Crochet Ribbing: Brims and Cuffs

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All Grown Up Striped Slouch Hat - free pattern on with great tutorial for #crochet ribbing!If you’ve made the Sweet Striped Crochet Arm Warmers or matching Hats, or the All Grown Up Arm Warmers or matching Slouch Hats, you’re already familiar with the way I made my crochet ribbing for brims and cuffs when they come at the end of a pattern. There is a video tutorial for working in the BLO, but there’s a little more to making the brim/cuff, and it can be confusing. So here’s a video of the first few rows, to help make it a little clearer!


How to make the Crochet Ribbing for Brims and Cuffs featured on Moogly Patterns:

The way I write this portion of the pattern varies a little bit in stitch/row count, depending on what is being made. Arm warmers have longer cuffs, so you start with more stitches, but they’re smaller around, so there are fewer rows. But there’s a sort of generic formula to it, as follows:

Row 1: Ch length desired, plus 1. Working in BLO, sc in the 2nd ch from hook and each ch, working back toward the set-up row (previous horizontal row). Sc2tog in the next 2 set-up row sts. This is the “securing st” that attaches the vertical brim rows to the horizontal setup row. Do NOT ch, turn.

Row 2: Skipping the securing st, sc in the BLO evenly. Turn.

Row 3: Ch 1, sc in BLO evenly. Make securing stitch. Turn.

Row 4 – number equal to however many sts you had in your setup row: Repeat Rows 2 – 3.

Sew the brim together using the whip stitch, joining first and last rows. Be sure to work into the BLO of the last row to maintain the ribbed look.

I hope that clears up any confusion! Be sure to snug down that securing stitch – it helps keep the ribs nice and lined up. I love this crochet ribbing technique, because I think it looks a little more polished than crocheting into the side of the rows, and because if you make the hat the right size leading up to it, then the brim will automatically be the right size as well! Plus it’s got great stretch but holds it’s shape. I hope you like it too!

All Grown Up Arm Warmers - free #crochet pattern on with great tutorial for crochet ribbing!Be sure to check out and like the moogly Facebook page to get the latest updates, links, and sneak peeks. Moogly is also on Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr – come join the fun!


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  1. 4

    Susan says

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! I decided to teach myself how to crochet after putting it away in frustration years ago. Being lefthanded has been a challenge but thanks to the internet and the magic of video, I’ve been able to figure out most stitches. I’ve been using front and back post stitches to create ribbing but this method is much nicer!

    • 6

      Melanie says

      i myself am Lefthanded and find there are a lot of patterns that have me so stumped because the wording is for righthanders only i have to modify the patterns to work for me if i can’t find a lefthanded pattern it’s so nice to find people who understand we Lefties exist…:)

  2. 7

    EclecticArts says

    I love that. I’ve wanted something like that for ages. I don’t crochet from patterns usually…just grab a hook and yarn and start to play and that is one thing I hadn’t played around with to figure out. Thank you so much!

  3. 12

    Joanne says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you….Finished the hat and \
    this brim is absolutely beautifully ribbed…wow…;)!!!!!
    Took me a while to get all the way around…
    First time crocheting a hat!!!
    Thanks for ALL Your Help!!!! It was needed!!!
    Yep You Rock!!!!

  4. 14

    Kathleen miller says

    Reguarding your “all grown up striped slouch hat” I ve made two and they don’t look like the picture. My rounds when I do the 2 bpdc in same stitch rounds the rounds stick out quite a bit. I know how to do bpdc. But the pattern requires 2 in a stitch. You do not have a tutorial with 2 bpdc in the same stitch. So when the patterns calls for 2 bpdc in the same stitch how exactly is it done , on top of each other or first bpdc then in front of that bpdc do the second bpdc, or right behind that first bpdc cones the second.

    • 15

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Kathleen! The second bpdc is worked behind the first, with the loop around the post underneath the first. A bit of blocking helps flatten it out too. :)

    • 17

      Tamara Kelly says

      Sorry for the trouble Karen, it’s loading fine now. Sometimes youtube seems to have issues! It does take a minute to load up.

  5. 18

    prayermama says

    i love these short tutorials! you do a terrific job of showing the work you are doing and explaining it.
    thank you very much! now to try this on your beanies!

  6. 20

    Rebecca Plemons says

    I love the pattern, but unfortunately it turned out too big. Is there a way to make it smaller without starting over?

  7. 22

    S says

    Thanks for the great tutorial! It really cleared things up for me. Just one question, is there a right side and wrong side to this ribbing, or is it reversible?


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