Unpinning Pinterest 10/16/12

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I’m on Pinterest every day, and there are always hundreds of new pins to look through! But I persevere, and once again I’ve weeded through the bad links, ads, and all the silliness to bring you the very best of Pinterest right now – unpinned!

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  1. Repairing Knitwear, on knitty – Whether you made it yourself or you bought it at the store, a snag, tear, or hole in your favorite sweater can be heartbreaking! This tutorial really goes in depth and takes you through repairing your knit pieces. Invaluable info for knitters, crocheters, and menders! pinterest repair knits repairting knitwear unpinning links knitty
  2. Planning Your Felted Project on Petals to Picots – This was apparently part of a 3 part series, but the links to parts 1 and 2 are broken. But I still wanted to link to part 3, because it’s got fantastic info! It takes you through the math of planning a felted project, step by step, making it seem really do-able! Once again, the swatch is the thing! pinterest felting yarn felting crochet how to felt crochet projects how to plan a felting project
  3. Cluster Border Stitch Pattern – This one links to a Russian site, and I couldn’t even find it there. But if you can read charts, all the info you need is in the pin itself, seen below! This border stitch pattern would be great on the Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket and Afghan, don’t you think?pinterest free crochet edging patterns
  4. The Ultimate Finish Off for Amigurumi on Little Yarn Friends – Making amigurumi shapes is simple enough; after all, it’s just spirals of single crochet. It’s the finishing work that tends to trip people up! Getting a perfect close at the bottom of a head or toy ball is easy if you follow this tutorial. amigurumi free crochet tips and tricks how to finish off amigurumi
  5. Peacock Finger Puppet on CrochetBot 3000 – Wow wow wow! This is flat out THE most amazing finger puppet I’ve ever seen. The colors are stunning, the thread crochet work is perfect, and it’s just beautiful! Gorgeous. free peacock crochet pattern peacock finger puppet free peacock fingerpuppet pattern
  6. *BONUS PIN* How to Preserve Avocados in the Freezer on Eating Richly – Avocados are one of my absolute favorite foods…and often expensive. A few weeks ago they were on super sale and I bought more than we could eat right away. So I tried this method of freezing them, using lime juice rather than lemon juice, as that’s what my guacamole recipe calls for. We thawed a bag out this past weekend, added the rest of the guacamole ingredients, and it was absolutely perfect! Next summer I’m going to really stock up! can you freeze avocados tips pinterest eating richly preserve avocados

Are you on Pinterest? What sorts of things are you pinning these days? Got any amazing pins to share? Let us know in the comments!

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    Jennifer Watson says

    I am Jennann25 on Pinterest. I pin recipes, crochet ideas/patterns for kids/babies (animals, hats, booties, etc), ideas for Montessori teaching, and dream homes! Got have a little fantasy in you life!

    • 5

      moogly says

      I hear you Crafty Gardner. It is a concern. And why I try to always link back to the original source – which can take some sleuthing sometimes!

      • 6


        Link backs are great if you can find them, but others still save images to their computers to post with a link, and that should have permission before being done. I’ve had my images posted in all sorts of places with no links back, and it looks like my work belongs to someone else. That is the main reason I don’t pin anymore. I do look from time to time as there are some great ideas there.


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