Crazy for Free Crocodile Stitch Crochet Patterns!

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Love it or hate it, the crocodile stitch is one of the hottest stitches of the past year. It’s a tricky one, but it’s got a distinctive look and texture. Now there are dozens of tutorials and a wide variety of patterns available that use this stitch to it’s best advantage! And it’s still going strong. Today I’ve got 10 free crocodile stitch crochet patterns!

Free Crocodile Stitch Crochet Patterns with Tutorials! #crochet

If you haven’t tried the Crocodile Stitch before, be sure to check out the video and photo tutorial here on Moogly – CLICK HERE!

10 Free Crocodile Stitch Crochet Patterns

  1. Rio Crocodile Stitch Scarf by Michael Sellick (from The Crochet Crowd), on Fave Crafts: Using a yarn with long color changes gives this scarf it’s great look!Rio Crocodile Stitch Scarf - hot free crocodile stitch crochet pattern!
  2. Crocodile Stitch Bag by Shanti Ordoñez, a Ravelry download: Be sure to check out the gallery to see all the gorgeous photos of this pattern!Crocodile Stitch Bag - free crocodile stitch crochet pattern!
  3. Crocodile Stitch Owl Holder by Virginia McCreedyCraft Notes: This clever pattern can be a container or a stuffed animal – and looks good either way!Crocodile Stitch Owl Holder - free crochet pattern
  4. Crocodile-Stitch Cowl by Carrissa KnoxPenelope Rae: This unique cowl features an easy on off button and oodles of fringe! This pattern is no longer free, but is available to purchase HERE. For a similar pattern that is free, check out the Triangular Crocodile Stitch Shawl on Undeniable Glitter!

    Crocodile Stitch Cowl - free crochet pattern! #crochet

  5. Crocodile Scarf by Cult of Crochet: The ethical  – and hilarious – alternative!Crocodile Scarf - free crocodile stitch crochet pattern!
  6. Crocodile Stitch Baby Blanket by Bonita PatternsBernat Free Online: Crocodile stitch, a ruffled edge, and a gorgeous ribbon – perfection!Crocodile Stitch Baby Blanket - free crochet pattern! #crochet
  7. Dragon Tail Hat by Jen Spears, a Ravelry download: Change up the colors and it’s a beautiful flower! Clever!Dragon Tail Hat - free crocodile stitch crochet pattern!
  8. The Targaryen Dragon Scale Bikini Top by Kt Baldassaro, on Ravelry: I suspect this is more for lounging by the pool than in it, but if I could I would love to rock this little crochet bikini top!The Targaryen Dragon Scale Bikini Top - free crocodile stitch crochet pattern!
  9. Crochet Crocodile Clutch Purse by Sara McFall, on My Merry Messy Life: I do so love a good clutch, and crocheted handles mean you already have everything you need to make this great bag!Crochet Crocodile Clutch - free crocodile stitch pattern with tutorial! #crochet
  10. The Crocodile Flower Afghan Square by Joyce Lewis, a Ravelry download: Absolutely lovely in multicolor or monotone – a great addition to any blanket!The Crocodile Flower Afghan Square - free crochet stitch crochet pattern

Have you made any crocodile crochet patterns before? Which are your favorites? What do you wish someone would design, using this interesting stitch? Share with us in the comments!

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  1. 2

    Kate Lantry says

    I made the Scrub N Wipe dishcloth from, my first attempt at the crocodile stitch.
    I think a dress made from this stitch would be stunning.

    • 3

      Barbara Jacobs says

      My thoughts exactly. I have an idea in my head for making a skirt using the crocodile stitch. Then I had the idea of doing the crocodile stitch from the hem up to just past my knees and then switching to a Tunisan Knit stitch to the waist and putting elastic at the waist. I just can’t find a pattern, so I guess I’ll have to wing it.

  2. 7

    Chelsea says

    I modified the pattern and made a full hat, and figured out how to make a diaper cover out of the crocodile stitch!!! I refused to pay for a pattern, and made them both up myself.

  3. 8

    Ruth Rojas says

    I was following instructions of the beautiful crocodile-stitch cowl by Carissa Knox but suddenly the page is unavailable????? Can you please help me to get this pattern back…..thanks.

  4. 14

    debbie stout says

    OH HELP ME PLEASE!!! I have been trying to download the free pattern “The Crocodile Flower by Joyce Lewis @ It’s red and pink. However this is not working well, after retrieving my log in for their website and going back in I remembered why I don’t do much there. I would like to get this pattern however when I go in and log in and wait and wait it finally goes to the pattern. BUT you can’t get the pattern much less print it. PLEASE HELP ME! The colors of this flower i my mother-in-laws favorites and I would love to make her a small lapaghan for her birthday. PLEASE email at whether you can help or attach the pattern. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.deb

  5. 15

    debbie stout says

    I am so lost on what to do now and hope you can help! I would like to make the “The Crocodile Flower” into a lapghan for my mother-in-law. The red and pink is her favorite colors. However after retrieving my log in name then going back in to change the password (three times) I finally have gotten into HOWEVER I have click on everything possible to get the FREE pattern and I get taken to all sorts of places but no pattern. Can you help me PLEASE, I would like to make the lapghan but I have just a couple of months left before it’s her birthday. You can email me with a “what-to-do” now or the pattern. Any help would be so appreciated!!

