You Spin Me Round (Like a Mandala)! 10 Free Mandala Crochet Patterns

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Mandalas are hot right now – big, small, or used as the basis for a whole pattern, these circular crochet patterns are fun to make! No longer used only as a religious symbol, they can still be meditative to make and admire. And in yarn they can be useful too – as potholders, trivets, wall and table decor, or as part of a bag, blanket, rug, or even a bag! So here are 10 free mandala crochet patterns – for both mandalas and projects that incorporate them! (Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links.)

Amazing Mandalas for home decor and more - Free #crochet pattern roundup on Moogly!

10 Free Mandalas Crochet Patterns

(Click on the name of the pattern, written in blue, to go to the pattern page!)

  1. Granny Mandala by Alice Best, on Crochet with Raymond: The mandala and the granny square make a colorful mix in this round rainbow!Granny  - Free #Mandala #Crochet Pattern Roundup
  2. Little Spring Mandala by Barbara Smith, on Crochet: Made in K-town: Beautiful colors interesting rounds make this one a popular project!Little Spring Mandala - Free #Mandala #Crochet Pattern Roundup
  3. Spoke Mandala by Marinke Slump, on a creative being: Markinke has several beautiful Mandalas on her site, but this one is my favorite!Spoke Mandala - Free #Mandala #Crochet Pattern Roundup
  4. Mandala Pattern by Annoo Crochet, on Annoo’s Crochet World: A step by step tutorial is included!Mandala Pattern - Free #Mandala #Crochet Pattern Roundup
  5. Magic Spike Mandala by Tamara Kelly, on moogly: My own take on this theme – and it inspired a matching afghan square too!Magic Spike Mandala - Free #Mandala #Crochet Pattern Roundup
  6. Flower Potholders by Jennifer Martin, a Ravelry download: Aren’t these gorgeous?! They’re even great without the outlines!Flower Potholders - Free #Mandala #Crochet Pattern Roundup
  7. Mandala Market Bag by Charlotte W., on NyanPon’s Knits and Crochet: It’s a mandala… until it turns into a bag! Fun and practical!Mandala Market  - Free #Mandala #Crochet Pattern Roundup
  8. Blue Mandala Throw by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby, on Crochet World: I’ve linked to the Raverly entry so you can get all the info needed to make this beautiful crochet blanket!Blue Mandala Throw - Free #Mandala #Crochet Pattern Roundup
  9. Crochet Mandala Kids Purse by Sarah Lora, on Ball Hank n’ Skein: Love this sweet little bag with mandala squares – and the lining tutorial!Crochet Mandala Kids Purse - Free #Mandala #Crochet Pattern Roundup
  10. Shocking Mandala Rug by Tamara Kelly, on Stitch & Unwind and Moogly: I wrote this pattern for Stitch & Unwind using super bulky Red Heart Vivid – love these neons!Shocking Mandala Rug - Free #Mandala #Crochet Pattern Roundup

Mandala and Stool CoverAll of the above patterns are free and online, but there are some stunning mandala crochet patterns for sale too. Some of my favorites are the Mandala and Stool Cover by Felted Button, and the Karmic Kitty Pillow Plushie by Part Pixy. Have you joined in the Mandala mania?Karmic Kitty Pillow Plushie
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  1. 1

    Kiousi Ioanna-Marika says

    Everything in your blog is amazing…. I am getting lost in a world of colours and patterns that I love… Continue thw good job!

  2. 3

    Sharon K says

    Neither of the links for the Mandala and Stool Cover by Felted Button, and the Karmic Kitty Pillow Plushie by Part Pixy work. :(
    Love your site, you do awesome work!!!

    • 4

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Sharon! It might be because they are Craftsy links – if you sign up for an account at Craftsy you should be able to get the patterns. Alternately, both are available through Ravelry.

  3. 9

    Ande says

    I really have to say I just love love love your website, it always makes me so happy to find these cute little patterns.

  4. 12

    rashi says

    I m making granny squares mandala but it becomes bulky (looks like hat)..i dont know what to do…can you help me.?


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