Sweet Striped Crochet Arm Warmers

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This past January I shared the pattern for the Sweet Striped Arm Warmers – a fun knit pattern for kids. It’s popsicle season now, but cold weather is coming… eventually… and I’ve had a few requests to translate this pattern to crochet. So let’s get a jump on fall, with a project that will keep the kids warm once the cold weather hits – but is small enough to keep you cool while you work on it!

These arm warmers were designed for tweens and young teens, but it’s easy to size these for a younger child: skip the last two stripes and go straight to the cuff! In other words, after finishing the 7th stripe, switch to color A, work 27 bpsc, and work rows 1-28 of the ribbed cuff pattern.

Sweet Striped Crochet Arm Warmers

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Wrist/Hand Cuff

Using Color A and leaving a 6″ tail, ch 8. Turn.

Row 1: Working in BLO, sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, and each ch to end. (7sc) Ch 1 and turn.

Row 2 – 28: Sc in BLO evenly across. (7sc) Ch 1 and turn.

Row 29: Turn to work into the side of the cuff, looping the piece into a ribbed cuff, so that the first and last row meet. Ch 1 and sc into the side of 1st row and each row around, as shown below. (28sc) Do NOT join yet.

sweet striped crochet arm warmers armwarmers free patternStripes Section

Round 1: Insert the hook into the 1st st of Row 29 (above), yo with Color B, and make sl st to join. Ch 2. [Bpdc in 2 sts, then bpdc2tog] 7 times. (21 sts) Join with sl st and ch 2. sweet striped arm warmers crochet free pattern kids tweens gift cool

Round 2: [Dc in 5 sts, then dc2tog] 3 times. Do NOT join yet. (18 sts)

Round 3: With Color A, join the end of the previous row with a sl st. Ch 2, and bpdc in each st around. Join with sl st and ch 2.

Round 4: Dc in each st to last st. Dc 2 in last st. Do NOT join. (19 sts)

Round 5: With Color B, join the end of the previous row with a sl st. Ch 2, and bpdc in each st around. Join with sl st and ch 2. stripe arm warmers leg kid tween teen gift free crochet pattern

Round 6: Dc in the 1st st, then dc 2 in the next st. Dc in ea st to last st, then dc 2 in the last st.  Do NOT join. (21 sts)

Round 7 – 8: Repeat Row 3 – 4. (22 sts made on Row 8.)

Round 9 – 10: Repeat Rows 5 – 6. (24 sts made on Row 10.)

Round 11 – 12: Repeat Row 3 – 4. (25 sts made on Row 12.)

Round 13 – 14: Repeat Rows 5 – 6. (27 sts made on Row 14.)sweet striped arm warmers fall winter gift tween free crochet pattern

Round 15 – 16: Repeat Row 3 – 4. (28 sts made on Row 16.)

Round 17 – 18: Repeat Rows 5 – 6. (30 sts made on Row 14.) Break Color B, leaving a long enough tail to weave in later.

Upper/Arm Cuff

Setup Row: With Color A, join the end of the previous row with a sl st. Ch 1, and bpsc in each st around. (30 sc) Join with sl st.

Row 1: Ch 8. Working in BLO, sc in the 2nd ch from hook and each ch. (7sc) Sc2tog in the next 2 setup row sts, as shown below. This is the “securing st” that attaches the vertical cuff rows to the horizontal setup row. Do NOT ch, turn.sweet striped arm warmers free crochet pattern

Row 2: Skipping the securing st, sc in the BLO evenly. (7 sc) Ch 1 and turn.

Row 3: Sc in BLO evenly. (7 sc) Make securing stitch. Turn.stripes arm warmers socks leg cuffs free crochet pattern

Row 4 – 29: Repeat Row 2 – 3.

Row 30: Sc in BLO evenly. (7 sc) Break yarn, leaving a 12″ tail.

Sew the arm cuff together with whip stitch, joining Rows 1 and 30. Be sure to work into the BLO of Row 30 to maintain the ribbed look.

Back at the Wrist/Hand Cuff, you can whip stitch the entire cuff together to wear it on the wrist, or stitch just the first 3 – 4 sts together, leaving a thumb hole, as shown in the first picture. Weave in all ends. And then of course…. Sweet Striped Crochet Arm Warmers free pattern

Be sure to Like the moogly Facebook page for the latest updates and have some fun with us!  Written pattern copyright Tamara Kelly 2012. Please do not reprint or repost this pattern, but please feel free to link to this page to share this pattern with others.

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  1. 5

    Maggie says

    This looks like a fabulous pattern, and the pictures are so helpful. Do you have a version of this sized for adults? I have several relatives who would love to receive these for Christmas if I can make them larger.

