Keep Your Hooks Happy with 10 Free Crochet Hook Case Patterns!

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What is a crocheter without his or her hooks? These simple tools are indispensable, and deserve a nice home – when they’re not hiding in the couch! So here are 10 free patterns for crochet hook cases to keep your hooks safe and handy!

Keep your hooks happy with 10 free crochet  patterns!

10 Free Crochet Hook Case Patterns

  1. Aluminum Crochet Hook Case by Priscilla Hewitt, on Priscilla’s Crochet: Holds 10 hooks, and you can add plastic canvas for stiffness!Aluminum Crochet Hook Case - free pattern
  2. Star Hook Case by Alli Hyer, on Alli Crafts: A roll up case without pockets – grows right along with your collection!Star Hook Case - free crochet pattern
  3. Easy Crochet Hook Case by Tiffany Roan, a Ravelry download: Love the pocket in the middle for notions and scissors!Easy Crochet Case - free pattern!
  4. Leentje’s Crochet Hook Case by Marleen Hartog, a Ravelry download: Clever and useful flaps to keep everything in place. Pretty too!Leentje's Crochet Hook Case - free pattern!
  5. Kluster by Berroco Design Team: A felted cover keeps poke-through at bay!Kluster - free felted crochet hook case pattern
  6. Ninja Hook Case (or not) by Justyna Kacprzak, a Ravelry download: Keep those hooks super safe in this adorable case!Ninja Hook Case - free crochet pattern!
  7. Hook Monster by Penelope Privett, on Let’s All Get Knitfaced: I can’t decide if I like this or the ninja better… good thing I have enough hooks for both!Hook Monster - free crochet pattern!
  8. Colorful Carryall by Delores Spagnuolo, in Talking Crochet Newsletter: Gorgeous rainbow outside, fiberfill padding, and great storage inside!Colorul Carryall - Crochet Hook Case, free pattern!
  9. M&M Crochet Hook Case by Maggie McGhee, on Live to Create and Crochet Blog: Reuse and recycle a candy package into a handy hardsided travel case!M&M Crochet Hook Case - free pattern!
  10. Tower of Babel Hook Stand by Eleanor Howe, a Ravelry download: A great way to keep and display hooks at home (or office if you can get away with it)!Tower of Babel

What do you keep your hooks in? Do you have separate storage for at home and on the go? Share your hook storage solutions in the comments!

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  1. 1

    MarNella Cordato says

    Another great share with these hook carriers. How did you know I was cruising looking for a pattern for this purpose? Thank you!

  2. 5


    love them all,will have a hard time deciding !! I keep my hook collection in clear glass vases sitting on a table next to my chair,.large ones and afghan hooks in a large vase and my smaller hooks in a matching smaller one.

  3. 9

    Judy says

    I am very new to crocheting, but am completely “hooked”!!! Currently I’m carrying my hooks, needles and scissors in an eyeglass case. Before that I did reuse an M&M container, but my scissors wouldn’t fit.

    I’m thinking of making a carried just to organize the hooks………..organization is not my strong point, so maybe this will be a good idea. Thanks so much for the options.

    • 10

      Tamara Kelly says

      😀 Yay! I love hearing from new crocheters!! Finding the favorite case is an ongoing thing I find. Just when I find one I love I spot a new one I have to try…. hehehehe.

  4. 13

    alison says

    Thanks for another round – up of great patterns. I found a make-up holder, it has 3 clear zipped pockets which wrap round a basic zipped pouch with hanging hook ! So far it’s been used ; when travelling ;in hospital ; at home ; on the beach ; etc.


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