10 Beautiful (and Free) Crochet Flower Patterns

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This month finally marks the return of Spring, and with it, the return of warm breezes and delicate plants peeking through the snow and mud. Let’s celebrate March with some lovely crochet flower patterns!

Nine colorful crochet flowersCrochet flower patterns are perfect for instant gratification – they’re super fast and most take hardly any yarn at all. Some are practical, all are pretty, and quite a few take less than 10 minutes to make! Here are 10 of my favorites:

  1. Five Petal Cheery Flower: I love the look of these flowers – and the bright colors! This pattern is written in UK terms, so if you’re a US crocheter, check a translation chart before you start. Five petal cheery crochet flower
  2. Flower Hair Clips and Hair Elastics: These teeny tiny flowers are great on more than just barrettes – imagine a sprinkling of these across a bag, sweater, or party table. Orange crochet flower hair clip
  3. Rainbow Flower Scrubby Dishcloth: Not just for scrubbing – Leave the backing off and you’ve got a pretty flower ready for your bag or oversized headband.Rainbow flower crochet scrubby cloth
  4. Crocheted Rosettes/Flowers: Vary the yarn and hook sizes and there’s no end to the variety of rosettes you can make with this pattern. Rosette crochet flower
  5. Crochet Flower Hot Pad: (Not pictured above – I gave this one away a while ago!) Pretty and practical, this lovely piece brightens up your table and keeps it safe at the same time! The construction is really unique and so fun to make.
  6. Crochet flower hot padPicot Flower: This two layered flower pattern is well written, easy to follow and the result is so pretty! Makes me think of tropical vacations.Picot crochet flower
  7. Flower: This flower really maximizes all those tiny leftover bits and ends, creating a lot of flower for just a little yarn. Blue five petal crochet flower
  8. Mollie Flowers: These tiny flower puffs are fun on their own, or follow the tutorial and sew them together for a sweet blanket that’s sure to impress. Blue and yellow Mollie crochet flower
  9. Daisy Pattern: This Dutch pattern has been translated to English – just scroll down a little bit. Fresh and fun! White and yellow crochet daisy
  10. Star Crochet Flower Pattern: Another flower with unique construction – I’m definitely going to remember this technique! Blue star crochet flower
  11. BONUS! Easter Lily (November Lily): Free pattern right here on Moogly! Easter Lily on Moogly - free pattern with lots of photos! #crochet #easter #spring
  12. BONUS BONUS! Simple Rosettes and Leaves, also here at Moogly! Simple Rosettes and Leaves on Toot Sweet Bonnet free patterns mooglblog.com

Does it feel like Spring yet where you are? Or are you heading into fall over there on the other side of the world? UPDATE: Now there are even MORE beautiful crochet flowers to check out – lovely!

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  1. 1


    These flowers look awesome! I can’t wait to try to make some of them. I’ve tried the rosette before, but I can’t get it to look right. :( Thank you for sharing!!!

    <3 Jenn

  2. 5

    Handmade and Heritage says

    Hi! Just to let you know that this blog post will possibly feature in the latest online issue of Crafteroo Magazine (google us!) This means a there will be a direct link to your blog with some basic details in the description. If you wish to opt out of being featured please contact me at a.warburton1983@ntlworld[dot] com – The issue goes on sale on 1st April 2012

  3. 12


    We are planning to use this glorious blog post for patterns for a yarn bomb in New Zealand Aotearoa this February. So, thank you, kia ora.

  4. 18

    martina says

    Can I share a link to this page on some crocheting groups on Facebook please? I think these flowers are great!

  5. 20


    Hello. I found a pattern on your website. I would like to crochet it. It wont allow me to down load it. Could you plesse let me know how to download it. Thank you. Brenda

    • 21

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Brenda! If you are looking for one of these flower patterns, you’ll need to click on the name of the pattern to go to the site it’s hosted on and get it there. :)


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