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Welcome to the revamped moogly! New year, new look. Cleaner lines, less distractions, and more craft! There are lots of other fun things we have in store for you this year, including instructional videos (assuming the kids can be quiet enough to film!), more free patterns, and lots more posts and updates.

To kick it off, let’s talk hats! This month has been all about hats for me, from soft light hats for those battling cancer, to slouchy beanies that bring out an Irish lass’s eyes. There’s nothing as satisfying as a quick project that can change your entire look, and hats fit the bill. Crocheted or knitted, hats are a wardrobe staple, a fantastic stash buster, and a great gift. This week I made a couple of lovely hats for two beautiful girls.

Above is the Picholine Hat, a free downloadable pattern made up in Frog Tree Chunky Alpaca. I’m a tight knitter, so I followed the pattern specs exactly, and made a perfect hat for a child! It fit it’s 4 year old recipient with plenty of room to grow, and I think she looked super cute in it, if I do say so myself. But she has a new baby sister too, so….

Modeled by one stuffed monkey (who just happens to have a perfect newborn sized head), I reversed the colors from the larger hat and had just enough to make a hat for baby sister. Tight knitting wouldn’t shrink it down this much, so I altered the pattern and got something just right. To change the pattern to newborn size:

Infant Picholine Hat (substitute the following and work the rest of the pattern as specified)

Cast on 32 sts.
Inc Rnd: On larger circ ndl, *k4, m1, rep from * to end of rnd. (40 sts)
Set-up Rnd: *k1, m1, k2, k2tog, pm, rep from * to end of rnd
Rep Pattern Stitch Rnds 1-2 4 more times.

Curiously slouchy! And fast and fun. The alpaca is so soft, and the pattern is gorgeous. Sizing it up and down is easy, just work in multiples of 8 sts. Now that these two knitted hats are gracing the heads of their super sweet recipients, it’s back to work for me! Stay tuned for more from moogly real soon!

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    Lorri Beth says

    This hat is very cute (wish I was a better knitter)! But…I am an avid collector of salt & pepper shakers, and could not help but notice the cute peas in the pod you had! Did you get them at a shop? :) ♥ LB

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