Rainbow Lanyard

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Recently I was commissioned to make some rainbow striped lanyards. Simple enough, I thought, but truth be told, getting the right thickness and look took more thought and experimentation than you might expect! Luckily, they turned out rather well, and everyone was pleased!

Rainbow Lanyard - free crochet pattern! on mooglyblog,com

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When all was said and done, the construction on these couldn’t have been simpler – the only stitches used are chains and slip stitches! This technique means you can get 6 different colored stripes in less than an inch of width. The finished lanyards I made were about 27 inches long – they fit comfortably over the head, but aren’t so long as to cause a problem at lunch. One word of caution – I would not recommend these for young children, unless you alter the pattern to include a safety breakaway buckle. This pattern also makes a great handle or strap for your handmade bags! Or to make them more official looking, add lanyard clips to the keyring!

Rainbow Lanyard
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  • US-G, 4.00mm hook
  • 5-10 yds each of 6 different colors worsted weight yarn (Spinrite Peaches & Creme shown)
  • 1″ Split Key Ring (or size desired)

Row 1: With Color A (red), ch 140 or to desired length (will shrink up a lot on next rows).  Break yarn and finish off.

Row 2: With Color B (orange), join to BLO of first ch of Row 1 with a sl st. Sl st in BLO of each ch to end. Break yarn and finish off.

Row 3: With Color C (yellow), join to BLO of first st of Row 2 with a sl st. Sl st in BLO of each ch to end. Break yarn and finish off.

Row 4: With Color D (green), join to BLO of first st of Row 3 with a sl st. Sl st in BLO of each ch to end. Break yarn and finish off.

Row 5: With Color E (blue), join to BLO of first ch of Row 4 with a sl st. Sl st in BLO of each ch to end. Break yarn and finish off.

Row 6: With Color F (purple), join to BLO of first ch of Row 5 with a sl st. Sl st in BLO of each ch to end. Break yarn and finish off.

Row 7: Turn work over to WS, so that Row 1 is on top. With Color A (red), join to first ch through both unused loops with a sl st. Sl st through both unused loops of each ch to end. Break yarn and finish off.

Rainbow Lanyard - free crochet pattern! on mooglyblog,comAssembly: Weave in all yarn ends on one end of lanyard. Slip the Split Key Ring over the lanyard and overlap the ends so that both RS ends face up when worn. Use the remaining ends of the rows to sew the ends of the lanyard together beneath the ring. If desired, use a little more yarn to sew the lanyard together above the ring as well.

And that’s all there is to it! You don’t have to make a rainbow of course – use whatever colors you like. This pattern is great for sports teams, school spirit, conventions, and matching all your favorite outfits!

Be sure to Like the moogly Facebook page for the latest updates and have some fun with us! Written pattern copyright Tamara Kelly 2012. Please do not reprint or repost this pattern, but please feel free to link to this page to share this pattern with others. For seller info, please see the About page.

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  1. 8

    elnisi says

    my nephew in USAF would love this in AF Blue, and I think I will
    try this as a belt for my 4yr old grand dtr.just have to find the hard
    ware. it’s so pretty.
    thank you for this.

  2. 9

    baz says

    I LOVE MY LANYARD! i get compliments on it EVERY DAY from students and other teachers. best.thing.ever. thanks so much, love! <3

  3. 19

    Kyla says

    I’m confused on row 7. What are the two unused loops? I know there’s one from the chain but are you talking about the back one that’s right above the second row if that makes sense?

    • 20

      Tamara Kelly says

      On Row 7 you’ve turned it over to work into the loops of Row 1 that you didn’t crochet into in Row 2. Does that help?

      • 21

        Kyla says

        I got frustrated and kept it as it was haha. Looks okay to me and only I will know I skipped that row. Thank you!

  4. 22

    baz says

    oh! you guys. i got a notification of more comments to this post, and i felt the need to come say: i am just finishing up my second full school year and i’ve worn this EVERY DAY for the entire time. i take the attachments off and wash it every now and then, but it’s very much my favorite yarn accessory EVER. love love love. thanks again, tamara!!

  5. 24

    Paige says

    I might be able to understand what it says if I had it in front of me, but just trying to imagine it in my head, I am confused. When you flip it over, you will have an empty loop from the front loop (where you only used the back loop originally). Where does the second loop come from?

      • 26

        Peggy says

        I am still not sure what this means. There are only two loops in a chain, you used one when you did the first row. When you turn it over and work a stitch there is only ONE unused loop. What is the purpose of this last row? I did it without the last row and it looks great; just like the picture. I love this pattern, it lays so nice and flat and is very pretty; doesn’t look crocheted/homemade. Thanks for posting.

        • 27

          Tamara Kelly says

          Hi Peggy! There are 3 loops – the two on top, aka the “V”, and the bottom or back hump. :) I think crocheting the last row this way looks nice, but of course you can adapt the pattern to suite your own tastes! :) Thank you!

  6. 28

    Heather says

    I think I will make these for graduation gifts and gifts to my teachers and fellow assistants that are in our classroom.

  7. 29

    tracie fortner says

    i can not wait to try this i am going to make some to sell at A local open air / Farmer’s market! I should be able to whip a few of these out pretty qucik!

  8. 31

    Heather G. says

    I’d like to make this in one single color. Do I need to break the yarn at the end of each row or is there a way I can modify this?

  9. 33

    liz says

    Hi! I love it and want to try making some of your designed when i have the materials. Thank you for sharing with us…

  10. 35

    Tamara G. says

    Hi Tamara!
    I”ve made the lanyard up to attaching the split ring. For some reason i can’t understand how to attach it! I’ve even tried to find a video on how to put one on an open lanyard, but no success. i’m sure it’s easy. Do I sew each end over first? and then slip the split ring on? Any help would be appreciated! Working on the Simple Angled Scarf now and loving it.

    • 36

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Tamara (haha, that gave me a second’s pause! 😀 )!
      Ok so when the lanyard is just a strip with two ends, feed one end through the ring, and slide the ring to the center of the strip. Then take the ends of the strip and overlap one end with the other, both RS up. Make sure there are no twists in the strip. Sew the ends together. Then slide the ring back down to the ends, and sew the strip above the ring. Does that help?

  11. 39

    Gaetane says

    Wow awesome!!! I’m thinking of trying that as a sling neckband for my sister in the hospital…she had a stroke last august and was left paralyzed on her right side…I crocheted her a sling but her arm is too heavy and keep stretching her neck band…hope it works!! Thank You very much for the tip!!


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