Reverse Single Crochet (Crab Stitch)

Reverse Single Crochet (RSC), also known as the Crab Stitch, is a great, modern edging for your work. Perfect for everything from blankets to bags, it gives a firm edge with real visual interest. It takes a bit of practice, but it’s worth it. And now there’s a moogly video tutorial!

So as you can see, the Reverse Single Crochet is worked from left to right, and while it takes some practice, it’s a great stitch to have in your arsenal. It is hard to crochet into though, so it’s generally used for edgings and borders. Give it a try! And thanks for watching.

Video Tutorial: Reverse Single Crochet, aka the Crab Stitch! Learn to crochet backwards and make great edgings! #crochetBe sure to check out and like the moogly Facebook page to get the latest updates, links, and sneak peeks. Moogly is also on Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and now Google+  – come join the fun! Tam[email protected]



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  1. 3

    Cory says

    Just wanted to let you know–I did a search for crab stitch (in the blog) and didn’t get this tutorial–I had to click from the sidebar. I don’t know if you can tag or reference it so that it shows up, but you might want to. Thanks, I needed the video and I knew it was right here, it was nice to have the resource!

  2. 7

    Kristin says

    Thank you for such a clear, well done tutorial on how to do a crab stitch. Just what I was looking for!

  3. 8

    Nancy says

    Tried a few videos and some books before I found your tutorial. Easy to follow, not a lot of extra chatter and I’ve got it now! Thanks!

  4. 11

    Gillian McM says

    Just watched the reverse crochet video for the umpteenth time for a project I’m doing. I can never remember how to do it because I don’t use it often, but I don’t have to worry, because I can just go back and hear your very nice voice explaining it to me yet again, and you never say, “Sheesh, haven’t you memorized it already??”
    Thanks a million!

  5. 15

    mary ochoa says

    thank you so much for your tutorial on reverse sc. I have been working on a blanket for my grandson and it called for a reverse sc. I looked everywhere…even a tutorial but they didn’t help. Came on to your website and I got it almost immediately! Yes it does take a little practice but your tutorial was very visual and well explained. Thank you again!


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