Slip Knot

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The Slip Knot is the start of almost every crochet project, the only exception being the magic circle. It’s how we make that very first loop that goes on the hook. Most people think of chaining as the first step, but truly, the slip knot is where it all begins. Here’s how it’s done:

How to Crochet the Slip Knot: Right Handed Version

How to Crochet the Slip Knot: Left Handed Version

The slip knot is adjustable, easy to pull out when you’ve made a mistake, and a great thing to know. Showing how to make a slip knot is harder than it looks though – when I actually make them for myself I do it “inside” my hand, where even I can’t see it. I had to really practice and think about it to bring it “outside!”

Before I learned how to make a slip knot (and WAY before I learned about the magic circle), I spent the first couple of years making tiny double knotted loops around the hook and just hoping for the best. Ahhh, the olden days before youtube! Luckily I happened across a book that explained it somewhere in there and my crochet projects got way faster and better after that. So I do know from experience that you can crochet without the slip knot… but I also know from experience that once you have it down, the slip knot is the best way; now it’s second nature.

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What video tutorials would you like to see on moogly? Are there any questions, techniques, stitches, or ideas in crochet that have you flummoxed? There are no bad questions – every time someone asks, someone else is grateful because they were wondering the same thing! Let me know what you want to know in the comments!

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    Angel Calcote says

    I have watched most of your tutorials. You make the directions very clear. Thank you. This slip knot one caught my eye.
    Have you ever seen anyone make a slip knot by just making 2 chains and pulling the tail?
    That is how I learned to make the slip knot for crocheting. I don’t even know who taught me that.
    I hold the thread just as I would when I am crocheting with a small loop held between my thumb and middle finger. Then I insert my hook into the loop and chain twice. Then just pull the tail.


  1. […] The slip knot is how you’ll begin the majority of your yarny projects. True confession – I was late to the slip knot myself! For the first year I crocheted, I would tie a regular double knot loosely around my hook and just get started that way. The slip knot is adjustable, and an all around better choice, but if it’s tripping you up too much, just tie a knot and move on to chaining. More on Slip Knots here. […]

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