Switching Colors for Striped Patterns

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Today’s video is a quick tip / tutorial that shows you how to switch colors for striped crochet patterns, and avoid the odd little jog or color “bleed” that you can get if you finish the last stitch with the same color.

This technique is best used when you want to bring that color back again soon for another row, or when using single crochet sts. If you’re adding a new color and want to cut the old color, try the Chainless Starting Double Crochet technique – which also works for treble crochet and taller sts!

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  1. 5

    Paula says

    I am a self taught crocheter and I just stumbled onto your site I love the free tips and the video tutorials I am learning sooo much more, I have a question can you show or tell how one blocks acrylic yarn I have also heard it called killing it don’t really understand the process. Thank you so much for the teaching and sharing

  2. 9

    Michelle says

    Shoot! I don’t know if I successfully published my question! It was: do you weave in yarn ends every two rows when you change colors on the blackberry baby blanket? Your video says to carry down the side and then snip and weave in. Isn’t that a short end to snip and weave? Do you have a video of how to neatly secure ends?


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