Crossed Stitches

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A while back I had a reader on the Facebook page ask about making crossed stitches. These can indeed be tricky if you’ve never made them before. They’re similar to crochet cabling, but they aren’t post stitches – they’re just stitches that cross! Let me show you.

How to Crochet: Crossed Stitches

Every pattern that calls for crossed stitches is going to do it a little differently – crossed stitches isn’t so much a specific stitch as it is an idea, or vague plan. But no matter how the pattern uses them, you’ll basically be skipping a stitch, working a long stitch, then either right away or after another stitch, you go “above” the first stitch(es) to work another long stitch in the spaces that you skipped. Hard to describe in words, but I think this video makes it pretty clear!

Have you ever made a project with crossed stitches before? They are a good way to add interest to a blanket or hat band, or even a bit of trim on a sweater. Using the heavier yarns it’s a bit bulky, with one stitch laying on top of another, but with thread it can be a delicate bit of texture.

Why not give it a try on your next project? Here’s a 9″x9″ block pattern on Cape Code Cottage Crochet that uses crossed stitches: Cross-Stitch Block. This is a great way to try it out with a small project- even if you’re not making a block blanket this size square makes a nice dishcloth or washcloth!

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    Katie says

    Thank you so much for the video! At first I thought oh crap I did all those rows wrong but I think I move the hook a little differently but get through the loop all the same. I guess it all works out in the end lol. I will be checking my technique though.


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