Making Your Own Yarn – 6 Great Tutorials

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Going to the yarn store is always fun and exciting – so much potential in all those beautiful skeins. But you aren’t limited to what’s in the store. You can make your own – no spinning required! I’ve scoured the web this morning to bring you 6 great tutorials for making your own yarn:

  1. Tear up old sheets (via You have to take care around the corners, but the result is worth it! Perfect for rugs or pillow covers. I haven’t tried this yet, but given the state of some of the sheets around here, it’s on the agenda!How to Make Yarn from Sheets
  2. Make Plarn (via I’ve done this myself, and with a great big hook I made a giant waterproof bag that my family has been taking to the pool for years. It doesn’t get much greener than that! Even if you always remember your totes at the store, ask your friends – I’m sure they’ll be happy to hand you their plastic bags! Three tips: don’t use an expensive hook or needles, as the ink from the bags can sometimes leave marks; work loosely; and take breaks – plarn is fun but tiring to work with!ย How to make plarn, from Petals to Picots
  3. Recycle a sweater (via This one isn’t so much making yarn as it is reclaiming it, but this is hands down the best tutorial for unraveling a sweater I’ve ever seen, so I had to share it. Read this before you head to all the summer garage sales! How to Recycle a Sweater via Handspun Yarn Shop and Fiber Art Blog
  4. Turn Old T-shirts into Yarn (via’ve been dying to try this, but somehow most of our old tshirts end up in the garage as rags. I’m hoping to snag a few in the next closet cleanup and make some pretty trivets! Or maybe I’ll just stop by Goodwill on 25ยข day. How to make tshirt yarn via Let Birds Fly blogspot
  5. Blue Jean Yarn (via Fuzzy and funky, yarn made from denim jeans (or skirts!) is sure to be durable and lend a unique vibe to your home furnishings. Pair it with florals for a shabby chic look, go modern with a room full of shades of blue, or add some rustic or western flair – just like jeans, jean yarn goes with everything!How to Make Blue Jean Yarn via
  6. Pantyhose become Harn? (via This is one of the most unique ideas I’ve seen! I don’t wear pantyhose, but for those who do (or who used to and now have have a bunch laying around), here’s a great way to recycle your hosiery! how to make harn from

What unusual “yarns” have you created? What about unspooling old VCR tapes? What will you make with the yarn you create?

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  1. 2

    Christina says

    I use the plastic bags along with yarn and make beach bags and purses. Love the other ideas, I’ll have to try them. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. 5

    Brenda marie says

    I just made plarn for the first time and LOVE it. It was a bit tedious cutting and rolling… but working with it was so much FUN! I only made a littke trinket bowl but hope to get the ambition to make something like a tote sone time. It is on my ‘todo’ list! :-)

  3. 7

    Phyllis Lovely says

    I use old VHS movie tapes with a ladder yarn and crochet purses that are adorable. How about crocheting with baler twine. I’ve made rugs, purses and totes with plarn. I’ve made rugs with old sheets or material. Scarfs out of lacy curtains. Just takes imagination.


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