Make Your Mother’s Day with Crochet: 10 Free Patterns!

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Mother’s Day is less than a month away, so if you’re planning to crochet a gift it’s time to get started – at least with the planning! Every mother is different – we moms are people too! So it’s hard to make a list that will please everyone, but I’m going to give it a shot… Here are 10 free crochet patterns for Mother’s Day, designed specifically with mom in mind!

Crochet the perfect gift for Mother's Day -10 free patterns designed with Mom in mind!

10 Free Crochet Patterns for Mother’s Day

  1. Mother’s Day Card by Susan Lowman, on Crochet Today!: Running low on time, or does mom have all the crocheted things she needs? Show her some handmade love in no time with this pattern!Mother's Day Card - great free crochet pattern for Mother's Day!
  2. Daylily Tea Cosy for Mother’s Day by Jenny Stacey, on Justjen-knits&stitches: For all the lovely tea drinking mums!Mum's Daylily Tea Cozy - great free crochet pattern for Mother's Day!
  3. Mother’s Day Washcloths by Purl Soho, on Purl Bee: For the mom who loves gift baskets of bath stuff, with a modern look! (For some other great options along this line, look here on Moogly too!)Mother's Day Washcloths - great free crochet pattern for Mother's Day!
  4. A Mothers Purse by Corina Gray, on Stitch11: For the mom who’s finally ready to ditch the bulky diaper bag!A Mother's Purse - great free crochet pattern for Mother's Day!
  5. Mother’s Day Flower Brooch by Michelle Ryan, on NezumiWorld Blog: A wonderful corsage that she can keep forever!Mother's Day Flower Brooch - great free crochet pattern for Mother's Day!
  6. A Rose for Mother – Bath Pouf by Emily Nelson, on Joyful Abode: Another beautiful bath item option!A Rose for Mother Bath Pouf - great free crochet pattern for Mother's Day!
  7. Mother’s Day Shawl by Lion Brand Yarn: With a simple 3 row repeat, you can treat her to some luscious organic cotton in a lovely stole.Mother's Day Shawl - great free crochet pattern for Mother's Day!
  8.  Mum Market Bag by Emily Bittel Lab Coat Crochet Designs: Ok, so the designer may have been thinking about the flower rather than the person, but for an Eco-conscious mom this reusable grocery bag is a great gift – pretty too!Mum Market Bag - great free crochet pattern for Mother's Day!
  9. Mother of the Bride Shawl by Lion Brand Yarn: The perfect gift for soon to be brides to gift their mama’s – or anyone really, it’s gorgeous!Mother of the Bride Shawl - great free crochet pattern for Mother's Day!
  10. Bookmark for Mom by Red Heart Yarn, on All Free Crochet: Pair this quick filet crochet pattern with a new book by her favorite author and she’s sure to love it!Bookmark for Mom - great free crochet pattern for Mother's Day!

I hope you’ve found something in this list to make for your own mother – or at least gotten some good ideas! And if none of these suit, be sure to check out all the free patterns here on Moogly – perhaps an Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf for the fashionista, or a warm pair of Simple Chunky Cabled Slippers for the mom who always worries about the chill? But now I want to know – what have you made for your mother or Mother-in-Law in the past? How was it received? Share your hits, misses, and horror stories in the comments!

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    Donna Clelments says

    I got lucky. My mom and I have finally developed our relationship to the level where we can be openly honest with each other about anything. So when I asked her about hooked items, like scarves, hats, mitts, and such, she said not really up her alley. (paraphrased here, and no, she didn’t curse). Any way, she, my aunts, cousins on my mommies side, myself and my kids, are all artists. MEYE medium is fiber, so, I have decided that I will crochet her a picture, or something yarn-bombed, or a hooked sculpture.If it comes out supe funky ugly, I will just title it “Gag gift. The white elephant everyone wants in their home decor!”, lol!


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