarn still looks fuzzy though compared to the photos. Also it’s not a fun yarn to take stitches out. Love the pattern, it’s quick & easy, and what a great idea with the label, love that too!

  97. 302

    D.W. says

    Turned out mauvelous Moogly! I still need to find an appropriate style button that is lightweight for the button tie.

  98. 304

    Julie wagner says

    Hi Tamara,
    Happy holidays!!! I am thinking about making this scarf with a sock yarn with a 3.5-4.0 hook, do you think that would work?? Also, how many chains would you do?

    Thanks so much for all of your help and hard work,

    • 305

      Tamara Kelly says

      I think it would look beautiful! I would just chain until I have the desired length, and not worry about the exact number of stitches – that’s the fun of this pattern. :)

  99. 306


    I love this beautiful pattern! It is one of my very favorite scarf/cowl patterns. The cowls I have made from this pattern have been very popular items on my Etsy shop – SpiritOfTheBear. Thanks for sharing this pattern and for allowing people to sell finished items from it. :)

  100. 308

    mary young says

    Can’t tell you how many infinity scarfs I have crocheted…….. What I do is count and put one of those plastic marker pins
    every ten stitches and figure out many I need so I am done when I am out of pins. I single crochet the first row and then
    very carefully line it up so it isn’t twisted. So far no problems. Then when I am done I do another row to balance off the
    first row. The scarf I just finished is like an ecru string type yarn with gold sequins. Lovely.

    • 311

      Emanuela says

      Hi, Tamara. I finally began my ASIS, just in Tidal. Beautiful! I only ask if you think that a size of 60 cm is large enough. I worked 215 chain, but it seems to me that yours is a little bigger. I know that in this pattern freedom rules, but I ask anyway… Many thanks!

  101. 315

    SHELLIE says

    Can someone please tell me what stitch this is called? I’m trying to make a hair/head tube with this stitch for long hair.


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