Crochet Baby Sandals: 10 Free Patterns!

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It’s time to let all the North American baby toes breathe! Is there anything cuter than sweet little baby feet? Maybe baby feet in some of these adorable crochet baby sandals! Here are 10 free patterns to keep the tot’s toes in style!

Crochet Baby Sandals - 10 free patterns!

10 Free Crochet Baby Sandals Patterns

  1. Flower Power Baby Sandal by Naomi Wade, on Lovely Little Life: TheseΒ  are so very sweet, with flowers and shell details!Flower Power Baby Sandals - free crochet pattern
  2. Summer Baby Sandals by Ashlee Prisbrey, on Ashlee Marie: Super cute and perfect for both boys and girls!Baby-Sandals---Summer-Baby-Sandals
  3. Simple Sandals by Myshelle Cole, on Mamma That Makes: These whip up super fast, and look great too!Simple Sandals - free crochet baby sandals pattern
  4. Sole Lovely Mary Janes – Baby and Youth by Lisa van Klaveren, a Ravelry download: Fleece bottoms make these perfect for new walkers!Sole Lovely Mary Janes - free baby sandals crochet pattern
  5. Mock Baby Sandals by Christal Friend, on Christal’s Crochet: Croc-style slip-ons for the littlest feet!Mock Baby Sandals - free crochet baby sandals pattern!
  6. My First Baby Sandals by Kate Sato, on Crochet Shack: Love the two color styling on these!My First Baby Sandals - free crochet pattern
  7. Chancletas by Silvia Graciela Insaurralde, on Curupisa: Instructions in both Spanish and English for these sweet sandals!Chancletas - free crochet baby sandals pattern!
  8. Mimie’s Big Bow Sandals by Adele Uyan, on Mammy Made: Very cute and available in 5 sizes – preemie to 12 months!Mimie's Big Bow Sandals - free crochet baby sandals pattern!
  9. Ruffled Top and Strap Sandals by Emi Harrington, a Ravelry download: Two styles in one download, and a youtube video to go with the pattern!Ruffled Top and Strap Sandals - free crochet patterns!
  10. Crochet Baby Sandal by Melody Lagurin, on Everything`s Crochet: Fresh and sweet with double thick soles!Crochet Baby Sandals - free pattern!

Down below the equator it’s baby bootie season – and you can find a whole bunch cute free patterns for baby booties here and here! But it’s a little warm for those here right now. Do you have a favorite baby sandals pattern? Have you made any of these? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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    • 5

      Tamara Kelly says

      You’re very welcome! Sorry I didn’t leave a note on your page – I was on vacation and the posts were going up semi-automatically! :)

  1. 6

    zip says

    What a delightful gift – thank you!

    Once again, Emi Harrington has outdone herself — never thought to do the sandal sole like that = much faster. Now to modify it to the foundation stitch . . . hmmmmm!

    • 8

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thanks so much for sharing it myshelle! Sorry for not leaving a note – I was traveling out of state and ran out of time that day!

    • 10

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thanks so much for sharing it Naomi! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to comment on your blog – I was on vacation that week and ran out of time. πŸ˜›

  2. 13

    GABRIELLE says


  3. 14

    Connie Smit says

    Will you please help me with the patterns? our Argiculture project is crochet baby shoes. If possible all 10 of them?


    • 15

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Connie! Just click on the name of the pattern to go to the pattern pages – I don’t own any of the patterns, I just put together the collection. :)

  4. 17

    Amy says

    These little crochet sandals are just oh so darling, I must get my hands on them for my twin girlies!


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