    • 16

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi debbie! Do you have Adobe Reader? You’ll need that in order to view the pdf. When you go to Ravelry there should be a box in the upper right hand corner that has a green arrow and the word “download” underlined. Clicking that should pop up a window with a photo and the name of the pattern and the words “download PDF” underlined, above a store in library button. Ignore the button and click on download PDF. This should pop up another window that lets you choose whether to Open or Save. Choose to Open with Adobe Reader and it should open the program and you’ll find it in another window. You may need to update your Adobe Reader or disable a pop up blocker to get it all to work. I’m afraid I can’t email you the PDF as that would be a breach of copyright. If none of that works, you can contact the designer via Ravelry and she should be able to help you:

  6. 17

    Beryl Doherty says

    I learnt crocdile stitch one month ago. Love it. Have made fingerless gloves, scarf and a hat. I am now tackling a shawl. Can’t stop crocodiling.

  7. 19

    Marrie says

    Great job!!!..!!..!!..!!..!!..!!..!!..!!..!!..

  8. 20

    Corinne says

    I would love to see a stuffed dragon with this pattern!! I just found out I’ll be an aunt to a little boy and would love to make him a stuffed dragon. I am relearning how to crochet, so I don’t know enough to develop patterns yet. But I can envision a smooth belly, smooth legs and croco stitch back and tail!

  9. 22

    Samic says

    I love that you share free patterns with us!!

    I tried to get the – The Targaryen Dragon Scale Bikini Top but the site come us as it doesn’t exist on server anymore.
    Do you know where else it might be?

  10. 25

    retropink says

    I must admit the crocodile stitch is not one of my favorites. It’s just too bulky looking to me. However, that owl is adorable and it looks like the perfect application for this stitch. I’m going to give that pattern a try. Thanks for sharing!

    • 26

      Tamara Kelly says

      😀 Not every stitch is for everybody, and that’s okay. Glad you found something that appealed to you!

  11. 27

    rummy says

    Great collection :-) the Mermaid Tears Purse is also a lovely pattern using crocodile stitch with so many projects on ravelry :-) there is also an YouTube video tutorial for the same.

  12. 28


    I have been obsessed with the crocodile stitch and I already have several of these in my Ravelry queue. The one problem I keep having is getting the scales to lay flat. They keep trying to stick out – like a fish being descaled lol. Is there a trick to getting them to lay flat?

  13. 30

    lacey says

    Hi I can’t get the baby blanket pattern to come up so I can download the pattern can you help me. I’d love to be able to make it

  14. 32

    mirta garcia says

    me gustan muchisimo estas flores con punto cocodrilo como dicen ustedes y quisiera hacerlas con diagrama en mano.hace mucho estaba buscando de quien era el proyecto y acabo de encontrarlo lo cual me da mucha alegria.son hermosas¡¡¡¡¡

  15. 34

    mirta garcia says


  16. 35

    Jessica says

    I made the baby blanket for a friend who had a baby in January. I made it bigger and it took 3 months but I loved how it turned out. I made it pink.

  17. 38

    Lauren says

    I’m right now making a dress for my niece using this stitch, as I was unable to find pattern for the little mermaid dress I made my own! :)

    • 41

      Mandi says

      i haven’t been able to find a free one either, but I’m thinking if you make a normal diaper cover and the insert yarn where you want the crocodile stitches, you could add the foundation row (v post) and then do another row with crocodile stitch? I’m going to try that.

  18. 42

    Cathy says

    Tamara, you do a very good job of explaining how to do the crocodile stitch pattern. Thank you! I’ve crochets for years, but never advanced past the granny square and basic other stitches. I am a highly visual learner, so the videos make it so much easier for me to learn. I will be back to learn more from you!

  19. 44

    Lisa says

    I am a lefty and inpirchaed the crocodile bootie pattern from bonita patterns. Its really cute, but being left handed I can not figure out how to make the crocodile stitch they are upside down and backwards. I have youtubed and googled but no luck. I emailed customer service at bonita patterns have not heard anything back. Can someone please explain how to to the crocodile stitch lefthanded. Thank you!

  20. 47

    jackie says

    Tried to print instructions for crocodile stitch. Pages were covered with advertising and was unable to read. Not happy with my first experience! Tutorial was fine.

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