Big Bold Chevron Blanket

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While I was making the Big Bold Chevron Curtain I kept thinking, “I want a blanket just like this!” Well I had to finish the curtain first… for reasons… but once that was done I finally got to start on the Big Bold Chevron Blanket!

The Big Bold Chevron Blanket: free #crochet pattern for a fun summer weight blanket! From Mooglyblog.comDisclaimer: This post includes affiliate links.

The open mesh of this pattern is absolutely perfect for cool spring days and summer nights, when you need a little something – but a regular blanket is way too much. Plus it works up fast fast fast, and uses hardly any yardage compared to similar sized blankets! I made the throw size, and used less than 4 skeins of Red Heart With Love! So with no further ado, here’s the Big Bold Chevron Blanket!

The Big Bold Chevron Blanket: free #crochet pattern for a fun summer weight blanket! From


Big Bold Chevron Blanket

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SIZES: (All measurements and yardage are approximate, your measurements may vary. Yardage totals listed are for all colors combined.)

Preemie/Lovie (24″ x 24″) – 245 yds; Ch 81; 21 Rows; 7 stripes
Baby Blanket ( 34″ x 38″) – 545 yds; Ch 119;  33 Rows; 11 stripes
Afghan/Throw (Shown, 50″ x 66″) – 1380 yds; Ch 176; 57 Rows; 19 stripes
Twin Blanket (66″ x 94″) – 2610 yds; Ch 233; 81 Rows; 27 stripes
Queen Blanket (93″ x 100″) – 3906 yds; Ch 328; 87 Rows; 29 stripes
King/Cal. King (110″ x 100″) – 4620 yds; Ch 385; 87 Rows; 29 stripes

Row 1: With Color A, ch number for size desired (see chart above). Tr in 6th ch from hook, *[ch 1, skip 1 ch, tr in next ch] 3 times, ch 1, skip 1 ch, in next ch work (tr, ch 3, trc), [ch 1, skip 1 ch, tr in next ch] 3 times, ch 1, skip 1 ch**, tr2tog over next 4 ch. Repeat from * until 18 ch remain, then repeat from * to ** once. Work tr2tog over last 3 ch, skipping the second ch. Turn.

Row 2: Ch 4 (counts as 1st st), tr in next st, *[ch 1, skip ch, tr in next st] 3 times, ch 1, in ch-3 sp work (tr, ch 3, tr), [ch 1, skip ch, tr in next st] 3 times, ch 1, skip ch**, tr2tog over 3 sts, skipping the tr2tog from previous row (in the center). Repeat from * to last chevron section, then repeat from * to ** once. Work tr2tog over last 3 sts, working the second half into the top of the turning ch. Turn.

Row 3: Repeat Row 2, finishing last stitch with Color B. Break Color A.

Row 4 – 6: With Color B, repeat Row 2 finishing last st of Row 6 with Color A. Break Color B.

Row 7 – 9: With Color A, repeat Row 2, finishing last st of Row 9 with Color B. Break Color A.

Rows 10 – End (see chart above for final row count): Repeat in pattern, changing colors every 3 rows (3 rows equal 1 stripe). Break yarn and weave in ends, being careful to weave in each color into the same color yarn along the sides of the rows.

You can add any edging you like! I used a simple single crochet all the way around. I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I have! I can’t wait to use it by the fire pit this summer!

Learn how to crochet the Big Bold Chevron Stitch and make the curtain and blanket! :D #crochet

Written pattern copyright Tamara Kelly 2014. Please do not reprint or repost this pattern, but please do link to this page to share this pattern with others. If you wish to make items for sale from this pattern, please visit the About page for details. Thank you to Red Heart Yarn for sponsoring the yarn for this pattern!
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  1. 4

    Meegan says

    This does look pretty fun! Why, oh why, do you tempt me to start more projects? Working on my Eloise sweater, CAL, and a bunch of others. Maybe one more wip won’t be so bad…

  2. 6

    Trish W says

    Um, you referred to a “chart” that shows the number of chains to start. Maybe I’m really blind, but I don’t see the chart???

    • 7

      Tamara Kelly says

      Maybe I should have called it a list? Under where is says “SIZES” you’ll find the different sizes available and the # of chains, rows, etc.

  3. 10

    Roberta says

    Love this! I have a new niece in California and this blanket will be perfect for California weather- thanks Tamara!