  2. 7

    núbia degan varjão says

    por favor preciso de ajuda como são as legendas dos pontos po r exemplo pb ,pa, corr, por favor me ajudem fico aguardando

  3. 8

    shaina82 says

    I am new to crochet, teaching myself :) I have made the gloves and am at row 2 of the upper/arm cuff. Am I supposed to sc into the blo of the set up row? I did that, turned, and made row 3 and I am afraid I am going to ende up without a ribbed pattern except for in on area on that end of the glove and ribs are going the wrong way. I am so confused!! :(

    • 9

      moogly says

      Sorry shaina, I think I wasn’t as clear there as I should have been. When you sc2tog in the setup row, work under both loops of those two sts. Then, when working back along the 7 sts of ribbing, work in the BLO of those sts. Remember that the back loop is the loop furthest away from you. When you do the sc2tog sts into the set up row, aka the securing stitches, go under both loops of the two sts that you sc together. Is that any clearer?

  4. 10

    Michelle says

    Hi, i was just wondering if there is any clue as to guage for this project? im making these for myself (I’m an adult with a 5 3/4″ wrist) and want to make sure they will not be too snug. This is the best arm warmer pattern I have ever found and really would love a pair!

    • 11

      moogly says

      Michelle, measuring it now I get 14 dc = 4 inches. Each row of dc is about 1.125″ tall before post stitches. Hope that helps! Thanks for reading! 😀

  5. 13

    Mimi says

    these are great! the only note i have is that they were actually too small for my 6-year-old cousin, so i ended up giving them to the 4 y/o instead. i’m making another set with a 6.5mm hook, and adding two rows.

    but otherwise, thank you so much for this pattern! i look forward to making a pair for myself as well. :)

    • 14

      moogly says

      Ah, we must have very different gauges – my copy still fits my 11 year old! Bumping up the hook size is definitely a good idea, and of course adding rows is easy enough. :) I’m so glad you like the pattern!

  6. 15

    Amy says

    I have just finished making the first one of a pair of these arm warmers. They are sized for my 6 year old and fit great except for the upper arm cuff. It flares WAY out and doesn’t fit her arm at all! What could be wrong? I did the upper arm cuff with the same hook as the cuff to go around her hand, but it is much larger.

    • 16

      moogly says

      Hi Amy! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. There are a couple of possibilities that come to mind. One is that you ended up adding some extra rows in the upper cuff – there should be 30, maybe a few extra sneaked in? Another possibility is that you were way more relaxed while making the cuff, and it affected your tension – though that’s a big effect to be sure. If the row count is correct, you could try going down a hook size or two to make it tighter – 6 year olds tend to have smaller upper arms than older kids to be sure, and a little extra snugness there would be handy anyway!

  7. 19


    Thank you so much for this pattern! My 9yo asked me to make her some fingerless mitts…I don’t have a lot of time but how can I say no to that? :) I think these will be perfect, so excited to get started! Found you on Ravelry…I’m applecake33. :)

  8. 22

    Crystal B says

    YEAH!!! Loved this pattern so much had to learn how to crochet! I have just finished my first pair for my daughter (who absolutely loved them!) and will be doing two more for my other daughters! Thank You for the pattern!!!!

  9. 24

    Janice says

    This pattern is adorable! I haven’t touched a crochet hook in over three years, and I’ve never used a pattern before… I also had no clue what any of the abbreviations meant…BUT…between your video tutorials, and other resources on the internet (and a little trial and error) I just finished one of the arm warmers in about 6 hours (I’m sure the second will go much faster). I used Caron Simply Soft in Limelight and Berry Blue, and it is adorable! The only mistake I made was carrying the yarn on the wrong side, but it plays nicely into the pattern. These will make a wonderful Christmas gift for my pre-teen cousin! Thank You!

  10. 26

    LeAnn says

    I’m having the hardest time understanding this pattern. The directions say to work it in rows but it almost seems like it should be worked in rounds considering there is joining involved. Are there any more videos that may help me visualize how these arm warmers are stitched?

    • 27

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi LeAnn, sorry for the confusion! This is one of the first patterns I wrote, and you’re right, it should say Rounds rather than Rows.

  11. 28

    heather says

    Have you considered doing a tutorial for these? I am just learning to read patterns. I just finished your all grown up slouch hat and it turned out great! But I can’t for the life of me wrap my brain around this after I get the cuff done. Any help would be great. I have the right number of rows on the cuff but 29 is confusing and I end up with too many stitches.

  12. 29

    Terra says

    I think I ran into a problem working on these. I made the adult size first and don’t think I had this problem with them. I hope I can phrase this correctly. So the pattern says on round 2, dc in 5 then dc2tog, 3 times. Then round 3 says bpdc in each st around. So on round 3 when I come to the stitches that are 2 tog should I just do one bpdc around both together? I am thinking the problem was that I worked around both stitches individually…?

    • 30

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Terra! You would work them like a dc2tog, only going around the post rather than into the top of the stitch. :)


  1. […] Sweet Striped Arm Warmers – Do it for the kids! Add this pattern to your Ravelry Queue This pattern should fit most children aged 8 to 12 (with a loose fit on the 8 year old, and a slim fit on the 12 year old, of course). The pattern is initially worked flat, and then joined to work in the round at the end of Row 15. For increases, I used kfb, but you can use any increase stitch you like. I carried the yarn along inside the arm warmers, so in the end you’ll have only 4 ends to weave in! Prefer to hook it? Now there’s a crochet version! […]

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