Post Stitches (Raised/Relief)

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Post stitches, often called Relief Stitches, or Raised Stitches, are crochet stitches that are worked around the stems, or posts, of the stitches in previous rows. They are always worked around the post from right to left, and the difference between front post and back post is which side of the stitch you come from. Great for crochet ribbing and fun details, post stitches are also the key to crochet cabling – it’s all about exactly which stitch you’re crocheting around! Here are the basics:

As I mentioned, post stitches can be made with dc; there are also fptrc as in the Diamond Crochet Cowl pattern; and sometimes you’ll have post stitches with even larger/longer stitches, such as quad tr fp – as in the Squares Squared pattern. I hope this helps you understand how post stitches are made. Thanks for watching!

Sample swatch of crochet post stitchesBe sure to like moogly on facebook for fun links, sneak peeks, and to get all the latest moogly updates! You can contact me at

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  1. 7

    Dot Bushman says

    I understand the front post back post thing….but in the Diamond Cowl, the instructions say fptrc2tog. My question is: Do I put in two fptrc2 in the same stitch and close them together? Or do I do a fptrc in the next 2 stitches and close together? I am not too sure if I have asked this correctly but I tried. Thanks

    • 8

      moogly says

      Dot, the first half of the stitch (the first fptrc) is worked around one stitch, and the other half is worked around the next stitch indicated. As in Row 3: “Fptrc2tog over nxt st: working first fptrc around the 2nd fsc in row 1 until 2 loops left on hook, skip 3 sc on row 1 and work second fptrc around 6th sc until 3 loops left on hook.”

      The “nxt st” refers to making the next st of the current row (3), then after the colon are the directions about where to work each half. I hope this makes it a little clearer.

  2. 9

    Suz says

    love the look of the diamond cowl….but i agree with Dot and am not understanding the Fptrc2tog over nxt st and would love to see it done on a video as this is the first time i’ve seen this stitch in a pattern

    • 10

      moogly says

      Suz, Dot, and everyone else having trouble – I have good news and bad news! Good news: I’ve now made a video to demonstrate this stitch! Bad news: I can’t get it up on the site until I can get it edited. There’s a lot to show with that one, so it’ll take a little time. Be patient though, and a video on the basics of the Diamond Crochet Cowl will be up asap!

  3. 12

    Jean says

    Thank you for doing a video. I guess I need to see this stitch done to understand it. Will you let us know when the video is ready?
    Thanks for a beautiful pattern.

    • 13

      moogly says

      Absolutely Jean! If you follow moogly on facebook, twitter, tumbler or pinterest, I always post links there right away! :)

  4. 14

    Talaunda says

    I love the diamond cowl and can’t wait to see the video so i can get started, fall is on its way, i can tell its gonna be my favorite accessory.

    • 16

      moogly says

      Great looking scarf Karie! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the site! If there’s a video stitch tutorial you’re looking for but don’t see here, please let me know – I’m always looking for ideas and love to take requests!

  5. 17

    MeganL says

    I have to say the tutorials that you post are amazing. I’ve been crocheting for years little at a time. Learning a new stitch so easily is great! Thank you so much for posting these and explaining everything while making it so easy to understand.


  6. 19

    sara says

    What on earth is ftprc? On the video you only show the diamond design and it was so “simple” ha, but very understandable, but I am dying to make the slippers and dont know how to do this ftprc. Please help! sara

    • 20

      moogly says

      Hi sara! Fptrc is front post treble crochet. It’s the same as front post double crochet, except of course worked as a treble instead. Does that help?

  7. 21

    sara says

    sorry it doesnt help because the design on the slippers looks different that the diamond. Is it the same as making the diamond stitch? It looks very different like a hole. I am confused. H E L P thanks for all anyway Sara

    • 22

      moogly says

      It’s the same as the diamonds, just one vertical segment of the pattern. Without the other diamonds on the sides these cables become more rounded. I have other videos on post stitches and crochet cabling that might help on the video tutorials page, if you’re unfamiliar with the technique.

  8. 24

    Dusty says

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I’m still fairly new to crocheting but I love doing slouchy beanies and slouchy berets. I was looking for a way to “spice up” my pattern and wanted to do fpdc’s and bpdc’s but hadn’t found a teaching aid that quite explained it so that I could understand. Your video was the answer! Thanks again!

    • 27

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Paula! The “stem” usually refers to the post – the part of the stitch between the V at the top and the row below. :)

      • 28

        janet says

        I agree with you. In my crochet book, It shows that the post stitch is post of the stitch on the previous row not the whole stitch you wrap around.


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