10 Fun & Free African Flower Motif Patterns!

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The African Flower Motif might just be the new granny square! This one motif seems to be able to form the basis of any number of patterns. It’s fun, beautiful, easy, and visually striking – and here are 10 free patterns that show it off!

Free African Flower Motif Patterns - a roundup on Moogly!

10 Free African Flower Patterns

(click the words in blue to go to the patterns or info – they’re links!)

  1. African Flower Hexagon Crochet Tutorial by Heidi Bears, on Heidi Bears Blog: You can’t have a discussion of this motif without talking about Heidi Bears! Her crochet animals and other patterns made with the AF motif are a HUGE hit! While her animal patterns are for sale, she offers a great step by step tutorial for the basic motif for free on her blog. She also has a free pattern and tutorial for a Pentagon version!Heidi Bears African Flower Hexagon - roundup of Free African Flower Motif Patterns on Moogly!
  2. Half African Flower by Bigú Osuna, on Crear con hilos blog: The trouble with hexagons is getting a straight edge when you join them – this pattern for a half flower fills in the gaps so you can design your own project!Half African Flower  - roundup of Free African Flower Motif Patterns on Moogly!
  3. African Flower Bag by Gunilla Karlsson, on Alla dagar som gick: Take the motif from Heidi Bears above, and you can use it to make this bag! I think this bag is just gorgeous, and there are instructions in English, Swedish, and German!African Flower Bag - roundup of Free African Flower Motif Patterns on Moogly!
  4. African Flower Pincushion by Sandra Paul, on Cherry Heart: Simple and sweet, so pretty on a sewing table! Includes a step by step photo tutorial!African Flower Pincushion - roundup of Free African Flower Motif Patterns on Moogly!
  5. African Flower Square by Barbara Smith, on Made in K-town: Turn the AF motif into a square and there are even more possibilities! A blanket, a bag, a scarf – so fun!African Flower Square - roundup of Free African Flower Motif Patterns on Moogly!
  6. African Flower Purse by Joanne Loh, on Craft Passion: A bag of a different shape, this one is perfect too. The two part tutorial includes both the crochet instructions and how to sew the lining and handles!African Flower Purse - roundup of Free African Flower Motif Patterns on Moogly!
  7. African Flowers Hot Water Bottle Cover by Gina Ross Design, on Natural Yarns: Would you hate me if I said Hot Water Bottle Covers are “hot”? Ok, skip that then – the fact is, if you knit or crochet and live where hot water bottles and tea cozies are the thing, then this version is a great option!African Flowers Hot Water Bottle Cover  - roundup of Free African Flower Motif Patterns on Moogly!
  8. African Flower Dishcloth by Casey Downing, on Plus 3 Crochet: Grab some kitchen cotton and start with the standard AF motif, then add the rows for this pattern and soon you’ll have a chic new dishcloth or spa cloth!African Flower Dishcloth - roundup of Free African Flower Motif Patterns on Moogly!
  9. African Flower Hotpad by Darlisa Riggs, on Crochet Uncut, Fall 2011: Double layered to make a great trivet or thick potholder, this tutorial makes the clever joining look easy!African Flower Hotpad - roundup of Free African Flower Motif Patterns on Moogly!
  10. Mamy Bag by Cécile Franconie, on facilecécile (Ravlery link): Ok, one more bag… This pattern is the first thing I saw made with the AF Hexagon, and I immediately fell in love. Now the pattern is only available via the Wayback Machine, and it’s in French. But do not despair! An English language version is linked, and though it uses a different hexagon pattern, the rest of the info is the same. And since we have the hexagon pattern above, you’re all set!Mamy Bag - roundup of Free African Flower Motif Patterns on Moogly!

Are you onboard with African Flower motifs? Have you made a Heidi Bears pattern or one of the free patterns listed here? Is there a great free pattern I missed? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. 1

    MarNella Cordato says

    I’d like to thank you for providing wonderful free patterns. It’s a real service to us crocheters who haven’t much to spend on patterns!
    Marnie Cordato

  2. 3

    Rosina says

    That hot water bottle cover is one that I made just a couple of weeks ago. I gave permission to Gina Ross to publish it on Ravelry with her pattern. Can’t believe it has already been picked up by someone else – namely, Moogly.

  3. 6


    I have made a couple of the animals designed by Heidi Bears and they are fantastic! Super cute and fun. I made them using worsted weight acrylic so they are a bit large, but the recipients love them. I am excited to see these other projects as the African flower motif is so fun and versatile in how you can use color.

    • 7

      Mary says

      I also wanted to make an amigurumi animal using this African Flower pattern using worsted weight yarn. Did you find at the fibrefill stuffing showed through the small holes in the motif? I worked a sample in the suggested 5 hook and downsized to a size 4 hook which I found worked out better. Thanks for your reply.

  4. 10


    Thanks for this, been loving all of the pictures of African flower afghans that I’ve been seeing lately and have been meaning to try one, will give these patterns a look for sure!

    • 15

      Tamara Kelly says

      You’ll need to visit each pattern individually – just click the name of the pattern in blue – it’s a link to the pattern! :)

  5. 16

    Gigi says

    I made a fabric-lined bag out of African Flower hexagons using Brava Worsted yarn from knitpicks. I didn’t use a pattern for the bag and found the joining was a little tedious. I tried to post it but couldn’t figure out how. Thanks for round-up! Think I’ll try a couple of these.

    • 18

      Tamara Kelly says

      I believe all of Heidi’s patterns are paid patterns. From what I hear they’re worth it!

  6. 19

    Julie butler says

    Hi just practicing these shapes for my Heidi bear pattern. Am using 4 ply wi yarn and a 1.75 hook, but still seems a little holey will this spoil the effect when stuffing

    • 20

      Tamara Kelly says

      I haven’t made any of the Heidi Bears patterns myself, but it does seem like it could be an issue! You might want to drop another hook size and see how that turns out.


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