The Magic Circle

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Ever wondered how round or circular projects have those centers that are all closed up and tight? It’s the Magic Circle! Also known as Magic Ring or Magic Loop, there are several ways to create it. Here’s mine!

I hope that made it clear! There are other ways to do it – some people even take their yarn in the opposite direction – but this is the way I find easiest. But that doesn’t make it the “right” way – there are no crochet police! Do what makes you happy and gives you the results you desire. Do you think you’ll give the Magic Circle a try? What’s your favorite way to start a circle?

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  1. 4

    jeri jackson says

    I have repeatedly tried to print the chrochet Easter Lilly pattern. every time it gives me a printer error and I have to shut down my computer and reboot because it messes up my printer accesability. I have never had this happen ever. could you send me the pattern to my email so I could print it and the progression pictures ? thank you , Jeri

    • 5

      moogly says

      Hi Jeri! Ah, I didn’t know that had gotten published! I’m sorry it’s giving you trouble, have you tried contacting the host website?

      • 6

        moogly says

        Ok, it’s up here now – try the print it now button here at moogly – and do let me know if you have any trouble!

  2. 7

    Teranja Knitmiss says

    Thank you for your tutorial on the magic ring. I watched it a couple of times and I’m ready to try it out. Thanks again for your blog. You are making a difference in my life as a crocheter.

    • 13

      Tamara Kelly says

      After I pull it tight, I use a tapestry needle to go around the circle the same direction once more, then go back the other way, piercing the yarn through so that it’s completely secure. I’ve never had one come undone yet! :)

  3. 14

    Angel says

    Hi Tamara,

    Do you already have a tutorial on how to do a chainless dc into a magic circle, or is that even a possibility?

    Thank you,

    • 15

      Tamara Kelly says

      It is possible, though not the easiest. I don’t have a tutorial specifically for this – sounds like it would be a good one to add!

      • 16

        Angel says

        I tried it and it looked okay. I wasn’t sure if I should do a chain first or not right after the crossover at the beginning. It was hard for me to know where to join the last dc of the round to that beginning stitch when continuing with the same color. I didn’t know where to insert the hook for the slip stitch.

  4. 18


    Thank you so much Tamara for the magic circle tutorial. I’m so glad I found it. I hope it’s ok for me to post it on my website to let others know where I learned it and send them to you and your tutorials and great site.


  5. 20

    VERNA E says

    Thanks for the tutorials. I have not crocheted in years and need refreshing. Your site has lots of information on it. Looking forward to making bigger things than I used to do with the help of ur site!

  6. 22

    Michelle says

    I just started crocheting (decided to go big with my first project and do an amigurumi bunny), and wish I had found this tutorial first. I was wondering how to get rid of that darned hole! Thanks so much.

    • 23

      Tamara Kelly says

      😀 So glad you like it Michelle! And congrats on learning to crochet – amigurumi is an ambitious first project for sure, but after that you’ll be ready to tackle anything! Love your confidence!

  7. 24

    Debbie says

    i need to find a video i cant read patters because i had a stroke and i can only follow them so do you have videos on dresses and for little boys

  8. 25

    Shannon says

    Hi I have a question about the end of the magic circle. I don’t see where to insert my hook to begin the dc. Also does the dc wrap twice around the magic circle? From the directions it sends that I should finish the 12 dc when I return to the first stitch but if my magic circle is only 6 around that doesn’t seem possible.


    • 26

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Shannon! In the video I’m demonstrating the magic circle with single crochet stitches. If I were to use the magic circle with double crochets, I would start the exact same way, but instead of stopping at the ch-1, I’d ch-2 or maybe ch-3 (if I wanted that to count as the first st of the round). Then I would yo and make a double crochet around both loops of the ring, just as I worked the single crochet stitches. Also, I like to work 6 sts into the ring for single crochets, but for double crochets I would likely work 12, or some similar number (depending on the stitch pattern). I hope that’s clearer?

  9. 34

    Debbie says

    thank you so much! I’ve tried to do this from a couple other instructions and this is the first one that worked AND that I could remember without the video! keeping it on my finger for the first few stitches is what I needed – I was having a heck of a time trying to keep the yarn stable enough to stitch around….

  10. 36

    Sharon Wright says

    I just wanted to say, thank you for a fantastic tutorial for a magic circle. Most of the patterns I’ve worked with have you slip stitch a circle and then work a ton of stitches inside that. But, I’ve recently been seeing newer patterns with these and was completely clueless! Again, thank you sooo much, it was very easy to follow :)

  11. 38

    leigh says

    This is by and far the very best tutorial on magic ring/circle I have found to date. After hours of frustration trying to understand and form the ring with various other youtube videos I now understand. I shall go forth and magic ring! And no longer be afraid.

    Many thanks to you Tamara! You are my crochet angel right now.

  12. 44

    Caroline says

    I have honestly never been able to get the magic ring until now despite years of trying! I usually substitute for a chain two but it never looks as nice. You are one awesome teacher! Just watched a load of your tutorials and I feel like a new crocheter! Thank you :-)

  13. 46

    Patricia Cuddeback says

    This video is fabulous. I have been struggling with the magic circle for a while now and you have finally made it perfectly clear. Thanks.

    • 49

      Tamara Kelly says

      Yes! Just don’t pull it all the way closed! Weave in the end securely and it won’t go anywhere. :)

  14. 50

    Shana says

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this tutorial. I am a fairly avid crocheter and relatively intermediate/advanced level. I’m not bragging, just saying I’ve been doing this for years. Thanks to my mom and my aunt (who taught me so much before she passed away) I have been crocheting since i was a kid..I’m 41 now. . I have always avoided the magic circle like the plauge…lol. I’ve watched a lot of videos and visited a ton of websites, but I just couldn’t get it to work. I always did the chain 4 or 5 and crochet into the circle or chain however many stiches and then crochet into the such and such stitch from the hook. I found a pattern thought that I just have to try and it wasn’t gonna look right. So I bit the bullet and decided to give it a try. Well this wonderful lady had a link to your video and here I am. I actually made the magic circle and it looks fairly decent. :). Thanks to you I now at least sort of get it…lol :) You’ve opened up a lot of new patterns or at least a better way to do a lot of the old ones. So once again THANK YOU!!!

  15. 52

    Lorna says

    I love how easy your tutorial is the best one ever I have seen. I can’t wait to start my first dragon toy my first ever project but determined to learn to crochet.
    Thanks lorna

  16. 54

    Leicah says

    Hi! Thank you for this tutorial. I was searching for a Captain America shield and found this easy one. It required a magic ring to start the circle and there was a link for your site. I watched it a couple of times while trying and voila, I finally have a magic ring! I’m a beginner crocheter and this really helped! Thank you so much

  17. 56

    Marg says

    Well, thank you very much for that video. I am 70 now and taught my self to
    crochet from a book when I was 30 and stick to the easy projects, still, and I knew there
    was a way to make that magic circle, but had not actually come across it anywhere!!! So,
    going to give it a try. Thank you.


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