  4. 12

    Rachel pyle says

    I love this! I’m dropping all ongoing projects to do this because I love it so much. Just a quick question…when it says 10-End, are we supposed to repeat rows 1-9 over until the end or just repeat rows 7-9 until the end??

    • 13

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Rachel! Thank you! Essentially every row of the pattern is the same as Row 2 – it’s just that you change colors every 3 rows, so there is joining and breaking to do. So you could say you repeat Rows 7-9 over and over, changing colors as appropriate. :) Sorry that wasn’t more clear!

  5. 15


    Thank you so much for that beautiful blanket pattern, I’m gonna make it for my grand daughter in bright turquoise and white, I love your talent Tamara. Have a good night!

  6. 17

    Myra Wyatt says

    You wouldn’t happen to have a pattern for knitting the chevron blanket, would you? I don’t crochet and my daughter wants one. If you should find a pattern, would you send It to me please?

  7. 19

    Sara j says

    Love it!! The pattern was so easy to follow and worked up really fast. I started the throw size on Monday and finished it on Saturday. I threw in an extra color as well. Turned out really beautiful!

  8. 21

    Harriet Horne says

    I love this pattern also. It is rare to find a pattern that uses only treble crochet. Maybe after my grandson arrives, I can make one. I do have to give it try at least once.

  9. 23

    Michelle says

    I want to make this as a lap blanket, like for someone in a wheelchair. What size do you recommend and how long should the starting chain be? Thanks for your help!

    • 24

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Michelle! Looking up wheelchair blanket sizing online, it looks like you’d want to make it about the same width as the baby blanket listed here (same number of starting chains) and work until it’s about 40 inches long. :)

    • 26

      Tamara Kelly says

      It’s all the same stitch really, so I think if you can work a trc you’ll be okay! :) There’s a video tutorial too!

  10. 27

    Rachel says

    Hi there! I was wondering if you had to use the size K hook. I have a size H and my mom might have an I or a J but she doesn’t think she has a size K. Would it make a difference? Or should I go out and buy one? Thank you, looks awesome.

    • 28

      Tamara Kelly says

      It will make the blanket a bit smaller, but you can use whatever hook you’re comfortable with! :) The closer the better of course.

  11. 29

    Beth Lord says

    Tamara you are a talented woman. I have several of your patterns. I wish I had seen this afghan sooner, I would have had it done in time for my brother’s birthday. Oh well, I’m gonna do it and give it to him anyway. I’ll be using Deborah Norville’s Cuddle Fleece. I hope it works out and I have enough. Like I said I’ll give it a shot. He only has a twin bed. Goodluck to you.

  12. 31

    Barb Thompson says

    Tamara, this is a wonderful blanket, it will be wonderful for my husband to use in his semi-truck while he in on the road.

    Would it be possible to put a row of either single crochet or double crochet between the color changes and how do you suggest I do this?

    • 32

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Barb! Thank you so much! To add a row of sc I’d work a sc st in each st and each ch sp, and then in the ch-3 sp at the “peak” I’d work (sc, ch 3, sc), and then in the “valleys” or decreases I’d work a sc2tog into the ch sps on either side of the previous row decrease. I wouldn’t go all the way to the sts on either side, because I think that would warp the blanket too much, since these are so much shorter sts. It might take a little bit of experimentation to get it to work just right, but I think it’s doable!

      • 36


        My Etsy shop right now consist all pottery but have decided to add crochet also. This afghan is fabulous and would be great for selling, donating and more so just great any thing. I would love to make this and post it for sell. I have read your about page and you do deserve credit for the design etc. Now all I need is an extra pair of hands. Thank you for sharing your art with everyone.
        Susan Perry

  13. 38

    Tina English says

    I made this blanket for my little sister for her birthday. The only change I made to it is she wanted a backing on it. So i was able to sew a bubble fleece backing to the back of it as per her request and it is now her absolute favorite blanket. I wasn’t even allowed to borrow it to show coworkers the beautiful work and your pattern. Now I am making one for myself for a queen size bed. It is taking a little bit longer than the first for a single size bed but i know it will be worth the work.

  14. 40

    Elle says

    So pretty. I despise the treble crochet stitch though. Would this work in double? I guess the “holes” would be smaller, and it would take more rows to make the same length.

  15. 42

    Carissa says

    Made this a few months ago and I love it :) surprisingly warm too even with all the holes. Works up super quick and the pattern is easy to follow, thank you!


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