10 Free and Fantastic Crochet Sock Patterns

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Whether it is sock weather for you right now or not, it’s a great time to crochet a pair! Those who think socks can only be knitted might be in for a surprise with this roundup! Crochet socks make great gifts, and are the perfect small project to take with you on vacation – or on the daily commute. Here are 10 free crochet sock patterns to add to your crafting queue!

Crochet Socks - 10 Free Patterns!

10 Free Crochet Sock Patterns

  1. Twisting Lace Socks by Patons, on Yarnspirations: Sizes S5/6 M7/8 L9/10 – These are for the intermediate to advance crocheter. And they’re gorgeous!Twisting Lace - Free crochet sock pattern
  2. Colorful Crochet Socks by Kathy Wesley, on Red Heart: Woman’s (US) shoe size 6 to 8 (8-1/2 to 10) – These are rated easy – it’s the yarn that does all the colorwork!

    Colorful Crochet Socks - Free crochet sock pattern

  3. Twist and Shout Socks by Lauren Irving, a Ravelry download: 7″, 8″ & 9″ circumfrence – Crochet cabling looks fantastic here!Twist and Shout  - Free crochet sock pattern
  4. Crocheted Socks for Men by Sue Norrad, on Sue’s Crochet and Knitting: Foot length 10-12 inches – Gotta include this great basic men’s sock!Crochet Socks for Men - Free crochet sock pattern
  5. Shell Socks by Julie Huston, on Treasures Made From Yarn: Custom sizing – Very cute! I just love shell stitches!Shell Socks - Free crochet sock pattern
  6. Entrelac Sock by Jen Bianchi, a Ravelry download: NO LONGER FREE Small, Medium, Large/Mens – A great looking unisex sock!Entrelac Sock - Free crochet sock pattern
  7. Knee Socks in Crochet by American Thread Company, on Grandmother’s Pattern Book: One size – I love these so much! Be sure to check out the Ravelry gallery for inspirations for these – so much better than the original photo!Knee Socks in Crochet - Free crochet sock pattern
  8. Lisbeth Socks by DROPS design: US 5/6½-7½/9-9½/10½; EU 35/37-38/40-41/43 – These are so sweet and feminine! Great fun!Lisbeth Socks - Free crochet sock pattern
  9. Triumph Crochet Socks by Victoria Selnes, a Ravelry download: Medium Womens – Love the spiral pattern!Triumph Crochet Socks - Free crochet sock pattern
  10. Sweet Feet by Julia Vaconsin, a Ravelry download: Adjustable sizing – I adore the lace tops on these – great for warmer months too! So pretty!Sweet Feet - Free crochet sock pattern

I’ve made plenty of crochet slippers, but I’ve never made crochet socks – yet! These crochet sock patterns have me feeling inspired though. Have you crocheted socks before? What did you think? Is there a great pattern I missed? Share it in the comments!

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  1. 1

    Juanita says

    I have been wondering about crochetted socks. A lot of these look very thick, and like they might only fit into boots or very loose shoes. Is that the case? Please, if you’ve made them, let us know!

    • 2

      Tamara Kelly says

      I think some of them are rather thick, but the Sweet Feet are also shown in shoes in the pattern, and the Lisbeth socks look quite thin also. I think the key is to to use fingering or thinner yarn!

    • 3


      It realy depends on the size yarn and hook you decide to go with,

      If its a light weight yarn and a small hook they should work fine with any shoe that isnt tight to start with. Any pattern with a worst weight or bulky yarn is probly just intended to be a house sock and not worn with shoes.

      If you want to make ones that will work with shoes keep your hook size E or smaller and use a light weight yarn.

  2. 4

    JanBru says

    I have made approximately 8 pairs of crocheted socks and actually prefer them to knitted socks for many reasons. 1. I can crochet faster then I can knit 2. they breath different, I find knit socks don’t allow my feet to breath, crochet socks do. 3. with sock weight yarn or equivelant they are no thicker then knit 4. I find they last longer then knit socks … of course these are only my opinions

    • 5

      Juanita says

      Do you feel the bumpiness of the soles? That was another thing I was wondering about. I was even contemplating a knit/crochet hybrid because I like some of the patterns but thought the soles might feel funny!

  3. 8

    Lori Kirkland says

    I made my first pair of knee socks and they turned out GREAT!
    Much easier than I thought they would be. When I delivered them to my niece she
    tried them on and they were a perfect fit, and she loved them… going to make more…

  4. 10

    Jackie says

    I’m new to crocheting socks. Can someone explain why the choice of yarn is so important? What’s the difference between sock yarn and other yarns? What makes a yarn good for socks and why? What would happen if you used the wrong kind of yarn? Does it have to do with the washing of the socks, the durability, the slipperiness of them on the floor? I am very curious. Thank you!

    • 11

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Jackie! Sock yarn is typically much thinner than other yarns, and often has wool or other elastic fibers in it. If you make socks out of sport/worsted/aran etc, you’ll get thick, slipper type socks, that may not have as much elasticity.

  5. 12


    I made two pairs of socks for Christmas and a pair for my sister soon after that. I’ve found them surprisingly easy if you can find a pattern that uses the yarn you have and that actually makes sense.

    I used this one for my sister’s. It needed a little tweaking, but it wasn’t too hard to figure out. There’s a diagram that I don’t understand in it, but she also lists all the instructions, so you don’t need the diagram. I used one color, so it wasn’t tedious at all. http://www.blog.oomanoot.com/rainbow-slipper-socks-tutorial-giveaway-3/

    I used this for baby and toddler socks. My son liked them, so I think I’ll make them for him too but longer and without the cuff. I think I used different sizes of hooks to make the different sizes of socks. http://www.patternsforcrochet.co.uk/baby-socks-usa.html

  6. 15

    Claire Wilkins says

    Just finishing off my first pair of crochet socks from a pattern out of Inside Crochet magazine. I usually knit socks but have become more addicted to my hooks lately so wanted to give them a go. I’m really happy with them. They’re top-down and so seem to naturally accommodate my high-arch into the pattern without me having to adjust – a problem I find with a lot of toe-up patterns. I’m sure as I learn the crochet methodology better I’ll learn to customise toe-up to fit though – there’s nothing worse than getting to the end & not being able to get a pair of socks on (I have a beautiful pair of knitted socks that are just too narrow on the instep so sit looking pretty in my drawer).

    Thank you for the patterns – I’ve claimed 3 of my favourites to have a go at!

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