Make No Bones About It, It’s Free Crochet Skull Patterns!

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With Día de Muertos and Halloween coming up, it seems like the right time to share some of the amazing skull crochet patterns that are out there! Skulls don’t have to be scary or creepy – after all, we all have one. And my daughter had a skulls with little pink bows theme for her 7th birthday, and that’s not nearly the creepiest thing one of my kids have done! Indeed, there are more skull patterns than you might think – I found nearly 100 free ones, and even more that are available for purchase. So here’s a carefully curated collection of only the finest free crochet skull patterns – enjoy!

10 Free Crochet Skull Patterns: Perfect for Halloween and the Day of the Dead!

10 Free Crochet Skull Patterns

(click on the name of the pattern, in blue, to go to that pattern’s page!)

  1. Skull shawl by kungen och majkis: This super popular pattern is available in English, Swedish, and German – I’ve linked to the Ravelry entry for this one so you can grab the version you want!Skull Shawl :: Roundup of free #crochet #skull patterns on Moogly!
  2. Day Of The Dead Skull by Kristin Canganelli, on Kristin’s Krazy Knits: This skull motif pattern features a step by step tutorial, and makes a great applique, bunting, scarf, the start of some barefoot sandals – whatever you like!Day of the Dead Skull :: Roundup of free #crochet #skull patterns on Moogly!
  3. Sugar Skull Winter Mask by Kourtney Moon, on Sewing My Fingers Together: Customize the appliques to create your own unique look! I love the designer’s intention of making herself warmer and more noticeable to drivers while on her bike – I bet it works!Sugar Skull Winter Maske :: Roundup of free #crochet #skull patterns on Moogly!
  4. Felted Skull by Lion Brand Yarn: The perfect centerpiece for your holiday table – and integral to your famous Hamlet impersonation.Felted Skull :: Roundup of free #crochet #skull patterns on Moogly!
  5. Skull Trick or Treat Bag by Lily / Sugar’n Cream: Cute and friendly for little monsters to carry their loot in! A quick crochet project!Skull Trick or Treat Bag :: Roundup of free #crochet #skull patterns on Moogly!
  6. Poor Yorrick by Liz Lindo, a Ravelry Download: This 3D skull is amazing! Removable eyeballs complete with optic nerves, a wrinkly gray removable brain – impressive, albeit a little bit gruesome. Poor, poor Yorrick.Poor Yorrick :: Roundup of free #crochet #skull patterns on Moogly!
  7. Sweet Satisfaction by Leathra, on The AntiCraft: I couldn’t find one picture that shows just how awesome this skull yarn and notions holder is! The top zips open to hold your yarn, the mouth zips open to a pouch for your notions, and the pretty lacy ribbon decorating the top loops over your wrist for yarning on the go! So clever!Sweet Satisfaction  :: Roundup of free #crochet #skull patterns on Moogly!
  8. Papel Picado Filet Crochet Chart by Michelle Moross, on Gurman Fravor: A filet crochet chart based on Mexican folk art! Beautiful!Papel Picado Filet Crochet Skull :: Roundup of free #crochet #skull patterns on Moogly!
  9. Crochet Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Earrings by Spider Mambo a Ravelry download: This designer has several skull patterns on Ravelry – be sure to check them all out!Crochet Day of the Dead Earrings :: Roundup of free #crochet #skull patterns on Moogly!
  10. Halloween Skeleton Beanie Hat by Crochet AddictUK: This friendly skull hat pattern includes sizing instructions for 1 year olds to adults!Halloween Skeleton Beanie :: Roundup of free #crochet #skull patterns on Moogly!

Skull Beanie on Craftsy!Have you crocheted a skull or skeleton before? For paid patterns I love this All Ages Super Skull Beanie Pattern on Craftsy (affiliate link) – it comes with instructions for 4 sizes! What’s your favorite crochet skull pattern? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. 1

    Joyce says

    I can’t get that affiliate link for the Super Skull Beanie pattern to go anywhere :(
    It does tell me how many times it’s been viewed though, lol.

  2. 3


    Hi Tamara!

    I’ve recommended your pattern roundups in the new Like List on my blog and for that purpose I’ve used your logo – hope you’re okay with that?


    • 6

      Tamara Kelly says

      HI lavendeis! All these patterns are free (though none of them are mine, I just created the collection and am sharing the links). Unfortunately I don’t have access to that Facebook page – it says it’s down? I think if she’s selling finished items she’s likely just fine though. Selling the patterns wouldn’t be good, but you can sell finished items made from patterns all you like, as long as it’s not a trademarked logo (like the Chicago Bulls) or character (like Winnie the Pooh).

  3. 7

    JonnA says

    The skull shawl can I make big for like a drape on a couch? My friend just got a new place and I would love to make for her sofa like a throw for the back of sofa ? Let me kno and btw love this cite:) Jonna

    • 8

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi JonnA, thank you! Yes, this pattern is made with squares, so you can just add as many as you like to make the blanket!

  4. 9

    Joanne says

    Has anyone else had problems with stitch numbers not adding up on Poor Yorrick? My brother-in-law would love this, but I can’t get past the third row without my stitch count being way off. Thanks.

  5. 10


    Have you seen the skull shawl called Lost Soul’s Shawl by Maryetta Roy. It is a free download from Ravelry. It is surprisingly easy to make. Thought it would be good for one of your collections.
    Thanks for all your great collections. I really enjoy them x

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