A Trendy Classic: 10 Free Houndstooth Crochet Patterns!

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Although it’s often considered a form of plaid, houndstooth deserves a roundup of it’s own! The classic houndstooth is made with woven fabric – but crochet can do a mighty fine impersonation! Heralded as a classic design that’s on trend once again, here are 10 free houndstooth crochet patterns!

Free Houndstooth Crochet Patterns!

10 Free Houndstooth Crochet Patterns

(Click on the name of the pattern, in blue, to go to the pattern page!)

  1. Infinity Hounds Tooth Scarf by Kathy Lashley, on ELK Studio – Handcrafted Crochet Designs: I have to admit, this one might be my favorite of the whole bunch. Such a fantastic look!Infinity Hounds Tooth Scarf :: Free Houndstooth Crochet Patterns!
  2. Houndstooth Hook Holder (Case) by Book People Studio: One small swatch becomes a great little travel hook case!Houndstooth Hook Holder :: Free Houndstooth Crochet Patterns!
  3. Hounds Tooth Beanie Hat by Kathy Lashley, on ELK Studio – Handcrafted Crochet Designs: Houndstooth hats for both men and women!Hounds Tooth Beanie Hat :: Free Houndstooth Crochet Patterns!
  4. Hounds Tooth Tote by Kathy Lashley, on ELK Studio – Handcrafted Crochet Designs: One more from this talented designer! She’s made houndstooth her own!Houndstooth Tote ::Free Houndstooth Crochet Patterns!
  5. Houndstooth Dishcloth by Carol Ballard, on Best Free Crochet: A great way to try out any new stitch pattern!Houndstooth Dishcloth :: Free Houndstooth Crochet Patterns!
  6. Hounds tooth Scarf and Glove Toppers by Sara Sach, on Posh Pooch Designs blog: Such a great gift set idea! And yes, those gloves are always too short – chilly wrists are no fun.Hounds Tooth Scarf and Glove Toppers :: Free Houndstooth Crochet Patterns!
  7. Houndstooth Hat by Patons: Another fantastic crochet hat pattern – love the rainbow stripes happening here!Houndstooth Hat :: Free Houndstooth Crochet Patterns!
  8. iSleeve by Allison Hoffman, on Yarnspirations: Old meets new with this tablet cozy!iSleeve :: Free Houndstooth Crochet Patterns!
  9. Houndstooth Pet Scarf by Claire Ortega-Reyes, on Crochet Spot: Your pet is going to look so dashing in this year’s holiday photos!Houndstooth Pet Scarf :: Free Houndstooth Crochet Patterns!
  10. Crochet and Weave Houndstooth Check Plaid Afghan by Maria Merlino, on Yahoo: Combining crochet and weaving creates an incredibly accurate houndstooth pattern – and it’s fun to do, too!Houndstoothe Plaid Afghan :: Free Houndstooth Crochet Patterns!

Are you a fan of houndstooth? Have you ever made a houndstooth crochet pattern? Share your thoughts and favorites in the comments!

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  1. 1

    Arlette Cheramie says

    Thanks Moogly for the wonderful houndstooth roundup especially the featuring of patterns by Kathy Lashley of ELK Studio Crochet. She is one awesome designer.

  2. 3

    Cheryl says

    I really like the dishcloth design, but I do have a question:
    If I use cotton in contrasting colors (like black and white, or yellow and black for a Batman washcloth) will the darker colors bleed onto the light colors in the wash? I’m familiar with Color Catcher sheets, which go in the washer when washing a mixed load, but that would get expensive if I had to do that with every load.
    Is there a way to set the colors, either by soaking the yarn before working, or after the project is finished?
    Thanks so much.

    • 4

      Tamara Kelly says

      Back before Sugar & Cream’s site became part of Yarnspirations, this is what they recommended. I don’t see as much buzz about the salt as about the vinegar in most threads on the topic – the vinegar seems to be the most important step.

      “16. How do you set the dye in a yarn / garment to prevent the dye from coming off on hands and needles while working with it?
      Knit your project, and soak it in a solution of the following: 1-2 c PICKLING SALT and COLD WATER. Set for half an hour. Rinse THOROUGHLY in water. Soak again in VINEGAR and WATER. Set for half an hour. Rinse THOROUGHLY.”

  3. 5

    Diane says

    Thanks so much for these wonderful patterns, Tamara. I love your round ups. I made the Paton Hat and the Hounds Tooth Beanie Hat (really sharp looking for either men or women), next I am going to try both scarves. My DIL has requested 4 of the Paton Hats and scarves to match for her daughters for Christmas. I’d better get crackin! =) Fortunately the hats whip up super quick and I hope the scarves will too!

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