10 More Perfect Crochet Squares for Afghans

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Back in February I did a roundup of 10 Perfect Crochet Squares for Fast Afghans, and that post was a real hit! It detailed some of the squares I used to make a large blanket, as part of a crochet along I did on Ravelry. It’s been a couple of years since I made that blanket, and the surprisingly cool temps lately have me dreaming of another one. But it’s not just the weather – it’s all the beautiful new afghan square patterns coming out! Here are 10 of the hottest and newest free afghan squares right now.

perfect free crochet patterns squares afghan block ten 10 list links

UPDATE 9/10/2013: 3 of these patterns are no longer free – sorry for any inconvenience! It’s always a surprise when a pattern suddenly switches to paid.

  1. Fireworks Surprise by Amy Schwab (9 inches) – NO LONGER FREE.This one is a free Ravelry download, and it is just fantastic! I love the use of color and stitches, and even the reverse looks great! She recommends using anywhere from two to eight colors per square.fireworks surprise afghan square 9 inch free crochet pattern block

  2. Crocodile Stitch Afghan Block – Dahlia by Joyce Lewis (6-7.25 inches) – This one is another Ravelry download, and it puts the wildly popular crocodile stitch to good use as the petals of a dahlia flower. So pretty! Be sure to check the gallery for all the color variations used with this one. crocodile stitch afghan block dahlia flower free crochet pattern

  3. JulieAnny’s Stained Glass Afghan Square by Julie Yeager (12 inches) – NO LONGER FREE This one is yet another Ravelry download, and has had me excited ever since the first time I saw it. I just love it! Every color combo I’ve seen since has been just gorgeous. stained glass afghan square block 12 inch free crochet pattern beautiful

  4. More V’s Please – 12″ square by Melinda Miller (12 inches) – This square is free through Ravelry as well, and while it looks lovely in just one or two colors, I think this version really shows it off. It’s rated as Intermediate Beginner, but if you have any trouble there’s an entire forum hosted by the designer where you can get all the help you need. more v's please 12 inch afghan square block free crochet pattern

  5. Yarn Clouds Square by Amelia Beebe (12 inches) – This free pattern is available on the Crochetville boards. It’s another one that looks great plain, but I guess I’m in the mood for color, because this version by Raveler craftyminx is calling my name! It’s very light and pretty in these colors, and makes me feel so happy.yarn clouds afghan square 12 inch free crochet pattern stripes rainbows granny
  6. Squaring the Big Circle by Kate Jenks (size varies) – This pattern on Signed With an Owl is written up as a photo tutorial, which makes it super easy to create your own granny square circle block. From the ones I looked at in the Ravelry gallery, people were getting anywhere from 7 to 12 inches on these, so yarn choice and gauge will make a big difference. free crochet pattern granny square circle big stripes rainbow colorful

  7. Porthole Square by Colour in a Simple Life (unknown, but I estimate about 4-6 inches) – NO LONGER FREE – This is a new pattern, out just this past month, and I think it’s brilliant. It’s absolutely perfect for highlighting little bits of color, or showcasing bits of your favorite fabric. She uses US crochet terms and lots of photos to make it easy to follow along. Porthole Squares free crochet pattern afghan block
  8. Owl Granny Square by Kat Lewinski (4 inches) – The owl might just be the bird of the decade! It’s so cute and wise and still very much on trend – just like granny squares! This free pattern on Just Craft Enough features step by step photos and directions to make your own owly blankie – great for a baby shower or any owl fan.owl granny square free crochet pattern afghan block 4 inches

  9. Triangle Tango 12″ Square by Rebecca Bisbing (12 inches) – NO LONGER FREE If you are looking for something completely different, this free Ravelry download might be just the thing. Bold, graphic, and possibly even kind of mesmerizing… Triangle Tango 12 inch square afghan block free crochet pattern graphic bold

  10. Granny Bobble Spiral by Colour in a Simple Life (custom) – NO LONGER FREE Bobbles AND spirals?! How could I resist including this pattern? Just as in #7, she’s put together a fantastic tutorial with step by step instructions. It looks like she stops around 8-12 inches, but I think this tutorial would work very well with any custom size you like. granny square bobble stitch spiral blanket afghan free crochet pattern

