7 Lucky Baby Sweater and Hat Patterns

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A dear friend of mine is expecting again, so I’ve got baby crafting on the brain. (Not THAT kind of baby crafting, sheesh!) I haven’t started crafting for her yet, but I’m definitely pondering my options. The Blackberry Salad Stitch Baby Blanket is a possibility of course, but I like to make little hats and sweaters too.

So I thought that today I’d share a few of my favorite knit and crochet baby clothing patterns. Seven of them, as it turns out. Does that make them lucky? Probably not, but then again, they worked out pretty well for me! And I’d like to think that any baby is lucky to get a hat or sweater handmade with love.

  1. Mini Moogly Sweater – This recipe is one I come to again and again! I’ve made a couple different sizes and for a little girl it’s my favorite quick crochet.
  2. Baby Hoodie – I’ve made this one with and without the hood, for two very different looks!
  3. Bombay Love – The pattern calls for the opening to be on the left, but I switched it to the right on my version. Either way works, it’s up to you!
  4. Easiest Baby Hat Pattern – This hat pattern is worked flat and then seamed up the sides – perfect for beginners. And it’s endlessly customizable! I made this one to go with the Bombay Love sweater above, with stripes and a matching button embellishment.
  5. Hooded Jacket – Unlike all the other patterns listed here, this pattern isn’t online – I borrowed the book from the local library. It was my first knit clothing piece, and I had a hard time giving it away!
  6. Super-Natural Stripes – I love the way the color changes work on this one. A very quick knit! This one is probably the most unisex of the baby sweaters I’ve made.
  7. Simple Stripes Baby Hat – This hat was designed to match the Super-Natural Stripes sweater, above. And that’s why I made it, but it’s so cute it stands alone just as well!

There are so many baby patterns out there, it’s hard to choose. Hopefully there’s something new and appealing on this list for you! Baby things make such great projects – small, fun, and the perfect gift.

Things on my hooks, needles, and tentacles this week:

Finishing up a Blackberry Salad Stitch Baby Blanket for a commission client… we’re down to the weaving of ends now!

A new pattern for Friday – bobbly rainbow and soft fluffy clouds included!

And that’s about it! I’m pondering some jungle-themed finger puppets, and I’ve got a new blanket idea that needs to be fleshed out as well.

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  1. 1

    edna says

    what pretty sweaters. I love making baby sweaters. I am expecting 2 g. neases in jan or feb. these are perfect.
    thank you edna

  2. 3

    Pat says

    Re: Mini moogly sweater

    Love this pattern…. Would like to make in an adult size… For a mother/daughter set. Any thoughts???

    • 4

      moogly says

      Thanks Pat! I would recommend starting with the applicable measurements from this pattern: http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/features/crafts/crochet/thestralcardigan
      It’s also worked top down, in the same general manner as the Mini Moogly Sweater. Then, when you get to the underarm row or perhaps right under the bust, you can switch to the shells pattern. It’ll take a bit of playing around to get the shells to line up right, but you can always fudge it a bit on the set up under the armpits. The number of shells of course will just depend on the stitch count of the upper torso. :)

      • 5

        Pat says

        Thanks will do when they are back up…here’s the message when I tried to access their site….

        “We’re doing some dusting. Please bear with us while we clean up all the owl droppings and spilled mead. We’ll be back soon……The Leaky Staff”

        Great sense of humor… Can’t wait to get to it. BYW, have been pouring over “Moogly” all night long. Can’t believe my luck in finding you…! Thanks so much.. Best regards, P.

          • 7

            Pat says

            Your suggestion looks good…. Love the off center buttoning on your Moogly sweater…. will adjust neck front of your latest suggestion… Thanks again… now can’t wait to get to the store and pick up some yarn….. P

          • 8

            moogly says

            😀 I figure it’s a good jumping off point for stitch counts anyway! Come post a picture on the Facebook page when you’re done, I’d love to see it!

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