Easy Listening Earbud Covers

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Ear buds, earbuds, in-ear headphones – so handy, so sleek, so maddening when they are knotted and tangled. I use mine nearly every day, yet they still managed to get tied up in knots. I’d seen other patterns for covers, but none of them were exactly what I was looking for. Finally, I took action, and here’s the result!

earbuds, cozy, headphones, free crochet pattern This is a super easy pattern with just one stitch. It takes a minimal amount of yarn, and makes the earbuds nearly impossible to tangle, and stronger too! I’ve written it up as a photo tutorial so you can see just how easily it’s done, and how to get the entire earbud set covered without a break in the yarn. Spend an evening covering your earbuds with leftover bits of yarn and it’ll be easy listening ever after.

Easy Listening Earbud Covers
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  • US – D, 3.25mm hook
  • Less than 30 yards of worsted weight yarn (Knit Picks Comfy Worsted shown), in approximately 10 and 20 yard lengths, or working from both ends of a skein
  1. Make a slip knot as you normally would to start a project, slipping one of the ear buds through the knot before tightening it up. Free Crochet Pattern Cozy Cover Music
  2. Holding the cut end of the yarn together with the cord, work sc stitches around the cord.
  3. When you reach the join or meeting point in the cords, pull the working loop of the yarn up a bit so it doesn’t come undone, placing a stitch marker in it to hold it open if desired. With the second piece of yarn or other end of the skein, start at the second ear bud as in Step 1 and work to the joining point. Remove marker and hook and hold two working loops next to each other. Free Crochet Pattern cozy cover music
  4. Reinsert the hook into working loop from the longest scrap or piece of yarn first, and then through the loop of the shorter piece. If working from both ends of a skein, just insert hook through both loops. free crochet pattern cozy music
  5. Tighten up loops on hook. Holding the remainder of the shorter piece of yarn with the main cord, yarn over with the longer working yarn and pull through both loops. free crochet pattern cozy music
  6. Continue to sc down the main cord, covering the short piece end. Cut off excess of the short piece of yarn if needed, but be sure to cover a few inches of it so it’s secure. free crochet pattern cozy music
  7. An inch or two from the end plug-in piece (or when you come to the end of your yarn bit!), stop and break yarn. Weave in the end, working very carefully along the cord, going back and forth down the crocheted tube so it’s nice and secure. If you run into some sort or switch or bit that is too big to cover, end the yarn and then restart at the bottom as before. free crochet pattern photo tutorial headphones music cozy

Just seven steps to earbuds that won’t tangle and frustrate – or if you do manage to knot them, they’ll certainly come apart much easier than they did before. I think they’ll help them last a lot longer too before they wear out. And I’ll always know which pair is mine!

earbuds, cozy, headphones, free crochet patternBe sure to Like the moogly Facebook page for the latest updates and have some fun with us! Written pattern copyright Tamara Kelly 2012. Please do not reprint this pattern, but feel free to link to this page to share this pattern with others.

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  1. 1

    MelanieP says

    This was really easy and a lot of fun. Now I have 5 different colors to choose from depending on my mood & outfit! Thanks!

  2. 3

    Is says

    I need this. Honestly, probably the most useful thing I have seen all day. I constanatly listen to my ipod and was lost was disapointed when my old earbuds broke and the brand doesn’t make the wires in purple anymore (just the bit that goes in your ear, the rest is white, which seems pretty pointless to me). The only thing I would worry about is getting it wet or dirty, which plain wires would not (as I said before, I take my ipod everywhere). Still, I love it. Definetly one of those “why didn’t I think of it before?”

  3. 5


    Its ingenious!!! I love the idea I just had to try this I love your blog and ideas you’ve posted here! great job and thanks so much!

    Happy Holidays!!

  4. 9


    This is awesome!!! I need to do this for my sisters headphones for sure, she’s always complaining about them lol. I don’t use my headphones as much hehe

  5. 10

    Tia says

    Thank you very much for sharing this pattern!
    I have a lot of people commenting on how neat they look.
    I would also like your permission to make money off the time spent making these.
    If you do give your consent I promise to name you as the author of the pattern.

    Again, thank you very much.

  6. 13


    Thanks for this pattern. I made a pair for my hubby and I. They work great! The pics are on our blog: tasteamor.wordpress.com. I’ve linked to your pattern, hope you don’t mind. :)

  7. 15


    Hi, I love this pattern a lot. A lot of my friends want me to make it for them. I made a few modifications and would like to sell the finished product. if possible. Would it be fine if I do so?

    Thank you :)

  8. 17

    amanda w. says

    I LOVE THIS! Saw one on Pinterest (sold by Etsy) and went searching on Ravelry.com to see if there was a free pattern and found yours! I’m doing purple over a USB cord right now. I’m hoping to have enough left over to do my earbuds :) Thanks so much for posting it!

  9. 19

    Astrid says

    This is genius ! I’ve been looking for something to do about my earbuds, and with my yarn, and with that crochet pin that I’ve never used, so this is three things at once. Made my night :) I have an awesome left over of mixed yarn that is just going to look super cute. Thank you so much for posting this for free with such clear explanations.


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