Interesting and Unusual Crochet Afghan Patterns

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Once again, a reader request has inspired me! Facebook fan Brittanee asked if I had a pattern roundup of unique afghans… and I realized that that was a topic I hadn’t covered! I don’t know if this is what she was looking for, but I do know that I found some unusual crochet afghan patterns that inspired me, and that I’m excited to share with you – and of course, they’re all free!

Interesting and Usual Crochet Afghan Patterns - roundup of free patterns on Moogly!

10 Free Unusual Crochet Afghan Patterns

  1. Pinwheel Blanket by Tanya Beliak, a Ravelry download: I love the texture and interest in this hexagon blanket – as well as the step by step tutorial! Great use for yarn scraps too!Pinwheel Blanket - Interesting and Unusual Crochet Afghan Patterns!
  2. Optical Illusion Afghan by Lois Olson, on Art of Tangle: Everyone, kids to adults, loves optical illusions! This two tone blanket is interesting, and pretty too!Optical Illusion Afghan - Interesting and Unusual Crochet Afghans!
  3. Flatland Lock by Woolly Thoughts: Patterns from the Woolly Thoughts designers are always graphic and clever – and here’s a rare free one! From the pattern page: “It is based on the Flatland Lock in Leonardo’s Mirror and Other Puzzles by Ivan Moscovich.” The perfect choice for puzzle fans!Flatland Lock Interesting and Unusual Crochet Afghans!
  4. Diamond Blanket by Jellina Verhoeff, on jellina-creations: I love the graphic 3D illusion of this blanket!Diamond Blanket - Interesting and Unusual Crochet Afghans!
  5. Loch Lomond Afghan by Lion Brand Yarn: A riot of flowers and delicate motifs, worked in subtle colors in a seemingly random but finely controlled configuration? Love this!Lock Lomond Afghan - Interesting and Unusual Crochet Afghans!
  6. Crochet and Weave Houndstooth Check Plaid Afghan by Maria Merlino, on Yahoo: A crocheted mesh is then woven with yarn to create this bold and classic look! A fun project that will have other crafters saying “how did she do that?!”

    Crochet and Weave Houdstooth Blanket  - Interesting and Unusual Crochet Afghans!

  7. Swirl Blanket by Sonea Delvon, a Ravelry download: An easy circular crochet blanket that’s relaxing to make and looks great too.Swirl Blanket - Interesting and Unusual Crochet Afghans!
  8. Urchins and Limpets Blanket by Kathy Merrick, on Knitting Daily: I love the movement and pops of color in this blanket!Urchins and Limpets - Interesting and Unusual Crochet Afghans!
  9. Spirals Throw by Marilyn Losee, on Caron International Yarns: Nearly 100 spirals come together to make this gorgeous crochet afghan. The color possibilities are endless!Spirals Throw - Interesting and Unusual Crochet Afghans!
  10. The Blanket Has Eyes by Heather Tucker, on Mama’s Stitchery Projects: Simple but so pleasing, I just love this look! Plus the name cracked me up!The Blanket Has Eyes - Interesting and Unusual Crochet Afghan Patterns!

So what do you think? Do any of these crochet afghan patterns suit your taste, or do you prefer the classics? Not every afghan is for everybody – and that’s the fun of it! I love seeing all the variety there is out there, and I hope you do too. Share links to your favorite unusual and unique afghan patterns in the comments, and share your thoughts on these patterns too!

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  1. 1

    Shyama Nivas says

    LOVED your Chevron Lace Wrap – which I’ve just put up on ravelry. Thank you SO much for that free download.
    Have a wonderful day. :-)

  2. 3

    dail says

    I’ve actually made a version of #4 – Diamond blanket, but with smaller diamonds. Believe it or not, it worked up quickly. I would make it again.

  3. 6

    Colleen says

    Hi I want to make a crocodile shell pattern afghan with a finger weight yarn. Do you think a light yarn will be nice considering the crocodile stitch is so heavy. How many chains would suggest I start with and much yarn should I use? Your help is greatly appreciate. Ps my email address is all lowercase.

    • 7

      Tamara Kelly says

      Colleen I think a lightweight yarn would be lovely! The number of stitches is impossible to say though – you’ll need to make a swatch and do the math. So much depends on tension, yarn weight, hook size, and the size of the blanket you want to make!

  4. 8

    Eva says

    I am looking for a very unusual afghan crochet design. In a Mary Maxim is or was an owl design, with 3 owls sitting on a branch, full moon behind them. It turned out beautiful for our great-grandson. The front and back were almost the same fine design. However, I have not been able to find another challenge. Help! Please.

  5. 10

    Joy Costello says

    Just tried to get the pinwheel one on Raverly It is not available any more not e en as a paid pattern 😢😢😢

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