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The Muppets and their friends on Sesame Street have a permanent place in most of our hearts. The shows, the movies, the characters, they’ve been around for over 30 years now, and they show no signs of stopping. I grew up watching both The Muppet Show and Sesame Street, and I’m glad they’re still around for my kids to enjoy. There are some amazing free patterns out there featuring the characters in both knit and crochet, so let’s take a look!

muppets knit crochet patterns free sesame street henson toys stuffed puppets blanket charts

  1. Jim Henson Muppet Charts (knit) – These nine charts stand alone or combine to make an amazing blanket. Absolutely awesome! I want one to cuddle up with for movie night. Jim Henson Muppet Blanket free knitting pattern sesame street kermit piggy cookie count charts
  2. Muppet Glasses Holder (crochet) – I made my dad the Professor Honeydew version for Christmas a few years ago, and it was a huge hit! The one I made is below, but the Animal version made by Funkynitter on Ravelry blows my mind! It does run a little small, so I recommend making the “head” a bit bigger if you aren’t adding a lot of embellishments. Or make it just a bit smaller for kids!
  3. Dr Bunsen Honeydew Muppet Glasses Holder free pattern crochet Yip Yip Alien (crochet) – These guys may not have been main characters, but anyone who’s seen them has never forgotten them! Basically a tube with eyes and a bunch of simple tentacles, they are sure to bring a smile to any Muppet lover’s face! Also a chorus of “yipyipyipyipyipyipyip…” Yip Yip Alien free crochet pattern muppet toy child telephone yipyip
  4. Slimey (knit) – Slimey the Worm is Oscar’s pet on Sesame Street and definitely the cutest worm I’ve ever seen. This puppet is adorable both felted and un-felted, and as a bonus this pattern comes some great felting tips if you want to try it. Slimey the Worm Puppet free knitting pattern felted sesame street muppet
  5. Muppet Skin Mitts (crochet) – More of an homage than a specific Muppet pattern, these fun mitts definitely bring this cultural reference to life! If you’ve ever thought a yarn or a carpet or blanket looked like “someone skinned a Muppet,” then I think you’ll get a kick out of these. And they look mighty warm too! This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download. Muppet Skin Mitts Free Crochet Pattern Ravelry Download Fingerless Gloves
  6. Elmo (crochet) – Arguably one of the most famous of Jim Henson’s Muppets these days, Elmo is so well beloved by the younger set that I couldn’t resist including him here. This free Elmo pattern is the best crocheted one I’ve seen! Elmo sesame street free crochet pattern muppet toy stuffed
  7. Elmo (knit) – It’s only fair to offer a knit version for this famous little 3 1/2 year old, and this one is free and super adorable as well! Best of all, you’ll also find Cookie Monster here, and a bunch of other great characters! Elmo free knit pattern cookie monster sesame street muppets toys peeps
  8. Frog Puppet (crochet) – This one isn’t labeled as Kermit, but I know I see it – it’s the eyes! This is a fun, functional puppet that’s ready for it’s rendition of The Rainbow Connection. Frog Puppet Kermit Free Crochet Pattern toy hand muppet sesame street
  9. Make Your Own Muppet Hats  (crochet) – This crocheter has designed a whole bunch of Sesame Street themed beanies, but best of all she’s described how to make all the parts – eyes, mouths, noses, feathers, etc. With all these bits and the basic beanie pattern, you can assembly any character you like, in a wide variety of sizes! make muppet hats sesame street free crochet pattern beanie child adult
  10. Oscar (knit) – Possibly the very best use for eyelash yarn ever invented, Oscar comes to life complete with trash can in this fun pattern. Love! Oscar the grouch free knitting pattern trash muppet sesame street

I hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of free Muppet and Sesame Street patterns! Jim Henson’s creations continue to delight and inspire, and with any luck you’ve found some inspiration right here today!

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    • 2

      moogly says

      No, but then they aren’t my patterns, and I’m not reprinting them, just linking. If someone asked to be removed from the list I would do that. There are a lot of for-pay patterns with the muppets and sesame street that do concern me in terms of copyright, but these are all free, so from what I understand there are fewer concerns. I am aware that rules are different in different countries.

  1. 3

    Laura says

    Thanks for these awesome ideas! I am thinking of making the crocheted Elmo for my son. When I was exploring the pattern and the website that it is on, I noticed that the woman if from England. Would you know if the pattern is writing in US terms or English terms?

    Thank you!
    (I put your chevron wrap on my list on Ravelry….can’t wait to make it!)


    • 4

      moogly says

      Laura, looking at the pattern and the photo, it looks to me like it’s written in US terms. She says to sc each round, and it looks like sc in the photo. (If it were UK terms, the instructions would say to dc meaning a US sc.) Hope that helps!

      Glad you like the wrap too! 😀

      • 5

        Laura says

        I looked a little closer at the pattern and pictures and agree with you! The UK patterns I’ve seen usually state that they are written in UK versus US terms.

        Thanks so much!

  2. 7

    Joyce says

    I have attempted to crochet Elmo however the white stuffing shows through the stitches. can you give me suggestion of what type of yarn to use.. thanks so much

  3. 12

    Robin says

    As the designer of the muppet blanket I’m totally cool with you sharing my free pattern! I think it’s awesome! (In reference to the first comment) Thanks!!

  4. 14

    isobel gibbons says

    I believer there was a version of the elmo pattern that was not knit in the round. Does anyone have it for me. I cant knit in the round thanks a lot. Isobel in England

  5. 18

    Sharon Jacobs says

    Thanks for the great elmo crocheted pattern. I have been searching for the old sesame street character graph patterns that Mary Maxim used to have. Do you have any ideas for me? Thanks for your help, Sharon

    • 19

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Sharon! I haven’t been able to find much, from what I can tell it’s a discontinued pattern booklet from the 1970s. In this case your best bet is ebay or etsy!

  6. 20

    trudy boone says

    I have made elmo and cookie monster they are adorable. What I need is a free crochet pattern for bert. I work with special needs children and they love bert and ernie.

  7. 22

    Teresa Oliver says

    My 3 year old grandson adores Red the “Virgin” knitted puppet (from Tiddlers TV) . I have searched for a knitting pattern for Red but alas I have had no luck. Can you help? – perhaps another pattern similar to Red that I could adapt? I would be so grateful if you can help or point me in a right direction. Many thanks.

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