There are so many to choose from these days! And the really fantastic thing is that you hardly have to choose at all. Make a blanket of any size you like, with as many different squares as you like! Keep them all the same size, or mix them up and patch them together every which way. The Riley Flower Square Motif isn’t as showy as some, but I dare say it would make a great addition as well! 😉

I hope you’ve enjoyed this latest free pattern roundup – which one is your favorite? What other things are you hoping to see in a roundup? Let me know in the comments!

Riley Flower Square Motif free crohet patternBe sure to check out and like the moogly Facebook page to get the latest updates, links, sneak peeks, and more! Moogly is also on Pinterest, Twitter, and now Tumblr – come join the fun! TamaraKelly@mooglyblog.com

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  1. 4


    Thanks for linking to my square, I’m flattered! I’ve seen a lot of these beautiful squares on Ravelry but have yet to try them… Great round up of squares, makes me want to go grab my hook and try some!
    Kate :}

  2. 6


    All of them are beautiful, so hard to pick a favourite but I love the owl square and the crocodile stitch one and the yarn clouds are so pretty :)

  3. 8

    BeeD says

    Thank you for these beautiful crochet ideas, I really love the stained glass design, it’s fantastic. I was looking for something exactly like it. Many thanks xx

  4. 10

    diane says

    i just love love your site & just getting back into crocheting – your website is truely inspring!

    i’m attempting the “yarn cloud square” and trying to make it smaller. i’ve completed round 3 (light pink in your picture) and i’d like to skip the rest of the “clouds” and go to the border (light blue).

    i’m having a heck of a time trying to figure out which round i should jump to and would appreciate it if you could direct me?

    thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas!

    • 11

      moogly says

      Thanks so much diane! And you’re very welcome!

      As far as I can tell that would be Round 10, though it might be easier to do Round 9 first as that looks to be a transition row.

      • 12

        diane says

        wow – thanks for the quick reply! i was guessing #10 . . . and i’ll try it from #9.

        i think i should have picked another one to attempt . . . as back posts get me twisted in knots! i was thinking of cheating & turning for row #9 – as front post stitches seem more natural . . . or maybe i should just follow the rules/pattern!

        thanks, again for your help . . . off to hook!

      • 15

        diane says

        lol – i need tons of refreshers & thanks for the link.

        just wanted to update you . . . the next morning i realized i had forgotten one of my critical approaches = KISS, which made me realize the cloud square was way over my head! so i found a few simple granny squares and am working those up into iphone cases. i’m having a great time incorporating all your wonderful stitches in the connecting portion of the case!

    • 19

      moogly says

      Annie, just click the name of the pattern (in blue) and you’ll be taken to the pattern! They’re all free! :)

  5. 20


    Thanks for all the useful free patterns. I can see a bunch of afghans for gifts in the future for my family lol. I got away from crocheting for a few years and this just makes me want to get going on a couple of projects. I just have to share this too.

  6. 22

    Lynn says

    These squares are fabulous !! I really like the stained glass square and the bobble spiral are just 2 of my Fav’s but they would all make a gorgeous afghan !! I been wanting to make a square a day blanket and these are just perfect !! Thanks for sharing !!

  7. 27

    BD says

    Thank you for a lovely idea and for the list of squares! Just so you know, they aren’t all “free” anymore. At least #9 “Triangle Tango” isn’t – I haven’t tried all the others yet. It is now $1.99. :(

  8. 30

    BD says

    Oh you’re welcome. I know it’s not your fault! :) I appreciate so much you sharing your beautiful creation and giving us such great ideas! Love your versions.

  9. 31

    Tonya says

    Just thought I’d let you know #7 is no longer free either. It requires you subscribe (yearly) to her site.
    Love your blog and your patterns! :)

  10. 35

    Mimi says

    Hello! Thank you for your site that makes you want to rush on his hook and wool balls.
    Nice day for you!


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